maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2009

Moonlore - Demo 1993

Moonlore (nor) - Demo 1993
In My Kingdom
2) There Again


Here is a rare (I think, at least I haven't been able to find anything but the album by them) demo from the Norwegian Moonlore, later known as Moon Lore and best known for their 1997 album "The Spheres Beneath the Heavens" which was quite unique. The demo days material is still closer to black metal, sort of. Very atmospheric music, quite eerie at times. There is hissing on the dub that I couldn't remove but it should not be a big issue, creates a more authentic demo feeling and all. As you probably guessed, I ripped a dub of the recording I got from one of my traders and I don't have the covers for this, not even a proper era logo, so I just slapped a Moon Lore logo on the post.

There are only two songs on this demo, "There Again" being re-recorded on the album and appearing on at least one or two of the rehearsal tapes too, plus a short outro. Not nearly enough material if you ask me. So, if you have any Moonlore rehearsals or if you know someone who has them, start uploading them goddammit! Also the more recent demos and material (as Moon Lore too) is welcomed with open arms. I realize this won't be everyone's shot of vodka but I still recommend to try it out with open mind - if you like old Manes or Black Crucifixion you might enjoy this.

perjantai 27. marraskuuta 2009

Belsemar - Epistles Of Pain demo 1995

Belsemar - Epistles Of Pain demo II 1995
Slay The Believers
2) De dömdas sång
3) In Autumns Burning Reap
4) ... (Outro)


Uncommon if not rare Swedish black metal offered today, the second demo of Belsemar which I finally acquired recently. I don't understand why I never got around ordering this demo and the Satariel one back in 1995. Belsemar was a project by Satariel members Aemelgoth & Azazel (Pär Johansson & Magnus Alakangas), I can't remember how it was supposed to differ from the main band as early Satariel was pure black metal too, though the melodic death metal influences started to creep in around the second demo. As I don't have the Satariel demos I'm unable to compare.

Concentrating on the release at hand, this is a little more melodic than the debut "De svarta gudarnas sömn" demo and the sound is slightly better as well. It's hard to say which one I'd prefer as it was just as recently that I got the debut in mp3 format.* There are some keyboards in the background but they are by no means dominating. Sound quality is good (for a demo) and the rip is ok too if I say so myself. Recommended to all black metal fanatics, especially ones into Swedish style, demo collectors, underground fanatics etc.... fans of later (well, post demo era) Satariel might want to approach with care as this is black metal, not melodic death metal.

UPDATE: Informed by a Swedish source (these can usually be trusted to know the language) of correct spelling to track 2: sång not säng! Oops, sorry!

* I still need a physical copy of the tape so if you want to get rid of yours, let me know! Satariel tapes too.

torstai 26. marraskuuta 2009

Grand Belial's Key - Live in Manassas VA 01.10.94

Grand Belial's Key - Live in Manassas VA, USA 1st October 1994
In Rapture By The Fenrir Moon
2) Shemhamforash
3) Sleeping Princess Of The Arges
4) Sumerian Fairy Tale
5) When Darkness Rears Itself A Throne
6) Goat Of A Thousand Young


Here's another GBK live for John who asked for them. This is after the release of the second tape, which you can of course tell by having a look at the setlist. I liked that one too, not as much as the debut demo, but it was still good stuff. I'm not going to start comparing it to the later material.

This is again an audience recording with what might be politely called a rough sound. I'm afraid I couldn't tidy it up much without actually doing more harm than good, so it's pretty much left as it was. Fear not, it's still loud and relatively clear, instruments are quite balanced, volume is consistent and the setlist is great if you like old GBK, so don't be a pussy - just download it.

tiistai 24. marraskuuta 2009

Suhrim - Mountain Of Skulls demo 1994

Suhrim - Mountain Of Skulls demo III 1994
21st Name (Intro) / Thoughts Without An End
2) Blind Servelety
3) Mountain Of Skulls
4) Forgotten Years
5) I'll Await Your Fall


Death metal from Belgium, this is the third demo of Suhrim, a band I randomly picked from one of my tape traders' lists back around 1997. Doesn't probably sound too exciting but don't fret, it's not at all bad stuff! Quite brutal death metal mixed with melodic if not even atmospheric bits. Not too shabby sound quality either, though the tape hissed like a few hundred snakes in a cavern, I think I managed to fix most of it to a toleratable end. No covers so again I've borrowed a Metal Archives image. It is slightly larger than a stamp. Recommended to all Suhrim fans (I know there are such, why else they'd have a forum?), death metal collectors and 90s demo enthusiasts.

lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2009

Kaamos - Demo 1995

Kaamos (fin) - Demo 1995
A Cry Sound Asleep
Lusting for the Sky


Here's the only demo of the Finnish Kaamos, a death/doom band from Helsinki. I have no information on what happened to the band after the release of this demo in February 1995 and unfortunately I have no covers (if any were made) as I got this from one of my tape trading contacts.

UPDATE: Grev provided me with cover scans, which I am not uploading now since I'll ask him for a better dub too and then update the whole thing!!!

There are only two songs here, but they both clock around seven minutes. The music is death/doom, songwriting decent and good demo sound so I don't see any reason not to check them out. Well, if you came here looking for the Swedish Kaamos, you might not be too excited.

torstai 19. marraskuuta 2009

Nordlys - Reisen Til Den Høyes Hall

Nordlys - Reisen til den høyes hall demo II 1996
Reisen til den høyes hall
2) Die Macht des Todes
3) Walkürentanz
4) Freitod
5) Walhall
6) Zeit es zu beenden


I was going to rip both Nordlys demos but I gave up on the first demo because of the poor cassette quality and the fact it's been posted on a few other blogs (here for example) so I wouldn't bother fiddling around any longer with how it sounds. I then decided to do this, their second demo. Then I noticed the tape was worn badly and the result was pretty awful. Luckily I had gotten a decent rip a few years ago on Soulseek, so I dug it up, dusted it a little and packed it for uploading. So, not my rip, thanks to whoever it may have been. Included scans of the covers so I could say I did something to contribute.

Nordlys, known earlier as Fjell (see also this), was a German black metal band highly influenced by both the Norse mythology and sound. Changed name after this demo to Pest and then Die Pest and finally to Schwartze Wut. A compilation of Nordlys/Pest/Die Pest material has been released but it does not include complete releases, just selected tracks. However, it has a good sound (obviously) compared to cassette rips so you might want to check it out. Nothing more to add, I recommend you to try it.

maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2009

Hordes - Longing For The Kingdom Of Steel

Hordes (hol) - Longing For The Kingdom Of Steel 7"EP 1994
Part I
2) Part II


This is the second and last Hordes release, mentioned in the previous post. I didn't get this one from my comrade D.B.M.W.'s blog, though he has posted it there for sure, I've had it for a while, probably acquired from Soulseek. This is a re-recording and - arrangement of the first song on the "Songs To Hall Up High" demo and sounds quite a bit different as well as being split into two parts. The sound is different and reminds me a bit of Barathrum's "Hailstorm" or "Infernal" - it's by no means clean or polished and fits the gloomy feeling perfectly. Enough talk, get this EP.

...And if you happen to possess a copy of it, sell it to me, you don't really need it!

Hordes - Songs To Hall Up High

Hordes (hol) - Songs To Hall Up High demo 1993
Longing For The Kingdom Of Steel
2) Deep In The Woods Of Evil
3) On The Wings Of Western Storms


First off, thanks to Dutch Black Metal & Dutch Black Metal Warrior who originally uploaded this! See his blog for an amazing collection of Nederlands bm and contact him if you might have something he doesn't. This leads us to the question why am I posting this then? Simple, I have a (slightly perverse) liking for Hordes and want to shove it down your throats, it was a quite unknown project after all.

This here is their first demo as "Hordes" having been called "Hordes Of Lust" earlier. No cover scans, unfortunately, and MA pic was crappy so only logo uploaded. The line-up featured Orlok of Countess (and half dozen other bands), some Fallen Temple members and Guido Hammerheart of Bifrost and Hammerheart Records, later known as Karmageddon Media. Material presented is black/doom metal done in a primitive, crude and oddly charming fashion. Old fashioned and rough, with bizarre keyboards, it reminds me of old Barathrum at times actually. Not as haunting as the 1994 EP but still recommendable stuff for the brave ones. Fans of old Barathrum, Countess, old school black metal freaks and other crazy ones need this!

...and I need an original copy of the cassette so if you have one you want to sell, let me know!

Mayhem - Live LA2, London 8.11.1997

Mayhem - Live at LA2, London, UK 8th November 1997
Intro / Deathcrush
Ancient Skin
3) Freezing Moon
4) Fall Of Seraphs
5) Chainsaw Gutsfuck
6) Buried By Time And Dust
7) Carnage
8) The Vortex Void Of Inhumanity
9) I Am Thy Labyrinth
10) Symbols Of Bloodswords


Not again you ask? Yes, again, it's another live from "new" Mayhem, with Maniac on the vocals duty. This one is from quite early stage of the reappearence so the setlist is mainly "Wolf's Lair Abyss" (well, make it the whole mini-album), old songs and as usual with Maniac-fronted Mayhem, way too little "De Mysteriis..." material. However, I'm quite pleased with this set and the quality is decent too.

Sound is clear and every instrument can be heard, even if the drums dominate. I'd say it's easily the best in quality from the Mayhem lives I've posted. Curiously someone Finnish seems to have found his way to this gig as you can tell by his happy swearing during the intro. Recommended to Mayhem fans, black metal live enthusiasts and so on.

maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2009

Valhalla - Winterbastard (2000)

Valhalla (rus, Ekaterinburg) - Winterbastard CD 2000
2) Dreams Of Apocalypse
3) ...Fireshine Of Lightnings
4) Wintry Dreams
5) Towards The Eternal Unlight ...On Black Wings Of Death
6) Ins Nama'v Great Fyr
7) Requiem To The Welkin
8) Starflaming Heart Of Ural
9) Eve Of Winterdawn

Reuploaded / Here too

We continue with material that sounds awfully similar to black metal but is not black metal, this time featuring the Russian self-titled "forest metal" band Valhalla, not to be confused with the other Russian Valhalla, or the Ukrainian Valhalla... or the other ten or so Valhallas either but the first ones might trick you. The band stated on several interviews that they are neither Satanic or pagan (and actually resented pagan bands) and that they were antireligious and misanthropic. Having a look at the lyrics reveals a quite Immortalesque approach. The music is melodic and not bad, better than I remembered. A bit "soft" maybe but it's not black metal after all.

This CD was released on Finnish Northern Sound records (who later evolved into No Sign Of Life) in limited edition of 666 copies and sold out, according to the interviews, in three months. As a repress seems unlikely I thought I'd rip and upload it, so here you go. Cover scans included. That's all I guess, take it or leave it.

Winter Tales - Figments Of The Imagination

Winter Tales - Figments of the Imagination demo 1997
Somewhere In The Mountains Dark
2) Desecration So Beautiful
3) A Winter's Tale
4) In The August Break Of Dusk
5) Figments Of The Imagination
6) As Night Slowly Pass
7) Across The Emerald Sea


Winter Tales was a Norwegian two man operation who, as far as I know, released only this one demo of very atmospheric, heavily keyboard-dependent "black" or dark or forest or whatever metal. Don't let the vague description freak you out, it is actually good stuff but not black metal even if it heavily borrows elements from it and especially the Norse school. Out of the seven tracks here, four are either fully or mostly instrumental and this works better than you might first think. The remaining three more metal tracks are all quite lenghty so the total clocks a little under 40 minutes.

The tape had a good sound (even if Metalion described it muddled in Slayer mag, what the hell? Many albums sound more muddled!), but as my copy was a dub there are minor tape glitches and the usual associated little imperfections. Nothing significant though, this can be safely recommended even if you're intimitated by the typical demo sound. The only gripe I have here really is the spoken parts on some tracks; they make me cringe on almost any and all releases (especially underground ones) and this is no exception. That's probably part of the reason I like the instrumental bits here. I didn't get a copy of the covers back then so we're stuck with the Metal Archives image.

torstai 5. marraskuuta 2009

Grand Belial's Key - Live in Manassas VA 27.03.93

Grand Belial's Key - Live in Manassas VA, USA 27th March 1993
Intro I
2) Intro II
3) Shemhamforash
4) Sumerian Fairytale
5) Goat Of A Thousand Young
6) The Seventh Enochian Key
7) Countess Bathory (Venom cover)


Another live recording, and seems natural to follow December Wolves with another US act, Grand Belial's Key. I've been a big fan of their "Goat Of A Thousand Young" demo ever since I heard "Shemhamforash" on some compilation in late 1993 and I still think it's their best stuff. Say what you will of Lord Fag Pussyferian, as Gelal him affectionally calls, the man was a good vocalist back in the day, before he went way overboard with the vampire stuff.

This old live must be one of their first shows, I've a video tape of this as well somewhere and it looked to me like the venue would've been a school or a youth centre or something equally awesome. Nevermind that, it's a good gig despite the little problems they appear to have and as this contains all of the debut demo I'm pleased. You judge for yourselves and download it.

keskiviikko 4. marraskuuta 2009

December Wolves - We Are Everywhere

December Wolves - We Are Everywhere Promo 1997
We Are Everywhere
2) ...Not With Tainted Blood


Here is the hard-to-find 1997 CD promo of December Wolves, I recently got an original copy of it and ripped it to replace the cassette rip I almost uploaded here. Scans of the covers are included. This is also last of the December Wolves releases I'm into, I don't care too much for their last two full lenghts, even if these songs are included on "Completely Dehumanized." These versions were recorded in late 1996.

This is a transition piece between the old, atmospheric black metal and the later modern black/deathrash style, good sound and good songs. Should be enjoyable to both camps of December Wolves listeners. Recommended to others as well.

Primeval Chaos - From Infinity of Chaos

Primeval Chaos - From Infinity of Chaos demo 1998
Under The Dying Sun
2) From Infinity Of Chaos...
3) Gotterdammerung
4) Master of Infernal Flames
5) Immortal Creatures of Darkness
6) Kingdom of Eternal Grief
7) Call From the Past Forlorn
8) Primeval Chaos


Another less-known black metal release, this time from St.Petersburg, Russia. Melodic and atmospheric style but still quite raw, with a very obvious drum machine. In general the sound is ok and there is certain ambition to the music, even if it's not really my shot of vodka it's not at all bad. I got this by tape-trading so again no cover, there's not even a logo available this time so I posted it with the MA band image. If you happen to have the cover and have access to scanner leave me a note!