tiistai 20. lokakuuta 2009

Morningstar - Alcoholive 1993

Morningstar - Alcoholive 1993 Live tape 1996
Goddess Of Witchcraft
2) Power In My Pagan Heart
3) Vampire
4) Before The Dawn


This is an extremely limited cassette release from 1996, released by Ari "Sinister Satyr" Honkonen and featuring a live show (it's probably just these songs) from 1993. It is a good quality live from one of the original Finnish early 2nd wave black metal bands in their early stages. They quickly moved into what would be called pagan heavy metal and then eventually proceeded into basic heavy metal expression. All songs are from their 2nd demo "Inside the Circle of the Pentagram" from 1993.

A few more words need to be written as this was kind of an "official bootleg" as the cover scan mentions, I'm not sure if Honkonen counts this among the official Morningstar discography or prefers to keep it out of it. And I had an original copy in case you wondered. Recommended for Morningstar fans, those into old black metal and collectors.

maanantai 19. lokakuuta 2009

Tormentor (hol) - Return To Nemeton demo 1992

Tormentor (Nederlands) - Return to Nemeton demo 1992
Sounds of Nemeton (Intro)
2) Reborn Alive
3) Return to Nemeton
4) Gruesome Malversation
5) Godforsaken Misery
6) Invasion


If you came to Asmodian Coven looking for a long-lost demo by Attila & co's Tormentor* you can move along, this is the Dutch Tormentor who played death metal. Not bad death metal either, at least on this 4th demo. I'm curious to hear the earlier demos so leave a note if you've seen 'em. Or have them. I think they started out as thrash (like the other 400 - 500 bands called Tormentor in the 80s did) but as I haven't heard the older material I can't tell.

Back to this one, intro + 5 songs of death metal, a little muffled demo sound quality but not bad at all. My unknown generation dub was hissy like a teenage catgirl with PMS but I think I managed to clean it up without screwing up the overall sound. I got this by tape trading so no cover but luckily MA had a toleratable one up for change so that's what's I use. Without further ado, feel free to check it out.

* Not that I wouldn't like 'em, there just isn't anything from them that wouldn't have gotten released by now.

torstai 15. lokakuuta 2009

Hieronym Inferiorum - Worship To Asmodeus - VIVIVI - 666 - FFF

Hieronym Inferiorum - Worship to Asmodeus - VIVIVI - 666 - FFF demo 1995
Cursed Flutes of Witchcraft (From the Souls of the Heretics)
2) Worship to Demononymous Asmodeus
3) My Soul Returns to the Demonocult Cemetaries of Middle Age
4) Hymn for Asmodeus, Exorcism for the Profanated Christian Souls
5) Hermetical Pilgrim of the Ancient Fire (Upon the Forgotten Hills)
6) Knowledge from the Grand Lemegethon
7) Diabolical Revenge of the Black Gods (Unworld Sounds)


Hieronym Inferiorum is very likely not a familiar name to you. A Greek one man band, started apparently while Nowead Luczebeus Sutagel was in prison in the early 90s having "many black thoughts," as an old bio I have states, he released two demos and a rehearsal video tape under this monicker before changing the band name to Funebre Inferni, which then released one demo. I've no further information on his later endeavours, unfortunately. Hieronym Inferiorum might be among the first "religious" black metal bands as that is exactly what he refers his band as. Well, "true hermetical and religious" but anyways.

So what is on the tape? Devil-worshipping, demonology drenched, ritualistic black metal with often struggling musicianship and occult feeling. Serpent King of Zephyrous features on track IV. What Nowead L.S. lacks in skill, he makes up on dedication and honesty. I find myself strangely fascinated by this demo and its genuine feeling of darkness and uncommercial, non-trendy approach, but I'm certain majority of the listeners will dismiss it as crap. Decide for yourself, give it a chance.

lauantai 10. lokakuuta 2009

Rotting Christ - Live at Black Metal Mass III, Rotterdam 18.12.93

Rotting Christ - Live at Black Metal Mass III, Rotterdam NL 18th December 1993
2) The Sign of Evil Existence
3) Transform All Suffering into Plagues
4) The Mystical Meeting
5) Inside the Eye of Algond
6) Fgmenth, Thy Gift
7) Visions of the Dead Lovers
8) His Sleeping Majesty
9) The Forest of N'Gai


Live tape again, but as promised it's black metal and pretty damn classic stuff too. Rotting Christ should not need any introductions and this show was recorded right in the middle of their "golden era" so to speak. Though I like 21st century Rotting Christ too, the later part of the 90s was not so great. Back to the item at hand, this show has an excellent setlist and a raw yet clear enough sound. Of course it's not something like an official live album would have, but very good by bootleg tape standards. Being pretty much a fanboy I can't really write very objectively, so I'll give up and just recommend you to download it.

torstai 8. lokakuuta 2009

Immortal - Rehearsal 1991

Immortal - Rehearsal Late 1991
Blacker Than Darkness
2) Unholy Forces Of Evil

Reuploaded again

Here is a two song rehearsal tape from Immortal, who most of you are familiar with, recorded in late 1991 (judging from the songs present) OR early 1992. One of my tape trading comrades was the source for this and as you might guess the sound is very murky and muddled. Not the worst sort though, it is perfectly listenable once you adjust your expectations. Nothing to add really.

keskiviikko 7. lokakuuta 2009

Tunrida - Eternal Twilight demo 1996

Tunrida - Eternal Twilight demo I 1996
Eternal Twilight
2) In Satans Embrace
3) Scandinavian Female Devil
4) War Declaration

See also their Mikseri page

As you might remember, I uploaded the 2nd Tunrida demo "Astral Majesty" some time ago. I ripped also this debut at the same time but wasn't too excited about uploading it after I learned of their Mikseri page (see above). But since I had already ripped this I decided to upload anyway. Includes scan of the covers too.

What about the content? Finnish black metal, pretty much in the same vein as the 2nd demo but more raw and generally not as good. Good enough to impress me & my friends back in 1996 even if it didn't age that well. As didn't the tape, there's a few places where the tape's wear & tear is audible, unfortunate but unavoidable. Try the Mikseri versions if it bothers.

Paradise Lost - Live in Helsinki, FIN 27.10.1993

Paradise Lost - Live at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki Finland 27th October 1993
2) Mortals Watch the Day
3) Widow
4) Eternal
5) As I Die
6) Pity the Sadness


Live recording from Helsinki again, different year, venue and band though - and fortunately better result overall. This person manages to shut the fuck up while recording the gig, the sound quality is good and so are setlist and performance. There's always a catch and this time it's that this seems to be an incomplete recording. Appears to me the person had to go to toilet or get beer or who knows what near the end. Don't know what's missing but I'm sure they played more than six songs, so if someone knows what was played between "As I Die" and "Pity the Sadness" leave a comment. Even better if someone has a complete recording.

Oh yes, it is Paradise Lost, I used to like them circa Gothic/Shades of God and this would be still in their gothic metal phase before they turned completely into girly listening. I promise I'll post some black metal next time I do a live, in case someone wondered if this is turning completely casual easy listening fag blog.

Moonspell - Live in Gothenburg, 10.10.1995

Moonspell - Live at Kåren, Gothenburg Sweden 10th October 1995
Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
2) Love Crimes
3) ...Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride)
4) Vampiria
5) Alma Mater


Continuing with live tapes, here's more Moonspell '95. A short gig from Sverige, this one has a pretty good sound quality. All songs are, as predictable, from "Wolfheart" and usual choices. Personally, I'd swap "Vampiria" or "Wolfshade" for "An Erotic Alchemy" any day, or one of the "Under the Moonspell" songs. If you like old Moonspell and/or live bootlegs you'll probably want this.

EDIT: There was something wrong (well, the 4th track to be exact) with the MediaFire upload. It has now been re-uploaded. Sorry for the inconvenience!

tiistai 6. lokakuuta 2009

Amorphis - Live Tavastia, Finland 22.4.1995

Amorphis - Live at Tavastia, Helsinki Finland 22nd April 1995
2) Better Unborn
3) Into Hiding
4) The Castaway
5) Against Widows
6) Magic and Mayhem

No link atm

Some live recordings for change, this one from Amorphis, on the heels of the classic "Tales of the Thousand Lakes" album, before the recording of "Elegy." The first two songs of the latter are actually performed here, if not for the first time, then for one of the first times. Sound quality at Tavastia seems to have been quite good. Unfortunately, the recording is not good: the idiot recording the show chooses to engage in inane conversation with other primates which is really annoying. To be honest, the gig itself isn't very good either. "Humour", quasi-proge and typically dumb speeches abound and the crowd reaction doesn't seem too stellar either. It's a pretty short set to boot (was it part of some event?) so I guess I can really recommend it mostly for its historical value. Obviously Amorphis-fans will want to check this out as well.

Blessed In Sin - A Tribute To Euronymous/Odes Obscures

Blessed In Sin - A Tribute to Euronymous / Odes Obscures tape 1998A Tribute to Euronymous - Live 20-01-95
Finis Gloria Dei
2) Genochristiancide
3) Desecrated Altar
4) Gloria In Excelsis Lucifero
5) Beyond The Black Lake
6) Necromancy (Bathory cover)
7) Goetia
8) Purify By Fire
Odes Obscures demo 1995
9) Enter Into The Vaginal Temple Of The Night Queen
10) Infernal Ceremony In The Antique Dolmens For The Dark Victory
11) En Mon Âme Et Conscience
12) Purify By Fire
13) Northern Nightmare (A Tribute To The Kings)
14) Ode Obscure Á La Dame Noire
15) Outro


This tape released by Blessed In Sin in 1998 combines two of their demos (though "A Tribute..." is a live recording) on single cassette. I ordered this probably from Pakana distro in 1998/1999 and ripped it for personal use some time ago. The live recording has a surprisingly good sound and "Odes..." side, while mostly rehearsal recordings, is very much audible too. Good underground sound, no overproduced and polished shit here. Music is melodic and takes clues both from the Nordic and Mediterranean styles of black metal. I could survive without the quite bizarre track 11 though. Not going to bother with a lenghtier sales pitch here, just grab it if you don't have these demos already.

UPDATE: Reuploaded 13-12-11. Since I had lost the original rip (along with a load of others) recently, I ripped this again. Perhaps with a bit better result I might add.

maanantai 5. lokakuuta 2009

Usva - Seitsemät Siivet demo 1999

Usva - Seitsemät Siivet demo 1999
Seitsemät Siivet
2) Syysmyrskyt
3) Vaults Of Sin
4) From Another Dimension
5) Yön Sylissä

New / Old

I took a look at a bunch of old CD-R's burned for me by my friend 10 years (and more) ago and noticed that one of them had this demo on it. I then realised I'd never heard or read much of this band and decided to rip it just for the heck of it. I don't know where he got this back in the day but according to Metal Archives, who are also the source for the sorry image of the cover you see below, this was released on tape and apparently was the band's sole release using this name.

Whatever the band's story might be, this is a demo with good studio sound, 5 tracks of melodic dark metal (I refuse to call 'em black metal even though the demo cover sports a pentagram) which isn't bad. Try it.

UPDATE: I recently got another rip of this from master Henri Sorvali, thanks again, at higher bitrate (320) made directly from a tape and including cover scans. That's the link up there that says "New rip" - click it. Do it now.
The old, actually slightly better rip is gone. Someone decided to report it to 4share four years after initial uploading and I'm not going to bother reupping it. It's not worth the hassle. 

sunnuntai 4. lokakuuta 2009

Barathrum - Witchmaster demo 1991

Barathrum - Witchmaster demo 1991
Demon Est Deus Inversus
2) Deep From The Depths
3) Into Maze Of Nightmares
4) Gate To Jetblack Desires
5) Witchmaster
6) Black Flames And Blood
7) Winter Of The Black Snow


Another Barathrum tape, this is the first demo (if you don't count the rehearsal demo and Darkfeast material) from 1991. Very old school material, doomy and ritualistic in nature, comparable more to early Necromantia and Samael than other Finns like Beherit or Impaled Nazarene. I think just about all of these songs have been later re-recorded for the full-lenght albums but naturally they sound here quite different. Sound is clear and the rip came out pretty good too so I decided to share it. I got a dub of this demo from Sova around 1995 and he included a version of the cover, it differs in few places from the original. Scanned and included. No more to say, recommended.