keskiviikko 22. joulukuuta 2010

Veles - Studio Rehearsal 1997

Veles - Studio Rehearsal 1997 for "Black Hateful Metal"
The Dawn of New Empire
2) The Spirit of Ancient Europe
3) Broken Cross
4) Millennium of Disgrace
5) Black Hateful Metal


Another Polish item I gained from my contributor and another horde with cult reputation, Veles. Presented here is a fragment of their studio rehearsal for "Black Hateful Metal" album from 1997. All tracks are obviously familiar from the album, here in instrumental versions and without most of the keyboard/sound effect interludes. Very good rehearsal sound, as my contributor commented the instruments actually seem to sound better than on the album. Obviously had no cover artwork, included in the folder is just a placeholder I made to amuse myself and confuse people who don't read these things. If you enjoy "Black Hateful Metal" or other Veles material, this is essential. I know I like it.

keskiviikko 8. joulukuuta 2010

Selbstmord - Instrumental Rehearsal 2001

Selbstmord (pol) - Instrumental Rehearsal 2001
The Forerunner of New Chaos
2) Day of the Murderers
3) On the Fucking Shroud of Madness


Keeping to Poland, here's another Selbstmord rehearsal I was contributed. Rare for this blog being post millennium too. The tracks appear on "Spectre of Hate" album and these are instrumental versions my contributor (thanks, you know who you are!) received from the band members without a date or tracklisting (the later was figured out however). Obviously there's no cover for it either.

The three tracks have a very good rehearsal sound in my opinion, being instrumental the sound is actually better than on some early official Selbsmord recordings! There'a a little bit of audible tape wear and other minor glitches sprinkled around but nothing really notable. If you enjoy Selbstmord and/or Polish black metal you'll want to check this out. Recommended for others into black metal too as long as you're not scared away by it being an instrumental rehearsal. Your miss if you are.

Forest - The Call of the Forest demo 1995

Forest (pol) - The Call of the Forest demo 1995
2) The Triumph
3) Darkness...
4) Seduced by the Black Moon
5) Outro


Here is some more black metal from Poland, lesser known band this time with their second demo. I've received this demo, like so many others, through tape trading so no covers available. Metal Archives supplies us with this painfully crappy image:

Unfortunately I've been unable to dig up a better one, so contributions would be welcome. I guess this should apply to the recording too as this isn't the best quality dub around, there are some imperfections of the tape and background hissing. On the other hand, the music presented is raw and straight forward black metal with pretty harsh rehearsal sound so it doesn't really bother me that much. It has certain charm to it. Intro, outro, short instrumental in the middle and two tracks of underground Polish black metal. I could recommend this if you enjoy raw black metal or collect Polish ug-stuff.

maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

Morningstar - Promo 1997

Morningstar (fin) - Promo 1997
The King
2) Heavy Metal Heretics
3) Metalstorm


December 6th, Finnish independence day so I should post something Finnish. Once again, Morningstar stuff. I have almost endless supply if you're wondering. This promo 1997 contains three songs which would appear on their 3rd album "Hell" released in 1999. Cover scan included. The material has by now moved more towards heavy metal from the old school black metal of the early releases. Sound is ok and rip too, the tape hisses a bit but that just adds to the cassette experience, right? Not much more to add, grab it if you're into Morningstar!

perjantai 3. joulukuuta 2010

Unto A Long Glory...3 - Beverina Compilation (1998)

Various Artists - Unto A Long Glory...3 - Beverina Compilation (1998)
Part 1 Slavonic Glory
Thy Repentance - Moon Roots of War
2) Nokturnal Mortum - Lastivka 2
3) Crypthowl - Of Seductress in Obsequal Attire
4) Valhalla - Hour of Battle
5) Miktlantekutly - Cemetary
6) Graal - Grand All Embrace
Satarial - The Queen of the Elves' Land
8) Misanthropic Poetry - I'm Screaming in the Raven Hills to Sun Will Never Rise
(non-Slavonic bonus track)
Fall of the Leafe - The Celestial Keeper
Part 2 Baltic Glory
Manatark - Roosteik
Heresiarh - Dragons Domain
12) Thy Lord - Mardus
13) Anubi - Kai Pilnates Akis Uzmirks Mirtis
14) Kalm - Igaveseks Mälestama Moistetud
Part 3 Tears of Stone
Forgive-Me-Not- Midnight World
16) Chalice - Holy Water
17) Morgain - About


A compilation tape, again, I've spent some time ripping these ones recently. It's kind of easy. This particular one is a third of a series by Beverina, I must say I haven't heard any of the previous ones - this was an item I just got in random from a small distro. However, the label Beverina was familiar to me, with loads of Slavic and Baltic bands. Of which a load are obviously featured here. The genres of music and quality vary from artist to another and I have to admit I used to prefer this to several other compilations back when I got it. No longer though, most of the material sounds to me awfully generic if not poor but for select ones - probably this is due my taste having been "evolved" or whatever. Still, there are some very good tracks and many not at all notable ones.

This one is a rip of an original tape, with cover scans included. Sound quality and levels are much better than your average 90's compilation - there's nothing exclusive so I can't really recommend it to anyone already into the bands involved and with all their stuff. The division of the bands is, as you see from the track list, Slavonic (mostly ex-USSR) bands on side A, Baltic (well, they're Baltic) start and go for most of side B with a handful categorised as "Tears of Stone" ending it - these are gothic rock/metal. I don't think I've much more to say about this one, but do pick it up if you're curious. Standout tracks for me include 1, 2, 4, 14 & 16. Oh by the way, Finnish Fall of the Leafe ends side A - even if not a Slavonic band.

torstai 2. joulukuuta 2010

Journey Through The Dark - Screams of Sirens demo 1995

Journey Through The Dark - Screams of Sirens demo 1995
Witches from Salem
2) Chant Of Sirens: Leucosia's Last Sortilage
3) Emotions In Black
4) Tears Of Autumn

Link & rip lost! Will be replaced ASAP

Here's a demo from Italy's Journey Through The Dark, known later as Art Inferno. As the band names might give away, we've got some dark and atmospheric stuff here. Or that was their aim I guess. The result on this demo at least (I'm not familiar with the other material, A.I. is supposedly some sort of black metal but this isn't) is a mix of slightly doomy death metal and keyboard atmospherics. From time to time they blend quite well but often it really just sounds like you had pieces of two puzzles thrown into the same box given to a slightly drunken guy to put together. The first song is more direct death metallish stuff, last one is an outroesque instrumental and the two middle ones mix the deathy and atmospheric parts together. Main vocal is grunty death metallish sort and the secondary one is raspy & screamy. They also use some whispers in the early part of the second track, which I like best - there's a feel similar to some Greek bands present. Too bad the whole song isn't as good as the first part, the metal riffing gets too chuggy to my taste.

I got this from a tape trader back in 1996 or so and it's a dub of few generations but pretty good sound nevertheless and no remarkable tape errors as far as I noticed. The sound of the recording itself is also quite decent, with all instruments audible (including bass which does some neat bits on the third track) and pretty balanced. No covers, a M.A. pic was used. There are good moments in the tracks but none of them really work for me as whole, I'll stick to Mortuary Drape but give this a shot, it's common for other people to enjoy stuff I don't. Oh yeah, I'm actually curious to hear the "Among Secrets" mini they released after this one so let me know if you have it!