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Malitiae - Azazel demo 1995

Malitiae - Azazel demo 1995
1) A Shadow of Sorrow (Darkness Falls Over Ptlomea)
2) Tears of Ice

Depositfiles / Rusfolder

My second part of summer vacation has come to pass and it is back to work. I want to share misfortune with my loyal readers, so behold, I give you Malitiae from Sweden! Again another demo I picked based on the band name (and the overall look and feel of the cover bringing Infortunium releases to mind - how wrong was I) and assumption it would be Swedish black metal in the underground vein, just somehow overlooked and possibly a hidden gem. Wrong. Ripped from an original tape, cover scan included.

By now you must be anxious to read what is going on with the recording, or some of you have already downloaded it and experience it first hand. It's amateurish, strange, poorly performed and just awful. A generous person will call it black metal as it vaguely sounds like some things associated with the genre. The guitar sound is... remarkable, vocals shoddy, drum computer absolutely hideous, sound clear but poor, songwriting abysmal and not in a excluding demonic menace-way. Sound level changes suddenly in the last, looooooong song, bizarre synths (/flutes?) occasionally overpower everything else and it's just sort of haphazardly random, like combining the worst elements of Sacrilegeous and almost everything of Siren. It is also morbidly fascinating, like an out of body experience helplessly, spellbound watching an accident take place where you most likely end up horribly mauled in an interesting way. For masochists, obsessive demo collectors, the very curious and the utterly insane.

perjantai 18. heinäkuuta 2014

Projekt Vwreede - Promo 1994

Projekt Vwreede - Promo 1994
1) Hat till liv döljs i åtrå till de döda

RGhost / Yandex

Ok, I'm sure plenty of the followers were not much impressed with the previous post. So in the ages old tradition of Friday Night Filler (yeah it's already sat. morning but no it is not until I've slept first) here's an extremely obscure thing dubbed to me by exalted brother Grev, hail again! This is a solo project recording of Steril Vwreede who you will remember from Vålnad Ur Rymd, Near Dark and other projects I'm too drunk to recall.

Single song, rehearsal quality, I really have not too much to say about it. The sound here is more like a very low fidelity fluffy demo quality instead of the raw rehearsal sound of VUR. It's a single track so I can't really compare it much, well to be honest everything I have is Grev's data on it and even there I took the liberty of adjusting the name to what he used elsewhere. It would be nice to learn if there was anything else recorded and if this really is just as solo thing as it seems more really like a group effort. But that's what I'm working here with, and have been sitting on for a bit.

UPDATE: An anonymous reader commented that this would not be Vwreede but someone else, we await further details. See the comments on this post for more.

Freeze 2 - Finnish Electro-Industrial Documentary 1995

Various Artists - Freeze 2 - Finnish Electro-Industrial Documentary (1995)
1) Chaingun Operate - (Ogre) The Disk Killer
2) NYX - Carnival
3) Control Is The Key To - Kerosine
4) [Active] Media Disease - Blessing
5) Scoutgabe - Chosen Saint (Ground)
6) The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac - Underhygiene (Mediascape Edit)
7) Corporal Feast - E=D#Ø1
8) Neuroactive - Surface (Neurogenic Mix)
9) Disaster Village - Core Melt
10) Sweating Sickness - Oblivion
11) Nail - Destroy Your Own World
12) Shade Factory - Missing Again...
13) A-Tyd - Stroke by Stroke
14) Bulimia - Gde Ugodno
15) Feminine Fist - My Crystal Clit

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Here's something for you to chew on a Friday afternoon, another "...and now something completely different" post similar in spirit (and content) to Plastic Sampler here. Though not as gothic and much more electro-industrial (heavy emphasis on electronic). Ripped from a tape (caution!) which was dubbed from CD back in '97 or so, should be good enough quality. Cover images blatantly stolen from Discogs.

This compilation lasts just a bit over an hour which is a pretty heavy enough dose of this material to the uninitiated and probably leaves the cultists asking for more. I suppose I'm personally more in the middle ground here. I'm really, really poor with these subgenres so I don't think I'm going to humiliate myself more than necessary attempting to tell what's what, let's just say this ranges from danceable EBM to spaced-out electronic to cyberpunk electro-industrial to creepy bits. Besides I'm kind of busy today, got places to go and things to do. Recommended for people who liked Plastic Sampler and related posts already, feel adventurous and relatively open-minded or need music for their 90's goth-disco evening.

torstai 17. heinäkuuta 2014

Ancestral Goetia - Betray God, Hail Satan demo 1993

 Ancestral Goetia - Betray God, Hail Satan demo III 1993
1) Cursed Devoting
2) Niger Artium Mater

Yandex / RGhost

Black metal and another contribution, this is actually one of my requests fulfilled by a reader, thank you for sending this rip! I got interested in hearing the various bands associated with the cult French 'zine Stregoica (see here & here) of which the one with the same name contained most of the editorial staff and Ancestral Goetia here, as well as Necrodoom, were mainly Astaroth's projects with his brother Corvus Lucifuge, but featuring at least Satan Gestapo from what I gather from Belial's reviews (more like shameless praise) on issue 4. Or at least SG was a member of Necrodoom in the early period. Whatever the case may be, this is the third demo and source is a dub so no cover unfortunately and I'd like to get a scan if someone happens to have it.

This is a short demo with only two tracks (which were mistitled both in Metal Archives page and the files I was sent, Stregoica review had correct titles [/trivia]) running a bit over seven minutes. Belial cited Hellhammer as an influence on his review and gushed over the bad recording giving it an even more macabre aura and I guess I have to agree with him, the first track is indeed very 'hammeresque and the sound quality is ...necro. There are bits with synths, but mostly this is very raw, stripped down lo-fi slow/midtempo black metal. The second, shorter track starts fast and messy but cools down to midtempo churning again. I find myself enjoying this and would need the other Ancestral Goetia demos:
Prophets of Darkmoon demo I 1993 (4 tracks)
Mortal Tears of Desolation demo II 1993 (6 tracks, one is a Hellhammer cover)
Satan's Jester demo IV 1993 (3 tracks, one Bathory cover)
We, the Tribute to Lust demo V 1994 (10 tracks, one Mayhem cover - I have this but the rip is missing the last track!)
I also want the Stregoica tapes:
Infernal Torment to Dark Suicide demo 1992 (7 tracks, of which 4 are intros/outros, improvised stuff)
Promo/rehearsal II 1993 (intro + 3 tracks)
Promo/rehearsal III 1993 (intro + 3 tracks)
And the Necrodoom demo II "World Genocide" so get in touch if you have these recordings! For now, grab this one if you enjoy raw, doomy black metal ruckus.

maanantai 14. heinäkuuta 2014

Petrified #3

Petrified 'zine, issue 3 (1994)
In the Woods...
Throne Of Ahaz
Vlad Tepes
Bard Faust
+ reviews, "In the Nightside Eclipse" lyrics


I decided to post another 'zine for now, this is another product of the Coven's pact with comrade passetiermes, thanks for lending me the 'zine! I had a bit of trouble scanning this one as the Americans have an unpleasant habit of using odd paper size.

I guess I should introduce the 'zine too instead of bitching about the paper, this is the third issue of the well-known Petrified 'zine, done by Thorns who also ran Full Moon Productions. As a glance at the roster reveals, quite a lot of household names for a mid-90's bm 'zine but it's definitely an interesting read. At least the Burzum, Faust and Vlad Tepes interviews were earlier on the inter nets but don't remember seeing the full 'zine. Besides the (in)famous ones another highlight is the Algaion interview, and Katatonia, who were certainly a different band in the past. Plenty of reviews sort of scattered across the pages, not most informative ones but include many things I had completely forgotten. Recommended reading both for seekers of information and entertainment.

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Hastur - Macabre Execution promo 1997

Hastur (ita) - Macabre Execution promo / advance tape 1997
Unknown Artist:
1) Untitled
2) Dance Macabre
3) The Execution

4shared / Zippyshare

The Coven needs your assistance once more, recently I was approached by comrade Profoundemonium who sent me this rip of the advance tape / promo by the Italian band Hastur, sent by the label Beyond...Productions back in the day. "Macabre Execution" was released in CD format in the same year, featuring the two titled tracks but this tape has one additional song by an unverified artist. It would seem most likely that this would be another track by the band themselves but it sounds quite odd and differs from the other two, so it could be another band on the roster just as well. P. has already explored several of the related artists and came up short. So, if you can identify this track and / or the artist please get in touch!

About the music then, the currently unidentified track is pretty short (might actually cut) and kind of jazzy, progressive piece. Somewhat unique and odd, but it has a definite metal base. Sounds somehow Italian to me and I would not disclose the possibility that it is the same band as later. One name that sprung to my mind now is Forgotten Silence from Czech Rep, need to dig up their stuff and see. To the verified material, these two tracks are pretty long, making the EP last over 11 minutes which was fair enough. Music could be described as technical black/death metal with both thrash and progressive bits in it. Synths add atmosphere to the music and it again has that certain Italian vibe to it. There is some tape wear to be heard in places but it's not too disruptive. Ok stuff but not really my preferred streak of sickness. Give it a try, it seems to grow on me with repeat listens too.

Flyer for the EP

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Arkham - Promo-Tape 1897

Arkham (fra) - Promo-Tape 1897 promo 1997
1) Interdimensionnal Spheres
2) Dreams in the Witch-House
3) The Other Gods

RGhost / Mediafire

Today's post is another demo that combines two things favoured by me; black metal & H.P. Lovecraft. And no, it was not recorded in the 19th century, the band merely wanted to be witty. This is the second or third, can't remember the order, tape by French Arkham who were quite heavily influenced by Lovecraftian Mythos and other related works. Which is why I've always had a soft spot for them, I loved HPL's stuff in my youth and devoured everything I got my hands on. Ripped from a traded tape, but this time I found pretty decent scans courtesy of someone on Discogs.

Three tracks which run a little less than fifteen minutes and soundwise closer to the debut demo than the '97 rehearsal, but musically closer to the rehearsal with less playing around with synth and different vocals. Though both still do appear. The dub was of decent quality even if it does sound a little muffled at times. I'm running out of reasonable things to write as I'm famished and in dire need of coffee. Melodic French black metal with somewhat underground sound and Lovecraftian content, take it or leave it. Personally, I enjoyed this.