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Neohellist: True Black Metal Compilation (2000)

Various Artists - Neohellist: True Black Metal Compilation tape (2000)
1) Crusade - Camella's Glare Upon Candleflames
2) Impiety - Sodomythical Frostgoats
3) Santhet - The True Witcraft
4) Cryogenic - Fimbulwinter
5) Armageddon Holocaust - The Seven Churches of Apokalypse
6) Unseen Darkness - Glorifications on My Sign Existance
7) Autumn Verses - The October Land
8) Perish - Burning Soul With a Winter Shadow
9) Vaakevandring - Some Day
10) Borgomil - Inferno Resonance
11) Behemoth - Satan's Sword (I Have Become)
12) Neurotic of Gods - Terbuai Mimpi Di Laut Duka
13) Kekal - Embrace the Dead
14) Mortality - Abandonment Unto Our Lady the Infinite
15) Gorbalrog - Sternengriff
16) Mystical - Evil Spells
17) Moonsorrow - Luopion veri
18) Hellgods - Ahl Sohn Bar
19) Maelstrom - The Darkest Winter

Depositfiles / Mega

This is the last of the compilation tapes Henri Sorvali sent me amongst the legion of other rips, well that's not entirely accurate as he sent also two of the Beverina compilations (#2 and #3) which I'd already ripped and posted. I'll still need to compare the quality of our rips to see if I'll replace mine with his rips. But back to today's item, this is a "true black metal" compilation made by Extreme Souls Production from Indonesia. I find it hard to take them and their "true" and "pure" black metal seriously when they start their thanks list hailing "GOD" but perhaps I'm missing something here. Let's not tarry on the label's possible poser status, it should not affect the content of the compilation nor is it the bands' fault.

A good thing about this compilation is that it has a large selection of Indonesian bands which I'm not very well familiar with, making it more interesting than a standard selection of Nordic bands with a token local band tossed in seen too often. The first band Crusade starts with a rather COF-esque track of quasi-symphonic black metal which isn't terrible but not very interesting either. Fortunately the next two bands keep it more real and especially another local Santhet manages to sound quite raw. The compilation goes on alternating between differing takes on black(-ened) metal and manages to maintain a somewhat uniform sound volume- and qualitywise while having enough variation to not get too dull. No major lapses, except maybe Borgomil who sound like their track was recorded in a can, not that it would be an issue. The covers have some errors, Hellgods is spelled "Hell Gods" and Moonsorrow is listed with wrong track. Overall better than average compilation tape, unless you for some reason hate Indonesian bands, and recommendable.

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Serpent Lore - Brandishing Damnation Sword demo 1998

Serpent Lore - Brandishing Damnation Sword demo 1998
1) Grimstone Craved
2) The Night Neverending
3) Sears Within the Soul
4) The Freezing Moon (A Tribute to the True Mayhem)

Yandex / 4shared

Another black metal demo from Portugal is upon the alter today, also supplied by master Sorvali, this is Serpent Lore and their '98 tape which also seems to be their only release. Several band members have since continued with a number of black metal bands, all firmly in the never-heard department for me. Ripped from an original tape with cover scans included.

A bit longer songs again this time, though no quarter hour mammoths here, the Mayhem tribute (=cover) has the longest running time of the lot at six minutes. Good enough sounding demo, quite balanced. First thing I noticed on the first track was the pretty traditional heavy metal riffs. Then there are synths. And solos. And more heavy metal. Not very kvlt and grim sort of black metal here, but that's okay you know, better they have more of that Mediterranean touch to proceedings than trying to sound northern, frozen, cold and fake. At times they do stray a bit more into power metallish territory than would be necessary but in general it stays closer to Mortuary Drape than Stratovarius so I am condoning this. The songs aren't exactly catchy, close to that but slightly staying out of grasp, just a bit, fingertips graze but cannot quite reach them. I need sleep, you might want to take a listen to this. Oh yeah, the Mayhem cover is clearly based more on the DMDS-version than the older which would more accurately be called "The Freezing Moon" but I'm completely fine with that as DMDS > anything else by Mayhem. Form small groups and discuss.

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Amorak - ...In the Dark Northern Moonlight demo 1997

Amorak - ...In the Dark Northern Moonlight demo I 1997
1) Invoking an Evening Storm
2) Across the Elysian Fields
3) Amorak
4) Timeless Secrets Beyond the Ancient Flame
5) Behold Seth's Dream
6) Relieved Under Sorrow (Drowned in Waters)

RGhost / Mediafire

Enough of Teutonia for now, we return later but for now let's travel south to Lusitania and some more of Henri's contributions again, this is the first demo of the black metal band Amorak. Thanks again for the contributions! Amorak released two tapes before disbanding, according to M.A. and looks like this one was released with both coloured and black/white/grey glossy (judging from the readability) covers as the scans I've here are of the latter variety.

Intro, outro and four tracks which are on the shorter side for change and mostly the music is quite fast paced too. Quite clear demo sound with very distinct drums this time. Vocals are quite typical raspy black metal croaks and barks that occasionally change to high shrieks. There are some good moments and promising moments like the last proper track's beginning, but generally I seem to have a hard time saying anything really interesting about this. Quite average black metal demo at the end of the day, perhaps my opinion might change after repeat listens or returning to it another time. Worth giving it a listen or two despite my current lack of enthusiasm.

Myrkwid - Myrkwid's kjempe demo 1997

Myrkwid - Myrkwid's kjempe demo II 1997
1) Hymn og kjempe
2) Han mester
3) The Eternal Questioner

Rusfolder / Depositfiles

Mythic black metal saga of Myrkwid continues, this is the second demo sent, with cover scans, by the same person as the first one. Thanks for the donations to the Coven! I suppose I babbled enough about the band in the previous post so let's just move to the business here, though I must mention I was first at loss whether this demo should be called just "Kjempe" or as seen above "Myrkwid's kjempe". I went with the latter as it so consistently appears on the cover. Kjempe, by the way, means either a giant/titan or a fight, struggle, depending on the etymology. I suppose he's going with the second meaning here.

Three songs only this time, still it's over twenty minutes on material and once again Malthökk separates men from the boys right at start and puts the longest song first, almost ten minute "Hymn og kjempe" which continues on similar vein as the first demo. Sounds a bit more focused though. This might be an illusion created by my tired mind, though, it's not been that long from the debut. Someone commented that this is a German band that sounds like a Polish one and that's pretty well said, this is true to the "proper" tracks here. The middle song "Han mester" is an interlude-like thing with what appears to be a recording of uncle Aleister mixed with mostly acoustic music. It feels a bit long to be honest. Overall, if you liked the previous demo I suppose you'll enjoy this as well.

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Myrkwid - Dverg demo 1997

Myrkwid - Dverg demo I 1997
1) Hulemdverg
2) Nornesmal
3) Sang han Asen
4) Asgart
5) Yggdrasil

Mega / Zippyshare

Back to contributions but let's stay in Germania for a bit longer. I was recently sent some demos by the quite profilic one-man band Myrkwid, still active to this day with three albums and around ten other releases under his belt. Well, comparatively profilic, he's taken it easy after the years when he put out eight releases in three years plus whatever various other projects did. Malthökk, that's the fellow behind Myrkwid, runs(/ran?) also a label Dunkelwald Productions and the Darkwood Studio. This is the first demo, released in 1997 and I was sent a cover scan along with the rip. Name of the game is mythic metal, that's what the covers say, influenced by Norse mythology as the song titles imply.

I find myself once again wondering about the track order of a demo, they're arranged here starting with the longest (8:53) and ending with the shortest one (3:25). It seems quite unintuitive to me, but perhaps he feared the listeners will start to become less able to focus by the end of the demo? Though I think for that sort of issue other kinds of solutions would be better. Some of the tracks even sound like they've been shorted a bit with awkward fades/cuts. Whatever the reason, the first track is fast paced for much of its duration, guitar sound is the most dominating element here, harsh vocals on the second front seat and drums participating in the conversation from the backseat. Not from the trunk mind you, they're not that muffled and buried. I can't quite make up my mind if he's using drum machine, like many of the one-man bands tend to do, or actually playing them. They do sound kind of sloppy at times which might indicate the fabled human touch. Despite the ample rawness this is rather melodic and quite atmospheric stuff and slows down periodically, sometimes in effective manner, occasionally coming stumbling like on the second track. Though the fastest bits of that one suffer from it as well. The vocal is a raw, grating scream and works well enough even without much variation. Overall this is kind of charming but lasts a bit longer than necessary, changing the tracklisting might help or just cutting off some excess fat from some of the songs. I haven't heard his albums, just demos so I'm not going to go making comparisons to them. Recommended for people who, like me, enjoy vintage German demos and unpolished, unsophisticated black (/viking) metal.

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Mayhemic Truth - Promotape '94

Mayhemic Truth - Promotape '94
1) And Only the Flames Remember to Long Forgotten Cries
2) God in Ruins (Your Blood Is Like an Ocean)
3) Our Gatebend Is an Rainbow
4) The Child of Mayhem

Mediafire / 4shared

German black metal and one of my favourite bands from that country, Mayhemic Truth which morphed into / reformed as the just as excellent and recommendable Morrigan after splitting up around 2000. Early material of the band is pretty crude and not really that good but this is when it got to more my liking, epic and atmospheric black metal with a crisp and quite raw sound. Ripped from my supposedly original tape, scan enclosed.

All of the four tracks appear also on the R.I.P. album's various versions, first released unofficially by Sombre recs back in '99, some with slightly changed titles but the sound is very similar, raw and crispy with kinda thin guitars and all. Not sure if the content there is from same sessions as this promo, the cover here gives no recording information whatever the case may be and I don't really have time for quick further research now. I recommend you get R.I.P. if you don't have it yet if you like Mayhemic Truth and/or Morrigan. A few more words about the music here, yes it is very Bathory-influenced like most of their stuff, kind of combination of the epic and raw, thrashier bits, later of which gets a more pronounced role with the '96 demo and afterwards. Or might be more appropriate to say from that point on the tracks are more clearly divided into the slower, atmospheric bits and quick, short and thrashy numbers. But enough for now, recommended and mandatory listening even if not as great as following material.

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Tem Ohp Ab - Rehearsal Track 1995

Tem Ohp Ab - Rehearsal Track 1995
1) Swastika's Occult Origin

Yandex / RGhost

A quickie for tonight. Burn the Crucifix was an Italian black metal band that recorded (at least) two demos and then, I quote Metal Archives, "Anaboth changed the band's name to Tem Ohp Ab and was the only member remaining. One track is known to exist that was spread via tape trading". This is that track. I think he quit the band/project soon afterwards, possibly due there already being an Italian noise/something act Tem Oph Ab which was getting known better. Whatever the case, I got this track from, you guessed it, tape trading and there's no cover or much anything else to go by so I slapped a BtC picture to decorate the post. Hopefully that's the right guy!

The track itself is raw and slightly repetitive slab of black metal. Rehearsal sound so rawness is pretty much given. Drums are almost lost in the grating sawing of the guitar, vocals are very audible and not bad at all. I wouldn't mind hearing more of this, but there probably isn't anything. Oh, despite the word "Swastika" on the title I don't think this is nsbm. If Burn the Crucifix demos sound anything similar I'd love to hear them so get in touch if you have 'em. Recommended for people into obscure and raw black metal.