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Pactum - Ad Majorem Luciferi Glorium reh/demo 1999

Pactum - Ad Majorem Luciferi Glorium rehearsal/demo 1999
1) Opus I - Canticus Daemoniacus
2) The Call of Black God (Reverence to the Moon, Soul of Night)
3) Luciferi Glorium
4) Orgies in Sadomatic Temple of Baphomet

Media / Mega

This will be the last post for August and it is another contribution by Chris, though this time I did some of the work as he had not divided it into separate tracks. Which then was obviously the bit I did, with the help of the enclosed lyrics and once again Metal Archives (and older rip floating about) were incorrect. So anyway, this is the second (rehearsal) demo by Brazilian band Pactum and first thing I've heard from them. Chris sent HUGE cover scans which, like already mentioned, also include lyrics.

Seeing as this is Brazilian black metal I bet many of you expect to hear warlike, primitive and brutal black/death metal, instead you get a long intro track with synths and harsh, whispery vocals which turns into the first "proper" track after almost five (!) minutes. "The Call of the Black God" isn't exactly a pop song either, running well over seven minutes. "Luciferi Glorium" is also over six and the final one almost seven and half minutes, not that it's a competition or something. Rehearsal sound (well, it does say rehearsal on the sleeve) which isn't shabby but a bit airier and weaker than would be optimal especially for such almost symphonic approach. The main vocal during the three long tracks is a grating, raspy black metal... well not quite a shriek but not a croak either.. shroak? It's not the best nor the worst I've heard but somehow feels out of place often. There are some clean, half-spoken voices used too which sound a bit too loud compared to main voice and music. The keys, which are quite prominent and most of the time piano-like, coupled with the somewhat dry and quiet guitar sound somehow take me back to mid-90's Obtained Enslavement and something else that I can't really pinpoint right now. Overall I'd say it's not exactly bad but not something I enjoy either. Don't know what else to write so I'm going to go eat instant pasta and generally live dangerously. Feel free to check this out and thanks again to Chris!

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Dominion - The Black Domains demo 1996

Dominion - The Black Domains demo 1996
1) Towards the Black Horizon
2) Embraced by Flames
3) Ardent Passion to the Liquid of Life
4) Thou Art the Source of My Dreams

Yandex / 4shared

I've been lax with my duties to the Coven this week. It's a bit late to lament that now so let us move forward with another sending by brother passetiermes, ripped by your humble servant. This is Dominion, yet once again not to be mixed with the plethora of similarily named metal bands, this was a one-man, one demo wonder from Espoo. Well, as far as we know, that is. Cover scans and a lyrics sheet are included.

Four tracks for almost half an hour guarantees that at least some of the songs are bound to be epic in length if not in content. And sure enough, things kick off with a nine-minute monstrosity with synths sounding like old COF with demo sound. By now you realise it might be a prudent idea to flee, even if the track titles weren't already arousing your suspicions. But hey, old COF is kind of fun every now and then, isn't it? The intro part seems to go on and on, however. In reality it takes only a bit over two minutes and when the song proper starts the first reaction is surprise as the guitar sounds quite raw and promising. Unfortunately right away the drums and vocals join in and things take a turn to worse, the two elements combine somehow annoyingly with the guitar. After a while it either gets better or my ear just grows accustomed to it. I still can't say if I like it or not, but it's definitely not like old COF. Closer to Black Funeral actually. Not very close at all, though. The song manages to both drag on and on and yet still end suddenly. Next two songs are slightly shorter, between five and a bit over six minutes while the last one is again almost nine minutes. Going a bit Bathory there aren't we? This is hard to nail down, really, there are many cool parts and about equal amount of faults. This will probably either grow on me with further listens or turn really annoying soon. You should check this out if you're into Finnish underground stuff, enjoy melodic but still raw black metal or something like that. Almost recommended!?

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Slayer #10

Slayer magazine, issue 10 (1994)
Emperor (Faust)
Thou Shalt Suffer (Ihsahn)
Bathory (old interview, '85)
Mayhem (Dead)
Sadistik Exekution
Absu (Proscriptor)
The 3rd and the Mortal
Beyond Dawn
Cradle of Filth
Sadistic Intent
Order from Chaos
In the Woods...
Dark Funeral
+ reviews, articles, stuff


I started the week with some light reading so I suppose it is proper to close it off with some heavy reading. This is master Metalion's Slayer 'zine, issue 10. I borrowed it from brother passetiermes the other month in order to provide some missing pages to a comrade and as I scanned the whole 'zine I decided to upload it. No more words necessary, this is obviously a classic. Get the Slayer book thingy too.

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Faethon - Far to the North demo 1995

Faethon (fin) - Far to the North demo 1995
1) After the War
2) Scarlet Tears
3) First Snow
4) Far to the North
5) The Wizard from the North
6) The End


Finnish material and this rip, by me, is another result of my pact with brother passetiermes as he sent me a couple of tapes besides the 'zines I've scanned thus far. Thank you again for assisting the Coven! Here's a rather obscure band called Faethon, very different from the current Greek one, and their probably only recording. As an interesting bit of trivia, Jerry "Serpent" Kurunen of Nightside / Annihilatus / Imperiumi - fame is credited for the lyrics. Cover scans are included.

What is this like then? Sounds very much like older Sentenced is really pretty much enough to say, it's melodic northern death-ly metal. Think back to "Amok" or "Love and Death" and you've got a pretty good general idea. The main vocal is not really a proper death metal growl, grunt, roar or scream, more like very rough singing voice. Clean vocals are also used and both are definitely amateurish and rather crude in a very sincere way. Am I making any sense here? I was having a little hard time with the track division at first as it seemed to have only five tracks, but I then decided the title track and "The Wizard..." blend into each other with the former being the longer instrumental part in the beginning. Which is, actually, the best track to my taste as I'm not really into the vocals. That is all, I must hurry off for now. Have a listen for yourself if the description or the relative obscurity intrigued you.

tiistai 19. elokuuta 2014

Arckanum - Rehearsal 31.01.1994

Arckanum - Rehearsal 31.01.1994
1) Gava fran trulen
2) Et sorghetog

RGhost / Yandex

Let's do some of my old stuff for change, as I sort of promised here's something from Sweden again and it's a bit better known name I believe, a short rehearsal tape from Arckanum. As the date should reveal, this was recorded before the "Trulen" demo and both songs would later reappear on that tape as well as the first two albums, one for each of them. I got this from a tape trader who probably got it either from another one or Shamaatae himself, he used to trade tapes too back in the days. Obviously had no cover, I just felt like making one that'd look like a crude bootleg 7"EP. Fun things are fun.

If you're into old Arckanum, you probably at least recognize both these songs, but for change something is very different here, "Et sorghetog" is much longer than the demo and album versions. Though I'm not sure if they just launch into another (short) track I failed to recognize or if it indeed used to be a longer track like here presented. "Gava fran trulen" isn't notably different. Sound is fair but the tape has wear and sounds like it had been dubbed more than enough times already so I suspect my trader didn't get this directly from the band. Everything is audible enough and the wear isn't that bad so don't be scared. Recommended obviously to Arckanum fans, people into Swedish black metal demos and rehearsal tape collectors.

maanantai 18. elokuuta 2014

Moonlight #1

Moonlight Magazine, issue 1 (winter 1996/1997)
Limbonic Art
Cultus Sanguine
Dark Funeral


Ok, let's try this sober for change, here's some light reading for you, the 1st issue of US Moonlight magazine (see what I did there?). So called humour aside this is light reading compared to Petrified 'zine as it is in much smaller size (whatever Americans substitute for A5) and 32 pages of content, a few of which contain pictures or ads. Why am I comparing this to Petrified? Because this is basically a continuation of that 'zine, with Thorns still on the helm and Lance Gifford freelancing. I don't know if they released more issues of this either and I'm not even sure where I got my copy, could it have been from some record shop? Or distro, sent as bonus or something like that? Anyways, I'm under the impression this was pretty much sent around as sort of FMP promo which might be incorrect. It's a pretty good, quick read though, I've always liked these small 'zines for some reason. The interviews vary in length quite wildly, from the very short Bethzaida one (contributed by Eric of SOM) to the very lengthy one with Blackmoon, then still with Dark Funeral. It's not Petrified, but worth checking out.

perjantai 15. elokuuta 2014

Samain - An Leanábh Naomh (Bríste) demo 1994

Samain - An Leanábh Naomh (Bríste) demo 1994
1) A'Cruinneachadh NanUan
2) Stormclouds Gather
3) A Pagan Funeral
4) The Watchword of Evil Is Darkness
5) Drunk on Holy Blood
6) The Red Field


Ok, still some more contributions and about time we move on, right? This one was sent a few months ago by brother Wehrwolf and it was a rip of thing that was supposed to appear on a compilation but as far as I've understood that never happenend and since it'd be a bleeding shame his work ripping the demo and scanning the covers would've gone to waste I'm publishing it here. And if you got curious please check out the actual re-relase of Samain's stuff.

 Speaking of which, the older among you might be surprised/disappointed by the fact that this is not Sadistik Exekution / Bestial Warlust / Spear Of Longinus - vein brutal ass war holocaust winds howling in the depths of abyss swirling with cycles of piss across the sullen face of Kalki. Rather, this is more like the classic pagan black metal sort of music, not the Polish vein, but an uncouth, almost silly down under version. Some, nay, most of the six tracks overstay their welcome but on the other hand does this not just add to the 90's charm of the end result? Sound is fair enough and the music isn't really so embarassing so I'm not sure why they won't add this to the retrospective I've understood is in the works. Good sound, not at all the typical OZ era feel so give 'em a go and buy... whatever the release is/will be if you like folky/"celtic" 90's metal.

Brandpest - Reheasal 1996

Brandpest - Rehearsal 1996
1) Strandvarslet
2) Troldens Brud

Mediafire / Deposit

I'm drunk and on the mood to complete a cycle so here I post the last unreleased thing contributed by brother Chris, a rehearsal tape by Brandpest. This is two tracks of black metal, sort of raw and obviously different from the previous recording. The sound is utter shit but that's why you have the volume button on the machine for.

Yeah I should probably come up with something smart here, but sorry no score, just crank up the volume at lot and see if you give a crap, it's nothing to write home about, but at least it's a rare item and other than Denial Of God live tapes. Which I'd love to score, audio preferably. But coming back to this, it's probably a thing for the curious and collectors of Danish black metal.

Coming up. Swedish or Finnish stuff.

Looks like the Mediafire link was a bit screwy, I've fixed it now. I shouldn't really be near a computer when I'm drunk.

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Brandpest - I Fandens Vold og Magt EP 1998

Brandpest - I Fandens Vold og Magt EP 1998
1) Intro
2) Monstrum Marinum (Kraken)
3) Sagen om Chresten Pedersen
4) Outro

Mediafire / 4shared

Now that I've somewhat recovered from Jalometalli it's about time I continue with Chris's contributions (see the Apollyon posts) and here's some more Danish black metal, Brandpest's EP 1998 which was on the same mixtape. Brandpest shared several members with Apollyon and released a demo tape in '96, this EP two years later and nothing more. Unless someone whips out an unreleased recording, that is. As this isn't a vinyl rip I didn't go look for full cover images, just picked up the cover from M.A.

Intro, outro and two songs for just over ten minutes is pretty standard for a black metal 7" and usually leaves the listener hungry for more. Brandpest's material is rougher and more in your face than Apollyon's. Not bestial war metal way, mind you, there's guitar leads and all. The sound is quite demo-like, which is not a bad thing, it has a fair bit of power to it too. A recommendable EP whether you enjoyed Apollyon or not as it clearly is different, closer to Denial Of God actually. Not bad at all.

torstai 7. elokuuta 2014

Moonspell - Live in Zürich 13.10.1995

Moonspell - Live in Zürich, Switzerland 13th October 1995
1) Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
2) Love Crimes
3) ...of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
4) An Erotic Alchemy
5) Lua d'Inverno
6) Alma Mater


Once again I'm posting a live tape the night before going to a festival and probably unsurprising, it's Moonspell '95. At least this time I have the excuse of mr. Dominik Matus requesting me to upload whatever live recordings I may have left in the vaults. So, we start with this one which I had kind of forgotten in the ready items folder. This naturally was sent by a tape trader so it is a dub of unknown generation, though the sound is fairly good. A really half-hearted cover of the cuddly wolves thrown together by a lazy blogger.

Decent sound like I said, this is a little shorter gig again, though not as short as the ones during the "Battle of the Ages" tour supporting Immortal & Morbid Angel (most I have posted are from that), this lasts a bit less than 28 minutes. It appears the person who recorded this missed a possible intro as well as the start of the first track. Not too much missing so shouldn't be a grave issue. Personally I'm quite pleased they changed the set by dropping "Vampiria" (unless they played it first and it's missing) and adding "An Erotic Alchemy" to its place. Yup, not really a lot to say as I've posted already a few of these gigs. This has a bit better than average sound so I suppose this'd be a good spot to start if you haven't dared to pick up these live recordings before. I'm off to sleep and to Jalometalli in the morning.

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Ichor #2

Ichor 'zine, issue 2 (summer 1997)
Cradle Of Filth
Gates Of Ishtar
Kyprian's Circle
Mundanus Imperium
Poles Apart
+old news, reviews, awesome art


Zinezeit, here's a Finnish one I scanned already in June and was actually going to post earlier but then I didn't. Again courtesy of brother passetiermes' generosity in lending these to me for scanning, we salute you! Ichor 'zine was made by Striga of Arthame and co-editor, who for this issue was a mysterious Juha, and at least two issues were made (obviously). The guys also ran a distro/productions of same name with, according to this issue, three other guys and were planning on releasing some demo tapes. Not sure what happened to those plans, perhaps someone more versed in the Vantaa-lore might enlighten us?

Yeah, so it's a Finnish black (mostly) metal fanzine made by a guy with a synth-project. With a memorable backcover art. Is this worth my time? you ask, disinterested look on your face while you sip absinthe, lying vacant-eyed on a divan, surrounded by swirling smoke of burning incence and the faint light of flickering candles. Yes, it is. As seen above, the band roster is interesting and not filled with the most predictable household names of the day. No Behemoth, Marduk or Mortiis this time. It's neat and clear in regards to lay-out, no overtly fancy computer-shenanigans... well ok, it actually looks quite a bit like Kill Yourself!!! now that I think about it. Not as much as Amortization did, though. The look is not the only similarity, the editor gets occasionally agitated and "argues" with the interviewees, as much as you obviously can in an interview made by letter that is. See Graveland for an example, or the Gates Of Ishtar one. I've always found this a bit unfair for the interviewee but understandable enough, the editors are of course entitled to their opinions but it's a bit one-sided when the other part won't have a chance to respond anymore. I'm digressing again, am I not? Right, it's an entertaining read, despite or because of the editors' attitudes (they are more of the booze'n'metal school rather than artsy intellectual-wannabes). Standout interviews include Malign, Graveland and Kyprian's Circle (mainly since I haven't read any before). Horna interview was made over phone which makes it a bit different from the others. Recommended reading.

tiistai 5. elokuuta 2014

Apollyon - Grafsoen (1996)

Apollyon - Grafsoen unreleased MLP 1996
1) Grafsoen
2) Rege Pestis
3) Winter's Prophecy
4) Heksene Samles paa Bloksbjerg

Unreleased track 1998
1) Perfect Symbiosis

Mega / Yandex

Ok, back to the items sent by Chris and the last Apollyon items on the menu, but not the least. This is the unreleased May '96 recording, a mini-album (or EP, where did you draw the line again?) titled "Grafsoen" which features four tracks, three exclusive to this release. I also included in the same download another unreleased track, from a different session but should be 1996 too. Naturally no covers as it was left unreleased.

Three of the songs are longer, between 4:40 and 7:34 while the last one is short folky piece and I suppose functions as an outro as well. The sound gives an impression of being a little unfinished, it's soft and the balance is odd. The vocals are dominant and most distinct element while the rest of the instrumentation kind of tumbles along in the background. Musicwise it sounds a bit different from the demos too, the keys seem more prominent now. Some female vocals have also been added. The new vocalist at the time, Vrykolatios from Brandpest, has a slightly deeper roar than Diabolos did.

The extra track "Perfect Symbiosis" sounds like a rehearsal recording with a pretty good sound and I'm not sure when exactly it was recorded but I think it has the same line-up so perhaps it is a later recording, summer or fall '96 maybe. UPDATE: I was informed this was a later song, recorded after the "Diaboli Gratia" mini, intended for a 7" release and would feature Diabolos again on vox. Thanks for the info! The song is more straight-forward and aggressive than the Grafsoen material. I'm getting tired so not going to type more, grab this if you like Apollyon. Or if you're extremely curious about unreleased stuff.

sunnuntai 3. elokuuta 2014

Corvus Neblus - Chapter I - Strahd's Possession (1999)


Corvus Neblus - Chapter I - Strahd's Possession Cassette EP 1999
1) A Break in the Silence Sets a Mission in Time
2) Chasing the Bandit, Retrieving the Symbol
3) Forever I Shalt Dwell in Ravenloft
4) First Encounter - Fhalken the Merchant
5) Confronting Barovia
6) As Night Falls, for Helm I Fight...

Mediafire / Depositfiles

I think it's reasonable to deviate from the Danish black metal for a bit, here is some dungeon synth for change, this is an Elven Witchcraft release from 1999 and first one by Greek project Corvus Neblus. CN was a one-man effort by Alexandros "Evil Dark" Antoniou, best known from the bands Macabre Omen and The One. I wouldn't mind another Macabre Omen album, as a side note. But yeah, this is based apparently on his AD&D character Neblus' adventure in Ravenloft, the booklet includes further details, scans are included as this is dubbed from a more or less original copy.

The six songs have a running time of slightly over 25 minutes which makes this well into EP or mini-album length. Individual songs vary from the shortest "First Encounter..." at 2:23 to epic "Confronting Barovia" which clocks almost eight minutes. The music is keyboard based, quite nostalgic and reminds me of soundtracks to some half forgotten CRPG's of good old days before all this massive multiplayer shit. The first track has harpsichord-like sounds on the forefront and has generally an introductory / main game screen feel to it. The second one is a little more active in nature, though not as much as its title would suggest, seems like the chase would be conducted in a more leisurely pace on foot rather than galloping high speed pursuit on horseback. Third one is slow, melancholic and somehow introspecive in nature. I like it quite a bit. The next song is the shortest one, more upbeat and again very game soundtrackey. "Confronting Barovia" is the longest piece, like I mentioned, and feels darker and more dramatic after the rather light-natured interlude before it. I'm sort of reminded of Lamentation on their second demo here. Which is a good thing. There's an unfortunate but very brief glitch around five minutes, kind of a squeaky bleep that repeats later again - I'm not 100% sure if it's an issue on the recording or possibly a feature supposed to be there but it jars my ear. Last track is shorter and again more active in nature, striving to portray a ravaged village and an encounter with the bloodthirsty marauders. The demo is completely instrumental, what seemed at first glance to be lyrics on the booklet are descriptions of events associated with each song. This is a good, working solution. Recommended, obviously most to people into dungeon synth, those who liked the Lamentation posts and with restrictions to fans of Macabre Omen.