lauantai 27. helmikuuta 2010

Asafated - Lonely demo 1995

Asafated - Lonely demo II 1995
2) Lonely
3) Divine Suffocation (Re-Mix)


And now something a little different, the 2nd demo of the Turkish death metal band Asafated - pretty well known in their own land and less abroad I believe. I got this as an original tape from a pen pal/trader of mine who apparently knew the guys. The band re-recorded the demo later in 1995, this is the original version. I'll probably post the re-recording too once I remember on which tape's B side it was on.

Music is death metal with quite strong death/doom influences. The sound is clear but somewhat lacking in power, which I guess might be a reason for them to re-record the thing. Three songs only, one being a new version of a tune from the debut demo, but they're all 5 minutes or so. Cover scans included.

sunnuntai 21. helmikuuta 2010

Marduk - Live in Zaandam 10.06.1994

Marduk - Live at Drieluik, Zaandam Nederlands 10th June 1994
Intro - Dracula
2) Burn My Coffin
3) A Sculpture of the Night
4) Wolves
5) On Darkened Wings
6) The Black...
7) Those of the Unlight
8) Darkness Breeds Immortality


Ok, this one should be familiar to all, Sweden's black metal warmachine Marduk has released their share of live albums and DVDs already which might lead you to ask why am I posting a bootleg live tape here? Frankly, I'm not here to anwer questions. This is an old audience recording of a gig from the "Sons of Northern Darkness" tour from 1994 so do not expect a sound comparable to the official live albums. If you are used to the bootlegs (and downloaded from this blog) you should be able to handle this. The person who records this is occasionally conversing with his friend which is a little annoying but fortunately not constant.

Intro borrowed from 1992's Dracula movie, six songs from the second album "Those of the Unlight" and "The Black..." (which is one of my Marduk favourites) as the only old song makes this a very compact gig at 32 minutes or so. Good stuff if you like older Marduk/2nd wave black metal/live bootlegs/download anything I post.

torstai 11. helmikuuta 2010

Seirim - ...Of The Dark One demo 1995

Seirim - ...Of The Dark One demo 1995
2) ...Of The Dark One
3) Short Way To Eternity
4) Torches Of Death
5) Sign Of Blasphemy
6) Slave Of Your Lord
7) The Unreal Chain
8) Outro


I'm drunk and tired so I'm not going to bother with big introduction for this one; it's German blackened death metal and a demo. Decent rip and worth your time, really, if you enjoy black/death metal. That'd be all for now.

maanantai 8. helmikuuta 2010

Savage Garden #2

Savage Garden 'zine, issue 2 (March 1997)Interviews:
Dimmu Borgir
Sad Entheus
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
...The Soil Bleeds Black
Lunar Aurora
Draconian (swe)
Forgotten Silence
Blazing Eternity
Bishop Of Hexen
Blut Aus Nord
Exhumer (fra)
Your Shapeless Beauty
Prophecy (fra)
Stille Volk
Falange Amata
December's Fire
Funereal Moon
Nox Mortis


9th February is my birthday. To celebrate the event I decided to get off my lazy (old) ass & finish scanning this 'zine. I started already like a month ago but it's really thick (90 pages) and put together in such a fashion that scanning Meathooked#2 (which I thought was a tedious task) was like a walk in the park with free beer and dancing girls. Anyways, I finally got it done so here you go. This is ... I guess I should call it dark metal/dark music 'zine as it covers bands from black metal to atmospheric synth music to dark metal to medieval folk and whatnot. Most interviews date to late 1996 and the 'zine itself was released in March 1997.

Besides the interviews listed above, there are a few articles (bands Sentenced, Seth, Darken and a piece about art and alchemy) and reviews, besides the usual albums & demos they also have two separate pages for books and classical music. How fancy. Written in English (surprisingly good English too) and with a simple, clear lay-out it's quite easy to read, if a bit annoying. The editors are very enamoured with everything artsy and/or keyboard-drenched. You might notice it from their pick of interviewees. It's also very reflective of the time of it's release. I get a little sick at times browsing through it but I'm sure there's plenty to read for most of you, for reasons varying from interest in bands involved to reminiscing years gone by to historical study. I recommend you to download it & check it out if you're even remotely interested in the bands/genres involved.

Desire - Advance Tracks 95, promo 1995

Desire (Portugal) - "Advance Tracks 95" promo 1995
The Purest Dreamer
2) (Leaving) This Land of the Eternal Desires


Previous post was the band's 1993 promo track and now here we've their 2 song promo from 1995, released under the new name. The music has evolved, song structures being more complicated, synth is more prominent and vocals varied but they're still the same band at heart, playing death/doom. The songs were recorded during rehearsal sessions in March 1995, in S.T.S. studios so I'm not sure if this should be tagged as rehearsal or not as it hardly sounds like rehersal tapes I'm used to.

Both of these two (long! 8:15 & 12:50) tracks appear also on their debut album "Infinity..." but these versions sound different enough to merit a download and a listen. I don't think "Infinity..." has been re-released so I'm not certain of its availability, I know the label Skyfall Records has been dead for years, so I might rip & post the debut album later as well.

EDIT: MediaFire link which lead to wrong file fixed here too. Damn I've been sloppy.
EDIT II: Not going to bother ripping the album as you can find it already.

Incarnated (prt) - Death Blessed By A God promo 1993

Incarnated (Portugal) - Death Blessed By A God promo 1993
Death Blessed By A God


Death/doom from down south by Incarnated, who changed their name after this release to Desire and released two albums and EPs. This promo consists, as the most observant have already noticed, of only one track but it's a lenghty one at 8 minutes and I guess it's better to have one good song to promote your band than 3 mediocre. Heavy and gloomy music with deeply growling vocals and sprinklings of synth.

I got this promo & Desire's 1995 advance tracks (well, promo 1995 in other words) from the band back in 1995 and the tape was still in decent shape so the rip is ok. Sound is early 90s demo sound, a little muddled maybe but otherwise very good. Give it a shot if you like death/doom.

Wings - Live in Lappeenranta 20.11.1995

Wings - Live in Lappeenranta, Finland 20th November 1995
Cast Asunder
2) Equidistant
3) Unwind
4) Sunburnt
5) Deus Ex Machina
6) Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover)


Here's a live tape from Finland's Wings, familiar from a few other posts and main man Gabriel's involvement with Enochian Crescent as Victor. I was going to post this sooner but I had cleverly hidden this recording from myself and it took this long for me to see through my cunning ploys.

This gig was recorded at an unknown (for me, or maybe I just didn't write it on the tape) venue in Lappeenranta and features songs from the album "Diatribe" plus Refuse/Resist as encore. I'm not sure if this is the complete set, it could be missing a song or two ("Thus Far" and "Austere" come to mind) and he does say "The next song is Cast Asunder" in the beginning. Or on the other hand it could've been just that and the person started recording the gig after intros and such. Who cares, what we've here are 6 complete songs with a quite good sound. Dig into them already if you like Wings or technical and atmospheric metal.

It's really a good quality live so if you even remotely enjoy the other Wings posts you should try it.

sunnuntai 7. helmikuuta 2010

Pazuzu - Advance Rehearsal Tracks, Late 1995

Pazuzu (USA) - Advance Rehearsal Tracks Late 1995
Hellhorde Reigning
2) Infernal Iron Legion
3) Trendkill
4) Blue Skies Of Falseness - cuts! -


More black metal, this time from USA, this band (also known as Infernal Horde for a while) released a bunch of tapes in the mid & late 90's and involved members of Ember, Ezurate, Iron Legion, Usurper and Wind Of The Black Mountains. Their style was much influenced by proto-black metal of the Germanic bands such as Sodom, Destruction, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost etc.

This tape is an unofficial one, an advance tape with some rehearsal tracks recorded in late 1995. I got it from one of my German friends and unfortunately my dub cuts right in the middle of the 4th track (well I don't know if it's in the middle of it, I've never heard it in full). So you've been warned. You might also have to be warned that the contents of the recording are simple and primal, rough but clear rehearsal recordings with vocals that sound at times improvised, as if there were no lyrics yet made. Despite or maybe partly because of the things I just wrote, it is quite an entertaining listen. Old school maniacs, curio collectors and raw black metal enthusiasts should try this.

lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2010

Сивер - Сивер demo 1998

Сивер - Сивер demo 1998 Siver - Siver demo 1998
1) Пролог Prolog
2) Пламя гнева Plamya gnewa
3) Предсмертие (сонеты) Predsmertye (Sonety)
1. Плач звездного неба
2. Агония

4) Сивер Siver
5) Тишина Tishina


Слава России! Russian black metal from Murmansk is the offering today. Those who are allergic to Cyrillic may see the transliterated titles on small after the proper ones above, but be warned the .rar contents are also Cyrillic. Here might be a good time to point out I can't speak Russian so don't post comments in the language, m'kay?

Back to topic: this is (as far as I know) the only demo of the band Сивер (Siver) and they play atmospheric and melodic black metal with raw & cold sound. They have accordion too. WARNING: I have an original demo tape (well, it's a normal cassette with 2 sided xerox covers, bought from one of the distros in 1999) and don't know if anyone else has the same problem, but there's annoying disturbance in the end of the 3rd track, as caused by a mobile phone. I don't know if it was the distros fault (presuming he dubbed from a master tape onto blanks and sold them) or the band themselves. I know for sure I didn't cause that. Fortunately it's very brief but still annoying.

Notice that the aforementioned 3rd track Предсмертие (сонеты) is divided into two parts Плач звездного неба & Агония with a noticeable break in between. However I did not divide it into two tracks as it is listed as one on the covers (cover scans included in the download) as one song. That's quite enough writing for now, even with the flaw at the end of the 3rd song this is a recommendable demo.

tiistai 2. helmikuuta 2010

Helwetti - Demo 1 '98

Helwetti - Demo I 1998
The Black Tempest
2) Disciples Twelve Are Dead
3) Satan Reigns Supreme
4) Mountain Of The Everburning Evil Fires


I guess it's about time I posted some proper black metal so here's Helwetti from Finland who play here on their debut demo raw and Satanic black metal which might remind you of fellow Finns Warloghe (these guys would actually perform as live musicians for Warloghe & Lord Leppänen would replace Morath Worlock as drummer). The tape has a good rehearsal sound which suits this kind of music rather well. The sound is actually better than on the 2nd demo released by Drakkar.

I had a scruffy old dub of this and their second demo until I recently came across a copy of this which I picked up and ripped. There are other rips of this tape around, but as I was quite pleased with this I decided to post it anyways. Recommended for Warloghe fans, collectors of black metal demos and Finnish (raw) black metal enthusiasts.

maanantai 1. helmikuuta 2010

Balam - Whispers Of Balam demo 1996

Balam - Whispers Of Balam demo 1996
Venerate Your Fall
2) Oblivion Leads
3) Absence Of...
4) Dust (The Essence)
5) Coffin (The Refuge)
6) Frozen Vortex


French darkness, this is practically dark ambient with black metal touches and influence. The other guy of the project was also in Magog and Nebiros (fra both) who released a split demo which I liked a lot, pick that up if you come across it. Or maybe I'll post that, though I'm sure you can find a good rip of it online. Probably of this too but here it is anyways.

I wasn't too excited by this demo when I got it from one of my traders back in '97 (could've been '96 or '98 actually) as there were more than enough ambiance projects by black metal musicians around but now I actually enjoy it. Not as low-fi as the LLN projects, it's music with keyboards, guitar noises and obscure voices.

Cabala - Extracting The Knowledge demo 1994

Cabala - Extracting the Knowledge demo 1994
Extracting the Knowledge
2) Forgotten Past
3) Sacrificial Summoning


Ok it's about time I resume posting and upload something. We start this year with death metal from the United Kingdom, this seems to be a quite hard to find demo and I was unable to find a cover image or even a band picture or logo for this post. I got this from one of my tape traders and the dub was okayish at best. However the rip is listenable, try it if you like dark death metal. It's not very brutal, more atmospheric and occult I'd say. That's enough, onto the next item.

EDIT: I noticed just a minute ago raf666 had uploaded both the Cabala demos to his blog! However, they have a low bitrate. But check that out for the other demo!
EDIT2: Another thing I noticed was that the MediaFire link was wrong, lead to the Balam download... you should tell me these things so I'd fix 'em quicker you know. Now it's ok.