tiistai 17. helmikuuta 2009

Ironbird - In the Name of Turisas demo 1999

Ironbird - In the Name of Turisas demo I 1999
The Born of Fire
2) Metsänvaltias
3) Pagan Fire
4) Golden Memories
5) Pohjola


Another demo from "Sinister Satyr" Honkonen, the Morningstar/Minotauri - mastermind. This is basically a continuation of his project Perkele, returning more to the style prior the "Erotic Circus" album. Three re-recorded Perkele tracks from "Pohjola" are included. I got a dub of the demo from an old army comrade of mine who knows Honkonen in 1999 and unfortunately he didn't provide me with a copy of the covers and searching the Inter Nets I couldn't find one either. So, no pics for this post.

UPDATE: Someone posted the crappy image now seen above to M.A. - looks like it's Ironbird instead of Iron Bird. Shit. Fuck. Crap. Oh well, much too late to fix.
UPDATE II: Reuploaded with the name corrected to Ironbird from Iron Bird.

The quality is okayish and seems like this is just about the only rip currently around. I have no idea in how many copies the tape was released originally, probably not too many as it remains very obscure. Recommended for Morningstar/Ari Honkonen enthusiasts, Finnish metal completists and people who enjoy pagan metal.

Nidhoggr - Ravens Over The Road Of Kings demo 1994

Nidhoggr - Ravens Over The Road Of Kings demo 1994
From The Forest Came The Wanderer
2) Thou Shalt Burn At Our Stakes
3) Jätä Minut Korpeille...

Download no longer available, buy it from NH or Werwolf

The only release by the Finnish black metal band Nidhoggr, associated with Sigillum Diaboli who survive to this day as Diaboli, was a raw three song demo with obvious norse and especially Burzum - influence. I ordered my copy from the late Nadrach either in the end of 1994 or beginning of 1995 after receiving a flyer for it from my friend. This, however, is not a rip of that particular tape but one that I found quite a while ago on Soulseek. And again I have no idea who made this but I don't think I could make a better rip so I'm just posting this one. Thanks, whoever you were!

This demo is not that hard to find, but I thought I'd post it anyways as I really like it and think it deserves all the attention it may get. Very recommended, especially for those into Burzum.

UPDATE: Well, I'm a little late but this has been released on CD format by Last Rites and is sold by Werwolf & Northern Heritage. So there is no need for this rip to be available, buy it!