torstai 30. lokakuuta 2014

Minotauri - Axe Attack reh/demo 1997

Minotauri - Axe Attack rehearsal demo 1997
1) Axe Attack
2) Crazy Man
3) Livin' Alone

Zippy / Yandex

It's been a while since my last post featuring a project of master Ari "Sinister Satyr" Honkonen so I thought now would be high time to remedy this. Today's item is also a request, made already back in July by sister Borderline and finally now fulfilled by a conspiracy of yours truly and brother Grev. He dubbed and scanned, I ripped and posted. This is the '97 rehearsal/demo, first of the sort I believe, of Minotauri, Arska's old school heavy/doom metal project. You might remember I posted the probably first rehearsal tape which was released under Minotaur-monicker about six (!) years ago here. Being an official release, more or less, this one had covers which as already mentioned are included.

This is another short tape, less than ten minutes, and the music is leaning more in the direction of traditional heavy metal / hard rock rather than doom as most of you know it. Sound quality is unfortunately not optimal, or rather the quality of the recording is somewhat uneven which might distract more sensitive readers/listeners. Who obviously are reading the wrong blog. So lets try again, the sound itself isn't bad at all, clear rehearsal sound with a pretty kick ass guitar sound and ok percussion, audible vocals not either too dominant nor buried among the instrumentation.  Yeah... um... look! There's a cool skeleton on the cover, don't you want this, you know you do!

Necessary for fans of Honkonen's (slightly later) bands and old-fashioned heavy metal in general. And the last track has hit potential, did they rework this and release under another name? Anyone?

keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2014

Wind - Woodland Spirits demo 1999

Wind (fin) - Woodland Spirits demo V 1999
1) At the Heart of Dreaming pt. I
2) At the Heart of Dreaming pt. II
3) Taedium Vitae (Interludium)
4) Woodland Spirits
5) Ubiquitous

RGhost / Mega

Contributions continue, though this one was sent by a different person for change and is the third Wind demo I got, fifth one to be released by the project. Thanks again to the person who sent the rip, you know who you are. See these posts for demos III and IV. Only a little image of the cover, unfortunately, so full scans would be awesome.

Each of these demos have more tracks than the previous ones, have you noticed, while the running time increases very little. Fascinating. This time the music, referred to as surrealist chamber music on the distro list, sounds even more darkwave-y and neoclassical while the vocals do resemble, as again quoted from the label, "Devil Dollish" which would mean this artist in case you didn't know. The two-part opener brought Golden Dawn's debut album to my mind too, but that's really just association by song title rather than musical similarities. This is again an interesting tape, possibly better than the previous one but not quite as appealing to me as "Veil..." was. Third track, most dungeony of 'em all, is the best and title track the least good. Ok, I don't feel like writing now, I feel like watching Storage Wars so download this and have a listen in case you got interested and/or liked the previous tapes. Recommended.

tiistai 28. lokakuuta 2014

'Til Your Ears Bleed: Vol III European Attack (2000)

Various Artists - 'Til Your Ears Bleed: Vol III European Attack compilation tape (2000)
1) Moonsorrow - Taistelu Pohjolasta
2) Hödur - Unpure Race
3) Tharapitha - Demon's Night
4) Alcoholic Smashing War - Hail to a Long Awaited Alcoholic Victory
5) Eviternity - Cant IV
6) Tangrycan - Immortalize Sacrament
7) Consecrated - The Charming Voice

Rusfolder / Mediafire

Today I've decided to post another compilation tape master Sorvali sent me. Thanks again for the rip and scans to Henri! This is a bit unusual one, though unfortunately does not include extra goodies like the previous one's newsletter. The very non-standard length (a bit less than 38 minutes) is the thing that really puzzles me. Just about every other compilation tape ("A History of Time to Come" would be the first exception that comes to mind) was practically as long as the tape the person used (so either 60 or 90 minutes usually) and seeing as this was divided pretty evenly to two sides makes me wonder if the guy had scored a load of 40 minute tapes somewhere?

Ok, to content. Another thing that I was perplexed by was the timeline presented by the tracks here, four of the seven date to 1997, Tangrycan's track is from '96, Alcoholic Smashing War (jesus what a name!) dates to '98 and Moonsorrow is (again) featured with "Taistelu Pohjolasta" from the '99 demo. Did it really take so long to compile this? Or did he make three volumes and released them simultaneously when finished? And why does he stubbornly misspell Hödur as "Höndur"??? So many questions, so few answers and nobody probably cares. Well, I do so if you have more information, please share. Sound levels here are even and things flow surprisingly well, bands present are interesting enough and almost all play some variation of black/pagan metal (even A.S.W. - to my surprise) with the notable exception of Consecrated's gothic doom. A pretty neat little compilation.

sunnuntai 26. lokakuuta 2014

Pohakka - Minä kävelen vetten päällä... demo 1997

Pohakka - Minä kävelen vetten päällä... demo I 1997
1) Minä kävelen vetten päällä...

Depositfiles / Mega

Still more from master Sorvali's stash, here's the one and only demo of the Finnish project Pohakka. You might remember I posted a rehearsal tape back in 2010? I didn't post any links to the demo back then as there was a pretty decent rip floating around and easy enough to find. Well, now that I got this rip I thought I'd upload it here finally. Comes with a cover scan.

Like some already know, this demo (and the rehearsal tape too, it's the same song in rough form) consists of only one, looong track which I've seen called both "Minä kävelen vetten päällä..." and "Untitled". Since the day I got a dub of this from a tape trader I've been under the impression it'd be called "Minä..." and I'm going to stick to that. The cover itself doesn't really waste words, only additional thing written on it is the contact address. What does it sound like then? If you're familiar with the rehearsal tape but not with the demo, this sounds softer, obviously more produced and has more elements and instruments added. It is still quite minimal and repetitive, almost more ambient than metal. Somewhere between funeral doom and black/doom metal might be close call. The softer sound, acoustic guitars and keyboards take away some of the rehearsal versions harshness and bring the mood to more contemplative, melancholic one. The vocals are very sparingly used which is a good decision, they're not really much to write home about anyways. It's quite pretty, moody music. Recommended if you like slow and atmospheric stuff.

lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2014

Ugluk - Hveralundr demo 1993

Ugluk - Hveralundr demo I 1993 (1995 version)
1) Ar Var Alda
2) Nam Ekk Upp Runar
3) Moldina ok Blodit


Today I'm posting another sending by Henri, thanks for all the hard work and this is the first and only demo by the Italian one-man project, the notorious if not infamous Ugluk. Cover scans are included and this is the Necrotorture 1995 release of the tape. I know there was a vinyl re-release made some (make it ten) years ago with a short extra track but as I haven't heard that one not going to comment.

We're straying from the viking black metal sub-theme a bit, but this is pretty much as Norwegian as an Italian band could get and received certainly a substantial amount of flak for that in the 'zines back in the day. Somewhat unfairly, I might add. Sure, it's an Italian one-man project (by Verminaard of From Depths, as a note) with a name taken from Tolkien that plays pretty much straight norsecore with lyrics in (old) Norwegian. Did I mention the sort of poor sound and slightly vague recording information (supposedly recorded in '93, the most common version was released in '95 and still saw it referred as demo '94 elsewhere)? But who am I to judge? Ok, in all honesty I tend to be very quick in passing sentence and casting stones, but I find myself enjoying this. Original? Surely not, even in its own era unless you count the novelty of Norwegian lyrics as that. Bad sound? Not really, I mean people were giving it crap for poor sound back then as the style of the times was shifting towards clean, produced, professional sound (crazy, wasn't it?) and this is lofi, muffled, imbalanced, repetitive and more "Transilvanian Hunger" than "In the Nightside Eclipse" even though the music itself would be a bit more inspired by Emperor than Darkthrone. Point fingers and laugh at it if you will, or enjoy the trip and embrace the peculiarities, I'm needed elsewhere now. Recommended but with caution.

perjantai 24. lokakuuta 2014

Hin Onde - Ahti's Depths demo 1999

Hin Onde - Ahti's Depths demo 1999
1) Dawn of Ragnarok
2) Fimbulwinter
3) God of Thunder
4) Behind Oceans and Times
5) Towards Mimir
6) Well of the Highest Knowledge

Zippy / Mediafire

And here we go again, I decided to get this out of the way right away. See previous post. Thank you Henri again for the rip and scans!

Short info for those too lazy to go read the previous entry, more of the same which in this case is Finnish viking metal of folky sort. Though first of the returning tracks "Dawn of Ragnarok" still sounds kinda RACish. This is the first release under the monicker Hin Onde and to be honest I understand and approve of the name change here, if not for anything else then to take distance to the dismally poor Svartalfheim demo. This sounds much better, is played better and is almost voluntarily listenable without any sort of chemical or other choice artificial encouragement(s). I might actually even like it were it not for the specter of the previous attempt looming over my shoulder, whispering into my ear discouraging, maddening words and making mind wander to unwanted paths. The third track kinda stands out and sounds cool. Almost makes me want to hear the albums now. Still in the end of the day not really my favourite sort of music, especially with vocal performance ranging from terrible to bearable and so on, but if you wanted to like "Well of the Highest Knowledge" but couldn't, stop trying and listen to this instead.

torstai 23. lokakuuta 2014

Svartalfheim - Well of the Highest Knowledge demo 1998

Svartalfheim - Well of the Highest Knowledge demo 1998
1) The One with the Ravens
2) Dawn of Ragnarok
3) Well of the Highest Knowledge
4) Norder reser sig igen
5) Väinämöinen and Joukahainen
6) Two Ravens

RGhost / Mega

The previous two posts were examples of what I consider good sort of viking black metal. Unfortunately as we today move to Finnish soil the case isn't so and I know this item can quite readily be found on the inter nets, but since Henu sent me a good rip of it I couldn't resist ending my little -heim trilogy here. I suppose I could've picked a different, more ascending sort of order for it, though. This is Svartalfheim, from Finland (which historically isn't known for vikings), a project of Azaghal leader Narqath and comrades Wind & Kalma who have been recently featured with other projects here. This is the first and only demo released under this name, they started as Calm, changed to this and then swapped for Hin Onde around 1999 and kept that till the end. I suppose it is safe to assume they called it quits as the last release is from 2003. Cover scans included and this tape was released on Elven Witchcraft's sub-label Engwar Creations.

The more keen readers might have already picked from the previous paragraph that I'm not very impressed with Svartalfheim. And that is indeed the case, I've never liked them. I still don't, which considering history might seem odd, seeing that I liked Perkele's "Pohjola" demo for example. It's just that this sort of viking metal got old really soon and by the time I heard this it had already done so. Having a song about Kalevala heroes Väinämöinen and Joukahainen just makes all the other viking content stick out even more. The first proper track "Dawn of Ragnarok" actually reminds me of some RAC song by its end. This might be a sales point for some people but leaves me still quite cold. The sound isn't very powerful either, vocals are poor and amateurish, musician's performance at times struggling and, and... I realise there have been demos here where the points I've mentioned have actually been positive things but I just don't like this, ok?! Awful, awful stuff. So bad it's horrible. Makes me want to listen to Siren instead. However, feel free to enjoy this and disagree with me, I won't judge you.