keskiviikko 4. maaliskuuta 2015

Realm of Frost - Rehearsal Track '96

Realm of Frost - Rehearsal track 1996
1) Through the Valley of Frost

Yandex / RGhost

Metal, as promised, and today I've once again teamed up with brother Grev to fulfill a request by sister Borderline, this is the single unreleased (sort of) rehearsal track by Finnish black metal band Realm of Frost. And yeah, I took my sweet time getting to it, I know. Thanks to Grev for dubbing this to me and as there's obviously no cover art for this I've just used the band pic from the '96 demo.

This track does not appear on the demo, adding the total of Realm of Frost songs to respectable three. I don't know if this was recorded before or after the demo and to be honest not much more either related to the band I hadn't already mentioned here. This song is shorter than the either of the demo tracks but not much and the rehearsal recording has a pretty good sound. Quite clear, with the percussion as most dominating element, vocals and strings somewhat falling back. Varying tempos and a slow, atmospheric part in the latter half. Would've been interesting to hear another demo from this band but looks like this is all we got. Pick this up if you liked the demo or enjoy collecting somewhat obscure 90's Finnish stuff.

tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2015

Apeiron - Stardust demo 1997 [updated]

Apeiron - Stardust demo III 1997
1) Posting on Streams of Anti-Matter
2) Pan's Journey to the Cosmic Void


Haven't I seen this before might be what a lot of you are thinking now. And yes, you have, here. Unfortunately that time around we were operating under misinformation as comrade Running Wild pointed out, a friend of his owning an actual copy of the tape. See below for an image of it, you can (somewhat barely) see the tracklisting there.

This is why we really need full cover scans, readable ones, for everything. The music is naturally still the same, I just divided it into the two tracks. There was even an obvious pause which I did notice when listening to this initially but for all I knew the tracklisting was "Stardust". Well, better to have things cleared up later than not ever, please download this again if you got the original version and if you didn't grab this the first time around, well, do that now if you enjoy "cosmic light ambient" or are a fan of Dreamlord's other work. Next post is going to be something else than ambient, this time for reals!

sunnuntai 1. maaliskuuta 2015

Lunar Womb - Planets demo I 1996

Lunar Womb - Planets demo I 1996
1) The Labyrinths of Ktonor
2) As the Winter Comes...
3) Night Towers

Mediafire / Rusfolder

Sunday's chill out zone strikes back. And here is the much discussed first Lunar Womb demo, recorded with the slightly larger line-up of both Sorvali cousins and featuring Kharadrai who provides the lyrics and voice on the first track. My thanks to Henu for sharing this after a bit of hesitation, you did the right thing as there are plenty of people out there who wanted to hear this. Cover scans enclosed.

I've warned a few times that this is a very different entity from the second demo. If you look at the big picture you could say they're more under the same umbrella of ambient music but this is a bit more ...unrefined gathering of experiments. The first track is really, really long and very repetitive as well as the only one to have lyrics, like earlier mentioned, and vocals which (fortunately in my opinion) are quite sunken in the background. Despite going on for far longer than necessary (over twenty minutes) it's sort of grown on me and brings about a certain dreamlike state. Or I might've dozed off for a bit. Second song is shorter and more in the traditional instrumental interlude or even dungeon synth field, with some folkish touches and a hefty serving of repetition. Nice. Third song is again a long one and it's a quite minimalistic ambient piece that seems somewhat monotonous at first but has more subtly going on than seemed. Not bad at all once you get over the possible initial "shock" and expectations the second demo might have set up. Recommended for friends of ambient music, collectors of Meat Hook Prods stuff and other curious passers-by. Next will be metal. Or something different.

perjantai 27. helmikuuta 2015

Lunar Womb - The Astral Grief demo II 1997

Lunar Womb - The Astral Grief demo II 1997
1) Through the Silver Caves
2) Ebon Ocean

Yandex / Zippy

Ok, back to Finnish synth stuff, here is the second demo of (at this point) Henri's solo project Lunar Womb mentioned in the Kharadrai post. I actually was sent another rip already some time earlier by the Russian dungeon synth folks, thanks for that, but since I after that discussed the project with Henri and he sent me another rip (and scans) made from the master files I decided to rather use them. And being such an ass as I am, I start from demo II instead of the first controversial one. We'll get back to that later but not today.

Only two tracks, but both are long, eleven minutes each and different enough from one another. First one is rather upbeat, folky even, and somewhere between medieval darkwave and dungeon synth. Not just keys, there are distroted electric string instruments involved too. Second track starts slowly, ambient like and eventually, when a guitar joins the procession one might even anticipate a turn to an epic Moonsorrow track. Not happening, though the atmospheres are similar from time to time. This is great and very much recommended, if you're into atmospheric music at all. Even if you're not really much of an ambient, dungeon synth or whatever enthusiast you might dig the second part. I'm really curious to hear the third demo finished. A word of warning: the first demo is very, very, very, very different from this one! Ok, maybe not that different, but... well, you'll see.

Golden Dawn - Rehearsal 08/94

Golden Dawn - Rehearsal August 1994
1) Golden Dawn

Mega / Depositfiles

I decided to continue with the Golden Dawn operation and this is actually also the last item I had stashed away unless something more pops up. Might look like another Friday Night Filler when you look at the tracklisting but this old and obscure rehearsal (though it sounds just like all the older GD demos do) recording is actually longer than the previous '96 one! I found this on one of my dubbed tapes while looking for something else and don't really have much more information on it. I presume the "08" refers to August here. Obviously no covers for this one and I wasn't feeling like making one up. UPDATE: Image used sent by reader Running Wild who wanted to make placeholder images for this and the other rehearsal, thanks!

A single track running for over fourteen minutes and even though I got this labeled as rehearsal, there is really no difference at all soundwise to the demos. Yeah, I know I said that already but it's worth mentioning again in case someone feels pussy reluctant to check it out because of the rehearsal title. Looking at the Golden Dawn / Apeiron split tape cover shows the first four tracks there were recorded in summer '94 so perhaps this was from the same session and left unreleased. Though I doubt that, with the slight difference in sound and execution, this might be a later separate session that found no home for itself. That's all really interesting but how about a few words of the actual music, finally?! Slow and quite calm track, almost completely sung with clean vocals, a generally mellow atmosphere all around. Synths are ever-present but not very dominant. Feels a bit different from the other old material yet instantly recognizable. That's enough, download if you're into Dreamlord's other stuff or atmospheric, slightly fluffy material in general.

torstai 26. helmikuuta 2015

Golden Dawn - Rehearsal Tape 1996

Golden Dawn - Rehearsal Tape 1996
1) Call from the Grave (Bathory cover)
2) Inwards Leads the Mythic Death
3) A Message [cuts!]

Zippyshare / RGhost

I was going to post another synth kind of an item today but then on a whim, possibly influenced by the other rehearsal tapes recently posted, I decided to resume my awfully slow Golden Dawn project with this rehearsal tape from '96 ripped by Grev's comrade. Thanks again, gentlemen! No covers exist for this one, at least that's what I think. UPDATE: Image used sent by reader Running Wild who wanted to make placeholder images for this and the other rehearsal, thanks!

No more time to waste, to the music: first song should be familiar to all, a cover of Bathory classic "Call from the Grave" which does have some personal touches thanks to the synth bits that appear in the later part of the song. Decent rehearsal sound quality, not that far from the '95 demos really. Musically not too far removed either, it's getting a little bit more complex with more synth parts, quite obviously as this sits between "Way of the Sorcerer" and the debut album. Or that's what I think, neither of the original titles appear elsewhere, unless they were renamed and I don't right now recognize either being an album track. Then again, it's been a while since I last listened to "The Art of Dreaming" so I might be wrong. Unfortunately the last track cuts, I've no idea how much. If you have a complete version of this recording it would be very welcome. Until then, this would be recommended to fans of Golden Dawn and collectors of Austrian recordings, as well as people into synth-heavy, somewhat avant-gardish dark/black metal.

keskiviikko 25. helmikuuta 2015

Kharadrai - Shadows of the Sea demo 1997

Kharadrai - Shadows of the Sea demo I 1997
1) Caduceus
2) The Sleep of Khona

Rusfolder / Depositfiles

Back to Finland and let's do a non-metal thing today. This is another contribution, sent by Henri after my request for Kharadrai material, thanks for humouring me! Kharadrai was a synth project by the Meathooked 'zine editor Sami Heikura who used the same pseudonym for himself and was also a member of Thornfrost and a contributor on the first Lunar Womb demo. Meathooked #2 has a brief article for further background info on the project, if you haven't read that. Initially I got just the music but fortunately Henri found the covers too so scans are included.

This first demo consists of two titles and apparently was a bit too minimalistic to the artist's own liking later on. The covers imply this would be influenced by H.P. Lovecraft which is always (well, almost always) a bonus in my books. Neither of the tracks is overtly long, leaving the total playtime at almost eleven minutes and making sure they don't overstay their welcome. Actually they could've been a little bit longer and I don't find them too minimalistic, I rather like this. Ok, the second track is less active out of the two but still not as static as many other ambient things, especially in the more cosmic oriented vein which is where this leans too. I'm starting to get confusing so better quit while I'm still ahead and go grab a snack. The later Kharadrai material has a bit more stuff going on but we get back to it another time. If you're into ambient stuff or interested in the Meat Hook Productions roster, grab this.