tiistai 21. lokakuuta 2014

Jotunheim - Aldagautr demo 1998

Jotunheim (swe) - Aldagautr demo I 1998
1) Färd till Valhall
2) Slaget vid Danariket
3) Bergslagsnatt
4) Lodbroks dödsvisa
5) Aldagautr

Mediafire / Rusfolder

Viking black metal again, this time we journey to Sweden so at least it is a valid Viking country. Another rip courtesy of Henu, thank you, and includes cover scans as it was made from an original copy. This is the first demo of the Swedish Jotunheim, not to be mixed with the more recent and a tad questionable Polish, Russian or US users of the name.

This is actually quite a natural item to continue from Helheim as the style present is rather similar, viking black metal with a raw sound. Which is enjoyable, somewhere between pagan black metal and norsecore. Another similarity to the second Helheim demo would be the very epic song durations, this tape runs almost 45 minutes with five songs to it. The screaming vocals are raw, occasionally very piercing shrieks, supported by "clean" vocals thankfully low in the mix. Various nature sounds serve mostly as intros and outros between the tracks, synths are used but with restraint which is nice. Tempos range from the rather fast second track to the more plodding, Burzumesque third song which is also the longest. Sort of reminds me of older Rautavaris, or I suppose it'd be the other way around. The general approach here seems to put more emphasis on black metal elements rather than viking/folk which some will approve while others might be driven away by it. I find myself enjoying this though I would make further cuts to the clean vocals. And perhaps trim the running times a little too. Recommended if anything above appeals to you at all, definitely preferable over stuff like Frostmoon.

maanantai 20. lokakuuta 2014

Helheim - Niðr ok Norðr liggr Helvegr demo 1994

Helheim (nor) - Niðr ok Norðr liggr Helvegr demo II 1994
1) Muspilli strid
2) Blandt ulvenes frender og kråkenes trær
3) Jotne vandring
4) Under the Norse Sky
5) De kalde marker av slag fortapt
6) Drømmedans
7) Gravlagt i Eljudne
8) Gjennom mørke og tåke

Zippy / Depositfiles

This week I'm going to continue with the contributions master Henri Sorvali sent me back whenever it was and to kick the week off, here's a continuation to a post over five years old, the second demo of Norse viking black metal band Helheim. Still not to be mixed with the industrial-tinged, NS-flavoured The Helheim Society. The long time between these posts isn't an oversight, I just didn't feel like ripping my copy of the tape back then, with the 2005 re-release out and all. Anyways, out of appreciation for the contribution, the good quality of the rip and demo itself I've decided to post this now. Scans of the cover are enclosed, thanks again to Henu for sending this.

Like Nehëmah's "Light of a Dead Star" this demo is in the rather rare group of tapes that actually have a longer running time than the band's debut album (don't believe Metal Archives on this, yet again) and without silence breaks or excessive intros too. Ok, there are a couple of shorter, instrumental songs but if you think of such as filler go back from whence you came from! Instrumentals, intros, outros and whathaveyous are important parts of recordings too and the Coven does not tolerate discrimination against them. Where was I? Yeah, it's good viking black metal, atmospheric and maybe a teensy bit inspired by early Enslaved, which they naturally denied in all interviews back then. Two of the songs, 3 & 7, were re-recorded on the debut album. Recommeded for the few who might still be unfamiliar with this and like this sort of music. Actually, it's worth checking out even if you can't stand folk or viking metal as it's more norsecore than drinking songs.

lauantai 18. lokakuuta 2014

GOD Magazine #1

GOD Magazine for Extreme Music, issue 1 (late 1999/early 2000)
Impaled Nazarene
Dark Funeral
Carpathian Forest
Thy Serpent
Old Man's Child
Hades (Almighty)
+ reviews


Ok, it's about time I get back to posting and since it's been a while from the last 'zine post here's the first (I think) issue of humbly named GOD 'zine, which I've been told would be a sort of follow up to Amortization. I borrowed this one again from brother passetiermes, thank you! Looks like it cost someone 35 marks back then, probably in a record store.

As you see from the list, it's more than enough Norwegian bands again and being made in the turn of the millennium (I think most interviews would be made around November or December 1999 as Erik's dead and he asks people about the upcoming new millennium, release date however might've been post that, hard to say as it's not printed anywhere) things were looking rather ugly. Horrible even. All interviewees are also so called "big" bands so nothing much for the underground fanatics but at least some of the interviews (like the live one with I.N.) are entertaining while others are just plain annoying. Well, 'twas the style of the times and all that. Certainly not a favourite yet might entertain you so give it a look!

tiistai 14. lokakuuta 2014

Wind - For One More Melancholy demo 1998

Wind (fin) - For One More Melancholy demo IV 1998
1) The Sleeper
2) For One More Melancholy
3) The Night to Come
4) In Robes of Sorrow

RGhost / Mediafire

I decided to post the next Wind release today, which is, as my source wrote: "4 compositions of poetic and surrealistic synth/chamber music with both catchy and totally insane melodies" and released again on his Ståhlhammar Productions, sth 017. There seems to be some confusion on P2P circles to the order of these demos, but I'd consider Narqath reasonably reliable source for info so if "Veils..." was the third demo and this was released after it, it should be demo IV and the following "Woodland Spirit" (sth 32, 1999) is naturally demo V. Accurate info seems a bit scarce so until proven otherwise I will go by this. Again only a tiny little image was all that was found so a proper scan would be great.

The demo starts off easy enough with wind effects and a generally laid-back mood before kicking a more intense, even aggressive gear in at 01:30, complete with black metallish vocals and all. These almost whispery snarls are practically the main vocal here, along with a gothesque clean voices which dominate the rest of the demo. The music has a strong neoclassical feel to it and the sound isn't as rough as on the previous demo, dropping the dungeon synthiness level considerably and upping the darkwave gauge. I find myself agreeing with Narqath, this is a good listen but "Veils..." was a bit better. Check it out if you're into darkwave/neoclassical stuff.

sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2014

Wind - Veil of Death demo 1998

Wind (fin) - Veil of Death demo III 1998
1) Veil of Death pt. I
2) Veil of Death pt. II

Yandex / RGhost

Let's cool down a bit with some Finnish synth music, sent by a reader a while ago (in summer) - thanks for the contribution! Wind, later renamed Varjosielu, was a synth/darkwave project by Wircki aka Mikko Virkki of Hin Onde (and also Calm, Decay's Delight and Vultyr). Apparently at least five (!) demos were released under this name and an unknown (to me) further amount under the new monicker. This here is the third tape, Ståhlhammar Productions release sth 009 and I could really use a decent cover scan for this, only thing found so far is the stamp of a gif you see decorate the post.

Divided in two quite long (seven minutes plus) tracks, this is a concept demo based on E.A.Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum" story and features samples of the film of same name. The samples fit in decently enough and don't stand out as jarringly as they often do. Ok sound, definitely demo level but I think it kind of fits the music. On the first part main instrument is the keyboard, pianolike, supported by timpani percussion and further background synth. Quite dreamy and remids me of Greek Lamentation at times which is definitely a good thing in my book. Second part has a more abrasive synth sound and generally sounds more hectic, intense and even chaotic. I find myself preferring the first part but this switch is interesting and conceptually sound. Later part of the track again resembles the calmer first track again and the changes make me appreciate this part more and more. Now that I think about it, I'm actually at times reminded of some Voldsom releases. Old Ståhlhammar list called this music melancholic and beautiful chamber/synth music which is not off, I'd say this falls quite well under the dungeon synth category. Recommended, and I would really like to hear demos I & II!

perjantai 10. lokakuuta 2014

Dawn of Azazel - Of Bloodshed and Eternal Victory demo 1999

Dawn of Azazel - Of Bloodshed and Eternal Victory demo I 1999
1) Conqueror Throned
2) Triumph Upon Equinox
3) Conflagration of the Mortal Soul
4) March on the Blind
Unreleased bonus track:
5) Fallen Angel of Doom (Blasphemy cover)

Mega / Rusfolder

Here is the first demo I referred to here, again courtesy of brother Fenrirsson. Thank you! Like the previous Dawn of Azazel demo, this was ripped from master .wav files sent by the band so good quality is to be expected. Cover scans included for this one too.

Not quite as much unreleased goodies this time, just a cover of their major influence Blasphemy, and much of the content might seem redundant as three of the four tracks would make reappearance on their debut album and the second demo. The versions here are quite different however, mainly on the vocal department (like a demented yell/growl hybrid that's not very growly at all) and also due the (very) young band's skill levels. As an interesting bit of trivia, this was produced by Phil Kusabs aka VK who is Blasphemy's live bassist besides fronting Vassafor. Fenrirsson also wrote that drummer and second guitarist were kicked out after the release and very few copies of the demo were spread outside of New Zealand. I'm not really descriptive today so perhaps you should just have a listen for yourselves instead. Recommended for people into warlike and bestial black/death metal.

torstai 9. lokakuuta 2014

Ancestral Goetia - Prophets of Darkmoon demo 1993

Ancestral Goetia - Prophets of Darkmoon demo I 1993
1) Vae Christus
2) Dark Imperium
3) God's Funeral Has Turned to Orgy
4) 666 Years Before the Lie

RGhost / Mediafire

Enough reruns, this is a blog, not the Finnish TV. Time for something I haven't seen online again! But, as usual, we stick to vintage material and here to the delight of many and terror of others is the first demo of France's Ancestral Goetia. Rip courtesy of a comrade of brother Grev's who kindly sent me this item. And will also send some Stregoica the band once he finds it, thanks as always! No covers and I'm not even 100% sure if they made any? Unfortunately they did not list all the tracks for this on the review in Stregoica the 'zine so I am not 100% sure of the last track's title, to be more specific, I don't know if "Years" is supposed to be in it or not.

But what I know that this is again raw, old school black metal with doomy touches and a bit cleaner sound (mostly due the rip or possibly source dub) than the other AG demo I posted. Here, in case you missed it. It's quite slow generally, apparently the main man Astaroth was heavily into doom/dark metal (think old Bethlehem) and such. I agree with the review, it is atmospheric and gloomy, "very unhealthy and dark" as the editor liked to say. So, this updates my Ancestral Goetia want list to this:
Mortal Tears of Desolation demo II 1993 (6 tracks, one is a Hellhammer cover)
Satan's Jester demo IV 1993 (3 tracks, one Bathory cover)
We, the Tribute to Lust demo V 1994 (10 tracks, one Mayhem cover - I have this but the rip is missing the last track!)

Be sure to let me know if you got 'em! Meanwhile, this is recommended to people who enjoyed the demo III and actually to some who didn't as well but are into old school doomy black metal like (very old) Samael, Barathrum und so weiter. Acquired taste perhaps, but I devour this!