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Ghosts Have No Shade - Promo/Rehearsal 4-1995

Ghosts Have No Shade - Promo/Rehearsal 4-1995


If you are endlessly hunting for rare curios of black(-ish) metal nature, this one is for you. I have to say I don't know, or have forgotten if I did, crap about this French project who as far as I know never released anything else under this monicker. I have an extremely vague idea of this being a side project by someone in some French band but the details elude my demented brain. Any further info would be appreciated!

So this is an instrumental rehearsal track of 5 minutes and 26 seconds and has a pretty good sound. Mostly midtempo and quite atmospheric. I don't recognize this as anything else, so I don't know if they could have changed name or if this might not even be genuine. The sound is fuzzy but sort of pleasant to me, percussion is a bit too much on the front and sounds artificial, there's some synth on the background and the whole thing reeks of being unfinished business but I still find myself enjoying it. I suppose I'm easy to please sometimes, see if you are too and try it out.

Tyrant - Demo '98

Tyrant (fin) - Demo '98
The Omen
2) The Power Beyond Dimensions
3) The Dungeons of Eternal Torment

New version! - RGhost / Mediafire

Here's another request (finally) fulfilled with the assistance of comrade Grev who has once again provided me with a dub and cover scans - thank you! At least couple of people asked for this demo by Finland's Tyrant a few months ago, sorry I don't remember who right now but here it finally is. For many the reason they are interested in this is probably that Mitja Harvilahti of Moonsorrow fame played on this demo, I don't know which one of the aliases he was but I'm guessing "Shadow" who plays the lead guitar. This is the only release of the band as far as I know.

UPDATE: I've reuploaded this demo with another, better rip sent to me by Henri Sorvali, thank you, which also includes cover scans.

Now that the name-dropping has been taken care of we may concentrate on the music which is very good melodic Finnish black metal with a good demo sound. Easy to listen, very fluent but not too syrupy or ridiculously pompous or other generally annoying things I often have to associate with sympho/melodic bm. Not too original either but works for me and hasn't gotten boring so far. I suppose I can recommend this to the majority of the readers, except die hard death metal heads or necrocultists.

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Gorgoroth - Live in Hilversum 14.04.1996

Gorgoroth (nor) - Live in Hilversum, Holland 14th April 1996
Katharinas Bortgang
2) Crushing the Scepter (Regaining a Lost Dominion)
3) Revelation of Doom
4) Ritual
5) Bergtrollets Hevn
6) Gorgoroth

Mediafire / Deposit

I thought I'd upload a live tape for change, ripped by yours truly from a dub sent by a trader comrade back in the 90's, this is again good ol' Gorgoroth featuring whoever played in the live line-up back then. Pest & Infernus at least. I just noticed I uploaded another Gorgoroth live tape a few days over two years ago! Funny that. I want more of these so if you have, please let me know!

Back to this one. I don't think it is a complete gig as it's only 24+ minutes... then on the other hand it could be if they were not headlining. Well, I don't really think it is, it's probably missing at least two tracks or so and the first one here "Katharinas Bortgang" starts just as the song begins (I think - can't remember for sure now). If you were at this gig and have an amazing memory (or a full recording of this) let me know what if anything I'm missing. I might also mention I got this without a tracklisting but I think I figured out the tracks correctly.

What does it sound like? A raw audience recording of an old Gorgoroth gig, but I find the quality very satisfactory and pretty clear actually. Excellent setlist, obviously. Recommended if you love old Gorgoroth, raw black metal and are not too wimpy to tolerate live bootleg sound.

Codex Gigas - Myom demo 1993

Codex Gigas - Myom demo II 1993
Severed Myom
2) Pax vo Biscum
3) Ulcus Crucis
4) The Rot

Reuploaded. Again.

Here's the second Codex Gigas demo, also courtesy of comrade SuuretMuinaiset. HQ cover scan again included. I'm not writing a novel here, see the previous post. The sound is a little different this time, a bit more full and murky while clearer at the same time, and even if the music still has its peculiarities it is more obviously death metal this time around. Of note is the second track which is for the majority of its duration atmospheric and slow, with female voice, but features bursts of death metal here and there. Good stuff even if I prefer the previous demo a bit more myself.

tiistai 26. heinäkuuta 2011

Codex Gigas - Livid demo 1992

Codex Gigas - Livid demo I 1992
Within the Beast
2) Overhauling the Ovary of Infamy
3) The Cemetary for You And Five Billions Moore
4) Livid


I've returned from Tuska more or less in one piece and am here finally fulfilling an old request by THE DECEASED of Lockjaw by posting the debut demo of Uppsala's death metallers Codex Gigas, kindly contributed to me (along with excellent scans) by brother SuuretMuinaiset. Thanks mate! You'll be seeing more of his donations in the near(-ish) future.

Intro plus four tracks for 15 minutes of Swedish early 90's death metal madness is the deal here - most certainly not black metal like the Metal Archives contributor decided to label them! This demo has it all if you're into old school från Sverige: doomy, punishing bits; fast and chaotic solos and segments; cavernous and dirty, somewhat dry but clear sound; malignant vocals more like hoarse screams than death grunts; odd but strangely catchy parts... well just go ahead and download it, damn it. Necessary if you're into death metal, recommended!

torstai 21. heinäkuuta 2011

Herodez - Halbwelt demo 1996

Herodez - Halbwelt demo II 1996
2) Halbwelt
3) Modern Time
4) Mislead Storm's
5) Tormenting
6) Lost in Grief
7) The Last...
8) Todfeint (Outro) - cuts!!!


I'm off to Tuska Open Air but I decided to first post this tape I finally found in my unsorted box a little while ago. Herodez or Herodes - I'm not sure which one is correct spelling or if it changed but my trader spelled it with "z" and that's what I've used (UPDATE: it's with Z) - made two demos and some of the people were involved in another band Gilles De Rais. Unfortunately my dub cuts at the outro, I'm not sure how much is missing but since I've been unable to find this anywhere I thought it an acceptable loss. I've no covers so I used the image from Metal Archives. A full copy would still be appreciated as well as their previous demo "Germanien" so get in touch if you have them.

Other than the cut outro, the dub is of pretty good quality while the tape itself has a quite raw but listenable sound to it. Rehearsal recording probably. I find it fitting to the mostly midtempo grim black metal they churn out. It is quite similar to the Gilles De Rais demo (but the sound is clearer and dub+rip of better quality) so if you liked that you'll probably enjoy this. Recommended for underground demo fanatics, people into old German bm demos (TD) and whoever enjoys this kind of raw black metal.

tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011

Twin Obscenity - Behind the Castle Walls demo 1993

Twin Obscenity - Behind the Castle Walls demo II 1993
...And Then Comes Tranquility
2) Peaceful Oblivion
3) Dream Within a Dream
4) Dissonances of Exquisite Morbidity and Caco-Daemonical Ghastliness
5) The Art of Mesmerization
6) Bloodstone
7) Behind the Castle Walls


Ok I start by admitting I don't really know if this or "Ruins" is demo I or II but seeing the cover state this having been recorded in September I hazarded a guess there for this to be the later one. Let me know if it's the other way around. Enough of that, this is another treat from brother Grev and some of you might remember me being very excited of their 3rd demo. So thanks to him for dubbing me this and sending scans of the covers, much appreciated!

Even if this chapter in their demonology doesn't reach the same heights as the 1995 tape, it is still a very enjoyable demo of dark and doomy death metal. Very good sound and good quality rip too. I don't think I really need to write much more, recommended!

Disembody - Demo II 1993

Disembody (fin) - Demo II 1993
2) Invisible
3) Fuckin' 48 / Desire


I've returned recently from Hammer Open Air and here's another item I got from Grev, being a demo from the Finnish death metal band Disembody. And again I know next to nothing about them so further info is appreciated as would be scans of the covers/band logo/band pic/anything.

This is a tape traded item, several times over I bet, so it is slightly worn but still very listenable quality. The sound of the demo is good, not polished obviously but I think that fits this sort of old schoolish death metal well. Musicianship is not flashy but more than adequate to my standards. A detail I want to mention is the occasional, quite subtle synths in the background. I find myself enjoying this one, especially the first track. About the tracklisting I have to say I got it listing four tracks but I think "Desire" is the short outro sort of bit at the end of "Fuckin' 48" or if not, then missing from the dub I got. But I'm pretty sure it's just that. Recommended for people into old (Finnish/Nordic) death metal.

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Blodshunger - Nightside Kingdom demo 1997

Blodshunger - Nightside Kingdom demo 1997
Choir of Blasphemy
2) Nightside Kingdom
3) I Am the Wind
4) Blodshunger
5) Raining Blood (Slayer cover)


One more contribution from brother Grev, here's a demo of Norwegian black metallers Blodshunger of whom I know practically nothing. Thanks Grev for dubbing me this one! He didn't have covers for this so I am using the small and pretty bad image from Metal Archives (originally probably from Neseblod). Better image would be appreciated.

So as you might've understood by above, this is a rip of an unknown generation tape traded dub which obviously means it's not as good sounding as one might wish. However, it came out well audible enough with some minor wear & tear but nothing drastic. The demo itself claims to have been recorded in a studio but the sound is not exactly clear and sparkly to begin with. All instruments are audible anyways. Musically this is black metal, not very pointedly Norwegian, yet still quite standard stuff. Doesn't really excite me while it's not bad either. If you're a collector of black metal demonology or really fanatic with your Norwegian black metal you'll want to download this.

tiistai 12. heinäkuuta 2011

Nocturnal Arts - Demo I 1997

Nocturnal Arts - Demo I 1997
Nocturnal Arts
2) The Black Tower
3) Gabrielle (Thou Shall Live Forever)
4) Dance Black Flame


This post should be interesting to some readers, as this is the earlier band of the Thyrane folks Blastmor & Daemon. And musically it is quite similar to early Thyrane, being melodic black metal though this apparently leaned more towards dark metal both musically and lyrically. I got a dub and scans from brother Grev so thanks once again to him!

Good sound and dub quality was also satisfactory so no issues there I think. Like I mentioned already this is in many ways similar to early Thyrane, including lenghty song durations - these four tracks last 27+ mins. A bit more melodic and not as black as "Black Harmony" was but equally proficient musicianship and decent songwriting. Some female backing vocals included. Not probably recommendable for the necro-oriented listeners but those who enjoy 90's melodic black/dark metal will definitely want to listen to this.

maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2011

Fermenting Innards - Live Track 1993

Fermenting Innards - Live in Germany 09.10.1993
Innocent or Indecent


Some readers might remember I posted the EP by Fermenting Innards two years ago here. This post is a quick filler, a single live track from their 1993 gig somewhere in Germany (I might've known the venue once but that info is lost) and the first thing I heard from them. Dubbed to me by a German friend back in the day, I never found out if the whole gig was recorded or just this track. If you by any chance do have the whole thing, let me know!

Good quality live sound I'd say. Clear and loud, possibly a soundboard recording. This song was also on the EP so if you've heard that one you know this then. The vocals are more shredding live though. Recommended for people into black or death or black/death metal.

perjantai 8. heinäkuuta 2011

Thromdarr - Rehearsal 1992

Thromdarr - Rehearsal 1992
Stronghold of Kanthar
2) Serenades from Eternal Darkness
3) As a Wind Cries Ancient Tears
4) The Drowned Sun of Alhambra


This is (probably) the last Thromdarr item I do, a 1992 instrumental rehearsal tape I got from Grev again. Kiitti! This has also been called the first version of the "As a Wind Cries" demo and the M.A. info adds Intro: The Dawn of Samhain to the tracklisting but this was not the case on the recording I got. Mika from Thromdarr verified the tracklisting above and could not remember if this recording was supposed to include The Dawn of Samhain or not. So I've titled this simply as Rehearsal 1992. If someone has the actual instrumental "As a Wind Cries" - version. I'd like to hear it to compare to this tape.

Four instrumental tracks for about 15 minutes of black/death metal in the ol' Finnish vein is what is presented on this clearly worn old tape. With a suitably muddy sound it is not going to impress the hifi-enthusiasts even if Mika recalls the original having a quite good and clear rehearsal sound, this particular dub has been going through so many hands and plays it shows. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly listenable still. Features also their last track written as Necrobiosis, the second one "Serenades..." You should also check out Violent Journey for some recently released Thromdarr merchandise. That is all.

Blasphemous (swe) - Promo 1994

Blasphemous (swe) - Promo 1994
2) Levitate to the Kingdom
3) Malleus Maleficarum


Another contribution from brother Grev and again a Swedish band. This is the black metal Blasphemous from Sweden - I think this one even though this obscure tape isn't listed on their page. If it's NOT them I'd appreciate if you correct me! Anyways, we had no cover so I've just used the logo. I'm interested in the other demos so if you have them, you know what to do!

To the content: it's early 90's Swedish black metal with a very underground sound and production values. If you don't know what that means I suspect this might not be for you. The dub quality is ok even if the age and Xth generation of tape trades show through a bit. An intro and two quite short, mostly fast songs for almost 8 minutes. There are some melodies and death metal influences present (well, it IS Swedish and early 90's) but I find it pretty safe to call it black metal rather than black/death or what have you. If you can stomach the pretty crappy sound and enjoy bands like Behemoth (swe), Belsemar, Decortication, Sorhin, Satariel etc. you'll want to give this a chance.

tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2011

M.O.O.N. - Moonlight Invocations demo 1996

M.O.O.N. aka Moon (tur) - Moonlight Invocations demo 1996
Death From Above
2) Moonlight Shadows
3) Ancient Hate
4) Sin Rain


Time for another Turkish death/doom demo, this again gained from a tape trader ages ago. I didn't have a cover but I've included a pretty good image I stole... borrowed from Demo Archives. Seen above is the Metal Archives image. And yes, I'm well aware the band was still called just "Moon" at the time this demo was released, however for clarity's sake I chose to tag 'em as M.O.O.N. (spelling they adopted a bit later) for ease of telling them apart from the other bazillion Moons.

Pretty good quality rip of a decent dub, the sound could however be more balanced yet this is an issue with the demo itself. The main vocal is a bit overtly strong and goes a bit more for the right ear. The music and instruments are still well audible, not drowned fear not. The sound changes a little (for better balanced) around mid-demo and completely again for the last track. Quite good death/doom with a touch more violence (due the vocals) than usual and some neat synths in the background. Worth checking out if you enjoy the genre!

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Creepfog - A Yearning Is Whispered demo 1995

Creepfog - A Yearning Is Whispered promo-demo 1995
Horned God of the Woodland
2) Upon the Rolling Hills of Splendor
3) When Blood Boils Black


Do you remember the G.O.T.H. 'zine & compilation I posted last year? Well, here's the 1995 recording by the editor's band Creepfog which I thought was also featured on the compilation but now that I check it sure wasn't! So where the hell have I heard this before? Or did I just mix it with something else? Who cares, here's the demo anyways courtesy (again) of brother Grev who had gotten a rip of this from a trader which I edited a teensy bit. Thanks Grev & the other guy! No cover, I just used the logo from M.A.

This is a pretty short one, less than 8 minutes for three tracks and music played is USBM performed in the more brutal and raw vein. More Profanatica than Xasthur so to say. Crude, ugly, primitive yet clear and audible enough soundwise, the performance is obviously not virtuoso but works for what it is and I find myself enjoying listening to it every now and then, but it's definitely not a daily treat. More like threat to a sophisticated listener I suppose. If you enjoy stuff in the vein of old Beherit, Blasphemy et all you'll probably want to give this a listen.