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Denken - Tristes Melodias unreleased demo 1996

Denken - Tristes Melodias unreleased demo 1996
Dentro de Mi
2) No Existes
3) Triste Final
4) Nube de Sueños
5) El Ente
6) La Opresión del Terror
7) Cancíon de Hadas
8) Sinfonia Homicida
9) Unknown Title I
10) Unknown Title II


Once again an obscure item, the unreleased 1996 demo and also the only release I know of from Spanish Denken who appear to have no online presence yet. It is of course possible they could have changed name and released a whole bunch of releases, if you happen to have any info on the band I'd be interested to read it. I got this tape from one of my traders and he didn't seem to have much to tell either, just the seemingly incomplete tracklisting which had 8 titles while the demo seems to have 10 and the country of origin.

So what's the content of this mysterious demo like? It's mostly slow black/doom sort of material that brings old Katatonia to my mind, up till the 1994 EP I'd say. You know, funereal and mournful blackened doom dirges rubbing shoulders with gothic metal or even rock. Not as good as old Katatonia, mind you, but not bad either. The sound quality is of obvious demo level but personally I've no problem with it, the slightly thin, echoing sound sort of fits with the content. Main vocal is an effect-laden black metal rasp which is not bothersome if not awesome either. An interesting item if you're into early Katatonia but it overstays it welcome a little with the 40+ minutes duration.

lauantai 24. maaliskuuta 2012

Gehena - The Eternal Simbol of Death demo 1994

Gehena - The Eternal Simbol of Death demo 1994
2) The Eternal Simbol of Death
3) Valley of the Enom's Son
4) The Darkness Reveli It's Secret
5) Outro


Here's another tape traded demo, the debut demo of Brazil's Gehena, not probably mixed with the various Gehennas, thanks to the spelling. And yes, I know how "symbol" is spelled, thank you, but apparently they either did not or chose to spell it with "i" - whatever the case be, I followed the spelling on the demo cover. Of which I only have the less than stellar Metal Archives image, if you have it I'd appreciate a scan. - UPDATE: Brother Fenrirsson had sent me a scan already long ago - I've just forgotten to update! So, reuploaded with the cover scan enclosed and looks like track 4 is maximum Engrish - it's not "The Darkness Rebellion Is Secret" but "The Darkness Reveli It's Secret"! I guess they were aiming for "...Reveals Its Secret" but couldn't quite nail it. Oh well.

This is black metal, no doubt about it. It sounds raw and cruel, even cold at times, reminding me of the northern 2nd wave style rather than the southern old school. You might recognize the outro they are using. Well, the song writing is quite simple and primitive (which is not a negative thing itself) and riffs more Hellhammer than Emperor, speed generally normal to slow midtempo with some faster parts tossed here and there, main vocal a cruel, shrieky croak supported by a deathly growl/roar, sound pretty good with a bass you can actually hear from time to time and overall I find myself enjoying this. I'd like to hear the second demo as well. I had something else I was going to write here but I seem to have forgotten what it was. Recommended for readers into raw and primitive sorts of black metal as well as collectors of southern bands.

perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2012

Kill Yourself!!! 'zine #4

Kill Yourself!!! Magazine, issue 4 (1995)Interviews:
Darkwoods My Betrothed
Sigillum Diaboli (now Diaboli)
Vlad Tepes
Full Moon Productions
Ancient Rites
Black Funeral
Mayhem (Euronymous, reprinted from Rotted Anus#2)
+reviews scattered around the 'zine


I think it's about bloody time I posted a 'zine I've scanned by my lazy self. Like I've mentioned before I'm terribly lazy when it comes to scanning stuff so I've been more than happy with the 'zine contributions but every now and then I get a grip and do something... well this one I scanned already a while ago, I just wanted to post the contributions first. So, here's the fourth and I think final issue of Kill Yourself!!! 'zine, done by the Autumn Verses-guys. Or actually it would be more correct to say the KY-guys also did Autumn Verses as the 'zine existed first - #4 might be a little bit misleading in a way as it was first called Rotted Anus for two issues and was much more death metal-oriented, gearing more towards black metal around the second issue and then full steam ahead after the name change. Unfortunately, all the older issues were written in Finnish so I don't think I'll be scanning them, despite the interesting content. I would like to see the first issue myself.

The Kill Yourself issues are more compact compared to the 2nd Rotted Anus which was 120 pages (I haven't seen the first issue which was 68 pages long) and the writing style/editor's attitude changed quite a bit along the way as well. The guys were very young when they started with the 'zine which certainly showed, something like 15-16 I think. Rotted Anus had some humorous content thrown in as well, but Kill Yourself was Serious Business. The interviews here are quite interesting as are the interviewees too, which can be said for the back issues as well. Shame they were in Finnish. Layout and print quality are nice and readable, even if my scanning was again kind of half-assed. Should be a worthy download to all nostalgics and would-be time travellers.

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Crack Up - Forsaken Dreams demo 1994

Crack Up - Forsaken Dreams demo 1994
Forever in Me
2) A Part of Me
3) Fading Away
4) Black/Blood
5) Dreams

Mediafire / Deposit

Today's post is from Germany and death metal-based music from Crack Up who evolved later into a sort of death'n'roll-sound, which was not an uncommon pattern for 90's death metallish bands. On this demo, as well as on their 1996 debut album, they are closest to death metal but I still wouldn't call it really death metal, they play in a midtempo doomy style reminiscent of Crematory and such. I guess, I suck at making comparisons to styles I haven't actively listened to. I suppose they remind me a little of Paradise Lost post-Gothic as well. You might notice the lyrics are also more in the doom/death vein than metal of death. Includes a cover scan.

Ripped from an original tape, the sound is good and clear if not very powerful. The vocalist does a decent death growl and uses sparingly some whispers and less sparingly spoken vocals part of which go through various sorts of effect - the former work well and the latter so and so, the SFX would not be really necessary. Decent performances all around (like I knew) and ok music as well. It's quite uptempo at times as well, not just death/doom. I suppose it's due the German love of power and heavy metal. I'd like it better without the spoken bits and with more gloom and doom. But give it a try if you enjoy this sort of stuff.

maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2012

Night Conquers Day - Advance Tape 1997

Night Conquers Day - Advance studio track 1997
Banished From My Eyes

Mediafire / Depositfiles

Today's item is a single track filler-sort of item from tape trading days, a track that would appear on the debut album "The First Snowfall" of the US black metallers Night Conquers Day. I don't know if this is a final version of the song, or if it was even re-recorded for the album as the lenght appears different and I don't have the album myself to make a comparison. Mikael who was the more-or-less mainman of the band was known as an active tape trader as well as from other projects like Into The Sunless Meridian, Shadowcaster and Tearstained. I never wrote with the man myself but I'm sure several of my contacts probably traded with him. I believe this track (and probably others) was just dubbed to some of his contacts, instead of being an official promo or advance of any sort. So, obviously no covers.

So what is it like? It's quite symphonic sort of black metal but not really carbon copy of anything that would spring into my mind right now. However, it has a feel of familiarity if you've listened to the genre and the 90's offerings. The tape was a little worn which may be heard on places but the sound itself is more than sufficient to my tastes and I find this song quite enjoyable. I wonder why didn't I familiarize myself more with the man's projects back then. Anyways, check this out and the two albums and demo as well!

lauantai 10. maaliskuuta 2012

Wintermoon - Shadows rehearsal tape 1995

Wintermoon (fin) - Shadows rehearsal tape II 1995
Dreaming of Emotions
2) Autumn Descent
3) Whispers from the Past
4) Snow Covered Hills
5) Untitled I
6) Untitled II


Yet another item I got from brother Grev's vaults here and a bit more obscure tape, this is a rehearsal tape compiled from a few sessions (I think) by Finland's Wintermoon who started by playing what they called "Dark Winter Music" before going atmospheric black/dark metal on their first proper demo and later recordings. Well, actually the bonus track on rehearsal/demo I was already full-on metal and this continues pretty much where the previous rehearsal tape left off. I don't think a proper cover was made, at least Grev did not have one so I've put the old logo from the 1st rehearsal tape on this post.

Like I said, this continues in the similar vein to the first rehearsal tape, first two tracks (the second of which is either very short or incomplete) are instrumental, atmospheric pieces bordering even on dungeon synth approach while the third track is a full on metal track with vocals and all. These tracks have a good and clear rehearsal sound. Fourth track appears to have been recorded on another session as the sound (quality) changes quite drastically, it comes mostly on left speaker and at a lower volume. It is another black metal song, quite atmospheric one too with more extreme vocals than on the previous one. The last two untitled tracks are instrumental jam clips, first one hardly a track at all and second partial cover Amorphis' "Magic and Mayhem" - the beginning of which is an old traditional Finnish song anyways. So it's a mixed bag of tracks at varying quality but overall I found myself quite pleased with the recording's primitive charm. See if it works for you as well.

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666 'zine #2

666 'zine, issue 2 (2000? or late 1999?)
Spiritual Impurity
End All Life Productions
The Voice of the Dark
Joe Petagno
Darkarts [in French]
Jean Pascal Fournier [in French]
Kris Verwimp
Leather n' Spikes 'zine
Franang 'zine
Dark Blaze Stronghold
Seigneur Voland
Fornication [answered in French]
Unholy Archangel
From Dark to Black distribution
Satan's Sweet Slavery/Youth Against Christ
E.O.L.P./Bloody Harvest
Nachthymnen [answered in French]
Ad Hominem
The Fallen Conspiracy [in French]
Gospel of the Horns
+articles, flyers etc.


Another contribution, here is the second issue of 666 'zine also sent by brother Kurgan and again originally scanned by Vlad/Arma Satanica - thanks for this one too! I am not sure if this issue was released in late 1999 or early 2000, if someone knows tell me.

Well, majority of what I wrote about the first issue applies here as well, annoyingly including a bunch of interviews in French but most of the interviews got better answers this time. There is a lot of material and pages this time around, over 90, but of course part of it is pretty much filler and I find some of the interviews/-viewees plain uninteresting. You might notice they have decided to interview a bunch of artists, 'zines, labels and distros this time as well and with varying success. I'm not really sure what else to write here, not one of my favourites but certainly underground. Have a look yourself.

tiistai 6. maaliskuuta 2012

Tarot (ita) - The Kin & Mysterious Sorcery demo 1996

Tarot (ita) - The Kin & Mysterious Sorcery demo 1996
2) The Jester
3) Injury
4) Dusty Remains of Once Sentinents
5) Waves


Here's a tape traded item and another pretty obscure piece. Many of you probably know the Finnish Tarot and I'm almost certain none are aware of the Italians whose (probably) only demo I'm posting here. I have no further info on the band or the release and no covers or much else was found in the net.

Metal Archives describes this as black/doom metal but I beg to differ. There is nothing black metal here and doom resemblance would be mostly due tempos. I'd personally label the music as gothic/dark metal as it is more mellow, soft and melancholic rather than gloomy, oppressive and hideous (as expected of black/doom). The main vocal is clean, quite soft male singing or spoken voice which does an acceptable work, despite the accent. At least it's not Finnish accent. There are some screams used as backing vocal on the last two tracks to add variety. Not my favourite Italian demo, but better than I made it sound, I suppose. If you enjoy Ras Algethi, MonumentuM and Canaan, to list a few more accomplished countrymen, you might give this a listen or two.

maanantai 5. maaliskuuta 2012

Pimeys - Land of Darkness demo 1997

Pimeys - Land of Darkness demo I 1997
Apocalyptic Storms (Intro)
2) Midnight Child
3) Land of Darkness
4) The Witch of Doom
5) Lord of Shadows
6) From the Darkness We Come


Contributions from brother Grev's vaults, this is the first demo of the Lappeenranta black metal band Pimeys which featured personnel of bands like Bestial Devastation, Skullkrusher, Blasphemous Evil and Förgjord. Grev had acquired this from a trader comrade so no covers and neither were they found online. If you have them, please scan & share!

The second demo was more black/thrash but this one is pretty much basic, rough black metal. Raw rehearsal sound, simple and mostly short tracks, generally average performance. Those ingredients can bring much more than seems at first, but in this case we are left with a pretty average debut demo. So, nothing revolutionary or even remarkable yet still of interest to fans of Finnish black metal and collectors of UG demos.

lauantai 3. maaliskuuta 2012

Christs Nails - Demos 1992-1996

Christs Nails - Demos 1992-1996 compilation 2001
Lost Soul Quest
2) Thou Areth Lord
3) Christs Nails
4) Christians (Whores)
5) Flock
6) Tomb
7) Whore
8) P.N.G. (Persona Non Grata)
9) XXX
10) Lying Dead Bitch
11) Stream of Tears
12) Solitaire (Interlude)
13) The Last Battle
14) All Hate, Hate All
15) Petty King
16) Return to Darkness (Outro)


Here's an item I had ripped already long ago and again kind of forgot it lying around in a folder. This is a 2001 compilation tape which features the demonology of Holland's Christs Nails, another "unusual" Dutch band in the early 90's along with the likes of Apator and Inverted Pentagram. The demos date to 1992 (tracks 1-3), 1995 (tracks 4-7) and 1996 (the rest) and basically all consist of keyboards and voice(s) - on the first demo just piano and the voices and later expanded to keyboards. A cover scan (which contains more info) is enclosed. Ripped from an original tape I got out of curiosity.

Like said, it's keys and voices, comparable to earlier post Son Noir and the third Lamentation demo to do a quick name drop, but the demos vary quite a bit. The 1992 recording with just piano and twisted vocals is quite primitive and manages to sound both vicious and ridiculous, often at the same time. The voices are hoarse black metallish rasps and whispers and at times practically spitting. Lyrics are blatantly Satanic and hateful. The second demo features keyboards and the voice is distorted, not as extreme, spoken sort with occasional whispery and gasping style as well. The later tracks are also much shorter than on the debut effort. The third tape continues pretty much from where the second one left off, with a little more variation in the musickness (their term) and generally better execution. The lyrical focus shifts a bit on the later releases to include more even hate, pornography (an educated guess) and misogynism. Certainly unusual and most definitely not for everyone, explore this if you are morbid-minded yet very curious.

Meatyard - Dismembered Debbie demo 1999

Meatyard - Dismembered Debbie demo 1999
Dismembered Debbie
2) Bulimic Bitch
3) Cough Up Blood
4) Pigs Must Die
5) The Weak
6) Gutfuck (Live)


I think it is about time to give a sign of life from the Coven. I have a new computer and things again more or less in hand - some of you might have noticed I've been reuploading some of the gone-with-Mega items for the past few weeks. Some are still MIA but luckily brother Grev has just about all of them, thanks man what would I do without you? Anyways, he's a busy man and I don't want to pester him too much so you'll still have to wait for me to get everything back. But let's get to the point here shall we?

This one is a contribution by mr. Chris Rigby, former bass player of Convulsion and Meatyard here whose demo he kindly sent me. Thanks! I have edited a little, namely just chopped it up into separate tracks, nothing else. Music is death/grind, or goregrind is probably more accurate term, fast and brutal stuff. As I am not much an expert in this field I'm not going to elaborate much, except mention that it sounds heavy and pummeling, with a notable low-end rumble. Give it a try to see for yourself! Includes cover scan in pdf-format.