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Anal Blasphemy - Ejaculation of Black Impurity demo 2005

Anal Blasphemy - Ejaculation of Black Impurity demo 2005
1) Crucifix Anal Rape of the Priest
2) Hail the Serpent of Eden
3) Warrior of Satan
4) Ejaculation of Black Impurity
5) Masturbation on Jehova's Altar
6) Raped by a Goatdemon
7) Allah Anal Impalement

Yandex / RGhost

Let's kick off this week with another of master Sorvali's contributions and another example of an item that's not the usual fare of this blog, being relatively "modern" and "new" release. Just ten years old! Anyways, I give you Molestor Kadotus and Anal Blasphemy. This is his, I think, fourth tape since 2002 and cover scans are included.

Well, if you're familiar with the project I guess you know what to expect here. Filthy black metal with touches of death metal, somewhat primitive, barbaric execution that brings to mind various NWN!-faves. Even old Beherit at times. The sound is quite large, cavernous and rather clear despite the definite "uncleanliness" of it all. I've always mostly ignored this project as somewhat silly nonsense, so I haven't really taken time to listen to most of his releases but this isn't so bad after all. Not that I'd be rushing to order all the splits and albums either and I get a bit restless before the twenty minutes this runs are over. Can't really say I'd recommend this unless you're absolutely fanatical about Finnish black metal demos, totally nuts about bestial/war/etc. metal or have a fetish for bm pin ups in which case the covers might interest you.

lauantai 28. maaliskuuta 2015

Dark Fire Dancing III (1998)

Various Artists - Dark Fire Dancing III ...it's only just begun Baltic Heathen Darkwave Compilation double tape (1998)

Sword Part (tape I)
1) Zpoan Vtenz - Jos brolis in Karelį
2) Tharaphita - Merekurat
3) Skyforger - Night of the Winter Solstice
4) Anubi - Kranklys
5) Ha Lela - Išjojo Bernelis
6) Manatark - Roosteitk
7) Maze of Cako Torments - The Shaft
8) Dissimulation - Mūšis Rūke
9) Menhyr - Amžinas Priešas
10) Winter Night Overture - Abysmal Winter Sky
11) Smolder - Ašarom Skausmo
12) Poccolus - Ir Aš Nueisiu su Tamsa...
13) Forgotten Sunrise - Blizzard

Amulet Part (tape II)
1) Girnų Giesmės - Veidrodis III
2) Skyforger - Sen dzirdēju, nu ieraugu
3) Laumė - Kur ėjo ji
4) Zpoan Vtenz - Voi ūžkit gauskit
5) King Lear's Convulsions - Mirror into Mirror
6) Siela - Šviečia.Kviečia.Šaukia.Laukia
7) Monkmort - Mother
8) Sala - live excerpt
9) Wejdas - 'Wejdas' excerpt
10) Sovijus - Liūdnas ir Didingas
11) Donis - Ateičiai
12) Akys - Nutolimas

Rusfolder / Mediafire

Today's post is a repost, which is kind of unusual, but people have been asking me for these compilations so I thought I'd post what I have here too, thanks to whoever originally ripped this double cassette and sister Borderline for reuploading it the other month! I fixed some of the tracklisting and stole the top image from Discogs. Sadly, the scans that came with the rip had only the covers for both covers, lacking the booklet with further information on the artists and the big cover itself. Then again, it's kind of fair since we did not buy this compilation, after all. Perhaps I'll get a copy some day.

There's a lot of stuff here so I am not going to go through them artist by artist, track by track. The total running times are kind of funny as the first tape totals a bit over 75 minutes, would roughly fit on a CD, and the second just under an hour. In case you didn't guess it by the tracklistings already, tape I, Sword Part, is metal and Amulet Part is ambient, darkwave and folkish material. Artists hail from all three Baltic countries and represent some of the best known names (Skyforger, Poccolus, Anubi, Wejdas etc) as well as some more obscure ones (well,at least to me, like Sala, Menhyr, Smolder and King Lear's Convulsions). Personally, the non-metal side is the more interesting here, even if the metal part does offer some great Baltic (heathen) metal and is somewhat more consistent. Most of the tracks have been featured on other releases by now, but at the time many were taken from upcoming albums, there's a bunch of live tracks as well as an exclusive track (well, the non-metal one is a remix) on both tapes.

Unfortunately there's a big fail on one of the tracks, most likely the fault of the ripped cassettes owner, hard to belive Dangus would've messed up that big: there's a stretch of silence in the middle of the Sala live excerpt, it even has the telltale noise of recording starting and ending. Other than that the rip would be good. I think I really need to find myself an actual copy of this. Oh and that's again a reminder of one more reason why I've always hated the tape format, I've managed to accidentally dub over a cassette myself back in the day. But enough words, even with the faults a great compilation if you're at all into the old Baltic scene.

perjantai 27. maaliskuuta 2015

Summon - Fire Turns Everything... Black demo 1996

Summon - Fire Turns Everything... Black demo 1995 (1996 version)
1) Intro: Blind Shadows of Darkness
2) Enter into Eternal Oath
3) Eve of Anti-Creation
4) Praising to a Blackened Moon
5) Burning Black Desire
6) Tales of Immortality
7) Outro: Forest of Dark Spirits

Depositfiles / Zippyshare

Back to more regular sort of programming and to the US with this contribution by unholydeath, thanks for the rip and scan! This is the only demo of the black/death metal band Summon, first released by the band themselves at the end of '95 and then (this version) in early '96 by Grinding Peace Records. I always tend to think Summon as the other continuation to Masochist as it features two of the former members, with a new drummer, while the frontman Tchort continued with his (originally side-project) Wind of the Black Mountains, till his demise. But enough background for now I suppose, onto the content.

As already stated, they play black/death hybrid and at this point quite reminiscent of the former band. Generally brisky pace and plenty of aggression here. The sound is very good but unfortunately (most likely thanks to the tape, oh how I've always fucking hated cassettes!) the sound kind of fluctuates and wanders about favouring one side occasionally on the first proper track. This does not happen later anymore but is really bothersome if you're listening to this on headphones. Other than that issue, this is a rather good release, I haven't listened to Summon's later material that much but now I feel like I should probably give 'em another go. Meanwhile, why don't you start with this?

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Виолетов генерал - Двойник (1992)

Виолетов генерал - Двойник cassette album 1992
1) Waiting
2) Меланхолия
3) Stranger's Song
4) Maybe
5) Двойник
6) Saviour
7) With the Sea Wisards
8) Молитва
9) Важна операция [cut!]


Lately I've been listening to some slightly more unusual and not metal at all things and you get to suffer the side effects, too. Not that it'd be really that extraordinary at the Coven anyways. But you have to admit, we don't do Bulgarian post-punk/darkwave material that often. Or actually I believe Виолетов генерал, Violetov General to those not fluent with cyrillic letters, were labeled as cold wave? I'm only quite shallowly familiar with these genres. Anyways, I felt like posting the rip I made of my dub of their '92 album, released as far as I know only on cassette. Warning: the last track cuts and I don't know how much. It was all jammed onto one side of a 90 minute tape (which actually would typically have room for 46+ mins of material, like here). Wouldn't mind a complete version.

The sound and dub quality are both reasonably good, though at times it's obvious this was dubbed. Not that original tapes would not wear out. The music is somewhat morose sounding post-punk/new wave with a generally rather cold and alienated atmosphere. In other words, darkwave or coldwave. Wave this or that, is it any good? As said already, I'm by no means an expert in the genre(s) so it's necessary to take whatever I say with certain amount of caution. I find it better that average on what I've heard of the sort of music, admittedly the former Eastern Bloc background and aesthetic gives extra appeal to this. But have a listen if you feel adventurous. I'm not going to make a habit of this but there will be more similar stuff in the future. Not very near future, though.

maanantai 23. maaliskuuta 2015

Agathion - Rehearsal '95

Agathion [fin] - Rehearsal Tape 1995
1) Black Mass
2) Winter Hymn

RGhost / 4shared

I think you might've noticed I was writing about two rehearsal tapes in the previous post so without further ado here's the second Agathion rehearsal I was dubbed by brother Grev, thanks as always! I'm not going to repeat my (lack of) background information here, what was written on the previous entry applies here so we move onto content.

Two songs again, this time they're both "proper" tracks so it's a little bit longer recording. Notice the award-winningly generic song titles. Not that it's necessarily such a bad thing. The sound is quite similar to the previous tape, though a bit less clear in a way. The instrumentation seems a little fuller this time around, perhaps there are more musicians involved? It's still more melancholic than aggressive but leans more obviously to black metal side of things, at least in my opinion. Overall tempo is quite slow, especially in the first rather dreary dirge. The second song speeds up to a midtempo and includes background vocals to an interesting effect. A very awkward, brief solo is included too. Strangely this sounds this time around much more interesting than on the previous and initial listens, perhaps it's growing on me? And now I'm wondering if there were more rehearsal tapes or anything else by them, as usual drop me a note if you know something. Recommended but with a bit of caution.

lauantai 21. maaliskuuta 2015

Agathion - Rehearsal '94

Agathion [fin] - Rehearsal tape 1994
1) Prayer of a Suffering Man
2) Beyond Sacrifice


This is a quickie, as in a really short release once again. It also serves to satisfy the curiosity of a certain comrade and initially when I asked brother Grev to dub me the two rehearsal tapes of Finnish Agathion, mine. I don't really have much information on the band, as far as I know/remember they just recorded these rehearsal tapes that were sent to some people and that's it. Or was there a demo too? I think I recall at least one, maybe two less-than-enthusiastic reviews in 'zines but my memory is really undependable here. Brother Grev didn't really have much to say either, except that he recalled getting the recordings via trading circa '96/'97. No covers and probably none were made either.

I said this is short and this means less than five minutes for the two tracks here, second being more like an outro. The rehearsal sound is not bad really, it's kinda full, almost warm and a little awkward sounding. Music is medium paced and somewhere in the middle ground between black and death metal. It's more melancholic than aggressive overall and despite being a brief, somewhat clumsy and ever so slightly embarassing experience it has certain charm to it. Reminds me of something I haven't done in a while, that. There's some annoying wear in later part of the first track but nothing too drastic. I suppose that is all I have to say about it, recommended for the usual curious/fanatic lot and collectors of old obscure recordings.

perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2015

T.O.L.K - Entropia demo 1996

T.O.L.K - Entropia demo 1996
1) Raspi
2) Simpance homous

RGhost / Mediafire

And now something different, still Finnish but really quite different. This is another sending of master Sorvali, thanks for the scan and rip! I don't remember it but I was told I'd been looking for this or asking about it. Must've been drunk. So, it's a demo by the... I don't know what to call it, progressive weird ass project T.O.L.K which apparently recorded two (not 100% sure about that) demos and at least this one is instrumental and features the trio of Santeri Saksala of Alamaailman Vasarat on drums, Nipa Ryti playing bass (don't really know him from elsewhere) and an Aleksi Laiho from Inearthed on guitar. That band split up pretty soon after getting a deal in '97 but he started a new one, you might've heard of it. They actually played live with this, there was a clip from '97 on Youtube which I'm now too lazy to look up again. But it was there.

Enough stalling, to the music. Only two songs but both are of moderate length so there's ten minutes of stuff to chew. I still don't know what to accurately call this, progressive metal I suppose might be a suitable catch-all description I can shove this under and flee. The people obviously are proficient with their instruments and I suppose they know what they're doing. I wish I could say the same. Well, it's not that outrageously bizarre but still outside my usual palate. Recommeded for people into progressive music, interested in the involved parties other bands or fans of apes.

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Varjosielu - Kalpea demo 2001

Varjosielu - Kalpea demo (CDr) II 2001
1) Kuilu
2) Kalpea
3) Myrskyntuoja

Yandex / Zippy

I decided to continue with Finnish non-metal items for a bit longer, rejoice or mourn as your preference may be, this is another reader contribution and the second release (as far as I know) from the band formerly known as Wind. This recording was released as a CDr by Dragonthrone and it contains two new songs, one long (10+ mins) and one short plus another long bonus track taken from the previous demo released on cassette by Chanteloupe Creations. Scans of the covers were provided by the contributor, thanks for your efforts!

Ok, if you listened to the Wind demos you'll know every one of them was a bit different, developing more and more into darkwave/neo-classical from the almost dungeon synth origins. The first song here sounds like a mixture of gothic neo-classical, darkwave, new wave and post-punk, the latter due the vocals which also occasionally stray into almost black metal territory too. Instrumentation is mostly piano and synth, but there is percussion too, provided by a session member and some guitars. Despite the silly sounding moments this is fascinating, at times great even. But the silly bits tend to be very silly. The middle track is the runt of the litter at pop-songish playtime of three and a half minutes which is kind of a relief after the very long and somewhat trying first track. It's a melancholic song with voice and acoustic guitars being the most dominant elements and this one strays to the neofolk terrain strongly. Last track, the bonus one from the previous demo, is a long avant-gardish piece harkening back to Wind's self-described surrealist chamber music. More varied in instrumentation and songwriting than the two new tracks but does not feel as charming as they did. I don't know if Varjosielu released or recorded anything else later, but this is recommended to the people who enjoyed the Wind demos, like gothic/wave/experimental stuff or make a point to hear all Dragonthrone/Ståhlhammer releases.

maanantai 16. maaliskuuta 2015

Kharadrai - Millenia demo 1998

Kharadrai - Millenia demo II 1998
1) Aethera X
2) My Void Is No More
3) Throne ov Nahemoth
4) Last


It's time to post something non-German and non-metal again so I thought I'd resume uploading the Kharadrai demos master Sorvali kindly contributed to the Coven. The first one was posted a few weeks ago here. Scans of the cover are included.

Four tracks this time and one of them (might be) familiar from the Elven Witchcraft compilation so you might have more clear expectations for this one. The music is not as minimalistic and simple as on the previous demo, while that one was pretty much straight ambient this combines industrial, ambient and classical, the combination (according to the artist on Meathooked #2) "exceeding the debut work infinite times". Well, I'm glad he was happy with how this turned out and sure there's a lot more stuff going on but I kinda like the debut more personally. There are some whispering vocals included for brief time on the second track, the one from the compilation, but otherwise it's instrumental. Enough from me, listen to the demo already, I know you're curious.

lauantai 14. maaliskuuta 2015

Martyrium - Arcanum de Via Occulta demo 1993

Martyrium - Arcanum de Via Occulta demo II 1993
1) Atum's Speech
2) A Living Ba
3) Winds of Apocalypse


Today we return to Germany to fulfill a request of several people, with the help of brother Grev and his comrade, thank you as usual gentlemen. Here is the second demo of Martyrium, I don't think I need to introduce them much further, considering I posted the first demo recently here. This rip, despite its rather low bitrate (160 kbps), is superior in quality to the one most commonly seen floating in the cyberspace.

All the three songs here would appear again on the debut album, though it's notable that the track division on the CD is screwed up a bit, with part of "A Living Ba" being added to "Atum's Speech" which is really just an intro sort of track. It's correctly divided here. Sound is quite good, though not as clear as on the previous demo it feels a bit more powerful and actually more balanced than on the album. If you've heard Martyrium before, you know how this'll sound and what it's like. Enough words, recommended obviously to people who liked the previous demo, are into 90's German black metal etc. Actually I consider this part of basic curriculum so you should really give it a listen if you're into black metal at all.

perjantai 13. maaliskuuta 2015

Ordo Draconis - When the Cycle Ends demo 1997

Ordo Draconis - When the Cycle Ends demo I 1997
1) A Crimson Dawn
2) Fading Daylight
3) The Gloaming of the Haunted Eve
4) The Nightwanderer


This demo is another of master Sorvali's sendings so thanks to him for the rip + scans and it's the first tape of the Dutch band Ordo Draconis, often seen labeled as black metal but that's not really right as this is straight out fantasy metal with dark/black metal sound. This is also one of those tapes I keep thinking was released by Elven Witchcraft but nope, it was distributed by EW (among others) and released by the band themselves.

The demo consists of four tracks, of which the second one is a short instrumental. Sound is quite good, strong and mostly clear though it does get a bit clogged at the faster bits with vocals on. According to the covers the music was recorded live which certainly contributes to the energy of the performance. Melodic, at times symphonic even, dark fantasy metal, I suppose you know the sort, with atmospheric slower breaks, guitar leads, raspy black metal vocals and some female voices provided by Femke from Gandillion. The main vocalist/bassist Moloch apparently is nowadays in Hell Militia, as a side note. This is quite well performed and I remember liking this back when it was released but it's not really my cup of coffee these days. Though like tea it's not really that repelling or anything, a bit is fine every now and then, but I prefer more bitter, black beverage. Give them a listen if you're into melodic and atmospheric metal or interested in EW-associated material, I'm off to get me some coffee.

keskiviikko 11. maaliskuuta 2015

Fimbulvetr - ...bis die Welt vergeht demo 2003

Fimbulvetr - ...bis die Welt vergeht demo I 2003
1) In Betrachtung des letzten Sonnenfalls
2) Katharsis
3) Triumph des Todes
4) In Stahlgewittern
5) Gimle
6) Fidelity Shall Triumph (Thor's Hammer cover)


How about another German black metal band, with a name inspired by Norse mythology but slightly more recent? Better say yes because that's what you are getting today. This is the first demo by Fimbulvetr and another contribution by brother Baldemar, thank you for the rip and scan!

Let's get to business without further ado. Six tracks for almost half an hour and as shorter instrumental tracks 1 and 5 are serving as intro and outro (sixth is a cover track so not part of the demo "proper") this leaves three quite long songs as the main part of the demo. Not as long as the over ten minute slabs on the second demo but well over six minutes each still. The sound is raw and slightly low as well as favouring the right channel. At first I meant to adjust it a bit but then scrapped that plan, people might be able to adjust the volume by themselves. Despite being somewhat later recording than most on this blog this does sound remarkably like 90's German black metal demos did. So if you dig that sound, or raw black metal with drawn out, somewhat crude songs and a generally rough performance this might be for you.

sunnuntai 8. maaliskuuta 2015

Mjölnir - Midgard, erwache! demo 1996

Mjölnir - Midgard, erwache! demo III 1996
1) Ase heißt ewig mein Vater
2) Toten für Wotan
3) Walpurgisfeuer
4) Der große Gott Pan
5) Midgard, erwache!
6) Donar in Trudheim
7) Mein ist der Thron
8) Ich bin der Drache
9) Rückkehr nach Niflheim
10) Elben Macht (Toten für Wotan II)
11) Die Kunde aus ferner Zeit II
12) Endlose Hymne an die Abendröte

Rusfolder / Depositfiles

Today, March 8th, was International Women's Day and I thought it'd be nice to somehow celebrate that. So I thought to myself, "what do women like" and that's easy: raw 90's black metal, especially German, Polish und so weiter. Probably other stuff too but let's not go there. So here's some Deutsch Mjölnir, the third demo "Midgard, erwache!" ripped from my (dubbed) copy and including a scan of the xeroxed cover. Quality should be decent enough, picture and soundwise.

This is a long demo and I mean really long, it's a bit over 90 minutes and that's honestly too much already. If you've heard the band's only album from '98, or the fourth demo "Walpurgisfeuer" (which should be pretty easy to find), you possibly expect something similar here. While the album and the demo are kind of a mixture of raw and symphonic black metal elements this is a much cruder take on the form though easy enough to recognize as the same band. The first song is a long, rather epic piece with clean voices, resembling viking-era Bathory to degree while the second one is faster and more aggressive with militant, lifeless machine gun percussion and generally nsbm-vibe on it. The melodic strumming over the mess creates a bizarre feeling. Third song is somewhere between the first two, combining the slow pace of the first with the raw voice and aesthetic of the second track. Fourth song is the longest of the metal tracks and also combines the elements in similar fashion to the third track.

The three long ambient tracks 6, 9 and 12 were written by Thursenheim whoever he may be and my division of the tracks here differs from the interpretation of the Metal Archives contributor as I ended the title track right where the metal ends and had all the ambient that follows, pauses and all, as "Donar in Trudheim" while they had included part of it as outro to "Midgard, erwache!" and I'm obviously right here. Actually I'd like to revise my earlier statement, as the presence of the long synth tracks breaks the demo into more easily digested parts it doesn't feel too long after all. The tracks are of fitting enough aesthetic and length to warrant the dungeon synth tag for the post, I think. It's easy to write this off as one of those crappy B-division demos but it's quite fascinating and more than that. Give it some (ok, quite a lot) of your time and it might reward you. Or you might end up annoyed at me and having wasted an hour and a half of your life. Choose wisely, I've a nap to take.

perjantai 6. maaliskuuta 2015

Valgrind - Pakkasen lapsi demo 2002

Valgrind - Pakkasen lapsi demo I 2002
1) Pakkasen lapsi
2) Musta vesi
3) Pohjola

Mediafire / Zippy

Let's do another Finnish item and another one of master Sorvali's contributions. This is Valgrind from Helsinki who made (at least) two demos before sort of vanishing and this is the first one (that I know of). If the cover scans Henu enclosed are really all there was they weren't too keen on sharing information, I presume the song titles were written on the cassette or something like that. Well, at least the cover's unusually colourful.

Three songs which are all quite epic length at well over six minutes each and they seem to be either pretty directly inspired by my contributor's band or drawing from same sources. This probably gets labeled viking metal all around even though the lyrics are not about Norse topics, I'd rather call this heathen metal. Unfortunately the tape seems to have a bit of wear in the beginning of the first song, happily this does not carry on for too long. Other than that the sound and rip quality are good. The second track is the slowest and gloomiest of the lot while the last one is again faster and oddly enough the catchiest despite the longest playtime. What else should I say... well, it's quite a good listen but I can't help comparing this to Moonsorrow in my head which is somewhat distracting. Anyways, I suppose this can be recommended quite safely to fans of theirs and heathen/viking metal enthusiasts in general. I'd like to hear the second demo too.

keskiviikko 4. maaliskuuta 2015

Realm of Frost - Rehearsal Track '96

Realm of Frost - Rehearsal track 1996
1) Through the Valley of Frost

Yandex / RGhost

Metal, as promised, and today I've once again teamed up with brother Grev to fulfill a request by sister Borderline, this is the single unreleased (sort of) rehearsal track by Finnish black metal band Realm of Frost. And yeah, I took my sweet time getting to it, I know. Thanks to Grev for dubbing this to me and as there's obviously no cover art for this I've just used the band pic from the '96 demo.

This track does not appear on the demo, adding the total of Realm of Frost songs to respectable three. I don't know if this was recorded before or after the demo and to be honest not much more either related to the band I hadn't already mentioned here. This song is shorter than the either of the demo tracks but not much and the rehearsal recording has a pretty good sound. Quite clear, with the percussion as most dominating element, vocals and strings somewhat falling back. Varying tempos and a slow, atmospheric part in the latter half. Would've been interesting to hear another demo from them but looks like this is all we got. Pick this up if you liked the demo or enjoy collecting somewhat obscure 90's Finnish stuff.

tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2015

Apeiron - Stardust demo 1997 [updated]

Apeiron - Stardust demo III 1997
1) Posting on Streams of Anti-Matter
2) Pan's Journey to the Cosmic Void


Haven't I seen this before might be what a lot of you are thinking now. And yes, you have, here. Unfortunately that time around we were operating under misinformation as comrade Running Wild pointed out, a friend of his owning an actual copy of the tape. See below for an image of it, you can (somewhat barely) see the tracklisting there.

This is why we really need full cover scans, readable ones, for everything. The music is naturally still the same, I just divided it into the two tracks. There was even an obvious pause which I did notice when listening to this initially but for all I knew the tracklisting was "Stardust". Well, better to have things cleared up later than not ever, please download this again if you got the original version and if you didn't grab this the first time around, well, do that now if you enjoy "cosmic light ambient" or are a fan of Dreamlord's other work. Next post is going to be something else than ambient, this time for reals!

sunnuntai 1. maaliskuuta 2015

Lunar Womb - Planets demo I 1996

Lunar Womb - Planets demo I 1996
1) The Labyrinths of Ktonor
2) As the Winter Comes...
3) Night Towers

Mediafire / Rusfolder

Hollow Myths

Sunday's chill out zone strikes back. And here is the much discussed first Lunar Womb demo, recorded with the slightly larger line-up of both Sorvali cousins and featuring Kharadrai who provides the lyrics and voice on the first track. My thanks to Henu for sharing this after a bit of hesitation, you did the right thing as there are plenty of people out there who wanted to hear this. Cover scans enclosed.

I've warned a few times that this is a very different entity from the second demo. If you look at the big picture you could say they're more under the same umbrella of ambient music but this is a bit more ...unrefined gathering of experiments. The first track is really, really long and very repetitive as well as the only one to have lyrics, like earlier mentioned, and vocals which (fortunately in my opinion) are quite sunken in the background. Despite going on for far longer than necessary (over twenty minutes) it's sort of grown on me and brings about a certain dreamlike state. Or I might've dozed off for a bit. Second song is shorter and more in the traditional instrumental interlude or even dungeon synth field, with some folkish touches and a hefty serving of repetition. Nice. Third song is again a long one and it's a quite minimalistic ambient piece that seems somewhat monotonous at first but has more subtly going on than seemed. Not bad at all once you get over the possible initial "shock" and expectations the second demo might have set up. Recommended for friends of ambient music, collectors of Meat Hook Prods stuff and other curious passers-by. Next will be metal. Or something different.

UPDATE: Discovered, to my slight surprise, that Hollow Myths of USA had released a CD compiling this and "The Astral Grief" - I can't say anything definite about the release itself but looks promising. Apparently both were remastered too. See link above.