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Caduceus - Middle Ages demo 1995

Caduceus - Middle Ages demo 1995
1) Intro (Legends Fall)
2) Middle Ages Part 1
3) Middle Ages Part 2
4) Middle Ages Part 3
5) Outro (Seeds of Desire)
6) Untitled (bonus/advance track?)

Mega / 4shared

Since there were requests (well, one by comrade kingpossum) for dungeon synth in the recent vote I thought I'd post that next. This another sending by the same person who contributed the Daoine Sidhe rip. Thank you! Any and all extra information on Daione Sidhe would still be welcome, by the way. This one fortunately had a bit more informative cover, it's a project by a Lithuanian fellow who called himself Lord Caduceus Xul and according to Discogs has at least one more tape released under this banner. He has also been involved with a few other projects performing electronic, industrial and ambient sorts of music, including Drama with the late Lord Ominous of Anubi fame. (Large) cover scans are included.

There's five tracks of the demo proper plus an untitled track which is not mentioned on the covers and which we're not even sure if it's the same project or not. Could be a bonus track, advance of upcoming material or whatnot. It's a bit different from the demo material, more in... uh, pure ambient mode? I'm actually somehow envisioning some sort of 80's action film or TV show in my head while hearing this? Not the car chase with explosions and jumping over collapsed bridges bit, mind you. Still the overall sound is similar enough to believe it'd be from the same source. Would really like further info on this. The actual "Middle Ages" consists of intro and outro tracks and three parts of divided quite unevenly as the third part runs for over eleven minutes. But the durations are on the booklet so it's no mistake. Completely instrumental, very soundtrack-like (as in game soundtracks rather than movie) and obviously keyboardic sounds, no real attempts to masquerade as harpsichords, lutes, violins, horns or what have you. It does have an almost neoclassical feel to it at some moments but mostly it's rather upbeat pseudomedieval synth music fit for old game soundtrack from a person with connections and influences from the 90's black metal scene as a quick look at the thanks list reveals. Not bad, especially if you grew up with old computer games there is extra nostalgy involved. If you're looking for refined, dramatic soundscapes this will not be your serving of enemies' blood in their own skulls. Others might want to study this item a bit further, I seem to find myself enjoying the demo more on repeat listens.

maanantai 29. kesäkuuta 2015

Sacrilegeous - Coven of the XIII. Majestic Ones demo IV '95

Sacrilegeous - Coven of the XIII. Majestic Ones demo IV 1995
1) Over the Fields of the Serpent Sign
2) T.M.H.
3) The Mystery of Intermeditary Life

Sendspace / Mediafire

Ok the people have spoken, or a few have, and Sacrilegeous won so have at thee! I got a dub of this from brother Grev last autumn if my memory serves right (thanks!) and he had no covers for this, not sure if one was actually ever made. I think Grev used to be in touch with master Necrodesecrator back in the day so I assume he'd included one if there was one? UPDATE: Well, he got this one from a trader so the cover hunt is on!

Musicwise these three tracks are in the lengthier range of Sacrilegeous creations and the third track is also familiar from the still very obscure "I.O.T. 666th K" demo (spelling?!?) where it was titled slightly differently ("intermeditary" is a misspelling but I don't know if it's intentional or not?). The first track which is also the longest is an instrumental and starts like one of those older coffee commercials in a relaxed and nostalgic mood. It does get more Sacrilegeousious later on but not really as over the top as many probably expect. Sound and instrumentation is the same as ever, perhaps from the cleaner end of the spectrum. Second track is then trademark Sacrilegeous black metal with the harshness upped and lethargy dismissed. Coarse barks and rasps familiar from other releases appear to serve as vocals. The structure is coherent but gets very frantic and slightly haphazard again in the middle and to the end it collapses to space oddity. The last song, like mentioned, is already familiar from another recording and is almost exactly the same, though a bit more refrained and maybe even tame? If you've enjoyed the other releases you'll want to listen to this too and if you're not yet familiar with the project this might be a decent place to start.

lauantai 27. kesäkuuta 2015

Black Funeral / Winged - Split EP '95

Black Funeral / Winged - Split EP (format?) 1995
Black Funeral:
1) Armageddon (Lord Sathanas Returns)
2) Intro
3) Age of Masterdom
4) Primordial Fear (Instrumental)

Yandex / RGhost

Alright, for today I decided to post an old oddity we discussed with master Fenrirsson in the comments section here. I should've done it sooner, really. So here we go, a strange, possibly bootleg, split EP with Black Funeral everyone knows by now and the much less known Italian Winged. Looks like someone released a compilation with their three demos recently. Ok, not so recently and it seems to be sold out already. But back to this, I have no idea what format this was (supposed to have been) released, vinyl or cassette. It would fit on a 7" but the division is really uneven as the sole BF song is less than three minutes and Winged's bit runs for ten! Naturally the image above is not a real cover, I just wanted to have something to put there. I'd really appreciate any further info on the release.

Black Funeral's track is obviously off the famous demo though it does sound a little different to the version I have. The difference I believe is mostly caused by dub/tape/rip quality differences. Though this might also run slightly faster? Whatever, it's the same old classic Baron you love or love to hate. Winged's part is more curious as it would seem the intro and two tracks might be exclusive to this release, though "Age of Masterdom" does appear on their second demo which I now don't have at hand to compare to. The running time seems to be much longer than what's listed on "Oath of Blood" entry on Metal Archives so I'm inclined to believe this is a different version. Or just mistitled. Or M.A. might be wrong. Or all options. Their music has a very obvious vintage Mediterranean sound. Y'know, old Greek and Italian black/death metal with occult keyboards, kinda crispy guitar sound and peculiar percussion, very very clinky on the last track which at times borders on annoying. Vocals are more in the barks and grunts department than screams and howls which also fits with the theme. I actually find this pretty enjoyable nowadays despite the tink-tink-tink-tink bits and generally mucky sound. Great, now I want to track down a copy of the demo compilation. But have a listen if you dig somewhat uneven and obscure split releases. Of blackened metal that is.

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torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2015

Ancient Warrior - From the Ancient Tradition reh '98

Ancient Warrior - From the Ancient Tradition rehearsal 1998
1) Immortal Souls
2) Thy Grief of Darkness
3) By the Name of Ancient Tradition
4) Primordial Dark Metal

RGhost / Zippyshare

It's time I shake off the post-Nummirock depression and get back to this blog. Today we have an exotic item on the menu, sent by comrade Morbid Chanter along with a few other things not too long ago. Thanks! The item is Ancient Warrior, hailing from Malaysia and a rehearsal tape from 1998. Seems pretty rare. I'm not sure if this was his rip or not but there's a cover scan included and it's one of the most charming covers I've seen for a bit, love how it's (or seems to be) completely handmade; drawn and written, with good penmanship too. You just don't see stuff like this anymore. Oh and there's music too, almost 20 minutes.

Yeah, music. Not as striking as the cover, but still charming - sort of boneheaded, almost crude old school black metal pounding with melodic parts and heavy metal touches. Being a rehearsal tape, the sound volume is already somewhat uneven and noisy which isn't necessarily a bad thing and actually works decently enough with their enthusiastic performance. It at times pans quite heavily on one side which is a bother while listening on headphones but tolerable enough. Plenty of hiss which I suppose isn't surprising to anyone. Unfortunately either the dub itself or the rip is further flawed with brief yet annoying and jarring staccato noise (cellphone distrubance I suppose), thankfully present only on the last song. Which also features an absolutely awesome chaotic ending to it! Pros outweigh the cons so I suggest you give it a try at least. Personally I'd like to hear more from them if they ever recorded another tape.

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Hellflame #6

Hellflame magazine, issue 6 (1999)
Spear of Longinus
Suicidal Winds
Mustan Kuun Lapset
Pagan Winter
Moondance Magazine & Equilibrium Publishings
Black Witchery
Drakkar Productions
Qliphotic Necromancy & 27th Pestilence (by Mezzadurus)
Satanism - the History of the Devil and His Worshippers (by Sadorass)
+ editorial, reviews


I'm going off to Nummirock once again for some midsummer madness after a year's pause, but I thought I'd leave you with something to read for the weekend. Sent by comrade Kurgan (thanks!) and scanned fast and sloppy as usual by me, here is the 6th issue of the Italian 'zine Hellflame, made by Nicola Solieri (of Goatfire & some other projects). Concentrating on this issue, and past ones as well I presume, on black and death metal bands this is a well made, good looking without being too fancy and at least with the brief browse through I've managed yet, also interesting and rather well written. Despite being released right smack middle in the less than stellar period of time I keep dissing. Not very many interviews but most are longer than average and more interesting too, reviews better than average too so I'd recommend this. I must hurry to work and pack my shit in the morning before leaving so farewell and the Coven (hopefully) returns next week.

tiistai 16. kesäkuuta 2015

Behexen - Support the War Against Christianity promo '99

Behexen - Support the War Against Christianity promo 1999
1) Intro
2) Sota valon jumalaa vastaan
3) Black Storm of Satans Glory
4) Baphomet's Call
5) Christ Forever Die

Rusfolder / Depositfiles

I just realised I don't have much time to post stuff this week so better get off my ass and leave something interesting here. Back to Finnish black metal, this is Behexen and most readers probably know them. You might even remember my old, old post of their "first" demo, released under the name Lords of the Left Hand. They made two demos more after changing the name and before this promo tape which features an intro and four tracks of which three would be re-recorded for the debut album and one apparently remained unused. I got a dub of this recording from a trader not that long ago, as well as copy of the cover which interestingly enough had no tracklisting! Fortunately he got it from the band so we have titles here. Thanks!

So most of the content is familiar except the (short, I originally had it and "Sota..." together but if it's separately mentioned on the tracklisting I separate it) intro and the third track "Black Storm..." which caused me no small amount of headache trying to identify until I got the correct tracklisting. I'm pretty sure they didn't re-use the song later, but could of course be wrong too. Sound is, naturally, rawer and less polished than on the album (not that that would've been a sophisticated, sparkly and squicky-clean thing either!) but very listenable and good at least in my opinion. The vocals are rather dominant and guitars most of the time somewhat subdued. But enough said really, you're going to download this no matter what I write if you're a fan of Behexen, Finnish black metal or dig rare old recordings.

Oh yeah and you have to be really stupid to buy the suddenly, miraculously appearing copies that will no doubt be for sale at Discogs and Ebay very soon.

sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2015

Floral of Forever - Ad Infinitum promo 1996

Floral of Forever - Ad Infinitum promo 1996
1) Prologue for My Own Obscure Nature
2) ...As If There Would Be Another Time to Delve
3) The Mysteries of It's Great Floras
4) ...I Am the King of This Isolated Golden Forest
5) ...Ad Infinitum

RGhost / Mega

Sunday night chill out time is here and we continue with obscure things without covers. This is again a contribution, thanks to the sender, and looks like they had these sort of projects going on over in Malaysia as well for that's where tonight's recording hails from. Or so I've been told. This is (hopefully, spelling?) Floral of Forever and a 1996 promo tape and that's pretty much all I know about it. Possibly shares members with the equally obscure The Mystical East. A cover scan and really any information is welcome!  

UPDATES: 1. I was informed that both of FoF and TME are projects by the same person M.D. Aslan and hail from Brunei, not Malaysia! Aslan's other (metal) bands include Rust Sakaraz, Noiratasya and Shadowmirth.
2. Added a picture of Aslan shot for another project of his as a placeholder for this post. Thanks to Eugene for sending it.

Ok, music: almost seventeen minutes of... well, this is kind of a hard one to say! First track is an ambient intro, second is a short ambient bit that also has what sounds like a wind instrument thrown in while the third track gets pretty upbeat, adds percussion and sounds more like darkwave with a slight sugar high. Fourth continues in the same line but with even more obnoxious "drum" sound. And other sounds. It's kind of fascinating while almost disastrous. It's almost like a metal song gone slightly ambient/wave-y. Harsh vocals make an appearance in the end part, further adding to the speculation that this might be a side project by some metal band. The last and longest song is again ambient and a nostalgic, moody one. Actually I'd say it's pretty much dungeon synth and the first tracks might as well be called that too. A really obscure and odd thing, this. Recommended for the usual curio seekers and I'd really like to know more about this!

lauantai 13. kesäkuuta 2015

Occult - Rehearsal 19.06.92

Occult - Rehearsal 19th June 1992
1) Jaws of Satan
2) The Return of the Mystic Demon
3) So It Is Done
4) Dwell Forever in Darkness
5) Myth of Eternal Lies
6) Thou Art Lord

Yandex / Sendspace

Time to complete another cycle, I've posted the two live/demo tapes by the Dutch Occult in roughly half a year intervals and since I'll be in Nummirock the next weekend which would be optimal time to post this (23rd anniversary of the recording, y'know) I thought today is as good an option as any. Not a live tape anymore though, this is a rehearsal tape brother Grev dubbed me last autumn. Thanks as always! No cover for this one and I don't think any were made either.

Right, back in '92 Occult was still firmly black metal and looking at the tracklisting you see the same songs that appeared on the live tapes, including the Sathanas (track 1) and Acheron covers (3, 6) they liked to play. Their original songs are quite short, as are the cover picks so the whole thing is over in sixteen minutes. The fifth songs seems to appear only here, unless they re-worked and -titled it later. A proper scholar would carefully compare it with the other exclusive old songs to see if it was the case but alas, I am too lazy busy to do that now. The sound is pretty good though obviously recorded live in a rehearsal room. Well, I guess I don't have much else to add, if you're a fan of old Occult you'll want this.

torstai 11. kesäkuuta 2015

Gothony - Hidden Thoughts demo 1997

Gothony - Hidden Thoughts demo 1997
1) Infinity
2) The Temptation Still Remains
3) Crystal Dream

RGhost / Mediafire

I decided to follow up with another Finnish contribution, almost as obscure I suppose but metal this time, sent by master Sorvali, thanks for the scans and rip! This is Gothony of Helsinki and their only demo as far as I know, though the covers do mention a rehearsal tape that they dubbed to people. They played melodic death metal, very popular at the time, you know stuff Napalm Records started to branch into around then (and Nuclear Blast, Century Media and so on and on...). Wait, don't leave yet, look at the pretty coloured cover and stay a bit longer! It has a very good studio sound, too!

Ok, let's move on quickly to the music of which there is fifteen minutes here spread over three tracks. No intros and interludes then, just... uh, "pure" melodeath? Don't think old Gothenburg now, this is Finnish after all. It has plentyof stuff thrown into the mix so I don't know how pure it then really is. You've got your standard (quite amateurish) clean male vocals, female support vocals, some folkish riffs, fast parts, slow parts, raw (quite good!) main vocals and whatnot. Besides the sound already mentioned in the previous paragraph also the musicianship is pretty good. This isn't really my thing, I was initially going to say I don't like it but additional listens seem to improve my opinion a bit. Have a listen for yourself if melodic (death-ish) metal, especially semi-obscure, Finnish and 90's is your thing.

sunnuntai 7. kesäkuuta 2015

Dianom - Candledance demo 1996

Dianom - Candledance demo I 1996
1) Veil of Woe
2) Candledance
3) King of the Caves
4) Beauty of Withering

Zippyshare / Mediafire

Remember when I used to do atmospheric/ambient/dungeon synth stuff on Sunday evenings? Well, I do and to honour that neglected tradition here is, once again by the grace of brother Grev and his associate, Dianom from Finland and their (or more likely his) first and possibly only demo "Candledance" from '96. Don't let the overwhelmingly artistic vision of the cover fool you, the content isn't quite that bleak. Good sound on this rip despite the low-ish bitrate and a full cover scan is enclosed.

Four tracks for slightly over seventeen minutes, so we are firmly set in the standards of Finnish 90's demos. The music is dungeon synth, pure and instrumental, atmospheric and mostly rather melancholic and nostalgic. No special effects or samples here which for some is a dissappointment while a relief to others. Piano and keyboards, somewhat neoclassical feel at times while vaguely soundtrackesque at others. Mostly quite simple and pretty, perhaps it could be said it's easy listening synth instead of challenging and evocative but I like it. Now that I more think about it, kind of reminds me of that unreleased Emglev demo at times, not quite as melodramatic but there are similarities. Recommended for dungeon synth enthusiasts, people into calm, purty music and those who love really obscure artists and tapes.

lauantai 6. kesäkuuta 2015

Cultes Des Ghoules - Treading the Darker Paths demo 2007

Cultes Des Ghoules - Treading the Darker Paths demo spring 2007
1) Treading the Darker Paths
2) Supreme Black Illumination
3) Outro

Mega / Yandex

Today I'm posting black metal again, no news there, but deviating from the usual line of the Coven with a relatively "modern" post, this is the second demo by the Polish Cultes Des Ghoules from 2007. I've been a fanboy ever since stumbing into their debut album "Häxan" in 2009, the vile atmosphere and sound of that album reeked of necromancy, medieval devil-worship and old school black metal feeling. Some have complained about the sound and the long songs but for me the murky, bass-heavy sound was a definite charm point, bringing associations to things like Necromantia and old Barathrum to mind and I've always liked lenghty tracks so can't fathom what the problem could be. But enough about that album and back to this demo. I've understood the line-up changed pretty much completely between the debut "Angel of Poison and Death" and this demo, the former personnel concentrating on their original band Bestial Raids. I got a dub of the demo, as well as copies of the covers, from a trader and ripped it a little while ago, the result turned out decent enough.

There are two proper tracks here as well as a quite long outro (3½ minutes) which is unlisted on the cover and was taken from the soundtrack to "The Ninth Gate" so it's by another Pole, the late Wojciech Kilar, known probably best for the Dracula ('92) soundtrack, also widely used for intros and outros. Both original tracks are long, 7+ minutes and the title track is exlusive to this release while "Supreme Black Illumination" re-appeared, re-recorded, on the '07 EP "Odd Spirituality". The sound is a little muffled and the strings somewhat more subdued than on the EP for example but everything is still reasonably audible and Mark of the Devil's vocals are as recognizable and demented as ever. Enjoyable demo if you're into unhealthy, tomb-robbing, infant-sacrificing, devil-invoking black metal. Wojciech Kilar's soundtrack is also recommended, by the way.

perjantai 5. kesäkuuta 2015

Varjosielu - Loitsulaulu demo 2001

Varjosielu - Loitsulaulu demo 2001
1) Sieluton - Preludi
2) Myrskyntuoja
3) Mustan lähteen haltija


It's time to stray from the Austrian streak and as well from the metal fare of late. So, here we have Varjosielu, formerly known as Wind, again. This is the first recording after the name change which we discussed at the comments section and yes, this is the scene rip sent by brother Grev and it indeed had the track division botched. I've fixed it. Still, thanks to whoever ripped the tape originally, he did otherwise a decent job.

This demo lasts a bit less than twenty minutes and the longest, ten minute plus "Myrskyntuoja" was re-released on the "Kalpea" demo which we featured earlier so less than half of the duration is new stuff. First track serves as an intro due its comparatively short running time, then the afore-mentioned long and bizarre familiar song (which fits better here than on Kalpea) and lastly "Mustan lähteen haltija" that has a very folky feeling and is quite catchy. I don't really have much new input to give, if you've enjoyed the Wind and Varjosielu offerings so far, chances are you'll like this too. Personally I like the last track best here. That's enough for now.

keskiviikko 3. kesäkuuta 2015

The Call of the Four Gates - Faturek the Wolf demo 1995

The Call of the Four Gates - Faturek the Wolf demo I 1995
1) Condemned to Burn
2) The Spell of Diana
3) I Call Satans Triangle
4) Faturek the Wolf

Mega / Rusfolder

Ok, like the old Finnish saying goes, "there's no two without a third" (yeah, I know that hardly makes sense, many old sayings don't but they do offer decent excuses) let's continue where we left off last week with Austrian demos. This one is a contribution too, sent by a reader already months ago. I'm posting it this late as I was hoping to get at least a bit larger cover scan than the tiny one included but as it's not happening I thought enough delay, let's do this. The rip is fortunately of very high quality.

If you've heard the "Host of Chaos" demo, or early Hyperion material (you probably have since I just posted some) you might have an idea how TCot4G sound like. Except that the music isn't really much like Hyperion here, sound has similarities though. There's only four tracks here, plus unlisted intro and outro which I didn't go separating from the "proper" tracks this time, but just over forty minutes of material so the songs are of epic lengths and you'd better enjoy repetition or go elsewhere / make 3-4 minute radio mixes of the songs. I am staying and find their raw and rather basic black metal at best enjoyable and sort of nostalgic and at worst drawn-out, uninspired and plain boring. The first track can be a little discouraging to sit through, especially if you're on a restless mood but I say persevere and give it at least one full listen. Stand outs for me would probably be "I Call Satans Triangle" and not just because of the amusing name, and the title track which sounds somehow more intense than the early part of the demo. For people who really, really like long and repetitive black metal songs, collect Austrian blackened relics or want to name-drop really obscure bands while monologuing on their listening habits.