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Brutallica #4

Brutallica magazine, issue 4 (winter/spring 1999)
Bolt Thrower
Drakkar (ita)
Black Messiah
Aurora Borealis
Dark Funeral
Deeds of Flesh
Grief of Emerald
Imperial Majesty
The Crown
Ancient Rites
The Gathering
+ reviews


 Ok, I've posted a bunch of zines before and tended to be pretty critical about them as you might've noticed. Especially when I've been drinking, like tonight. This is one of the sort I really disliked, trying to be a "professional" magazine but still with pretty much piss poor performance, coloured cover, short and shallow mostly one page interviews, brief reviews with high-ish grades... enough talk, at least they have some interesting bands to interview but generally these sort of "zines" were of no much use for me back then and even less these days. But experience it for yourself, there might be some amusing tidbits and at least you see another aspect of that day.

sunnuntai 28. heinäkuuta 2013

Asmodeus - A Night Serenade... demo 1997

Asmodeus (swe) - A Night Serenade... demo III 1997
1) Part One: The Vision
2) Part Two: The Dreams
3) Outro

RGhost / Yandex

Here is another post featuring a band with an overused name. Metal Archives lists 13 bands named Asmodeus and there's a bunch of non-metal ones too I bet (too lazy to check). Personally I always think first of the Norwegian one, or the Icelandic, but let's concentrate on this, one of the three from Sweden and playing, at least on this demo, sort of melodic death metal with some gothic touches. I don't know why I had it labeled as melodic black/death, there's nothing black metal here. Well, their logo is kinda black metallish (see below).

Two tracks and an outro (which was not mentioned on the cover but I decided to have separate anyways) for a bit less than twelve minutes. The first song is more mellow and gothy with so-and-so clean vocals, the second track being more into my taste, melodic but slightly harder if you know what I mean. In non-Freudian sense. It makes me curious to hear their other demo(s) - I got this back in the day from a tape trader who informed me it was demo III, the cover included makes no reference to other releases or even the year of this release but I trust his word. The outro is nice, but overall I'm left feeling I like their logo more than their music. But enough of my confused ravings, give the demo a listen if melodic death metal interests you.

lauantai 27. heinäkuuta 2013

Occult - Livedemo II 1993

Occult - Livedemo II 1993 ("Black Metal Mass II" at the Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland 27th March 1993)
1) The Return of the Mystic Demon
2) Jaws of Satan
3) Back to the Ancient Days
4) Thou Art Lord
5) Leader in War
6) Darkness Begins
7) Dwell in Forever Darkness
8) The Dark
9) Eternal Torment in the Fires of Hell
10) Jaws Of Satan (Encore)

Depositfiles / Rusfolder

Back from a little break I needed to take after Hammer Open Air (which was, as usual, great) I thought I'd celebrate my survival by posting some live stuff here too. So here's long sought item sent to me by a contributor not too long ago, thanks again, the second live demo by the Dutch Occult who evolved from a black metal band to thrash. Or devolved someone might say, heh. Anyways, they were very much black metal up to and including the debut album. This is an official release but a little sloppy recording in that account that two of the tracks are incomplete, the first one is missing about half from its beginning, probably due the guy being late to start recording and track 7 is missing most of it, probably due tape ending and having to be turned around. Such were technical difficulties we had to face back in the day kids! No cover scan, unfortunately, so yet again a little pic from MA.

Quite a good and crisp live sound here, don't have it at hand right now but comparable to their studio demo. Probably a soundboard recording, being official and all. The guitars are a little subdued though and vocals pretty much dominate. But that's ok. Music is simplish and direct, old school style black metal and includes a couple of interesting covers, track 2 (and 10) by Sathanas, track 4 by Acheron and track 8 Samael. A must hear for all into Dutch black metal and an interesting listen to other black metal maniacs. Not much else to add except that I still need the livedemo I!

tiistai 16. heinäkuuta 2013

Evisceration #2

Evisceration 'zine, issue 2 (1994)
Lord of Pagathorn
Lunatic Paradise
As Sahar
Neglected Grave
At the Gates
Metal Blade records
The Necronomicon - The Devil
Excerpts from interviews for Ghost 'zine
Gore Beyond Necropsy
Mass Psychosis
Immortal Visions


Here is another 'zine I've scanned quite recently, second issue of the Lithuanian Evisceration 'zine. I might have ordered this from the editor or a distro, don't remember which but anyways I was drawn to it because it featured Darkthrone, Absu and Emperor among others. Which should've been quite obvious. Most of the interviews are a little short, partially due short answers and not all are made by the editor Tironas; Varathron, Emperor and Absu were contributed and Aradia is taken from Horror High 'zine. There is also a section where he has answers from bands interviewed for (discontinued?) Ghost 'zine for a couple of (same for everyone) questions. The bands include Afflicted, Damnatory, Anathema etc. Simple lay-out and has that underground feel. As you may see he interviews quite a few local bands too which I always think is positive. There's quite a few typos and/or misspellings but those don't matter so much... well ok some can be a bit misleading. A nice flash from the past, not a classic nor essential but an interesting read nevertheless.

maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2013

Thorns (por) - Promo '94

Thorns (por) - Promo '94
1) Welcome to Your Doom
2) The Kingdom Beyond

Mediafire / RGhost

Something different today, here's (again?!) some heavy metal from Portugal. I got this tape from one of my tape traders and yes, you probably guessed the band name got me to pick it. I wasn't too excited when I listened to it as basic heavy metal was not really something of interest to me back then. Listening to it now after a long break... it's still not really my shot of vodka. I'm really, really picky when it comes to "ordinary" heavy metal, power metal and whatever. Though it does have certain crude charm to it, much better than overpolished Helloween pastiches. I'd warm up even more to this were I drunk. Sound is a bit on the quiet side, might have to do with the unknown generation dub, but otherwise good enough and is the reason for much of the appeal. I better try listening to this while drinking.

No covers or much anything, being made from a dub and apparently the band changed their name to Please Remember quite soon after releasing this tape (Metal Archives actually lists this under that monicker but I'll go with my trader's info here!) and made another promo in 1997 as well as appearing on a compilation (or few). Not much else to say, give it a shot, it's not bad after all.

lauantai 13. heinäkuuta 2013

Realm Of Frost - On the Path to the Demon Gates demo 1996

Realm Of Frost - On the Path to the Demon Gates demo 1996
1) On the Path to the Demon Gates
2) Sighs of Immortality

Rusfolder / Yandex

More black metal and from Finland, another one-shot project, this one is the 1996 demo by Realm Of Frost which featured Marko Hyytiä and Count Margoath of Unhola and a few other bands. Like the previous post, this is tape trading loot and once again instead of cover scan I've had to settle with a small M.A. pic. You know the drill.

UPDATE: Was informed Marko Hyytiä didn't participate in this project, it was Margoath and Zharus' band with another Marko (Oittinen) playing the drums, as session I suppose. Thanks for the additional info!

Ok dub quality again and the demo itself has a sound comparable to the last two Unhola ones. Two tracks only but they're pretty lenghty making this demo too cross the 14 minute line. Though much of the second track's duration is taken by a keyboard outro part. The demo title made me immediately think of Immortal when I first saw it but the content is not that Immortalesque though they might be among the project's influences. Right, I'm in a hurry so I'll keep this short. Download if you enjoy Unhola and Nordic bm.

perjantai 12. heinäkuuta 2013

Werewolf - The Werewolf Is Unleashed demo 1996

Werewolf (swe) - The Werewolf Is Unleashed
1) The Werewolf Is Unleashed
2) Nightrider
3) Wind of Death


This blog needs more black metal and today we get it. Here's the only demo of the Swedish project Werewolf, featuring Mörk of Malign fame (and several other bands) on drums and backing vocals and Belthan's Robban on everything else. I really wanted to hear this again after a long time but it took some effort to locate my dub of it. So yes, it's another tape traded thing as the most seasoned readers probably already guessed by the stamp-size image adorning this post. Borrowed again from Metal Archives, I wouldn't mind getting a better scan but I suppose you can see everything on the small pic if you squint hard enough.

To the content; three tracks and about 14½ minutes of rabid Swedish black metal, first song is a short one and goes right at the throat, second one follows in similar vein but is much longer and has more variation. The third and longest track starts off slow but gains momentum soon while still having most variation of the three. The sound is raw, not going to describe it further. Good stuff, too bad they didn't record anything else. As far as I know, that is. Recommended for people into associated bands and ones I mentioned in the linked entries.

tiistai 9. heinäkuuta 2013

Blokong #2

Blokong 'zine, issue 2 (autumn 1994)
Azhubham Haani
Twilight (gre)
The Dark Funeral (den)
As Sahar
Gorgon (fra)
Opera IX
Cremation (can)
Grand Belial's Key
Thus Defiled
Mona Fandey
Sigillum Diaboli
Incarnated (por)
Divine Eve
Behemoth (pol)
+reviews of Wounded Love releases, news, info on a couple of zines


I thought it'd be about time I post a 'zine scan again. This one is from Malaysia, the second issue of Blokong 'zine made by a guy called Azmie and his friends. You might be surprised, but this is actually one of my fave 'zines ever. Part of that is obviously nostalgic value but I genuinely enjoy the content too, there's an interesting and global selection of bands (well, some of them are featured in a ton of zines I admit) instead of the usual Norwegian/Swedish split or all-domestic selection and it looks and feels like an underground 'zine should. The english is ok, many of the bands gave good answers to the interviews (which actually have some pretty original questions too - oh, and Gorgoroth didn't give good answers, surprise surprise) and first and foremost there's real spirit and dedication to this, none of that pretentiousness that plagued many of the later 'zines. Xeroxed the way it should be and with a primitive but functional lay-out. I would be very interested to see the first issue and I don't know if they made any more after this one but I'd love to read them too so get in touch if you have them or happen to be one of the editors. Recommended.

PS: I'd be very interested also in hearing the Danish project The Dark Funeral interviewed here. They refer to it as darkwave, could be black ambient or dungeon synth. Two demos out, "The Awakening" and "In Thy Forest..." Also the other projects, if they actually recorded anything: Trionses, black/doom with the Denial Of God brothers and Der Freitod, darkwave with Ustu of DOG. If you have anything of these get in touch!

Chained And Desperate - Oracles from the Neitherworld demo 1995

Chained And Desperate - Oracles from the Neitherworld demo 1995
1) Άδης (Hades)
2) A Thousand Stars
3) Centaurs Dance
4) Dancing in the Garden...
5) The Shapeless Stone
6) Sirens Lament

Mediafire / Rusfolder

I wasn't originally going to post this but as the download provided on the band's website is still incomplete (see this post) I decided to go ahead and upload the rip I made from my tape. Please note it's a traded version, but I got a copy of the cover too, scan is included. This is the original 1995 version.

Sound and rip quality are both ok so no worries on that department even if it's not ripped from an original. Music is as described on the post for the 1995 promo atmospheric Greek-style pagan (black) metal, though the two added tracks (first one is an intro) are faster than the other mostly midtempo material which gives more variation to the demo. Not that much really to add, best C&D release overall in my opinion so download if you enjoy 90's Greek sound and/or their other stuff.

perjantai 5. heinäkuuta 2013

Leichenhalle - Judenfrei (2000)

Leichenhalle - Judenfrei cassette album 2000
1) Mother Afrika
2) Jerusalem in Flames
3) 1942
4) Different Solution
5) Judenfrei
6) Herr Doktor
7) China Scum
8) Chwala Panu
9) Holy Leader
10) False Prophet

Depositfiles / Mediafire

Another contribution today and one that I've already had for a while. More non-metal darkness sent by brother Wehrwolf, this is the 2000 tape album (I presume it's meant to be a full lenght, at least it lasts almost an hour) from Poland's Leichenhalle, a project by Mikołaj Żentara of Kriegsmaschine and Mgła. Has really nothing to do with black metal though. Limited to 100 copies and released only on tape, this is a mixture of power electronics and death industrial. Ripped by Wehrwolf from his tape and a cover scan is included, thank you again W!

If you're not familar with the genres mentioned above I'll just shortly say that it is dark soundscapes of noise, rumbling oppressive masses of sound. Not chaotic but almost devoid of such easy listening elements as percussion, vocals or samples. Quite atmospheric in its own way. There seems to be a certain leaning to this, judging from the track titles, but like said no marching band antics or speech samples here, so it's not martial or suchlike at all. It might be a bit monotonous but I find myself enjoying the sounds on certain moods, like now for example. Would be interesting to hear the other releases too. Definitely not everyones' canister of gas but feel free to try it if you enjoy death industrial, power electronics or even dark ambient.

Embraced - Rehearsal 1995

Embraced (fin) - Rehearsal 1995
1) Drowned Maid (Amorphis cover)

RGhost / Yandex

Time for a quick sign of life I suppose. Here's another obscure little item from brother Grev's vault, a single track rehearsal from a Finnish band who called themselves Embraced. Not to be confused with the Swedish band also active in mid/later 90's. Thanks, Grev! No cover, logo, band picture or much information available so anything would be appreciated.

So while the band may be obscure, the track should not be as it's a cover, "Drowned Maid" from Amorphis' breakthrough album "Tales from the Thousand Lakes". The sound is of slightly poor to medium quality by this blog's standards, quite typical rehearsal fare. They don't really add any sort of twist to the track, even the vocalist sounds very similar to original, unless you count little screw ups and such as a twist. This is really a curio more than anything else.