keskiviikko 25. elokuuta 2010

The Fallen - Rebirth of the Ancients demo 1993

The Fallen (uk) - Rebirth of the Ancients demo 1993
Intro / Disciple of Fire
2) Zahgurim
3) Blackmetal Holocaust
4) I Burn
5) Sombre Toll of Funeral Bells

UPDATE: At least temporarily unavailable, it appears the dub I have is running too fast?!? Hopefully I'll be able to provide another rip at correct speed. Oops.

Back to black metal and here's another quite rare release, the only demo of the UK black metal band The Fallen, listed as Rehearsal 1993 in the Metal Archives. I don't know if they happened to release a rehearsal tape with the same tracklisting (I doubt that) or is this an error on the database or my source (I'm more inclined to believe my source than the database). Anyways the sound is obviously quite raw (this is black metal not AOR) but not really like rehearsal tapes usually are. Received tape trading so no covers unfortunately. Get in touch right now if you have 'em!

Music within is kind of old-fashioned, raw and rocking black metal. Simple but pleasing songs, I like this very much. The bands' main influence seems to have been the great Bathory and that's not a bad thing in my book. Mostly ok sound and dub, except for the annoying bit in "Disciple of Fire" where it goes almost mono for a while before settling back to stereo, leaving the left channel weaker. A better dub/rip/original tape would be highly appreciated because of this. Does not make it unlistenable but pisses me off big time. Even with its flaws a recommended listen.

sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010

Moonspell - Live in Stockholm 24.10.1996

Moonspell - Live at Studion, Stockholm Sweden 24th October 1996
Perverse... Almost Religious
2) Opium
3) Awake
4) For a Taste of Eternity (+ soundcheck)
5) Vampiria
6) ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
7) Ruin & Misery
8) Mephisto
9) Alma Mater


It feels natural to move from Spain to Portugal and yes, yet another Moonspell live. Though this one is again a little different, being for change from the 1996 tour, promoting "Irreligious" which I was personally a little dissappointed with after "Wolfheart". I've gotten around to listen to it later, if you're interested. Anyways, this show in Sverige's capital Stockholm consists of material from both full-lenghts released at the time and I must say I'm not too thrilled to have "Vampiria" here yet again from "Wolfheart" as I feel there would have been better choices. But apparently the crowd loves it as they keep having it in their set. And this was long before "Twilight" mind you.

I find the sound quite good, but apparently they did not as there is a lenghty and annoying soundcheck in between "For a Taste of Eternity" and the aforementioned "Vampiria". Of course I kept it with the rip but pitied the listeners enough to have it at the end of the track. I don't think there is really much to add, if you enjoy Moonspell of this era you will want to download this. Others will probably wait for another upload. And yes, there's still more coming.

lauantai 21. elokuuta 2010

Witches' Sabbath - The Beginning of a New Age (demo 1998)

Witches' Sabbath - The Beginning of a New Age (demo 1998)
The Arrival
2) Evil Behind You
3) Nocturnal Beings
4) At the Gates of the End
5) An Empty Heart
6) Hail to the Ancestral Wars
7) Black Tales (The Tale of the Dark Fairy)
8) Witches' Sabbath (The Beginning of a New Age)
9) Wizard of Time
10) The Invocation


Another post of European metal, still southern lands as we travel to Spain to confront Witches' Sabbath and their debut demo. This is symphonic/melodic "black" metal with heavy Cradle of Filth influence. And of course other later 90s acts but COF was the first one to pop into my mind. This isn't really my sort kind of music. But don't let that discourage you, try for yourself.

Ripped from an original tape I got from some vague distro (why? I don't remember, was probably an alternative for something) so the rip and sound are ok. Kind of, in an authentic and listenable non-damaged sort of way. That's enough for now.

keskiviikko 11. elokuuta 2010

Left Hand Path - Demo 1996

Left Hand Path (gre) - Demo 1996
The Day I Will Be Burried
2) Freezing Sleep
3) Bereaved Ode


Metal post as promised and a damn good one too, we're moving back to Europa for some Greek black metal by Left Hand Path. I don't know much about the band, but to my knowledge they have released only this three song demo of which I got a copy from some obscure distro in the later 90s. The cover, which is scanned for your squinting pleasure, is pretty hard to read due the quality of the printing. If you know of another release or name change etc. let me know!

Like I said I find this very good, even though it is just very typical and quite straight away Greek black metal. Somehow it just clicks. The third track, an instrumental, breaks the pace set by the preceeding tracks and is a very good ending to the demo. Blessed with a good demo sound and a decent rip I don't see what would ruin your listening experience. Recommended.

perjantai 6. elokuuta 2010

Hagall (us) - Zur Bekämpfung Zweitausendjähriger Irrthümer (demo 1997)

Hagall (us) - Zur Bekämpfung Zweitausendjähriger Irrthümer rehearsal/demo 1997
The Dawn of the Fifth Root Race
2) Zur Bekämpfung Zweitausendjähriger Irrthümer
3) Arktogäa

Link is removed and will not be restored.

Ok and this is the previously mentioned GHOUL's ns industrial project - dealing directly with the topics of Aryan and racial things. Non-compromising death industrial sound, apparently rehearsal though I personally I find it hard to tell underground industrial releases from such sound bits. Decent dub. Cover scan is included.

Like I mentioned, I got this dubbed to me while seeking certain Ghoul material and to be honest, it is quite a rough sound for this sort of material. But if you are into it I believe you will find this demo worthwhile. Not what I usually serve but certainly will have its crowd. Take or leave it, it's up to you.
EDIT: The band doesn't wish the material to be available online so I've taken down the link and won't be reuploading it.

Yeah I'll post some metal next if you're worried.

torstai 5. elokuuta 2010

Ghoul (us) - Fornicative Eroticism 666 Sacrilege demo 1997

Ghoul (us) - Fornicative Eroticism 666 Sacrilege demo 1997
Fornicative Eroticism 666 Sacrilege
2) Legion of Antichrist
3) To Cast Spells Upon Man
4) The 87 Lashings of Tiamat

No longer available & will not be reuploaded!

We conclude our American mini-tour to the USA and to something completely different. Again. This time I'm posting the (third?) demo of the US black industrial project Ghoul, not to be mixed with various metal bands of the same name. This is actually almost a request since brother THE DECEASED of Lockjaw was asking about it here. Well, not the same item... I was actually after the same promo myself when I wrote to the band but they didn't spread it anymore so they kindly dubbed me this demo (which was not released yet so it didn't have a cover) and another by their NS-industrial project Hagall - again not to be mixed with for example the Finnish Hagall!

So this is not metal, but harsh and abrasive industrial, reminds me of some material by Brighter Death Now and MZ.412. Topics covered are occult and darkness and so on. As I mentioned I had no cover so I slapped up there a picture of one of the members, quite the black metal look as you can see, reminds me of mid-90's MZ.412 in that way. I'm sure many of you will not enjoy this, but at least you've been warned! Recommended if you are into death industrial, power electronics, ritual ambient etc. stuff. Or morbidly curious!

UPDATE: The download link has been removed and will not be replaced at the request of the creator who also informed me the tracks were recorded as early as 1994 already.

maanantai 2. elokuuta 2010

Funereal Moon - Silent Night of Full Moon Shine demo 1995

Funereal Moon - Silent Night of Full Moon Shine demo II 1995
Pact with Lucifer (Intro)
2) Somber Sunrise
3) Celestial Lucifer
4) Christ in Agony
5) Temple of Sodom
6) Dance with Vampire
7) In a Fullmoon Night
8) Black Goat Church
9) Dying in My Empty Life
10) Nocturnal
11) Centuries of Loneliness
12) Shadows of Michel Angelo
13) At the Gates of Creation
14) Ritual of Transmutation
15) Were Wolf Nightmare
16) Black Roses in My Funeral
17) Funereal Moon


We keep to the American continents, moving northward to Mexico and here is the second demo of the infamous Funereal Moon. 17 tracks for almost an hour, they combine dark, blackened ambient and ritualistic sounds to ugly black metal parts for a really hideous result. Certainly not recommendable for everyone, but the poisonous atmospheres will please those who enjoy material like LLN's ambient projects, Abruptum and similar bands, or maybe just plain old grim low-fi black metal.

Ripped from an original tape I got from one distro or another so the sound quality is good and a scan of the cover is included. This was the second version of the demo, released by Dark Silence. I guess the division of the styles here might be about 2/3 ambient material and 1/3 of black metal. The metal tracks tend to be quite short and simple bursts, like the 2½ minute "Celestial Lucifer" which works better than you might believe as the ambient pieces are where the darkness really resides in. I've found myself enjoying the twisted journey, even if wasn't very pleased with the release when I originally got it 1996. Give it a try and decide for yourself!

sunnuntai 1. elokuuta 2010

Wisdom - The South, The Sun, The Sign demo 1995

Wisdom (pry) - The South, The Sun, The Sign... demo I 1995
Sons of Hell (Intro)
2) Ancient Rite
3) The South, The Sun, The Sign...
4) At the Gate
5) Night of Lilith


Exotic southern black metal coming up next, the debut demo of the Paraguayan Wisdom. This demo was copied to me by a tape trading contact and the dub sounds a little murky and muffled but that is likely to be expected from the demo recording itself. It's not clear and pleasant but the muddled sound adds to the occult, underground atmosphere of the tape. The last tracks, side B of the demo, sound a little bit cleaner so I'm assuming the source tape's A-side might have been a bit worn. If you have a better dub/rip, by all means leave me a note!

So what's the music like? Mostly necro and pounding, straight ahead black metal with a South American touch, sounds dirty and possessed! The wind sound effect used between and into the tracks is a nice touch in my opinion, adding to the atmosphere. Not for hi-fi black metal listeners who enjoy counting the clicks of the drum triggers, but recommended for underground maniacs. I'll need to check out their other releases.