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Horna - Live in Riihimäki 20-12-97

Horna - Live in Riihimäki, Finland 20th December 1997
1) Kun lyömme jumalan kodin liekkeihin
2) Tappakaa Kristus!
3) Örkkivuorilta
4) Hiidentorni huokui usvansa
5) Imperial Devastation
6) Ikuisesti, kalpeina kuoleman muistoina

RGhost / Zippy

I haven't been attending the festivals very much this summer, only Steelfest so far. To remedy my lack of live music experiences recently I thought I'd post a crappy old live bootleg passed down countless tape trader hands and decks. This is Horna, should be familiar name to most, performing late 1997 in Riihimäki and I'm not sure of the venue, the trader who dubbed me this live had scribbled something which I could not decipher with certainity so I decided to skip that bit. Of course this had no cover, I just raped the Riihimäki coat-of-arms for no good reason at all.

You might've noticed I said something about "crappy" live? Oh yes, for this has possibly the worst sound quality of whatever rehearsal tapes or bootlegs I've posted here! It's absolutely awful, the instruments are smothered somewhere down in fluffy billowing murk that only lets through a whisper of guitars and a vague, distant rumble of percussion and an obnoxious amount of vocals which sound like they had been turned to eleven while everything else was set to one and then run into a metal canister that was set against the door to the room where the microphone is. Ok, it gets slightly more audible around "Örkkivuorilta" and afterwards, but calling the sound decent at any point is still out of the question. Kind of a shame as the setlist is pretty interesting, featuring "Imperial Devastation" which I don't think has been played that often. Of course considering how many songs they've recorded that's something that could be said about three quarters of them. Anyways, if you're really, really into old Horna I suggest giving it a go and if it feels overwhelming jump a few tracks ahead and see if you can stomach the sound better there. Various perverts, fetishists and assorted audio deviants will also appreciate the challenging experience.

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Wejdas - Dykra demo 1995

Wejdas - Dykra demo III 1995
1) Dykra

Yandex / Rusfolder

It's been a while but I suppose you still remember Wejdas? Today's item is their third demo, also released as cassette on Dangus and like the previous ones it's not my rip but sent to me by a reader. Thanks, you know who you are! This item was also re-released in CDr-format by a German label back in 1999, in limited edition of 250 copies. I'm pretty sure they're sold out by now. Includes cover images (which conveniently again verify this as a demo recording instead of cassette album) which look exactly like the ones at Discogs.

This time they've released the whole thing (over 47 minutes, though the cover says 45) as one single track titled "Dykra" even if it could be pretty easily split into 5-7 parts, depending how chop-happy one feels. Obviously I did not do that. It does feel like a lot for one sitting, but on the other hand at least I tend to listen to albums (and most other releases) completely from start to beginning and there's plenty of variation so no big issue. The moods and genres vary from brooding dark ambient to folkish/tribal to industrial sounds. I like the bit which starts with percussion and slowly adds elements that appear and vanish again to it, including voices, heavy distortion and so on. Then there's oddly distorted vocal parts, piano and keys driven section and even a bit that basically sounds like industrial metal near to the end. Quite a trip. I suppose I'd recommend this to people who enjoyed the previous Wejdas tapes and/or some of the following: ambient, progressive music, experimental, soundtracks, neofolk, dungeon synth, generally weird things posted here.

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Ghoul - ...And Obscurity Returned on Earth demo 1998

Ghoul (ita) - ...And Obscurity Returned on Earth demo II (?)1998
1) Dying Man
2) Dark Countessa Came
3) Haunted Palace
4) Romantic Death

Mediafire / Rusfolder

Today's post is another of my random pick ups so bear with me. This is yet another user of the name Ghoul, Italian lads who play vampiric black/death metal and released at least two demo tapes (of which this is the second) and an album. I've only heard this one myself, having bought it from someone selling old tapes maybe two years ago. Which obviously means a cover scan is included. Where was that cover art stolen from, some old Call of Cthulhu booklet?

You might read between the lines from the first paragraph my lack of enthusiasm and might also think: "Vampiric black/death from an Italian band, from the late 90's... why am I still reading this?" and I wouldn't really blame you for deciding to come back another day. Those who remain, be it either from morbid curiosity, special tastes or some strange sense of loyalty will find out this is a pretty long tape, almost 27 minutes, meaning long songs. Thinking COF, are you yet? Interesting enough 'Filth aren't mentioned on their thanks list, but Ancient (Jesus Christ! and... that is), Mortuary Drape, Dimmu Borgir, Sadist & Opera IX are. I can't say I'd hear much Sadist in their sound but the others, yeah, some as more redeeming qualities than others. I was going to say I was also reminded of Hecate Enthroned when I started to listen to this but that's a bit inaccurate since it's been probably ten years since I last heard that band and don't really recall what they sound like. Never forget the video though. I seem to write whatever comes to my mind instead of actually speaking of the content. Ok, the sound is fine, main vocals bearable, female support vocals as awful as usual and it's not my goblet of wine at all. But why don't you try it, you know you want to.

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Amortization #2

Amortization #2 (1996)
In the Woods...
Denial of God
Dark Funeral
Skadi's Evernight
Darkwoods My Betrothed
Golden Dawn
Dimmu Borgir
+ reviews, scene reports and stuff


Yeah you whom amongst the flock are literate might find delight with this post. This is the second issue of the Finnish 'zine Amortization, very similar in look to Kill Yourself but interesting content.
I'm drunk in the midsummer hell so no more words, recommended.

Ok now that I've hangover instead of being drunk I suppose I should write a bit more. This 'zine was also borrowed from comrade passetiermes and scanned by me. Thanks again! I don't know if more than two issues of Amortization were made but I do know they changed the name to COD magazine (I don't know if that's supposed to be an acronym or just the fish? UPDATE: Looks like a case of illiteracy, it's GOD, not COD. Should be pretty clear what that means) and at least one issue was released.
Like already mentioned the lay-out and overall feel of the 'zine is pretty similar to Kill Yourself, the interviews are on the long side and occasionally the English gets a bit funny ("How is the training camp of Azazel...") but it is still a decent read. Note that the Burzum interview is recycled from Ovl. Svithjod's "A 1000 Years..." 'zine.

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Undead Productions compilation (1996)

Various Artists - Undead Productions compilation tape (March 1996)
1) Enkil - My Final Sunrise
2) Enkil - Mine King and Queen Are Dead
3) Nephilim - Fire Beyond the Black Haze
4) Black Funeral - Ex Sanguini Draculae
5) Black Funeral - The Floating Blue Witchlight
6) Abazagorath - Les Fleurs du Mal
7) Abazagorath - Nightrealm
8) Demoncy - Ascension of a Star Long Since Fallen
9) Darkness Enshroud - Into the Abyss
10) Sorath - The Darkness Returns
11) Sorath - Winterblack and Sorcery Beyond
12) Haborym - The Ancient Land of Serenity
13) Akhkharu - Prey to God
14) Akhkharu - Cosmic Ecstasy
15) Avatar - A Lost City
16) Darkened Skies - In Winters Ancient Slumber
17) Funeral - Night and Fog
18) Mercyful Fate - Satan's Fall

Yandex / Zippy

It's been several months since I last posted a compilation so this would be a decent spot to do so again. Also this is again a contribution from someone, thank you once more! Undead Productions was the label/distro of Enkil's Magnus Thorne. A second volume was supposed to be released in 1997 but I don't know if it actually was. Somehow I'm under the impression it didn't happen. (UPDATE: Wrong, it was released about a year later as confirmed by various sources!) I could use cover scans for this one, all I presently have is the photo of the cover seen above (and the UP logo).

This was dubbed on a 90 minute cassette, as was pretty much the standard back then. It's pretty obvious when you look at the tracklisting that one of the songs is a filler. Well, he might've been a big fan but still it's obvious. I'm kind of reminded of the Sverd Storm #2 compilation. Moving on, there's a bit hiss present but as I always say it just adds to the tape feeling, no? Most of the roster are US black metal bands, the tape starts with Thorne's own project Enkil and related band Nephilim which you'll possibly remember from the old posts. Baron von Abaddon has been given plenty of room too, with two tracks of Black Funeral, one long, rumbling Darkness Enshroud piece and intro+track from Sorath. The only non-US bands on the compilation are Belgian Avatar, with a track from their '94 demo (which is pretty cool) and France's Funeral, later reborn as Kristallnacht. Oh yeah and then there's the Danish bonus artist. Except for the last one, all tracks presented feature a more or less murky demo sound which is a unifying feature. Standouts include Nephilim's track (which seems exclusive to the compilation), Baron's stuff and Akhkharu for being plain awful. Please don't mix this one with the better one associated with DAP. Oh, almost forgot to mention, Darkened Skies is also interesting as I don't seem to find much (well, any) info on them. Would like to hear more. Anyways, check this out especially if you're interested in the 90's USBM.

tiistai 17. kesäkuuta 2014

Solanum - Spheres of Time demo 1998

Solanum - Spheres of Time demo 1998
1) An Illusion of Time
2) Senseless
3) Passing the Gates to Another World
4) Space and Time

Zippyshare / Mediafire

Hollow Myths

Synth music today. You remember Depressive Silence, right? Well, this here is sort of a continuation by B. Schmidt aka B.S. and it was released by Chanteloupe Creations of France in 1998. I got this tape & cover some months ago as a dub from "master tape" in the old distro fashion, but unfortunately the master was flawed and so is my copy, obviously. The problem is about 2 or 3 seconds of sound missing at just over 01:15 on the first track, I shortened the gap to about one second as just removing it all proved out to be equally distracting. It's not that big a deal yet still annoys the hell out of me and if anyone has a dub which doesn't have that blank bit get in touch.

Otherwise this is great. Pretty much continues off where Depressive Silence left, though the generic themes seem to be a little more cosmic than earthly. It's fortunately mostly instrumental and what sparse voices are included are mostly whispers taking a backseat which fits very well and is one of the best solutions for this sort of music in my opinion. I remember reading that RAL left originally D.S. to start Gothmog as they seemed to be taking their writing to different directions and I'm not sure if B.S. decided to quit the project and start anew under this monicker after the 7"EP or began this as a new project, with different concept and then decided to concentrate on it. Whatever the case be, this is highly recommended to anyone who liked Depressive Silence and/or Gothmog, or ambient music in general.

UPDATE: Sister Borderline has uploaded her rip of a much better quality tape which is NOT missing the crucial seconds the rip-off piece of shit cassette I received was.

UPDATE: There is a CD re-release of both Solanum demos available from Hollow Myths, get your copy from the link added up there!

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Aimoptysi - Dark Aimolith demo 1995

Aimoptysi - Dark Aimolith demo 1995
1) Alea Jacta Est
2) Oasis
3) Sense of Death
4) Funereus

Rusfolder / Depositfiles

More death metal, this one from Greece and a bit less known band Aimoptysi with their I guess second demo, the Metal Archives info on them seems a bit inaccurate and I'm not personally very familiar with them, having only heard the '96 album before this demo. Brother A.S. dubbed this one to me as well so thanks again to him! Copy of the covers was included and I've scanned them.

The cover says this was recorded at the Praxis studios so as you might expect the sound is in the typical mid-90's Greek way, though slightly murky. Not sure if this is due tape wear or budget/time issues or inexperience as they seem to have produced it themselves. Anyways, it sounds good enough and is clearly a studio demo. I've heard albums with worse sound now that I think about it. Music is also very 90's Hellenic, though this is (melodic) death metal, not black metal. The main vocal would really fit either. It's quite good, whatever you decide to call it. Recommeded for fans of old Greek metal.

torstai 12. kesäkuuta 2014

Frozen Souls - Flesh in Armour demo 1994

Frozen Souls - Flesh in Armour demo 1994
1) Arrival of the Evocated
2) I - of the Mask
3) Realisation of the Sentinel
4) WeaveWorld
5) Hieroglyph 4
6) Mining the Stars

RGhost / Yandex

Contributions again, here is the Flesh in Armour demo I had sought for quite some time, by the German supposedly NS-oriented black metal band Frozen Souls. This was again sent by a certain person responsible for a bunch of other recent things, thank you as always! Don't know really that much about the band or the supposed NS-thing, apparently some of the flyers have sported related symbols but the lyrics, judging from titles and the 7"EP posted back whenever (it was 2011) in Yappy's blog (RIP) seem to deal with more occult matters. And it's not black metal either. On the EP they decided to call themselves "hedonistic enochian tabula rasa supreme metal" ...well at least no-one else was likely to use the same description. I could use full cover scans if anyone has them and if Bangstah ever gets around to rip his original copy of the tape I wouldn't mind that either.

The sound here is a bit on the murky side, might partially be due the dub and/or rip too. I think I got this all as one chunk and split it to individual tracks to my best understanding. What is hedonistic enochian etc metal like, might people who missed the EP ask. Here on the demo it's basically death metal with hints of black metal (very few!) and doom metal (on the slower tracks like I - of the Mask). The faster tracks like "...Sentinel" get messy quite soon so I find myself prefering the more restrained moments. The intro and outro are remarkable in their own ways as well, first one being an almost confusing affair of hurried footsteps, bells and whatnot and latter strangely appealing monotonous thing with industrial sounds and screams. Too bad they ruin it with annoying out repeated sample at the very end. I can't really call this great, or even good for that matter but somehow I am still fascinated by it. Have a listen and if you can't find a live link and someone absolutely needs it I suppose I could reupload comrade Misfit's rip of the EP.

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Warthog #3

Warthog magazine, issue 3 (1998)
Limbonic Art
Golden Dawn
Nocturnal Arts
+ articles on war, immigration, Finnish scene & Ragnarok, reviews


Here's another 'zine, thanks to comrade Kurgan for sending this one! Scanned by me, this is the third issue of Norwegian Warthog 'zine. I haven't seen the previous issues so can't say anything about them but this looks like a late 90's 'zine of the semi-professional, fancy but not yet over the top posh gloss & colours (like Nordic Vision for example) school. Initially I felt somewhat dissappointed by quickly browsing through, but more careful study reveals this to be a worthier read than what it first seemed. Not too many interviews, as you see, but the editor Grell states his goal was to go for quality over quantity and they are all pretty long. Even though the editor writes almost as much as the interviewees. The Windir one is a lively chat, more amusing than informative and made by the co-editor/contributor M. The special feature on Finnish bm scene was quite a surprising thing to find in a Norwegian 'zine and something that just a few years earlier would've been completely unthinkable. Well, the scene was obviously very different too and changed quickly back then. But enough from me, read it for yourself.

maanantai 9. kesäkuuta 2014

Debauchery - Spirit of Barbuelis demo 1992

Debauchery - Spirit of Barbuelis demo 1992
1) Rites of Profanity
2) Bestial Desecration Through Holy Prayers
3) The Unholy Ground of Darkened Evil
4) Outro

Yandex / Zippy

Ok, for this one I have cover scans! Here's Debauchery from Singapore, not to be confused with the currently active German band whose main selling point is boobs or with the dozen or so others, and their 1992 demo which was one of the items brother A.S. dubbed me some months ago. He also sent xerox of the covers, thanks for all again.

Debauchery started as Extremist back in '87, playing probably thrash, renamed to Morbid Death around '88 and again to Cemetary in '89. Then in 1991 they switched from death metal to black metal and '93 changed name again to Eibon and added more atmospheric stuff to their sound. Long history but can't help thinking it seems a little trendy. Oh well, so were our celebrated Norwegian overlords and the third track here has lyrics by Tony "It" Särkkä (even though it's instrumental?!?), they're all good. Let's concentrate on the music instead, it's pretty raw black metal with clearly audible instrumentation and better than average performance. The massively echoing vocals are good as well and I don't really have much to complain. Oh yeah, no drummer but the machine isn't very intrusive, it's the element most buried actually. The additional vocals sound occasionally a bit silly but in general they add up to the feeling of possession. Recommended.

sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014

Ancient - Svartalvheim reverb tracks 1994

Ancient (nor) - "Svartalvheim" reverb tracks 1994
1) Trumps of an Archangel
2) Paa evig vandring
3) Likferd

Rusfolder / Mediafire

It's been hot the few past days which makes me quite uncomfortable. It has also slowed the blog a little, I originally meant to post something already around Friday. Well, here's something from Norway, you should know Ancient who released a pretty good demo, 7"EP, a nice debut album and a very good mini-album, followed by line-up changes, relocations and less than stellar albums. This recording is still from the era of what I consider "proper" Ancient, Aphazel & Grimm and I'm not really sure what to call it. Got it from a tape trader with the title you see above, I suppose these are alternative mix/unmixed/rough mix or what-the-hell-ever versions of the debut album tracks, spread as advance tracks/promo to some people who then dubbed them to some others and well, you know the drill. Obviously no cover exists so I whipped up one in the spirit of the debut album. I really need to post something that actually has a cover next, this is starting to look like some bootleg factory soon.

To the content, well if you've heard the "Svartalvheim" album you know these tracks. These are just versions with a different, rougher sounding mix. Or incomplete mix/mastering/insert additional term here. If you haven't managed to hear early period Ancient, possibly due hearing the later releases or just seeing the "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends" cover and deciding to stay the hell away from them, this stuff is melodic and atmospheric, unmistakenly Norse black (well it's not Satanic so more like "black") metal with faster parts, midtempo bits, synths, acoustic sections and so on. All vocals are harsh and executed by both of the members, closest comparison that springs to mind would be (older) Gehenna. Why am I bothering, everyone who reads this blog knows them anyways, just check this out or wait for another post. Not by any means essential but I like it.

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Wizzard - Promo-demo II 1996

Wizzard (fin) - Promo-demo II 1996
1) I Am the King
2) Demon's Blood
3) Fenris Is Loose
4) Night Hunter
5) Thou Daughter of Fire
6) Sabbath
7) Get Your Kicks on Route 666
8) Possessed by Inferno

Depositfiles / Yandex

Today's item has been lying in one of the Coven's deeper vaults for far longer than necessary and for quite a trivial reason. Anyways, this is promo-demo (I still absolutely hate that abomination of a term) II by Finnish Wizzard, formerly known as Wizard (for their debut demo "I Am the King") and featuring Teemu "Hexenmeister" Kautonen, best known from Darkwoods My Betrothed. I got this dub from brother Grev already long time ago, thank you as always, but little complications delayed the posting. One was me being unable to locate the version of the Wizard logo with two z's - I know I've seen it somewhere, I'm not delusional! In the end I could not find it again and just edited that one to make a cover for this as it (probably) didn't have one. If it actually did and you have it, please share.

To the content: you should already know Wizzard from this compilation, the style here is same. In case you haven't heard them before and absolutely need me to describe the music I'll just call it blackened heavy metal. All but one track (Night Hunter) would appear again on the debut album "Wizzard" which unfortunately got so badly delayed by Nazgul's Eyrie that the second album "Devilmusick" was released much earlier. Enough about the history lesson, I've taken long enough to finally warn you that the sound is piss poor. Ok, not the worst LLN-poor but the dub was extremely quiet and generally faint. I've increased the level somewhat but couldn't do much, there's obviously hissing and assorted charming cassette listening perks to be heard. So, if you want to hear an unreleased song (unless it was renamed later) and rough versions of the debut album tracks and/or enjoy old fashioned black heavy metal check this out but consider yourself warned.

tiistai 3. kesäkuuta 2014

Near Dark #3

Near Dark 'zine, issue 3 (1995/96)
Eternal Oath
Melek Taus
Chained And Desperate
The Marble Icon
Buried Beneath
+ NZ scene report, reviews, bizarre page


Here's another contribution, I've allowed these to pile up a little too much so I better get off my ass and post more. A 'zine for change,  scanned and sent by Pawel, thank you and it's the third issue of the Swedish Near Dark which you might recall from this split issue with Goetia here. Pdf-format, 40 pages and this time I was left with a more favourable impression. Overall it's similar to the split-issue that follows but somehow the things that irked me there don't annoy me here. Perhaps it is because they stand alone instead of back-to-back with another 'zine that has strong nostalgic value to me?

Whatever the case, this is more of a extreme metal 'zine than a black metal one, the editors allow themselves to have fun with the interviewees, many of which they seem quite familiar with and the reviews are decent too. Both editors giving their own rating is a nice touch. The interviews are the backbone of almost any 'zine and here they vary a lot in length and quality. I must say I appreciate how they have picked mostly underground bands instead of the stable household names featured on every 'zine and Nyt-liite. I don't think I noticed it printed anywhere but it would seem like the three really short ones (Poccolus, C&D, Profanatum) were contributed by someone else? Other notable ones are the extremely poor interview with Ophthalamia (seems like Emil "Night/Jons lillebror" Nödtveidt would've been one of the worst interviewees in the 90's - research based on 2 interviews, mind you), amusing one with Damnation's Björn and very long one with Mikael & Buried Beneath. Enough from me, read the 'zine instead.

Blasphemous - The Obscurity over Golgotha demo 1995

Blasphemous - The Obscurity over Golgotha rehearsal demo 1995
1) Like a Howling Winter Wind
2) The Obscurity over Golgotha
3) Whispers from the Woods
4) I det dunkla skogsriket (In the Gloomy Forest Kingdom)

Mediafire / RGhost

I decided to continue with another black metal rehearsal recording, this time however we're back to a more popular scene, Swedish, and revisit an old acquaintance Blasphemous. A contributor sent me a few months ago this rip of their 1995 rehearsal demo, unfortunately without a cover - not sure if one even exists - so once again I'm using their logo as a placeholder. Thanks for the rip, you know who you are.

Soundwise (and musically) this is comparable to the 22.04.95 rehearsal tape, a little louder (due the rip) and slightly favouring the right channel but overall cleaner sounding than the other recordings I've heard were. It is still somewhat messy especially on the faster parts where they have a lot going on. But if you've read this far I guess you will not be fazed by little imperfections. Recommended if you enjoyed the other Blasphemous tapes, are a fan of 90's svensk svart metall or just feel like this would be a good time to start listening to old bm rehearsal tapes.