keskiviikko 12. marraskuuta 2014

Ancient - Eerily Howling Winds demo 1993

Ancient - Eerily Howling Winds demo I 1993
1) Eerily Howling Winds
2) Call of the Absu Deep
3) Det glemte riket

4shared / Zippy

An old classic today, I wanted to post some various contributions today and as comrade unholydeath had obtained a copy of this tape and ripped plus scanned the content and sent it to the Coven already weeks ago I thought it'd be about time I post it. I know there are several rips of this around and it has been (partially I think?) re-released on that compilation CD, but as this has full scans and it is a good rip of a good demo I'm featuring it here.

Pretty much everyone has heard at least some version of Ancient and I've featured their old stuff here before so introductions should not be really necessary. All of these tracks were recorded again for the debut album, so they're familiar stuff. Of course this being a demo the sound is raw and less refined and performance more enthusiastic than professional. I like old Ancient, up to and including "Trolltaar" and this demo is not exception. You should like this too. Unless you dislike melodic black metal with fuzzy demo sound, or Norwegian bands. Or have an issue with what Ancient became but that's not a valid reason to scorn this.

tiistai 11. marraskuuta 2014

Minotauri - Metal Magic rehearsal 1998

Minotauri - Metal Magic rehearsal tape 1998
1) Crazy Man
2) Steel Is Stronger Than Love
3) Poltergeist
4) Living Alone

Mega / RGhost

Another part two today, here's the second old Minotauri recording brother Grev dubbed me, thanks! This one doesn't seem to have covers and I wasn't in the mood to make a placeholder so we just have to do without a purty decorative pic here. See "Axe Attack" post for more background banter.

Decent enough dub, minor wear present and it unfortunately gets more frequent as the recording proceeds. The rehearsal sound itself isn't half bad. It's a little messier perhaps than "Axe Attack" was but has more power to it too so I think the pendulum swings to Magic's advantage over Axe. Two songs from the reh/demo return and two new ones appear, shifting the style slightly to doomier realms. Annoyingly most of the glitching also appears during these "new" tracks. "Living Alone" (now with a g!) still remains a hit song. I can't come up with anything else right now so have at thee!

sunnuntai 9. marraskuuta 2014

Vale of Pnath - Hymn of the Plants demo 1998

Vale of Pnath - Hymn of the Plants demo 1998
1) A Meadow
2) The Flowers
3) Heart of the Deep Forest
4) The Trees Attack
5) A Silent World... Totally Green

Rusfolder / Mediafire

Let's chill again for Sunday evening and this time with another, very interesting, contribution by master Sorvali. Thanks for the rip and scans to him and this is a synth project by the Cult of the Lizard God member Lucy Poems. Not to be mixed with the much more recent technical death metal band, also US, using the same Lovecraftian name.

Music is synth stuff here, as I already said and though looking at the titles would at first suggest this might be more at home at Ritualistic Nature, this has a certain threatening, otherwordly feel to it, rather than serenity of nature and such. Or I might just be letting the Lovecraftian project name and slightly spooky cover art get into my head. Almost purely instrumental (odd vocal effects are added from third track on) and mostly just keyboards (distorted strings take an active role in the fourth track) this is an enjoyable piece that starts rather minimalistic and adds elements, wandering in the realms of dungeon synth, darkwave and nature ambient and whatever. Recommended for my ambient-oriented readers, I'm afraid I must make a run to the convenience store right about now.

lauantai 8. marraskuuta 2014

Abyss Ritual #5

Abyss Ritual 'zine, issue 5 (winter 1996/1997)
Crimson Midwinter
Nordic Vision magazine
Enkil / Undead Productions
Infinite Black
Full Moon Productions
Sear Bliss
Golden Dawn
Into the Sunless Meridian / Shadowcaster / Night Conquers Day
Blazing Eternity
Songe d'Enfer
Mythological Cold Towers
+ a few reviews, old news


Here's some reading for you, Abyss Ritual 'zine from Colombia, concentrating on black metal and made by two guys called Tshoggua and Putrid. I think they did at least 2-3 issues more after this. Would be interesting to see some of the preceeding ones too, don't know if all were in English though. One of the guys did also another black metal 'zine called The Realm of Nachzehrer, which I should have an issue too but can't seem to find it! But I think it was actually quite similar to A.R. which was very underground sort of a 'zine as you might notice looking at the roster featured. This is definitely a big plus in my books, it's great to see more obscure acts featured! Well, and Mortiis. Yet again. The interviews are mostly quite interesting to read which naturally is another plus. Some of the articles are actually written by the editors while others are label bios reprinted so they vary a lot. Big blocks of typewriter text, typos and misspellings included may intimidate some while others will feel it refreshing. Recommended if you're looking for more ug content and do not care for fancy looks!

perjantai 7. marraskuuta 2014

Jotunheim - Høght Blæsir Heimdallr demo 1999

Jotunheim (swe) - Høght Blæsir Heimdallr demo II 1999
1) Jotun Komber Løs
2) Høght Blæsir Heimdallr (Ragnarökr I)
3) Stolþet ok Styrkia
4) Yxthid
5) Alfaþirs Rampnbanir
6) Nidher pa Nàströnd (Ragnarökr II)
7) Vigriðr

Mega / Yandex

Ok, enough Finnish items for this week, let's move to Sweden again and complete another two-parter of master Sorvali's contributions. Here is Jotunheim with their second demo, which like the first one is almost 45 minutes long, full album length. Full cover scan enclosed.

Like the first one, this has a bit rough, obvious demo sound. Not as raw though, there is more warmth and a bit of softness to it this time around. The main vocal is a bit deeper and I'd say things are a touch folkier. A few touches, actually. So I suppose it is safe to say they're leaning more in viking/pagan direction than black metal here. Kind of fitting with the coloured covers and all, I guess. If the previous demo was "In the Glare of Burning Churches" this would then be... uh, "Creed of Iron" maybe? Terrible and rather inaccurate comparison. This isn't one of my best days and I don't seem to be into this demo today either, I could swear it sounded better the previous time I listened to it. Now it's just not connecting. If you liked the first one and/or viking/pagan metal in general have a listen for yourself, I'm not going to make any sense until I get my nap. Thanks to Henri again, Velkaarn out.

torstai 6. marraskuuta 2014

Crimson Evenfall - Ad Inferos Ante Christum Natum demo 1997

Crimson Evenfall - Ad Inferos Ante Christum Natum demo III 1997
1) When Heaven Falls into the Darkness (Intro)
2) Through the Ocean of Times and Oblivion
3) Tuskan valtakuntaan...
4) Unholy Blood of Immortality
5) Throne of Sorcery
6) Shadows of Diabolical Evernight

Mediafire / 4shared

Decided to post the third and final Crimson Evenfall demo without further delay (demo II here, first demo you can grab from Borderline) and I am also fulfilling a request since this rip from an original tape includes cover scans, once again courtesy of Henu. Thank you!

Featuring six tracks this is the longest C.E. release (and Musta Surma, for that matter!) and some versions featured two additional tracks recorded in the same session. Not this one, though. Unfortunately the tracklistings have been a bit unreliable but the extra tracks would appear to have been "Bringer of Ater" and "Endless Velvet Darkness" and the most common rip with the extra tracks mistitled "Shadows of Diabolical Evernight" as "...Diabolical Holocaust" - I suppose they were thinking about Darkthrone or Darkwoods My Betrothed there. And that tracklisting also switches "Shadows..." and "Endless..." around. Competent, as usual. No such issues here, but I just wanted to bitch about it... mention it, Metal Archives again has it wrong in the notes.

To the music, the first track is an intro which sets the mood nicely while it isn't very memorable. The overall sound of the recording is slightly lower than "Winterheart" but generally continues from where it left off. And sounds actually quite similar to the first Musta Surma demo, except this is a bit "fuller" with more low end presence and the keyboard support. Even guitar solos are present. These days I find myself again preferring these '97 Crimson Evenfall demos to the early Musta Surma material. M.S. is still a better name than C.E. so I guess it makes the balance even. Recommended.

keskiviikko 5. marraskuuta 2014

Ondrim - Mahti demo 2002

Ondrim - Mahti demo II 2002
1) Vuosi 1488
2) Valhallan portit

Yandex / RGhost

Here's another item sent by Henri, thanks as always, and this one is really a quickie: two song demo tape by Finnish Ondrim that has a playtime of less than 5½ minutes. I don't know much about the band/project and the covers aren't again most informative ones around but according to Metal Archives this would be the second demo and the band split up in 2003 after a split tape (which you can find from Borderline's blog if you need it) and an album. Cover scans included.

Like already mentioned, this is a very short tape and has a rough, almost primitive (rehearsal) demo sound, quite simple songs, very little information, obvious ns-flirting ("no, it's not nsbm, no sir, it's pagan black metal" yeah right) and probably very limited amount were made and spread. Kvlt as fvck. There's some tape wear or fail to be heard, unfortunately, unless they're intentional and part of the demo itself. Who knows? I'm a bit torn with this, on one hand I enjoy the boneheaded simple bludgeoning and on other hand it's nothing unique or special and feels a little calculated, y'know? But check it out for yourself, it only takes six to seven minutes of your time after all.