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Apollyon - In the Moonlit Valleys unreleased demo 1995

Apollyon (den) - In the Moonlit Valleys unreleased demo (?) 1995
1) Shadow Shapes
2) My Sadistic Queen
3) Troldeskovens Aander

4shared / Rusfolder

Now that the easiest to find has been taken care of (see previous post) let's move to the more obscure fare provided by comrade Chris, this is again Apollyon of Denmark and what appears to be an unreleased demo recording from 1995. It was on the same mixtape as the '95 demo, unfortunately Chris could not find the sheet Azter sent him with the cassette which might have had more details so if anyone out there knows more please share your info with us! As you see the title track of the Troldeskovens Aander demo appears here too, while the other titles as well as the title of the whole recording are in English, a mix similar to the '93 promo which leads me to suspect this would've been recorded earlier in '95. If the biography is to be believed, they were pretty much inactive in 1994.

The sound is a bit rough, actually somewhat rehearsal-like but certainly good enough for a black metal demo. In a way it's actually a bit better than on Troldeskovens Aander as it doesn't get as cluttered in the faster sections and the bass is pleasantly audible. Music is similar to the official 1995 demo, generally midtempoish and atmospheric, though they do speed up a bit from time to time. Now that I think of it, given how well the bass can be heard, maybe this could've been recorded after T.A. when they let Korihor go and Azter joined? The second track ends sounding like the tape got wonky but I suppose this is special effects rather than an error. The version of Troldeskovens Aander here is shorter than on the demo and sounds better to my ear, the different elements are more audible and distinct thanks to the recording. So, recommendable especially if you liked them already and worth checking out even if you weren't that keen on the other releases. Again, any further information is appreciated!

maanantai 28. heinäkuuta 2014

Apollyon - Troldeskovens Aander demo 1995

Apollyon (den) - Troldeskovens Aander demo III (?) 1995
1) Ensomheden af en Frossen Skov (Intro)
2) Troldeskovens Aander
3) Vinternat

Mega / Zippy

Let us start this week off with contributions, this and several soon-to-follow ones were sent to me by comrade Chris who had decided to start ripping his stockpile of cassettes. The Coven's thanks to you, your efforts are appreciated! This is the best known demo by the Danish black metal band Apollyon who started in '92 as more death/black oriented, did some tapes and released a MCD on FMP back in '98 and that's pretty much it. Their personnel featured people who were involved with such bands as Brandpest, Goat Worship, Denial of God and Nortt to mention a few. This rip, as well as some other items, are from a mixtape our collaborator got from DoG/Horror Records' Azter back whenever. No covers then, an image from M.A. used once again.

This is not a very long demo, an intro and two tracks for a bit over eleven minutes, but enough to leave an impression. The intro is an atmospheric instrumental piece and feels short. The title track is shorter of the two proper songs and has quite a bit of synth going on the background. Fortunately it's not of the annoying circus variety, more Graveland than Tartaros. Despite being a studio recording, the sound is not very good, it's a bit muddled and things have a tendency of burying each other a little. Less noticeable on the last track which is slower in tempo and almost twice the length of the previous piece. The demo leans a bit towards the trollish/winter foresty side of 90's black metal which for others is a recommendation and some an instant turn off. I find it quite enjoyable as it's not as silly as most weather report recordings, has decent songs and the production is underground enough. But no need to heed my words, just take a listen for yourself!

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Petrified #4

Petrified 'zine, issue 4 (winter 1996)
Darkwoods My Betrothed
December Wolves
Tormentor (hun)
Lord of Depression
Dimmu Borgir
Thy Serpent
Black Funeral
Emperor (Samoth)
+ reviews


Here's some reading for you again, the fourth issue of Petrified 'zine from the States. See here for the third issue and some more background info. Again thanks to passetiermes for letting me borrow these.

This issue is quite similar in looks and feel to the previous one and again I recall some of the interviews been online before but not the whole 'zine. A couple of the interviews were made by other people so there's a bit variation in that way. Some of the pages look really crooked but this time it's not just my sloppy scanning. I don't actually have much more to say, if you enjoyed the previous issue I'm sure you'll find this a decent read as well.

perjantai 25. heinäkuuta 2014

Desecration - Satanas Occultas demo 1997

Desecration (swe) - Satanas Occultas demo 1997
1) Satanas Occultas
2) Burning Metal of Death
3) Seven Horsemen of Hades


I don't usually bother re-posting stuff that has been featured elsewhere, but occasionally I do exceptions and this handily fills the role of the weekend's start filler to boot. This is the 1997 demo of Sweden's Desecration, which was for quite some time on my wantlist, a reader sent me the link to this rip some weeks ago, thanks. Now I don't remember anymore why exactly I was looking for this, sheer curiosity after coming across the name somewhere? A request by a reader? Whatever the case, here it is now. As you may guess looking at the image up there, no cover scans, I'd appreciate getting them if you happen to have an original.

I don't know much about the band (or if I did, I've forgotten) but according to Metal Archives this is the only demo and it was a two-man band with the traditional roles of a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist handling the rest. Three short tracks, total playtime of just seven minutes guarantees you won't have time to get bored with them. Unless you can't stand this sort of music, in which case you're probably reading the wrong blog or at least entry. This sort of music means fast paced black metal with a hefty dose of thrash poured in. I'm actually tempted to call it straight black/thrash. Satanic lyrics leave it leaning more on the black side of the fence than many of their contemporaries who partook in the mid-90's retro wave. Had they released this a bit earlier they would've probably been signed by Osmose or someone. Ok stuff but nothing earthshaking plus my old animosity to the retro trend of old rises its head again so I can't say I'd really recommend it unless you really want to hear every Swedish 90's demo or are a huge fan of thrashy black metal. Likely to sound better when you're drunk.

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Cthulhu - Ph'nglui Mglw'nath Cthulhu R'Lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn demo 1996

Cthulhu - Ph'nglui Mglw'nath Cthulhu R'Lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn demo 1996
1) Fragment I: The Sky of Yuggoth (Summoning Cthulhu)
2) Fragment II: Dream of Cthulhu (Deep in the Ocean)
3) Fragment III: Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn
4) Fragment IV: Cosmic Streams (Melancholy of Cthulhu)

4shared / Depositfiles

Here's a contribution that's been on my folder for quite long already and it's another non-metal item, this is the 1996 tape from the Russian Cthulhu, later renamed Cthulhu Biomechanical after a change in style and it was a side project of Draugwath/Blackdeath members Para Bellum and Abysslooker. This was released on Para Bellum's Hungry AK-47 Productions, clip 03. I was looking for a rip or a copy of this for some time but fortunately comrade DM had gotten a rip from somewhere and sent it to me, thanks. Notice that the rip was mistagged as CB which is just incorrect. I also edited it slightly to remove some annoying snaps and crackles between the tracks. No cover scans, would appreciate them.

Musically this is dark and quite spooky ambient, Para Bellum calls it "Darkest Cosmic Trance Music" on an interview and I suppose his description is accurate. He also mentions they used only guitars and basses for the recording, no keyboards, which is quite amazing. The music does reach spheres of cosmic otherness worthy of the concept and name and works better than for example Black Orchid as they've kept it instrumental. Some had compared this to Neptune Towers but this is much darker. It sounds like dungeon synth at times, but can you call it dungeon synth if they have used no keyboards? In any case, recommended.

tiistai 22. heinäkuuta 2014

Malitiae - Azazel demo 1995

Malitiae - Azazel demo 1995
1) A Shadow of Sorrow (Darkness Falls Over Ptlomea)
2) Tears of Ice

Depositfiles / Rusfolder

My second part of summer vacation has come to pass and it is back to work. I want to share misfortune with my loyal readers, so behold, I give you Malitiae from Sweden! Again another demo I picked based on the band name (and the overall look and feel of the cover bringing Infortunium releases to mind - how wrong was I) and assumption it would be Swedish black metal in the underground vein, just somehow overlooked and possibly a hidden gem. Wrong. Ripped from an original tape, cover scan included.

By now you must be anxious to read what is going on with the recording, or some of you have already downloaded it and experience it first hand. It's amateurish, strange, poorly performed and just awful. A generous person will call it black metal as it vaguely sounds like some things associated with the genre. The guitar sound is... remarkable, vocals shoddy, drum computer absolutely hideous, sound clear but poor, songwriting abysmal and not in a excluding demonic menace-way. Sound level changes suddenly in the last, looooooong song, bizarre synths (/flutes?) occasionally overpower everything else and it's just sort of haphazardly random, like combining the worst elements of Sacrilegeous and almost everything of Siren. It is also morbidly fascinating, like an out of body experience helplessly, spellbound watching an accident take place where you most likely end up horribly mauled in an interesting way. For masochists, obsessive demo collectors, the very curious and the utterly insane.

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Projekt Vwreede - Promo 1994

Projekt Vwreede - Promo 1994
1) Hat till liv döljs i åtrå till de döda

RGhost / Yandex

Ok, I'm sure plenty of the followers were not much impressed with the previous post. So in the ages old tradition of Friday Night Filler (yeah it's already sat. morning but no it is not until I've slept first) here's an extremely obscure thing dubbed to me by exalted brother Grev, hail again! This is a solo project recording of Steril Vwreede who you will remember from Vålnad Ur Rymd, Near Dark and other projects I'm too drunk to recall.

Single song, rehearsal quality, I really have not too much to say about it. The sound here is more like a very low fidelity fluffy demo quality instead of the raw rehearsal sound of VUR. It's a single track so I can't really compare it much, well to be honest everything I have is Grev's data on it and even there I took the liberty of adjusting the name to what he used elsewhere. It would be nice to learn if there was anything else recorded and if this really is just as solo thing as it seems more really like a group effort. But that's what I'm working here with, and have been sitting on for a bit.

UPDATE: An anonymous reader commented that this would not be Vwreede but someone else, we await further details. See the comments on this post for more.