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Bathagor - Die Spuren des Krieges demo '02

Bathagor - Die Spuren des Krieges demo 2002
1) Leidenträger
2) Schattenzorn
3) Blutsturm
4) Die Spuren des Krieges
5) Nachtgedanken
6) Wege die Misanthropie
7) Rosetränen
8) Bathagor (Kaltes Licht)

Mega / RGhost

I decided to stick to black metal contributions for now. Sort of, for this tape by Germany's Bathagor is quite unusual after all. Rip and scans sent by LKS, thanks as always, and further processed (I think I just separated it into tracks) by me. What is so special about this then? Is it the cool sword-stuck-in-snow cover? No, though I like the neat simplicity of it, it's the line-up of the band. Or more like what they do, as this consists of a fellow doing vocals and lyrics who calls himself Daron and another guy called Dima who does guitar. And that's it. They're not using any other instrumentation besides the aforementioned guitar and (mainly harsh) vocals. And this tape runs for more than 45 minutes! It's pretty much since this is essentially stripped down raw black metal. Of course you can imagine a steady lifeless cold ticking of a cheap drum machine to back this up but it's just not the same thing as actually having it there!

Sound is decent for what it is, the guitar tone is pretty strong and rough, not thin razor sharp or cold and wispy like some forms of raw black metal prefer it. The primary black metal voice is a hoarse croak, not too dissimilar from Abbath's actually. There are attempts at melody so it's not just monotonous raspy gargling. Only mostly. The riffing is varied enough to not bore listener to tears but album length is still too much. I can't help missing a bit more ingredients, but it works better than I remembered and does not lead to scurvy, merely slight malnourishment. Pack something more well-rounded for your ocean voyages but feel free to sample this while on port. Minimalists and eccentrics rejoice, as well as gatherers of German obscurities.

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Maniac Butcher - Live in Annaberg '97

Maniac Butcher - Live in Annaberg 22nd March 1997
1) Zrada / Treachery
2) Půlnočni říše / Midnight Empire
3) Lučané / Lučans
4) Žatecký hrad / Castle of Saaz
5) Poslední bitva / The Last Battle
6) Soudný den / The Judgement Day
7) Jáma pekel (cover from Master's Hammer)

Depositfiles / Zippyshare

A black metal sending this time, courtesy of our reader PaganiusI, thanks for the rip and cover scan! This is the venerable Maniac Butcher from Czech Republic and their performance from Annaberg one month (and twenty years) ago which was released as official live cassette on Barbarüd's Pussy God Records. It's not at all hard to acquire, as at least recently B. was selling copies of the covers with a master CDr to underground distros so you should be able to get a copy cheaply should you feel like wanting one after listening.

The sound on this live is quite violent and in your face, the rather loud rip further enforcing the fact. Then again, Maniac Butcher isn't exactly subtle and gentle kind of music to start with so it's appropriate enough. The recording, which I assume to be the full show, runs for a bit under 40 minutes which is above average for Maniac Butcher albums and features all the songs from "Lučan - antikrist" album, the most recent release that time, including a cover version of Master's Hammer classic Jáma pekel. Not much more to say here, it's raw no frills, bells whistles keyboards or female vocals black metal, but by no means mindless dull warlike pounding like too many "stripped down" raw war hordes tend to be. Next might be about time to do some non-metal music again, what do you think?

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In My Veins - Demo & Rehearsal '95

In My Veins - The Red Sky at Dawn demo 1995
1) Shrouded in Darkness and Despair
2) Black Vault of Heaven
3) The Red Sky at Dawn
4) Snow in My Hand

In My Veins - Rehearsal Track 1995
1) Black Vault of Heaven

In My Veins - Rehearsal 1995
1) Flaring Ground
2) Enwrapped in Thought

Sampo / Sendspace

Another repost?!? Yes, but this was also somewhat justified, seeing that I originally managed to mistitle the first track and the rips themselves were a little lackluster. So once again here's In My Veins, hailing from Pirkkala and they played melodic death metal, ripped anew in... '15 summer already? What have I been doing? For consistency's sake I kept the dark metal tag I had assigned them back in '09 when these were originally posted but I'm not quite sure it's really that relevant as it's essentially very basic Finnish melodeath of the era. The old cover scan included, it's a very simple affair anyways.

I crammed all the material into one folder and added one previously unreleased item, the rehearsal track which wasn't a new one at all, it was the second song off the demo as you may see. There was no date for it but obviously the rehearsal version is rawer and noisier than the studio take, sounds more aggressive too. I'm thinking it was recorded later but cannot really say that for certain. The rehearsal with the two new songs is the roughest and most in-your-face of the selection. A little unfair, the subdued sound of the demo makes it seem more lethargic than it really is when compared to the rehearsal songs. Nothing groundbreaking here but pretty good, melodic dark/death metal so if you're into that and missed this before grab it now and if you picked it up earlier I still advice to check the new rips out.

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Blood Chalice - Journey Through Shadowlands demo '00

Blood Chalice - Journey Through Shadowlands demo 2000
1) I Am... The Adversarial One
2) In Hunt for the Blood of Jesus (Christ Hunting)
3) Mesmerizing Zephyr, Tantalising Death
4) The Dagger and the Chalice of Blood

Mediafire / 4shared

Here's something more from the exotic side of the globe and probably one of the worst sounding demos/rips featured on the blog. Blood Chalice of Singapore, who seem to be obscure enough to not be on Metal Archives (though I trust they soon will be) with their 2000 demo which may or may not be also their only one, sent by comrade Nefarious back with other items already long ago. Thanks again for contributing! A cover scan is enclosed.

Four songs but they are quite long so the playing time is a challenging 25+ minutes. Challenge mostly due the unpleasant sound I already mentioned on the first paragraph. How bad can it be then, to irk me? Well, you see the main issue is the weird bass drum sound much of the time burying almost everything else underneath. Like suffocating someone with a pillow while they try to recite The Oath, you can make out what it's supposed to be but it's kinda hard to enjoy it. Or like poor Shouta-kun sleeping in the 8th episode of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon ...now I'm starting to digress so far I won't be able to find my way back if I'm not careful. Let's see, it's worst in the very beginning (of course, the all-important first impression!) but gets less drastic eventually and with enough exposure I guess one would get used to it. A pity since the music isn't that bad by itself, kind of raw and old schoolish black metal. I'm not really associating it with their own slogan of cold nihilistic ultra black metal, the warm, asphyxiating mass of wobbly bass marshmallow hell contradicts coldness pretty severely. If anyone can provide me with a better rip (assuming the problem is with that) I'd be very happy to receive it, no matter the bitrate. For sound extremists, seekers of endless obscurity and the purely perverted. Feel free to enjoy if you can, I won't judge!

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Key of Alocer #7

Key of Alocer 'zine, issue 7 (1996)
Queen of Zamagard
Helish Magick and Race
Martial Arts, Ethos and the West
Survival of the Fittest
Diamanda Galás (interview taken from The Greenwich Village Press)
Delusion and Homophobia
Gtum-Mo: A Dharmic Heresy
Into the Final Frontier
Prince of Darkness - A Heretical Topography
Music and the Satanic Aesthetic
In the Shadows of the Talmud
New Science, Old Soul
Hitler as Avatar
The Black Order - of Pan-Europa -
The Political and Racial Views of H.P. Lovecraft
The Metaphysics of the Discworld
+ reviews divided to literature & music


A 'zine contribution today, sent by a reader of ours whom we'll call here simply A. Thank you for supporting the cause! This is the seventh issue of the notorious Key of Alocer, you may remember I posted the fourth one roughly five years ago.

I mentioned the older issues on the write up there, to recapitulate they were essentially traditional metal fanzines with articles on occult and such themes on the side while the fourth one was the turning point; music (especially metal) was put to sidelines in favour of the other sorts of stuff. Master Fenrirsson discussed the later issues briefly in the comments section, writing: "...I have all 9 issues of Key of Alocer (last one was called "Koaxial"). They steadily went downhill in terms of content (eg more tedious and self indulgent on behalf of the editor), and became more of a mouthpiece for homosexuality and transgenderism... I knew the editor for quite a while, because he lived not far from me, but I moved away and severed contact..." F was also planning to scan the missing issues to me before handing them forward, but things happened and that did not come to pass. I can't say I'd be really heartbroken, I've since read scans of older issues (I have at least #2 at hand and am pretty sure I should have either #1 or #3 as well) and while they are clearly more interesting to me as well as quite entertaining they can't be called top-notch classics or anything. Which leads us finally to this, the seventh incarnation.

I think I've tried navigating through this three or four times by now, unsuccessfully. It really is quite tedious as Fenrirsson put it and I always seem to think of better uses for my time and stop reading. As you may notice from above, this issue does not feature a single interview made by Abaaner (or A°A°I apparently at that time) - the sole interview (Diamanda Galás) is taken from elsewhere. Originally I was going to list the contributors after the articles but skipped the idea as not all were credited and it would've been a pain anyways. Let's just settle with a mention there is a lot of contributed material on this issue and at least two of the articles were responses to another from a previous issue. Touchy one I suppose. The reviews which I eyed through were actually quite entertaining and pretty interesting. Right, if you liked/were intrigued (or offended) by KoA#4 be sure to check this out too. Even more so if the subjects of the articles and featurettes interest you.

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Acheron - Rehearsal '89

Acheron - Rehearsal 1989
1) Jaws of Satan (Sathanas cover)
2) Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)
3) Raise the Dead (Bathory cover)

Sampo / Depositfiles

Here's an early Acheron rehearsal, featuring three tracks which are all in essence covers, though the first one is Jaws of Satan by Sathanas, which split into Acheron and Bathym back in '88 (and reformed around '91/'92 again), so it's essentially their own song performed by their new band. In case you don't know, Acheron was and/or is a well-known and quite influential US Satanic death metal band. Or black/death, depending on the era. Ripped from a tape I traded back in the 90's, I don't think it ever had a cover as it was most likely just dubbed to some contacts.

At slightly over ten minutes this is a compact package of vintage black/death/thrash metal. The two "proper" covers are of course classic picks and they play them with vigor and enthusiasm. Quite a poor release to get to know Acheron, admittedly, as their own material does not resemble this recording much. It's still a fun listen, the sound is okay for rehearsal and packs even a bit of punch. Not much to add really, except that I actually wish it was longer, maybe add a few Death, Venom, 'Fate, Slayer etc. numbers. Now I feel like listening to old 'Frost or maybe Hellhammer.

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Throes of Dawn - With the Northern Wind demo '94 [new rip]

Throes of Dawn - With the Northern Wind demo I 1994
1) Autumn Winds
2) Outburning Sun
3) Silent Throes

Zippyshare / Sendspace

Looks like I really did a repost today. Let's go back to December 2008 when I first posted a rip of the debut demo of Throes of Dawn, "With the Northern Wind" released in 1994. Or let's not really since that rip was not very good. The bitrate was so-and-so, the rip was a bit too loud and brickwalled and worst of all I managed to do it in mono unintentionally. Well, that is the price of self-taught things. Especially with people who don't bother to read instructions.

I've made the rip from the same tape as last time and yeah, it is little worn but nothing drastic. To elaborate a bit from the old entry, the three tracks presented here are quite long and pretty ambitious for such a young band they were back then. Melodic, at best moments very catchy stuff with fairly complex song structures. You know, plenty of tempo changes and different parts that just barely connect to each other. Like a Lego structure built by an ambitious child, it just narrowly stays together and does not collapse into a mess of caltrops. Well, the clean vocals are still very, very cringeworthy, especially in the last song which altogether feels like least fluent of the constructions with its I'm-gonna-fall-I-can't-stop-now-oh-jesus-why-am-I-going-this-fast-I'm-gonna-die sort of fast, death metally parts and other clunky bits. The first song, which they re-recorded for the debut album "Pakkasherra" is the best of the crop while the rest follow conveniently in descending order.

Throes of Dawn are still active and have released albums in slow and steady pace while changing to a more mellow, atmospheric and somewhat progressive direction, with the most recent one out last August. To my surprise I found myself enjoying the more recent works better than the late 90's/millennium period where I stopped following them. I'm listening to the 2010 album as I type this and it's more like (new) Tiamat than any sort of meloblack or dark metal of their past and at least initially much better than I recall "Binding of the Spirit" was. The clean singing sounding finally good helps a lot I guess. This really had nothing to do with the demo here. If you liked this before, this is a bit better rip so get it. If you haven't heard them before this is a natural starting point. Let's see if next post would be more death/black or something totally different. It won't be a repost. Probably.

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Curse - Rehearsal 14/05/94

Curse (fin) - Rehearsal 14th May 1994
1) Infant Jesus Dead
2) Blasphemous Incantation
3) Demons Appear
4) Blasphemy
5) Ferocia Animi

4shared / Yandex

Aaaand here's the rest of the botched Curse entry, the last five tracks which actually date to 1994. This way the tracklisting starts to make sense, there are now three "new" (for the time) tracks and two familiar from the "Satanic Dominion" demo. But I've already discussed these too in the old entry so I don't feel like repeating myself all over again. Took the opportunity to adjust/update the white-on-black alternative cover I did for the '93 rehearsal to serve as placeholder for this one.

Next post should probably be something different. Or more black/death... then again I could make a few more reposts with better rips of old things?

Curse - Rehearsal 09/08/93

Curse (fin) - Rehearsal 9th August 1993
1) Infant Jesus Dead
2) Satanic Dominion
3) Disciples of Mockery

RGhost / Mediafire

Let's do this again. See the previous entry for a long description of the music, source and all that crap.

Now this makes much more sense. Three tracks, two of which appear on the debut demo recorded two months later the same year and the last one apparently only here. Oh yeah, I checked and could not find a song of that name at least on the M-A so I guess it's not a cover. Still sounds a lot like Deicide. That is all, please either download again or adjust your tags thank you~

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Curse - Rehearsal 09/08/93 [incorrect!]

Curse (fin) - Rehearsal 9th August 1993
1) Infant Jesus Dead
2) Satanic Dominion
3) Disciples of Mockery
4) Infant Jesus Dead
5) Blasphemous Incantation
6) Demons Appear
7) Blasphemy
8) Ferocia Animi

Links removed as entry is incorrect.

More vintage Finnish black/death metal, or brutal black metal if you prefer, this is Curse of Finland and a rehearsal recording predating the first demo "Satanic Dominion" sent by brother Baldemar years ago, finally laid on the altar as black candles glow and the shadows crawl. I suppose he got it via trading back in the day and it has probably travelled through several decks and dwelt on multiple cassettes before ending up in B's hands. Yeah, there is tape wear and other associated flaws, but it's not too bad. There was no proper cover, or I so I think, yet I felt like whipping up a placeholder in the vein of the first demo. And then I could not decide if I should have it black on white or reversed. Went with first option to follow the look of the demos.

At first I wanted to go with this so it'd look better on the blog.

As I mentioned earlier there is wear and tear here, most notably present on the first track. It gets a bit better and generally it's a pretty good rehearsal sound. I can't help thinking this is actually two separate sessions instead of one as the sound changes quite a bit at the fourth track. Would explain why they do Infant Jesus Dead twice. Though it was something of a signature song. Maybe they took a break and adjusted the stuff to make the sound heavier and decided to re-do that song and then proceed? Anyways, this contains all three songs from "Satanic Dominion", Blasphemous Incantation which would appear on the split tape and two songs out of four from "The Black Horde" cassette EP. Disciples of Mockery would seem to be unreleased, maybe they dropped it because it sounds so much like Deicide? I think I've written enough about Curse here over the years so I'll cut this here. Recommended for fans of Curse (obviously) and old Finnish deathly black metal in general.

UPDATE: Well, brother Grev informed me that this is actually two separate rehearsals, which I kind of suspected already. First three tracks are the '93 session and the rest are from May '94. I'll make a repost with the corrected information. Yay.

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Nocturnal Feast - Hymn to Darkness demo '92

Nocturnal Feast - Hymn to Darkness demo I 1992
1) Intro: Live Eva
2) Ave Satanas
3) Enter the Eternal Night
4) Ancient Gods
5) Gates of Wisdom
6) The Gathering
7) Outro: The Waves of Acheron

Mega / Sampo

I'm behind schedule due unexpected "sick leave" but let's not dwell on that and rather push onward, to more old and moldy Finnish metal. This is Nocturnal Feast's only demo from '92, the band would gain much more notoriety under the banner of Black Dawn and survives today calling themselves (The) True Black Dawn with an album out on World Terror Committee. I know rips of this demo have been circulating around before but after having read their entry on Pirunkehto and recalling seeing this tape among the cassettes donated by Jukka from Curse ...wow, over six years ago?! Shit, I've even kept them in the same plastic bag all this time. Where was I? Yeah, so, remembered had the tape and decided to rip it. Here we go. I think his copy is original, sure the cover is somewhat sloppily xeroxed, but that hardly was uncommon at the time and the tape is a blackened-with-marker-pen type of affair with program repeating on both sides and something else dubbed after the demo as people were wont to do. I've discovered many a strange thing that way. More relevant than the authenticity is the content which we discuss next.

So if you're not familiar with old Black Dawn stuff, it was black/death metal hybrid, or Satanic death metal or evil milk metal as their old flyer described it (true story). Now that I checked, I've posted that flyer earlier. How convenient! Actually, seeing that I've posted pretty much all of old Black Dawn material you'd sort of had to either consciously avoid it or have jumped on board recently in which case welcome and please start from here and then proceed to other items in proper order.

The sound of the demo is very good, which is not really surprising if you consider this was recorded in a proper grown ups' studio and not one of those 4-tracker-in-rehearsal-room/garage-hey-lets-call-this-necrocatacomb-studio-awesome-idea-you-guys -things. Music leans more heavily on death metal here so the ratio might be like 75% death 25% black... or perhaps even more? Voice varies between deeper death growls and hoarse, raspy half-shriek half-yells with the growling being slightly more dominant of the two elements. Ever so slightly. There's also some whispers and generally good variation on the main forms. All five actual songs are quite short and simple affairs though tempos do alternate between faster, intense bursts of aggression and heavier, slower, bludgeoning passages. Enter the Eternal Night is the shortest of the lot at just over 1½ minutes while Ave Satanas almost makes it to three minutes. I also like the intro and outro bits. Ok, I think that's enough text for this time, coming up next even more black/death metal. Let's make this a black/death month!

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Svartsyn - Aandens melankoli MLP '96 (2015 Remaster)

Svartsyn (nor) - Aandens melankoli mini-album 1996, "unreleased" CD remaster 2015
1) Forhekset av nordlyset
2) Den monumentale horde
3) Mektigens herskere
4) Døden...jeg våkner!

Sendspace / Depositfiles

Gnarled Records

Third post on this mini-album?!? Surely you jest? - must be what many of you are thinking even while this certainly isn't the first time the Coven emulates TV broadcasting with reruns. Now it is, however, perhaps more justified than ever as what we have here is both the best sounding version of the material in question as well as an officially endorsed upload. You see, as I (finally) updated to the write up of the previous version of "Aandens melakoli" here, Gnarled Records hailing from Germany did a very faithfully remastered vinyl re-release in 2015 which I urge you to order if you have a preference for the format and/or a player. There was also an unofficial CD release on Burznazg which I've been told is no good at all. Anyways, I was recently approached by Steffen of Gnarled Rex via email and he informed me that a CD remaster had been made as well but it was decided against releasing it in that format. However he decided to make it available for people with no vinyl player or preference for the digital and sent me the files which I've now uploaded. He has also put up a link at the Gnarled site, see link above. Thank you for sharing, Steffen!

The music has been discussed already here and here, so I'll just repeat it is slow and gloomy material, quite unfit for sunny spring days perhaps but recommended. And the remastering is excellent work, by Patrik W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony. It really brings out details and nuances buried in earlier versions. Yeah, so if you still haven't heard this but like black/doom metal, or just slow and dreary material in general it is about time to give this a try. Next post will be in the more usual vein and most likely old Finnish material. Unless I change my mind again or heavy protests arise.

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Kraina Wiecznego Mrozu - Ziemia ojców demo I '98

Kraina Wiecznego Mrozu - Ziemia ojców demo I 1998
1) Pruskie leśne królestwo
2) Nigdy mu się nie poddam
3) Wojna
4) Ziemia ojców

RGhost / Yandex

I think I owe you folks some black metal and this item is a bit overdue, I was supposed to post it pretty much right after me and sister Borderline finished the discussion over at her blog. If you actually took time to skim through the conversation in the comments and the update note on the write up, excellent - you know what's going on and why! If not, I suppose I'll tl;dr even though I really don't want to: this is an early version/first edition of Polish pagan black metal band Kraina Wiecznego Mrozu's demo "Ziemia ojców" which was re-released, possibly remastered or mixed or something but at least expanded (sound effects, acoustics et all added) by Reakcjonista Magazine in 1999. That is the version you see on M-A and has also been ripped and posted on Dorosłe Dzieci blog. The split by Werewolf Promotion was also based on this version of the recording but he messed the tracklisting up as told by sis B. I've not added a cover image for this since I do not have it and I'm not sure if it had one different from the '99 version. Would obviously appreciate a scan. Interestingly the title of the second track comes in two variations: Nigdy mu się nie poddam and Nigdy mu się nie poddać and both can be correct as first one translates "I will never give up" and second flavour "Never give up" so one is more of a statement while second one would be advice. I went with the version on the tracklisting I got.

Ok, so if you're already familiar with the other version it's the same four tracks but in different order and slightly more stripped down, the interludes and special effects are missing as well as some acoustics. This is roughly two minutes shorter in all. If you are new to the band, good since it's probably better to first hear this rougher take and then the extended one. Generally the sound here is rawer and somewhat more clear and audible than on the split. Music is Polish pagan black metal, of the slightly crude and almost primitive sort with patriotic flair. It's quite METAL too, just check out the very heavy metal break on the second song, halfway through or a little later. It's one of those things that on certain days you dislike and on others adore. Today is strongly the latter. I like the honest enthusiasm you can clearly feel (especially on this version) complimenting the earnest and frantic playing style. Recommended for folks into Polish black metal, pagan black metal and raw screaming coupled with youthfully eager musicianship. Next time again something Finnish. Unless you absolutely want something else, then it will probably be old US stuff. Or a 'zine.

torstai 23. maaliskuuta 2017

Nattvindens Gråt - Där svanar flyger MLP '95

Nattvindens Gråt - Där svanar flyger cassette mini-album 1995
1) En avlägsen stjärna
2) I tysthetens kalla rike
3) Fjälldalen
4) Där svanar flyger
5) 66,5° N

Depositfiles / Mediafire

The Fennoscandian tour returns to Finland and here's a post somewhat similar to other recent ones in spirit; it's an item I originally didn't think I'd post as rips exist online already, but having ripped it for my own use in early '15 I decided to upload it here as well. In the end Nattvindens Gråt isn't as well known as I thought and especially not their earlier style of... of... uh, let's call it atmospheric Nordic metal? Our good old fallback term "dark metal" fails today as this isn't really that dark. Not at least in my opinion... then again some of the things people do call dark metal aren't so dark at all. Oh leave it already and move on! We could vote on it? No, I'm not setting up a poll for that. Cover scans included and they ended up a bit larger than I meant, sorry!

Right, as you see from the title line there this is a (a horrible term follows brace yourselves) 'cassette mini-album', which is something you don't really encounter that often. I guess it's a bit long to be called an EP and too short for a full album, plus it was never intended to be one. Sound is much, much more refined than on the promo track I posted earlier. Waaaay earlier. Wow, that's almost eight years ago! Then again this was recorded in the well-known Astia Studio and features a full line-up instead of a solitary Teemu like on that promo. Including a certain Tuomas on keyboards. Other familiar names to pop up are Nattfursth of Sorhin who helped with the lyrics (they're in Swedish if you did not notice) and the logo artist whom we know by a different name herein the Coven.

The recording runs for roughly 31 minutes and is divided into four longer "proper" tracks and one slightly shorter instrumental that ends it. The longest of the bunch is the already familiar En avlägsen stjärna (remember, small letters apart from the first for Swedish titles!) which kicks the album off and shares the A-side with I tysthetens kalla rike, a somewhat similar song moodwise. Both are mostly in slower midtempo, with slight variations, feature a plenty of synth (well everything does) and are led by Teemu's croaky main vocals. They have a certain epic feel to them. B-side starter Fjälldalen is slightly different as it feels somewhat more aggressive and also the voice is different here, sounds a bit more forced, barky and violent even. Many traditional heavy metal riffs. I think it's been equally audible all the way through, but here I paid extra attention to the very clearly distinguishable bass. Title track is slower again and more melancholic and features an extremely unprofessional male angel choir which I somehow don't find extremely disruptive today?! I recall cringing and fearing I grind away all the precious enamel in most earlier listens but now it's sort of endearing. I must be growing soft. If we don't count the hit-and-miss nature of the clean vocals I think this might be my second favourite from the songs here. The final song is a synth instrumental and very nice. Winter synth. Ok, so if you like melodic, moody, not-exactly-dark-but-almost... dim? wan? obtuse? metal with that certain northern feeling this might be for you. And listening to the advance tape for the first album now directly after this I must say the music does not change that much between them, main thing must be the vocals which on the album are... let's leave that for another time, I was so close to end this write up, dammit! And I do end here, just try and stop me!

sunnuntai 19. maaliskuuta 2017

Lamented Souls - Demo '95

Lamented Souls - Demo 1995
1) Var
2) Eternal Existence
3) Nemesis
4) Hybris

Yandex / Sendspace

Bandcamp (compilation)

Did you think it would be something non-metal today? Too bad, it's more doom as we traverse from one land of Vikings to another. And it's also another item that's been sitting idle for five years. This is Lamented Souls fra Norge and to be honest kind of pointless entry as this demo '95 was released as part of the compilation CD 2004 "The Origins of Misery" on Duplicate Records, a label run by Einar Sjursjø whom you may remember from Beyond Dawn, a few other bands and his Dawnrazor 'zine. Hmm, now I kind of want to see issues of that, I don't think I've ever read one? I was thinking about ordering a copy back in the dark ages but didn't as I recall it was pretty expensive like Norwegian 'zines tended to be. I guess they printed those on baby seal skin with oil or something like that. Anyways, the CD version at least has this too, not sure about the digital version on Bandcamp as it looks like it's missing 4 tracks? You may consider this a preview, the CD can be ordered via the Bandcamp page. /commercial messages

Ok back to topic, Lamented Souls is probably mostly known as the former band of Simen Hestnæs aka ICS Vortex whom you might recognize from a bunch of Norwegian bands like Penthouse Petz (I'd really like to hear that) and Artisan as well as being married to the cartoonist Lise Myhre whom I presume to be the "Lise" credited for the cover art on this demo. The line-up also included Ole Jørgen Moe aka Apollyon of Aura Noir and Dødheimsgard fame, among others, and finally Olav Knutsen aka Bestial Tormentor of Infernö who shared the bass duties with Hestnæs here. As an aside, Sjursjø joined later to play drums while Apollyon switched to guitar which has really nothing to do with this demo. Or sort of does, as that line-up re-recorded two of the songs here on their 1997 session which was finally released as the first half of the compilation.

Good demo sound, recorded in some sort of studio in two days, usual doomy slow tempo that speeds up a little but never goes beyond careful mid pace. Well, maybe a little on the groovy ending track Hybris. Their doom is of very traditional sort, even moreso than Tristitia featured recently. Closer to Black Sabbath, Godsend and say Saint Vitus than anything deathly. I must say due to vocals it brings flashbacks of certain grungy stuff to mind like Alice in Chains. Poorly qualified to discuss that so let's not go further. I think that's enough for now, I strongly suggest getting the compilation if you enjoyed this and if you were here for dungeon synth or black metal I guess you were dissappointed. Next time, probably.

lauantai 18. maaliskuuta 2017

Blazing Eternity - Over sorte heder demo '96

Blazing Eternity - Over sorte heder demo I 1996
1) Over sorte heder
2) Towards the Thorns of Melancholy
3) Da håbet blev borte for altid...
4) Enthralled by Sorrow
5) The Romantic Forest Is Darker Than Sadness

Sampo / Zippyshare

Sometimes it really takes me ridiculously long to do things. Like today's item; I ripped the tape this was on five years ago. I wasn't actually going to post it but somehow the previous entry inspired me so here we are. It's been a while since our last visit to Denmark so about time we return to those shores with Blazing Eternity's first demo. Called black metal by some careless individuals this is probably as close as they got to that, doing a few years later a full-Katatonia wimp out. Or so I've been told, I actually never heard the second album but the development certainly seemed to lead to that path. Anyways, on this debut they play dark metal with harsh main vocals (primary reason people labeled this black metal I suppose), plenty of atmospheric breaks and generally quite mellow mood.

The title track is actually the most aggressive of the songs and gives a bit misleading idea of the release. Personally, I think it's the best of the bunch as well. It does have a slow part in the middle too so perhaps not as misleading as I implied. Interestingly, the other song with Danish lyrics, the short middle track When Hope Was Gone Forever is quite aggressive too while the English tracks tend towards slower, even doomy tempos and generally more... oh hell, look at the damned titles! Melancholy thorns, enthrally sorrow, romantic forest sadness!!! Need I really elaborate? I'm for some reason starting to get really annoyed, this demo has an odd habit of being "oh nice, why don't I listen to this more often" on every other listen and "isn't this girly crap going to ever end" on those less favourable moods. I don't really like the clean vocals, he sounds more like a kid trying his hardest which I suppose will appeal to some folks with strong parental instincts but it's not at all having the effect I'm sure he was striving for. Curiously, years ago I liked this demo better than their second one.

Right, enough of content, I'll just mention this is made from a dub and has generally decent quality but it really could be better. And there are no scans, unfortunately, just a cover image I think I picked up from Discogs. It's a pretty nice cover. That font though. This is all for now, if you like romantic sort of dark metal by cute *I don't know if they're really cute, they do wear corpsepaint on the pic!* young Danes pick this up. If you want manly, harsh war black metal stay at least 10' (~3 meters) away from this!

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Tristitia - Reminiscences of a Mourner demo '94

Tristitia - Reminiscences of the Mourner demo II January 1994
1) Envy the Dead
2) Reminiscences of the Mourner
3) Ashes of the Witch
4) Mark My Words

4shared / Mediafire

I was going to post another Finnish item but ran into a minor problem which I need to tackle first. So instead let's do some Swedish doom and a contribution that had also waited a while to be finished - not that there was much to do than slightly adjust volume and convert it to mp3. This is Tristitia and the second demo from the very beginning of '94. If you're acquainted with the earlier releases of the French label Holy Records you've probably encountered Tristitia, the '95 debut got a fair bit of attention back then for the blend of Candlemass-style classic doom, gothic elements and (very slight) black metal influence. To be honest, the black metal influence was really just some vocals used here and there in addition to the deeper, traditional doom singing. But I'd label this more directly under traditional or possibly gothic doom. Not an expert, feel free to argue if necessary. A large cover scan was also sent, thanks again to the contributor!

Four songs that run for almost 25 minutes, the two middle ones re-recorded for the debut album and the other two appeared on the second so nothing new really if you're familiar with both albums. If not, this is not a bad place to start. Very good sound, pretty covers and melancholic, in places sinister even, doom metal performed at appropriatele speeds. I'm not really sure what to say about the vocals, I'm notoriously picky with clean voices but on the other hand I've gotten accustomed to this fellow's voice in the last twenty years so I'm hard pressed to say how good a singer he actually might be. The Swedish accent still occasionally jars in my ears but otherwise he does fine I suppose. Can't really come up with anything sensible to write, if you dig doom metal in the classic vein try this and don't buy that "blackened doom" crap at M-A! Unholy was black doom, this is barely grey!

perjantai 10. maaliskuuta 2017

Mörkö - Mörön maa demo I '00

Mörkö - Mörön maa demo I 2000
1) Prologi
2) Syvälle Pohjolan maille
3) Kurjan tuomio
4) Raivo ei kuole
5) Epilogi

Mega / RGhost

I thought I'd do some more Finnish items. This is a freshly dug corpse, dubbed among the tapes I borrowed and ripped from brother Grev the other week, thanks again! Mörkö was and is a Finnish... I'm not going to call them a black metal band, nowadays they do some sort of experimental / psychedelic post-black metal whatever thing and here they played somewhat crude and straight in-your-face "black" metal or more accurately dark metal, maybe even fantasy metal? See the lyrics at M-A to see what I mean. I've been aware of the band for the longest time but didn't bother to check them out back in the early 00's as I thought they'd be some sort of joke. See, the name Mörkö translates as "boogeyman" (which is not exactly the most kvlt thing ever) as well as being the Finnish name for Tove Jansson's The Groke (who is obviously mvch more kvlt). Then when I finally listened to the 2013 album "Itsensänimeävä" I didn't like it one bit.

Ok, so I was not enthusiastic with the band, why post this demo? Well, I was quite surprised how rough and listenable it was, enjoyable even! The sound is somewhat barbaric, especially the drums and also cold, grim and other such delightful things. The lyrics were entertaining as well (in Finnish, sorry) so even if it were a jest it was a pretty good one. I am actually interested in hearing both the "Paluu" demo, also '00 and the first album "III" ...which is easy to do as it's on their Bandcamp page... I'll be back in a moment... ok seems like they were more black/doom at that phase, quite neatly in the middle ground between the two extremities of this demo and the last album. Instant judgement; this is the best release. Standout track: Raivo ei kuole. Give it a try, it's not as ridiculous as you might think. No really, it's not!

One more thing: cover scans would be nice. Assuming it had a cover in the first place.

tiistai 7. maaliskuuta 2017

Jääportit - Halki lumisen metsän demo '98

Jääportit - Halki lumisen metsän demo I 1998
1) Kulkue varjojen
2) Vaellus porteille Tuonelan
3) Läpi lumimyrskyn
4) Yömustaa
5) Jään kirous
6) Sade lumen mustan
7) Hänen jäätävä katseensa

Sendspace / Sampo

Alright, let us for change fulfill a request practically immediately, without (much) extra tarrying. Here are some more ambient sounds for you, the debut demo CD-R of Finnish Jääportit who are at least moderately well-known ...I think? It was a request by comrade pagan made a few days ago and as expected, our reliable frater Grev sent me a link to a rip he had burned on a disc before I could even ask him about it! Thank you for you vigilance and generosity. There was a cover image as well, but no full scans which as always are welcome so get in touch if you can provide one.

The rip has a low bitrate (CBR 128) but with this sort of music it's not a big issue. Later Jääportit material sees the sound expanded to various dimensions while this debut is pretty much in the dungeon synth camp though of course with a wintry flair. It still feels more appropriate for the DS label than the tape album that followed in 1999. Suitably down-to-tomb yet grandiose synth sounds, plenty of variation without going overboard, atmospheres ranging from very dark and menacing to almost tribal sleigh ride-esque (more somber than the xmas piece you probably now think of!) and generally that wandering in nocturnal winter forest-feeling. Just add a black robe and some corpse paint. Warm underwear is recommended too. I really really enjoy this but am horribly distracted right now so I can't really come up with more witty banter. Go on and download it already!

sunnuntai 5. maaliskuuta 2017

Drunemeton - Recital to the Shinning Moon demo '96

Drunemeton - Recital to the Shinning Moon demo '96
1) The Wolves of Winter: Part 1: Chorus During Early Nigth
2) The Wolves of Winter: Part 2: Leaving the Forest
3) The Wolves of Winter: Part 3: The Hurting
4) The Wolves of Winter: Part 4: The Last Breath
5) The Dancing Fost
6) The Hand's Cuting
7) Triumph of the Ice

Zippyshare / Yandex

Today I wanted to do an item that has been bothering me for almost twenty years but finally some weeks ago the matter was lain to rest, thanks to the contribution by comrade Dead Christmas! The bothersome item in question was this '96 demo by "Polish" (so I was told back in the tape trading days) synth project Drunemeton of which I had a very questionable dub. Fortunately DC had acquired the demo during his quest for Nazgul Productions items and judging from the information on the covers I believe this too was a French artist after all. The rip also revealed how hopelessly lacking my dub was. Cover scan is enclosed and I have uploaded a very slightly edited version of the rip; I increased the volume just a notch and cut away a bit of noise after the first song that was not part of the demo.

At roughly 42½ minutes this easily reaches album length and is divided into two halves so to say, first twenty minutes consisting of the epic The Wolves of Winter parts 1-4. Instrumental, somewhat neoclassical sounding dungeon synth mixing (I'm taking this from the covers directly) Akai, Oberheim and Roland synthesizers with grand piano and some flutes. I've cut each part into individual tracks as the tracklisting gives them separate running times and they divided easily enough. The second half is made of three tracks with slightly more individual character to each of them. The Dancing Fost (I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be ...Frost but I didn't go and correct the titles, like I always say it is Necromansy and that's it!) starts almost harshly and proceeds to change to more introspective moods before slowly picking momentum again, only for it to drop while approaching the end. Synthesizer sounds rather than piano dominate The Hand's Cuting (again, should be ...Cutting but no correcsies!) giving it an aura of menace that changes to desolation as the instrumentation gets scarcer and more minimalistic, developing to a trippy dark ambient end. Last song Triumph of the Ice is the longest of the lot and reprises some of the moods from the first parts while featuring a very distinct classical guitar part in the middle before a long build up to a slow but triumphant ending with percussive elements and orchestra hits. Wintry, melancholic and rather nostalgic stuff, decent enough sound though not by any means polished. Reminds me at times of Emglev (again!) and in places even Lamentation. Few places. And just a little. But much more Emg than Lam. Recommended for fans of French synth projects, dungeon explorers and Nazgul Productions enthusiasts.

lauantai 4. maaliskuuta 2017

Charontaphos #1

Charontaphos zine, issue 1 (early 1993)
Malefic Oath
Ceremonial Oath
Dark Tranquillity
Belphegor (Dutch)
Nembrionic Hammerdeath
Spina Bifida
Nuclear Death
Throne of Ahaz
+ Norwegian scene report by Amnizu, reviews


Apologies for the unintended absence but I have been busy. Some of that will even be beneficial to the Coven so it was not in vain. Alright, it's already March and we start this month with another 'zine contribution by our comrade Pawel, thanks once again! He has scanned and merged to single .pdf the first issue of the Dutch classic Charontaphos 'zine, made in the late '92 / early '93 (when it was released as well) by a group of five people... in theory, in practice Mahakala, Ndizi Na Nyama and Al Daimonaero did most of the work while the duo of Asmodeus and Nemesis contributed only one interview due schedule issues. Sounds like typical school group work to me! I haven't seen later issues of Charontaphos so I don't know if the work was distributed more evenly on those or if they thinned the ranks a bit.

A lot of bands as you can see and I must say that for a first issue they did an outstanding job! The layout is simple and traditional, but very clear and easy to read. Just as I like. The interviews are also very good and mostly they've even received decent answers (well, Sathanas was pretty bad and Abigail barely knew English) so it worked out nicely. The roster is mostly death and black metal as the names may reveal and not too many seen-everywhere-staples. Well, Sigh does appear on a lot of 'zines even on this site and Burzum is always popular, but at least this one is a classic, filled with highly quotable pearls by Greven. "Dead did not have a life to take, only an existance to end" must be one of my favourites. Among top 3 Burzum interviews for sure! Overall a highly recommendable 'zine.

torstai 23. helmikuuta 2017

Sodom - Live at Metallysee Festival 28-12-85

Sodom - Live at Metallysee Festival, Zaal Jachthoorn, Denderhoutem Belgium 28th December 1985 (received as Live 21.02.85 - it's different recording from 28.12.85 live in Aalst (?) released on Black Equinox bootleg CD which has odd tracklisting in general)
1) Outbreak of Evil
2) Witching Metal
3) Burst Command til War
4) Obsessed by Cruelty
5) Blasphemer (horribly cuts, only beginning!)

RGhost / Depositfiles

I felt, for some strange reason, like doing another thrash item and coupled with a long overdue live attendance this upcoming weekend I decided to post this horribly incomplete but ever-so-entertaining Sodom live tape from '85. I got this years and years ago from a tape trader as filler, unfortunately cut right when Blasphemer is about to kick off and being only 13+minutes long in must be even more incomplete than that. Then again, like this it could be crammed onto a 7"EP. Anyways, it was also misdated to 21st February while comparison and quick research determines this to be another recording of the Metallysee Festival gig and interestingly Setlist.fm gives the same tracklisting as my dub had! Don't know much about the event itself but apparently Blind Fury, Iron Angel and Kreator also performed.

I mentioned comparing this to something and that was the "Black Equinox" bootleg, made by the infamously inaccurate Omerta in 2004 (not 2001 like Discogs suggests, it reads on the damn cover), which I got back a few years ago from Lockjaw blog (RIP). The bootleg's tracklisting contains no less than nine tracks:
1. Outbreak of Evil
2. Deathlike Silence
3. Blasphemer
4. Equinox
5. Witching Metal
6. Burst Command til War
7. Obsessed by Cruelty
8. Witchhammer
9. Sepulchral Voice
It's also clearly a different recording, with much more audience noise and as you see the track order is either for some bizarre reason switched or it actually manages to be a different gig which just happens to have exactly same speeches in between the songs. Oh and it gives same date but as venue Aalst. It's easy to hear the order on my dub is unchanged as I chopped it into tracks without cuts so all flows together while the "Black Equinox" has very subtle cuts in between songs.

Whatever may the case be, this is classic first wave black metal Teutonic thrash hammer and extremely enjoyable despite ending way too soon. The sound is clean, songs great (including my current favourite Obsessed by Cruelty) so if you like German vintage thrash and old dirty proto black metal this is a no-brainer.

maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2017

Demise - ...Thrashed!!! demo '96

Demise (grc) - ...Thrashed!!! demo 1996
1) God Forbid
2) You Can Lie (But Cannot Hide)
3) Maneating Warhorse
4) Never Coming Back
5) Demise

Mediafire / Sendspace

Let's kick this week off with something different from our usual fares. This is the Greek Demise (yeah there are again something like 6000-7000 bands with the same name and most seem to be death metal and I don't think I remember a single one of them), of which I know not much more than M-A and the covers tell. I think this is an earlier version of the '96 "...Thrashed..." tape which featured some songs from the '95 demo III "...Thrashed!!!" - yeah, this has the same name but tracklisting is same as on "...Thrashed..." tape. Confused yet? I am a little. Well, it is recorded in April '96 so that supports my theory. I don't recall where exactly I got this tape, but I'm pretty sure I got it from a trade with a bunch of other tapes not really falling into my field of expertise. Xerox cover which I scanned and a generic 46 min TDK cassette.

Ok so there are five songs here and three of them are re-recordings from the previous demo, while Demise and the amazingly named Maneating Warhorse are new for this version. Total playing time is 21 minutes and the sound is just a little stuffy, not really that good for a studio recording, in my humble opinion. Well, it's the cymbals that aggravate me, they sound sort of frayed, broken and keep distracting me from the rest of content. If I really, really force myself to ignore them it's otherwise fine. I guess. The high end generally seems to be slightly askew. And this whining from a man who generally prefers ancient primitive Teutonic thrash to any sort of technical prowess and polished sound. I can't claim to know much of thrash in general despite it being somewhat mandatory part of growing up in the 80's, like Iron Maiden and Kiss were practically part of elementary school curriculum, I like some of the elders but can't say I'd be qualified to judge entries to the genre properly. Still, this is pretty good, there are parts that remind me of Kreator, older Death Angel and uh... stuff. The aforementioned ....Warhorse has synths that are suitably spicy. Give up already, you're not going anywhere with this. True, so I recommend this if you like Greek metal and thrash in general and I should really acquire the compilation of Macabre Operetta demos, which was the black metal band some of these guys played in.

perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2017

Mjölnir - Mjölnir demo II '96

Mjölnir - Mjölnir demo II 1996
1) Intro / Schwertzeit, Wolfszeit, Blutzeit
2) Heilige Macht der Flamme
3) Die Kunde aus ferner Zeit
4) Schwertzeit, Windzeit, Wolfszeit
5) Intro / Ihm
6) Dein ist der Thron König des Waldes
7) In der Halle der Wölwa

Mega / Sampo

Let us finally complete the Mjölnir saga of the Coven with this post dedicated to sister Borderline, congrats! I say complete which in a way is not entirely true, "Walpurgisfeuer" demo will be skipped as it was released as part of the excellent "Hinweg über die Tore der Zeit" re-release done by Darker Than Black which is highly recommended. This is the second demo, nevermind the Metal Archives disinformation claiming this to be 1st, we've already established that "The Hour of Lemegeton" was the debut demo and released in '95. I do not remember anymore how I came to set this to '96 but I'm sure I had a good reason. The little cover scan is not very helpful on the matter.

I received this demo from the same contributor that delivered the first demo and unfortunately this had a bit questionable track division too. I would've posted the rip much earlier had I found the drive to delve into yet another Mjölnir riddle sooner. But enough moaning, it should be done now and I've taken a very different approach to it than for example the M-A submitter. I went with the theory that the Intro / title combos were not an intro plus a song but rather than that intro and its name. That made the tracklisting easier to wrestle and yields now a shortish intro, a long track, a VERY long track of three quite distinct parts, an instrumental track, another intro of brief sort, again a long track and a bit longer instrumental track. The lyrics, as they can be heard, seem to fit too. I must mention the rip might be slightly incomplete as both instrumental tracks seem to end quite abruptly, I'm quite sure the last one is just missing a few seconds more of fade out but can't be very confident of Schwertzeit, Windzeit, Wolfzeit that ends the A... oh pardon me, Hugin side.

Another slight issue is the lowish bitrate of the rip, so I would still appreciate an original copy or a very good dub of the demo. Sound itself is comparable to other Mjölnir demos, maybe a bit better than the average. The band is here also a three-piece, with Bölthorn standing beside Arkthorn and Grimmiger Frost. Perhaps his presence on the percussion adds strength to the proceedings or maybe it is my elation getting this damned thing finally done, but right now I feel like this is my favourite Mjölnir demo. Some highlights include: the long, long Die Kunde... which manages to be entirely great and the steady pound, pound, pound of Dein ist der Thron... Gotta love that! I won't go further into details, this is highly recommended for Mjölnir fans, trawlers of the murky depths of German UG and people who enjoy ambient instrumentals featuring nature sounds such as wind, bubbling water and wolves.

torstai 16. helmikuuta 2017

Deadly Funeral - Deathlike Silence reh.demo '91

Deadly Funeral - Deathlike Silence rehearsal demo 29th June 1991
1) Intro - To Buffalo
2) Satan's Fart
3) Mosh with God
4) Deadly Funeral
5) Deathlike Silence
6) Lasagne
7) Basisti Is Dead

Depositfiles / Zippyshare

I thought tonight would be a suitable time to post another equally elder item, though far less grim than the previous post. Our... I'll be lenient and call them a "band" ...no, I won't, lads hail from Finland and this rehearsal/demo recording from a summer's day of 1991 is their sole release. This is Deadly Funeral, "Kerava's most awesome band after Stone" as they state on their Facebook page. Yes, there is one. Alas, I found out about it only after I had asked brother Suuret Muinaiset to dub this on a tape with some other items, which I should probably post instead but I'm hellbent to share fruits of our labour with you first. You see, it can also be found on YouTube, as a slightly abridged version. Not that this one would be much longer. Cover images (yes, the logo is the cover) from the Fb page.

You can read the saga of Deadly Funeral in here, but unfortunately that's in Finnish. I don't know how much Google translate can manage to do for you so perhaps I should attempt to do a summary in English. Damn, this would be a good time to have a kid to have them do it as a school assignment. Here we go...

The events surrounding the birth, demo and only review of said recording of Deadly Funeral took place in Kerava and Siilinjärvi, Finland anno 1990-92. During the period the band members whom we call here only as Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer were between 15 and 18 years of age. The band was formed by Guitarist with the leading idea the name should end with an 'r' - just like other top names of the era like Slayer, Kreator and Annihilator. No-one could think up a suitable one so the issue was solved with the help of a dictionary where Bassist came across Accumulator, which was instantly picked as it sounded awesome! Nevermind the meaning.

Not a single member could play anything so all instruments were free pickings; as the father of the idea Guitarist chose first, predictably enough, guitar and vocals. Drummer had attempted to learn to drum for roughly a year at the tender age of ten but had quit due total lack of rhythm so his instrument was obvious. Bassist was left with the bass. Naturally they had no instruments either or actual motivation to learn to play them, it was more important to be able to say you played in a band. The band had no message nor anything to say so "lyrics" were on appropriate level, one consisting of the line "I want to eat some lasagne!" - they would naturally be in English because that was the style of the time. Musical style was open as well, simply because they couldn't really play anything. The name for the eventual demo was decided to be "Deadly Funeral" on Drummer's suggestion.

An opportunity arose when the band visited Siilinjärvi and Drummer's associates, a local thrash band called Torment. Torment's guitarist Hate was kindly enough to promise the lads could record their demo at their rehearsal place, using Torment's equipment and a tape recorder. All they needed was a blank tape and inspiration. At first Hate demostrated the various instruments while Accumulator gathered their courage on the sofa. Finally Guitarist and Drummer started to make noise while Bassist sat idly on, flat out refusing to participate. Since this was probably the only chance to record, Guitarist and Drummer decided to go on and make the demo as duo. Hate pressed rec, awful ruckus started and lasted for a few minutes until Hate pressed stop and the demo was done.

Since Bassist had refused to play, having felt too sorry for poor Hate and Torment's gear, he got kicked out and the band's name needed to be changed after such tumultuous event. Lacking better options they decided on the intended demo title. After the return to Kerava finishing touches were needed and the boys had agreed an intro different from the actual content was essential. Guitarist had been in musical class in the (lower) elementary school, as unlikely as it may seem, and had a tape of a school performance from which a rendition of "Buffaloon" (aka "Shuffle off to Buffalo") was dubbed to the beginning of the tape, retitled as "To Buffalo" after which Drummer snarled "vitut me minnekään Buffaloon lähdetä, saatanaaaa" (~"like hell we're going to any Buffalo, fuuuuck") and it was complete. In a few days Guitarist had made a logo, cover and gave titles to the "songs" and the demo itself and the dream was fulfilled.

Guitarist was an avid tape trader and occasionally took the opportunity to dub the Deadly Funeral demo to the end of some unsuspecting soul's tape. [I believe this is how brother SM came to possess a dub.] He also bought fanzines and imagine his surprise when he discovered a review of "Deathlike Silence" within an issue of Hellspawn 'zine! The review said: "I certainly am not a noisefreak but even shit can be done with class. And it can also be done without class as DEADLY FUNERAL proves us. I understand this is a joke but it still gets annoying. I don’t even know why I am writing this." Guitarist immediately rushed to show Drummer the review, basking in the glow of attention. For quite obvious reason the review did not lead to contacts, except one from a small German label who had apparently ignored the content of said review and wrote requesting a copy of the demo. And again the proud guitarist rushed off to show Drummer they had been noticed. In the end they decided agaist sending a tape to Germany, preferring to wait for a bigger label. 25 years later it became apparent there would be no further offers so they though time ripe to put the demo online.

Phew. After whipping that up I don't really feel like writing another novella, so let's get through it quickly... which is pretty easy as the whole epos, even this "uncut version" lasts 4:20 minutes, YT edit 3:22.  Over a third of this is taken by the intro recording which as seen on the bio, is an elementary school performance, almost two minutes. It's kind of haunting thing to have as an intro I must say, would be great for a... uh, sorry, real demo. The following is very enthusiastic bursts of vaguely metal noise, though noise the music style enthusiasts will possibly frown at the use of that word here. Each... song segment runs between 0:11 and 0:40 so it is soon over. I can't honestly suggest anyone to enjoy this though again a few musical deviants will gleefully put it on repeat. The intro would be neat to recycle. Next post will be something different again.

keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2017

Carpathian Forest - Rehearsal '92

Carpathian Forest - Rehearsal 1992
1) Carpathian Forest
2) Call from the Grave (Bathory cover)
3) Bloodlust and Perversion
4) In the Circle of Ravens
5) Warhead (Venom cover)
6) Return of the Freezing Winds

4shared / Yandex

Here's something of an oddity, I am posting this thing today as a sort of reply, a little late one as usual, to sister Borderline's entry here. She also discusses what this is in quite length which boils down to this: this is the full '92 Carpathian Forest rehearsal session from which the "Rehearsal Outtake", also featured on "Bloodlust and Perversion" compilation, was taken off. Or as full as they dubbed to people I guess. Anyways, I got a rip of this from brother Baldemar already years ago, titled as "Rehearsal 1993" which interestingly thenecromancer's tape sent to Borderline was marked as well. So apparently the recording travelled among tape traders slightly mistitled. And tracklisted, I recall I had to figure out the true titles some time after I had gotten this and I am quite sure I did research and comparison to the Outtake version. There's no cover for this, obviously, I just wanted to post a bit more than just the logo. A line of text added: "more than just the logo" woohoo.

Well, as usual I did a quick last minute comparison and yup, same recording but B&P versions differ a bit due fade-ins and -outs, the self-titled track missing completely the adorable durdling in the beginning present here. Sound on it is also more subdued and slightly muffled compared to the clean-and-loud rawness of this rip and thus brother B's dub as well. I wonder if the fades were present on the Outtake tape as I have not heard that as "true version" - the only rip I've picked up was just lifted off the CD.

Do we need to discuss the music too? Is there someone who does not know CF? No, not Celtic Frost even though old 'Forest is very Frost-influenced, just listen to Return of the Freezing Winds. If you are only familiar with the last Carpathian Forest albums I recommend taking a plunge into old end of the pool which is much less stale than the silly late efforts, Nattefrost/Nordavind all the way. No, i-it's not like I ship them, baka! It's simply an established fact that the best 'Forest is the one with both of them or in other words which still contains material by Nordavind, up to and including "Strange Old Brew"... maybe "Morbid Fascination..." too on a good day. And best "album" is the mini. Source: I said so. Anyways, I'm starting to write whatever pops into my mind without hesitation so it's high time to stop, you cannot really go wrong with this if you appreciate vintage Norwegian black metal or generally like your black metal raw'n'rough yet groovy. Essential classicks materpiece theatre series.

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Blutkrieg - Resurgence of Atavism demo '00

Blutkrieg - Resurgence of Atavism demo '00
1) Resurgent Atavism
- a) Journey into Pagan Battlefields
- b) Battle of the Blutkrieg
- c) Eternal Victory / Journey Home
- d) Celebration Across the Planes of Midgard 
2) The Crossing of Bifrost to the Halls of Asgard
3) March of the Blutkrieg

Mediafire / RGhost

Here's some non-metal material again and a post I was supposed to do already long ago but it was left in a sorting-out limbo for some... let's say months. Years are made of months after all. Here's Blutkrieg who hail from the US of A and the 2000 demo which was sent to me by a certain contributor burned on a disc. Thanks, you know who you are! It seems like they re-released the demo material, re-titled and split differently unto tracks on a split with Acirema whom you might remember? I'm not sure if anything else was done to it, remastering or anything like that, probably not. The crappy cover image was taken from Discogs who also try to pass this as another project with Rubeus XIII while it's actually by a fellow called Vautrin.

I was debating with myself if I should adjust the tracklisting a bit but decided against meddling with it. The split has first track consist of three parts, followed by three titles more. The above tracklisting implies it has four parts but the fourth part is actually (as far as I can tell) in the beginning of the second track The Crossing of Bifrost... - it's highly similar to it, moreso than the preceeding fifteen minutes. There's a clear break which makes me think it could be two different tracks that just sound kinda similar. Maybe the artist thought same and did exactly what I'm contemplating above for the "second edition" of it?

I've mentioned Acirema and all sorts of other stuff but not really discussed what this sounds like! Well, not at all like A. This is dungeon synth, with um, Odalistic themes? It's not really apparent when you listen to the music though, there are some vocals on the first track but they're quite hard to make out as they get buried in the billowing clouds of synths. Despite having parts that have to do with battle, victory and such the first track is not very dynamic, it's as if we were distant from the battlefield so the din of warfare really does not reach us. I suppose the narrations would describe the events if one could make out what is said. Second track is different in mood and very active with bouncy percussion and general sense of motion. Last one, March of the Blutkrieg, brings again heavy associations to old 80's CRPGs to my mind, and it's not really much like a march so the re-title to Hall of Valhalla on the split feels very justified. Overall the sound is good enough, suitably lo-fi and archaic feeling, no samples or silly effects added. Note that a healthy dose of tape hiss is included. Not great art or neoclassic masterpiece but I find it enjoyable. Perhaps you should give it a go too?

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Sombre Eve #4

Sombre Eve 'zine, issue 4 (1994)
The 3rd and the Mortal
Naked Eve
Abyssic Hate
Dawn of Winter
As Serenity Fades
Chorus of Ruin
Divine Eve
Key of Alocer 'zine
Beyond Dawn
Opera IX
Bathory - Still in the Woods (a tribute article by Shane)
+review section, more reviews and quotes scattered around


Tonight's 'zine hails from Australia  and it is the fourth and either final or at least the last of this particular incarnation of Sombre Eve, made by Shane Transvaal D. (Gospel of the Horns, original vocalist) and Tracey A.H. (some chick, moved to UK). Tracey was supposed to take over S.E. and keep doing it in England but I've no idea if this came to be and Shane was going to start another 'zine. I'm equally clueless to what came out of that.

These are my typically haphazard scans from a copy I bought used, solely based on seeing it was an old 'zine I had not read before. I've also downloaded a scan of the first issue, dating to '92 with the same editors and reading that one we discover they initially planned to do an all doom 'zine but branched out right from the start. This trend is evident still on the fourth issue, which features a couple of very familiar names as well as some surprises too (Dogmeat in particular). Layout is simple, old schoolish and much to my liking, clear to read and without fancy stuff. The only issue I really have is the way they tend to split words to two lines in places, like this:

Excerpt from Abyssic Hate interview
That's really an eyesore, but a minor issue looking at the big picture. The interviews are generally interesting, as they should it being their fourth issue already, and reviews are quite good too. Some of them being very enthusiastic shall we say. The quotes sprinkled around the 'zine are a nice personal touch and not an overused idea so points from that even if some of them are a bit cliché. Having reviews both gathered in a section of several pages and also spread around amongst the other text feels a bit disorganized but again it's not much of a sin. Actually it's kinda fun having them like this instead of boring alphabetical meticulous sorted-by-media version of "professional magazines" don't you agree?
Color Climax

Another peculiar thing is how they've the cover sort of upside down as you might notice from the main image. See above for a tilted shot and marvel at the wear and stain of the copy in my possession. That should be enough for now, recommended for browsing even if the bands did not tickle your fancy, it's a good read. Oh, and I'm curious about Shane's old band Aetiology mentioned in the first S.E. issue, wonder if they ever recorded anything? At least they performed live and apparently had been formed by members of Pyuria and Demoniac which most likely did not have releases out. Anyone know? Wehrwolf? Fenrirsson?

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Daemon - Trial of Satan demo '91

Daemon - Trial of Satan rehearsal demo 1991
1) Intro: Merciless Night
2) Battle of Pain
3) Hysterical Moment
4) Trial of Satan

Sampo / Mediafire

Inspired by this recent, highly recommended entry of brother Emptiness Cycle at Black Metal Yesteryear I decided to get off my ass, change my planned post yet again and finally upload this rip of another, unfortunately not as good, Daemon I had made already aeons ago. So there, this is the Daemon of Brunei, started in the late 80's as Daredevil and their apparently second recording under this name. Metal Archives entry mentions a compilation of some sort was supposed to be released but looks like that hasn't happened. This is my rip from a dub I got from brother A.S. and I'll warn you right away, the sound is abysmal. No cover so we make do with the image above pilfered from the Archives.

So how dismal a sound could it be? Mucky, lopsided, too quiet (though I upped the volume a bit) and generally opaque rehearsal recording. Perhaps it wouldn't be actually bad with a bit of tampering by someone with suitable knowhow but that is not my role in this play. Or if just ripped from an original tape or first generation dub. If the compilation ever gets released I recommend picking that up, at least it cannot sound worse. Wait, of course it can if done poorly enough. Music is death/black metal in old fashioned vein but I would not really call it primitive. Main influence is cited to be old Deicide but I think this sounds a bit more... melodic? Not really, no... maybe a little heavy metal influenced then, I don't know, ask your local death metal specialists. I like how the tracklisting makes it look like a concept demo, they seem like they were chapters of a story don't you think? Despite the challenging sound I suppose seekers of the exotic artifacts will brave this crypt, others might want to think twice and head to a tavern to look for another side quest.