tiistai 28. huhtikuuta 2009

Root - Live in Brno 12th January 1993

Root - Live in Brno, Czech Republic 12.01.1993
Casilda's Song
2) The Temple in the Underworld
3) Message
4) The Wall
5) My Deep Mystery
6) Leviathan
7) Lucifer
8) Asmodeus
9) Loki
10) Písen pro Satana
11) 666
12) 7 cerných jezdcu
13) Zjevení
14) Cesta zkázy


Slow posting due issues with new computer. Anyways, inspired by the awesome, legendary Root performing at the Black Curse over Hellsinki event on 18th April, I decided to pack & upload this old live tape I ripped some time ago. I think I got this one from my Swedish tape trader comrade so thanks to him and the unknown person who recorded the show... too bad he seemed to run out of tape a few times or who knows what made him take a few breaks you can unfortunately hear on the recording. The quality is... well, being used to old live bootlegs, I'll say OK but you might want to reconsider if used to the ones that've been polished up in a studio. Annoyingly the last(?) song Cesta zkázy clips, maybe the tape completely ran out then.

Despite the small flaws, it's a killer set quite evenly from the first three albums. Totally cult stuff.

lauantai 11. huhtikuuta 2009

Azaghal - Rehearsal 1998

Azaghal - Rehearsal 1998
Kristinusko liekeissä
2) Harmagedon
3) Demonolatria
4) Verenjano
5) Kuilujen herrat vapautuvat


This is another thing I got from that Dutch mate of mine mentioned earlier. An early rehearsal tape of Azaghal, probably recorded between the 1st and 2nd demo as songs from the 2nd demo (and later releases) appear here in quite different versions - Demonolatria here is a longer version, Kuilujen herrat is titled slightly differently, Verenjano is a short version and so on.

Good sound enough for a rehearsal tape, quite clear actually. Material is familiar to Azaghal listeners but the versions differ well enough to make it worth listening to. Raw & mostly fast, melodic Finnish black metal. No covers for this one so Azaghal logo was used in place.

Tuonela - Demo 1998

Tuonela - Demo (0r Promo?) 1998
Pimeän Poluilla
2) Kylmyydessä
3) In the Halls of Winter


Another request here and a bit of an obscure case as there are two officially released Tuonela demos, "Metsän Pimennossa" 1997 (all titles in Finnish) and "Peikkometsä" in 1998 (all titles in English) and an interview mentioned upcoming release "Glacial Zephyrs Beyond the Vastlands" which would've been 5 songs and this one doesn't fit to be that either. Metal Archives mentions several unnamed promos and rehearsal tapes having been recorded between 1999 - 2002, so it'd be easy to count this among those releases. Problem is that this is a 1998 tape and I'm (almost) 100% certain I got this in 1998. It was recorded to me by a Dutch tape trader comrade, usually a reliable fellow when it comes to accuracy and the lyrics seem to match song titles and all so that leaves the question what the hell is this demo 1998? An unreleased one they had recorded to someone who taped it to another person etc? Another Finnish band with a name similar enough to confuse my Dutch pal? I doubt that scenario, however I'd like to receive any information someone might have about this release.

So what's in here then? Intro and 3 songs of 90's Finnish black metal to put it short. Melodic and raw. The tape/recording quality was okayish and so is the result here, a bit rough around the edges maybe but if you're reading this blog I assume it's not much of an issue to you. Obviously I didn't have the cover for this (if such even exists) so I put the band logo up there. Worth checking out and like I said, if you know more details about this, please share the info!

torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2009

Bethel - Northern Supremacy demo 1997

Bethel - Northern Supremacy demo 1997
Aye Inferno...
2) Wandering in the Lands of Dark & Frost
3) Triumph of the Lost Azure

Reuploaded - another rip

This is posted on request. I know there's at least one other version around, but after testing I'd venture to say the rip I uploaded is slightly superior. Not my rip by the way, think I got this one from Soulseek too. So thanks to whoever had ripped it! UPDATE: I ripped my dub of this and have uploaded it now. Not sure if really any better quality, but at least bitrate is higher. Ominous Productions released the tape with very nice covers, which I unfortunately don't have so you'll have to do with the makeshift version I pieced together from the one posted on Metal Archives and the scan of just the "cover page" that came with the rip (included in the .rar as well).

Bethel was a short-lived Finnish band playing melodic black/dark metal or as they called it "Supreme Nordic Metal" - epic and melodic tunes, not very "black" but atmospheric and dark. The demo, recorded in Studio Perkele, has a very good sound and the musicianship is competent too. The clean vocals make me wince a little bit, but they tend to do that to me more often than not. After Bethel split up, the vocalist/drummer Sir Holm went on to form a band called Carnival Diablo which quickly evolved into Devilry. Devilry's warlike death metal and Bethel's atmospheric nordic metal sounds have very little in common, however both are worth checking out. Enjoy the demo!

keskiviikko 8. huhtikuuta 2009

Thorny Wreath - Behind the Gates demo 1994

Thorny Wreath - Behind the Gates demo 1994
Fog from the Swamp
2) Blood the Ambrosia
3) Arcane Arcanum
4) Cauldron
Howling Wolves of Winter (Bonus track - project of T.W. members)


Ok, here's the black (death) metal predecessor to Frozen Tear. This is the only proper demo the youngsters recorded, besides the 1993 rehearsal tapes spread only to few people. I got a flyer for the demo from some random UG person (can't remember everything, can I?) and decided to go ahead and order it. As was quite typical for Finnish black metal demos of the time, the style is mixed with death metal influences and the recording is of a little rough quality. The recording's quality also differs a bit on sides A (tracks 1-3) and B (4 and the bonus track), not sure if it's just my tape or all of them. It's listenable quality however. The Elivagar featured on the bonus track seems to have been a one-off side project of Tommi & Miikka and sounds a little more influenced by Norwegian bm than the main band. An ok download for Finnish UG-enthusiasts and encyclopedic demo collectors. I'll probably upload the rehearsal/demo one of my traders recorded me later.