lauantai 25. huhtikuuta 2015

Inflammation - From Holocaust promo '95

Inflammation - From Holocaust promo 1995
1) Winter Is Forever
2) In Flames
3) Funeral Horse

4shared / Mediafire

Today's item is both a request and a contribution, even more unusually from the same person, brother Baldemar. You see, he sent this rip of Czech black metal band Inflammation's December '95 promo tape in the hopes I could do something about the low sound on it. Unfortunately, I am most certainly not a sound engineer or in any other way very fluent with things like that so there was little I could accomplish. The recording favours the left speaker quite heavily and the three songs seem to vary a bit in their general volume and noisiness so I couldn't really reasonably amplify the volumes too much. However, I also tried adjusting the balance a bit to right and then further increase the sound level but this did not bring a very good result. You may check out that version here. The downloads with the original sound version include cover scans.

Now that the scene has been established and my struggle with the rather poor sound chronicled we can move to more important matters: the cover! Isn't that a cool cover picture or what? Looks pretty LLN-meets-Euronymous to me. I like this just because of that. Not to mention the rather amusing lyrics to the first song which would re-appear on their '96 demo (which is pretty good but has a bit less personality than this and much, much less awesome cover) titled I See Salvation in the Scandinavian Landscapes (the other two tracks were re-recorded and included there too), quite blatantly obsessed with Nordic bm, I'd say. And no, the second song is not about the band In Flames ...I think, hard to be 100% sure since those lyrics are in Czech which is not my strongest language. To return to the music briefly again, it's interesting. Not the most fluent and catchy sort of black metal, more like sligthly awkward, but fascinating. The sound is not really that poor but it is sort of messy and, uh, cluttered. Kinda like my apartment. I think I have to go wash the dishes now, but if you happen to have a better dub or original copy of this please send us the rip. Or let us know if it's just.. like this, I suppose. A recommended item to everyone interested in Czech black metal, excellent band photos (it's like Mütiilation but without the sad paint!) and confusing blog entries.

tiistai 21. huhtikuuta 2015

Dream Upon Tombs - Dream Upon Tombs demo 1997

Dream Upon Tombs - Dream Upon Tombs demo 1997
1) Black Tears Run From Crystal Eyes
2) Tamora, Moonlight Bride
3) On Tombs Borne Timeless Dreams

Mega / RGhost

Another contribution today, this Australian demo that seems quite unknown was sent to me by comrade Profoundemonium already a while ago, thank you for the contribution! Dream Upon Tombs was a two-man project by Jarrod Taylor and someone called David. P included cover scans that come with lyrics and some information.

Three songs of which two are a bit longer and the last, shortest one an instrumental. Musically I suppose this might be called romantic black metal, based on the lyrics and to a degree the rather atmospheric and melodic music. Or it might be better to just go with dark metal. The ye Olde English lyrics of the first song and the more romantic second one's would suggest fantasy themes so I guess some description monstrosity like "dark, romantic fantasy metal" could be fitting? Unfortunately the source tape seems to be a bit worn and crappy as the sound is somewhat unsteady, teetering from side to side in the beginning of the first track. Fortunately it gets better quite soon and isn't the worst example we have faced. Still bothersome. Otherwise a decent demo sound. If the description and flawy rip didn't scare you away, you might find this a quite interesting listen if you're into melodic stuff. The last instrumental song is a keyboard piece and makes me wonder if either of these guys ever had a neo-classical or dungeon synth project?

sunnuntai 19. huhtikuuta 2015

Kharadrai - III - Hexapteron demo '99

Kharadrai - III - Hexapteron demo III 1999
1) Aethera Omega
2) Beneath the Core
3) Akhomalon I (Regression)
4) Akhomalon II
5) Akhomalon III

Rusfolder / Mega

Let's chill out for one last time with Kharadrai, this is the third and final demo from '99, contributed by master Sorvali, just like the previous ones. This one was initially missing the covers so he sent me smallish images as placeholder (the one above is one of these) and then later larger images of the special edition. All included in the download. Thanks again for delivering the complete Kharadrai saga!

Musically this demo continues where we left off with the compilation track Akhomalon I and in general where the music started to progress to on the second demo: a mixture of dark ambient, industrial and neo-classical elements. Actually, Kharadrai would've fit pretty well in the Cold Meat Industry roster of the era. I said this continues where A.I left off but that's misleading as that song was much more active in nature than the first two tracks here, especially the longer Beneath the Core. Akhomalon I (Regression) is a very different thing from the compilation track, much more in line with the more... let's say contemplative mood of this demo. Things do pick up towards the end and more so on the second part, while the third one is longest and combines elements from all parts. All the tracks are instrumental this time around and that's just fine and dandy by me. An enjoyable ending chapter for this thing and obviously recommended if you enjoyed the previous tapes.

lauantai 18. huhtikuuta 2015

Sargoth - Mörkrets anlete demo 1995

Sargoth - Mörkrets anlete demo 1995
1) Qaa a Babalon (Intro)
2) Ur vinterns kyla
3) Barn av natt
4) Christian Blood
5) Mörkrets anlete
6) Bial a Ors (Outro)

4shared / Yandex

We haven't had Swedish material for what, two months? Can't have that and to remedy the situation here is the only demo by Sargoth from Sundsvall, dating back to '95. Sargoth was one of those bands that actually managed to do an album (Lay Eden in Ashes, '98,) but still kind of got nowhere and is hardly ever mentioned these days. Not that they would've been so well known back then either, the name popped up in many tape trader lists but I can't remember seeing them much in 'zines, compilations (maybe 1-2 appearances?) or, well, that's pretty much it. Don't know if they played live in their hometown, possibly. Some of the members also were in the even more obscure and very interesting looking band called Impious, not to be mixed with the better known one from Trollhättan. I'd certainly like to hear the two demos released by that band too.

But back to this item, which was sent by brother Grev, ripped by an associate of his and slightly edited by yours truly. Thanks to all involved, except me. Sadly, no full covers, just the front image which I think I picked up from the archives. A nice, if unremarkable, synth intro starts the demo and abruptly changes into the first "proper" track, a very melodic piece of black metal with the quite typical mid-90's Swedish sound. I might even go as far as say it sounds typical for material of the era hailing from Sundsvall. Vocals are echoing, somewhat raspy black metal shrieks, playing competent enough, tempos vary from slow parts to fast bits. The demo sound has a flaws but this might be a product of dubbing/rip to a degree. The title track has a mega annoying flaw on it that does not go on for very long but bothers the hell out of me. Otherwise fine and everything is audible enough, even the bass. It's nothing astonishing, nor super-original but works very well if taken as what it is, twenty years old demo of melodic, Swedish black metal. I sort of like it, sometimes more and other times less, but can't say it'd stay in my head for days. Worth a listen if you have an interest in melodic black metal, Swedish 90's demos or perhaps the Sundsvall scene.

I'd like a better rip or a dub of this and the '95/'96 demos of Impious so if you can help with either, get in touch!

keskiviikko 15. huhtikuuta 2015

Prophet - Thy Sky Takes You Away demo 1997

Prophet - Thy Sky Takes You Away demo I 1997
1) 8th
2) ¿
3) Land of Time

Depositfiles / RGhost

Some slightly different material sent by master Henri again, thanks for your donation to the cause! Prophet was a gothic metal band from Helsinki who released a slew of demos under this monicker before getting a record deal and changing the name to Fragile Hollow. Or possibly the other way around, I don't really know much more about them than a quick look at Metal Archives reveals. However it may be, Fragile Hollow has released three albums so far, last in 2010, and is still supposedly active. Today's item is the first demo as Prophet and as with other master Sorvali's contributions, cover scans are included.

The demo has a pretty good studio sound, packs more punch than you might expect. Unfortunately it does get a little bit muffled when all elements are in play but not in that everything-muddled-I-sank-in-quicksand way or wrapped-in-fluffy-kitsune-tails sort of soft. More like you'd be walking in the dark and suddenly ground shifted to being moss covered. It's not really a bad thing, mind you. The voices are mostly sort of clean-ish singing with some growls thrown in. Despite not being the most accomplished of singers he doesn't actually sound bad at all, big part of winning my affection probably comes from not having the worst case of usual, dreadful strong Finnish accent. Not that there wouldn't be any cringe worthy moments, there's a part in ¿ that makes me grit my teeth. The music is ok, though there are some "modern metal" sort of chuggy bits that I'm not a fan of and I noticed myself starting to get a little impatient around the third song. Surprisingly decent to be in the end of the day rockin' modern-ish goth metal, makes me actually curious to hear the other demos. I might even try the albums they released as Fragile Hollow though I'm pretty sure they're not for me. But if this sort of music rocks your boat, makes your head spin, blood freeze in veins or whatever give them a listen.

maanantai 13. huhtikuuta 2015

Evil - Rehearsal 13/07/96

Evil - Rehearsal 13th July 1996
1) From the Black Horde of Pure Evil
2) A Southern War from the Winter's March
3) Darkest Wolves

RGhost / Mediafire

I wanted to post some black metal and this item is another sending by brother Baldemar, thank you for the rip! Right, another early-ish rehearsal tape from Brazil's Evil, still in their pure black metal phase. See here for the previous one and additional background info. Again, no cover, I just made a placeholder to match with the previous one.

They start again with "From the Black Horde..." which certainly features very prominently in their (early) discography. The tracks here are actually in the same order as they appear on the '96 demo "A Southern War from the Winter's March", missing only the intro and outro. I don't have that demo at hand right now and refuse to go to YouTube so can't compare the sound of the recordings. However, I can compare this to the older rehearsal tape I posted and feel safe to say the sound is better, or easier perhaps, this time around. The instruments are more audible and balanced, the vocals (echo-y black metal howls) sitting among them as another component rather than overpowering everything. I don't really have so much to add here, grab this if you enjoy raw black metal, collect Evil's recordings and so on, it's not bad at all!

sunnuntai 12. huhtikuuta 2015

Susurrus Inanis - The Shadowless Shining demo 1997

Susurrus Inanis - The Shadowless Shining demo 1997
1) Now I Know...
2) Such as This Water
3) In My Memory
4) Keep the Sun
5) And I Shall Never
6) Left Shallow
7) Nam Lux Sum

Rusfolder / 4shared

Chillout zone presents a request today. Eugene asked me in January if I would rip and scan my copy of Susurrus Inanis' only demo as it seems to be somewhat hard to find presently (it actually isn't). I hesitated for a bit and then thought why not so here we are. After a usual delay, that is. Jason Walton (of Agalloch fame) and Daniel Breyer (former Agalloch member, nowadays a professor) were the men behind this project, both playing keyboards and sharing the vocal duties. I had some sort of an insert to go with this, or maybe even two, with lyrics I think and some kind of a bio/assorted background info but unfortunately I didn't come across it. If it happens to be found I'll scan it/them too.

Very good sound combined with the coloured covers and printed tapes give this a very professional appearance and could make one think this'd be a cassette EP or mini-album but it was quite explicitly stated to be a demo. Opening piece is a pretty instrumental intro piece and the following song is rather gloomy and gothic, complete with deep vocals by... one of the guys, I don't know how they shared the vocal duties, the extra material I had might've shed light unto the matter. Anyways, the vocal presentation varies throughout the release but I'd consider these to be one of the main vocals. Somewhat reminiscent of late mr. Steele at times. Next song features the other prevalent voice, a more subdued and emotionless spoken voice that on a later track also sings some lines. Other variations include vaguely black metallish whispery hiss, a more jaded sounding version of the second main voice and so forth. General feel is more darkwaveish rather than ambient really and not much dungeon synth to be found in my opinion. After actually having a proper look I also noticed that JW has this on a bandcamp page so you might want to consider supporting him by getting this from there. But I encourage you to give this a shot if you enjoy atmospheric gothy sort of keyboard music/darkwave, are an Agalloch fan and so on.