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Indungeon - Machinegunnery of Doom demo 1996

Indungeon - Machinegunnery of Doom demo 1996
1) In the Ashes of Civilization
2) From Beyond the Stars
3) Desolated Creation
4) Machinegunnery of Doom
5) Die in Fire (Bathory cover)

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I'm supposed to be packing my stuff and getting on a train soon to head off, once again, to Nummirock for Juhannus aka midsummer celebrations but I thought I'd have to quickly post something for you before that. So it's your fault if I forget to pack something. This is the first and only demo of the Swedish death/thrash band Indungeon and shares the name of their debut album which also features all of these tracks but recorded again with probably better sound, don't remember and got no time to check. Ripped from an original tape and includes cover scan.

Five tracks for just under 20 minutes and the last one is a cover of a Bathory oldie, fellow Swedes Nifelheim have also covered the same tune. But that's not relevant info here. If you have heard the album you know what to expect. If not, then I'll just tell you it's death/thrash with some groove and melodies and a dirty blackish voice. The sound of the demo is kind of muddy and has a fair bit of low end. Not the most original or essential thing but if you enjoy thrashing death metal you might want to give them a go. Right I'm out, have a great midsummer!

tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013

Nachtvorst - Koude wind vanuit het diepe bos demo 1995

Nachtvorst - Koude wind vanuit het diepe bos demo I 1995
1) De duisternis roept... (Inleiding)
2) Nachtvorst
3) Het koude land nabij de hel
4) Het beest breekt zijn ketenen
5) Tegenspoed in het diepe woud
6) Tpeor sinretsiud ed... (Slot)


The second upload of the day is one of my rips and again tape traded item, the first demo of the Dutch black metal band Nachtvorst, not to be confused with a later Rotterdam based band using the same name. This one did two demo tapes in the mid-90's before fading away and featured (former) members of the band Mjöllnir, including the vocalist The Unsane who was also in Bestial Summoning and Malefic Oath, names which should be familiar to people who were into the old Dutch bm scene. Metal Archives labels this as "A joke side project of Mjöllnirr" which seems slightly odd as I think Mjöllnir was already split up by the time they started this and I don't seem to get the joke here either, it really sounds just like another raw and primitive black metal demo. No covers, just a badly cropped image from MA.

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph and as you can probably deduct considering the people involved, this is black metal of the raw and pleasantly neanderthalian sort. Intro, outro and four short tracks of mostly fast and furious black metal that still has some melodies and groove to it, at times it actually has a very punky feel. Rehearsal-like raw but clear sound. Wild screaming vocals and an enthusiastic if not that tight performance by the musicians top the cake. I don't know if this was some sort of joke or unserious project or whatever, I seem to enjoy it. Would like to hear the second demo "Kwade zielen onder de volle maan" too so let me know if you have it. Recommended to people into raw black metal and maybe even punk.

Pogrom - A Dream of Nightful Silence demo 1995

Pogrom (aus) - A Dream of Nightful Silence demo 1995
1) Intro / The Twilight Groves
2) Everdusk
3) Requiem for the Defiled
4) Shade of Morrow


It's been quiet recently, a little summer break. To make up for it, two posts for today and first another contribution from down under, a rip of the Australian Pogrom's demo sent by brother Wehrwolf. Thank you! Ripped from his tape and including cover scans it has a quite good sound, excluding a minor, brief flaw on the first track proper but that's not a big deal. It sounded very quiet so I upped the volume just a little bit. Almost forgot, Wehrwolf also scanned me an interview from Decompozine which you can see below, thanks again Ww!
Interview from Decompozine

Four tracks and an unnamed intro for over 26 minutes of old style death/doom which is more in the atmospheric and doomy end of the pool. Main voice is a deathly one, growling and rasping over a slightly surprisingly groovy and more like traditional doom oriented music instead of the slow death metal style I was for one reason or another expecting. Works nicely! Clean sound with audible instruments and bouncy bass. Some of the guys later formed the death metal band Innsmouth (recommended) and others another doomy unit Across the Scarlet Moat which I haven't heard yet but assume to carry the torch for Pogrom. Not much to add now, give it a listen if you enjoy doom metal or happen to be a fan of the other bands mentioned.

sunnuntai 9. kesäkuuta 2013

Warvomit - Sadistic Perverted Majesty demo 1997

Warvomit - Sadistic Perverted Majesty demo 1997
1) Intro
2) Conquerors
3) Nuclear Slut
4) The End of Time
5) Lead You to Your Grave
6) Impale the Usurper
7) Our Lust
8) 1000 Faces Of Evil
9) Flight with the Stormwind
10) Krieg
11) Warvomit (Kaos Mix) [Bonus Track]

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Going to divert from my original plans, I decided there has been enough lighter or nicer music for now and it's time to post something raw and dirty. If the band's name is Warvomit, you'd expect them hold their end of the bargain when it comes to raw and dirty, right? Things start up with a familiar intro which could have been cut a little and the first proper track "Conquerors" makes clear this is indeed raw and dirty. A bit messy demo sound and musically somewhere in between punk, black/thrash and war metal in the vein of Blasphemy and company. Generally more midtempo than fast and even slows to doomy pace at times. Untight playing, crude rehearsal-like demo sound and rough vocals, what more can you want? Well, at least the first song is too long and overall this is quite a lot to take at one sitting, intro plus ten tracks at 47+ minutes is too much.

This was ripped from a tape traded dub but it doesn't affect the sound quality much. Unfortunately I didn't have a copy of the covers so I've borrowed another stamp-sized image from Metal Archives. Proper scan would be cool. Recommended for people into bestial metal, punky stuff and rough thrashing madness.

torstai 6. kesäkuuta 2013

Messier - Rõõmurikkuja demo 1998

Messier - Rõõmurikkuja demo 1998
1) Rõõmurikkuja
2) Hani
3) Keskaja kaitseks
4) Vahepala
5) Enne hommikut
6) Hoge jage
7) Kui nad olid...
8) Lõpu lugu

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Ok, time for the last part of the Messier saga, which you might remember from the earlier months and kinda sorta keeping with the semi-mellow direction of the blog recently. This is the second demo, more professional thing than the material posted so far and also kindly contributed by Mihkel, thanks once again! With cover scans.

Like on the first demo, plenty of tracks again but this time around it's a more consistent effort and some of them are quite long at 5+ mins for a total time of over half an hour. Pretty nice demo sound, but still quite lo-fi, worry not. Longer tracks which are a little less adventurous than the things happening on earlier recordings but they still make sure to comb the bushes and backroads of Estonian wilderness and folkscape. Possibly a bit of a dissappointment to the people expecting the wackiness of previous recordings but still not the most easy-listening chewed up ready for consumption folk stuff. If you liked the previous ones check this out too. If you didn't... well quite possibly you won't like this either.

tiistai 4. kesäkuuta 2013

Legenda - Chronicles Chapter I promo 1996

Legenda (fin) - Chronicles Chapter I promo 1996
1) All Flesh Is Grass
2) Kings
3) Wolves Honey Wolves
4) All Love Is Gone
5) Winter Night

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Let's continue a bit longer with the more mellow Finnish metal streak, ok? No? Too bad, I'm doing this anyways. It's quite a natural transition from gothic metal to dark metal don't you agree? Here's the only demo recording, a promo tape, from Finland's Legenda, probably best known as Kimmo Luttinen's band after Impaled Nazarene. He also did Isänmaa in the same year, I recommend checking out the re-release by Primitive Reaction, it shreds various things! Back to this project, this was a two-man unit, the second guy being Mika/Niko (? - used both names, or actually two different guys?) Karppinen from Bloodride (and ex-Maple Cross) who plays the bass while Kimmo handles the rest. Ripped from a dub I unfortunately have no cover this and looks like no-one else has either. If you do, send me scan please.

If you have heard the Legenda debut album you'll know all these songs as they also appear there. Naturally the demo versions sound less polished and have differences in the intro parts, less keyboards and effects etc. A decent demo sound and the dub doesn't seem too much raped, but obviously it sounds muffled, muddled and murky if compared to the album side by side. I guess something more than "it's dark metal" should be said about the music, it's kind of groovy, blackish (I hate that word/term almost as much as promodemo and its variations!) metal, self-described as: A finnish band which plays cold blackish metal with a "rocky" feeling. Basically you could say it's Impaled Nazarene's "Blood Is Thicker..." extended to a band concept. That's a bit unfair as not all the tracks sound that much same but gives you an idea I guess. Some gothic touches are included, but not in the voice department, harsh vocals all the way, which is preferable to sloppy singing plus he does them quite well. It's not bad, there are days when I listen to this and the albums quite contently and then there are days I can't stand them. If you enjoy gothic/melodic/rockin' dark metal I guess you should give this a try.

Ancient Drive - Orgasmic Adores promo 1999

Ancient Drive - Orgasmic Adores promo 1999
1) Entering... Dark Ecstasy
2) Carnal Perverse
3) Blood-Red Claws
4) Orgasmic Adores

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Without delay let us post the second Ancient Drive recording I have, the promo I was referring to in the previous post. See that one for further background information, I'm not that keen on repeating myself today. Cover scans are included.

Comparing to the previous demo recording (I haven't heard the 1997 demo nor the only full-lenght) the sound is a little thinner, with keyboards more prominent and guitars less emphasized, generally sounding less heavy and... uh, more gothic? It's still more metal than goth rock if you felt threatened by that description. Recorded at Studio Perkele the sound is certainly good, just different from the demo. I'm not really certain which one I prefer, this might be more suitable for the gothic elements. More songs, though the first is an intro, but a bit shorter overall at 14+ minutes. I don't feel like writing right now so I'll just settle this saying it's better than the previous one and listen for yourselves!

maanantai 3. kesäkuuta 2013

Ancient Drive - Romantic Funeral demo 1998

Ancient Drive - Romantic Funeral demo 1998
1) Mourning Tears
2) Romantic Funeral
3) Death Embrace Her

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I think it's time to post metal again but don't get too excited. Knowing the deep love some of my readers have for gothic metal I just had to post this item now. Here is the first (?) demo by Ancient Drive from Kuopio, best known for later spawning Turmion Kätilöt from its ruins. I know there's at least one rip circulating the internets but I think this might be better, ripped from a CDr on which I had both the 1999 Orgasmic Adores promo and this as bonus. Yes, I'll post that later. No, I don't remember anymore where I got it, could've been from a band member on various drunken adventures back then or could've been from one of my comrades. Sadly I don't have a cover for this as it was burned as bonus on the promo, I don't even know if it was originally released on CDr or tape or both. However, Metal Archives supplied us with a tiny... no smaller, really really tiny cover image that looks like it would be from a CD.

That's all really interesting and exciting but it might be about time to get to the content so here we go: just a bit over 17 minutes of gothic metal, pretty uptempo but heavy enough not to be completely pop/girly listening. Main voice is very typical gothy singing, better than average demo band and doesn't annoy the hell out of me from the start. He does some aggressive growls too which work well enough. The second track has more different tempos than the pretty straight-forward first one yet it doesn't work as well for me while the third one gets all too soft and girly and the vocals also seem to get less appealing by the track. I suppose this still remains better than average gothic metal demo of the era, the first song being my favourite here and the rest not so much. Ok, 1/3 isn't usually better than average I know. Give it a listen if you have even a passing interest in this sort of music. If you don't, listen to it anyways and amuse me with your suffering.