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Equitant - The Circle of Agurak promo 1993

Equitant - The Circle of Agurak promo/demo I 1993
The Fallen Walls of Agurak
2) The Finrir Wolf
3) De Occulta Philosophia
4) Castle of Töprak-Kale (Among Them)
5) ('Iss) Er 'Arbörkr
6) Under the Sasaian King Yezdenian III
7) The Goddess Astghik (Sea of Glasya)
8) Hofa Hilmir, ok Valhallar Visi


Non-metal post, featuring Equitant's, formerly remembered from Absu and nowadays a maker of electronic music, debut release as a solo artist. Even though this recording features also his bandmates Proscriptor (flute) and Shaftiel (voice) and Black Mass Prayer aka Black Massith (while in Absu) helped him with the synths, it's mostly a solo effort. If you are familiar with the man's current and, well basically all solo work since late 90's you might be well-adviced the first two tapes are quite different from his EBM/techno/electronic releases. This one would mostly fit into the dark ambient/dungeon music category with some folky bits included. The folky parts seem mostly Celtic-influenced while the ambient parts divide roughly into half instrumental and half with spoken vocals included. The lyrics would seem to be more in the fantasy vein (concerning Agurak mentioned in the title) than mythology/occult Absu is known for. Equitant would seem to mix Celtic, Scandinavian and Howard-school sword & sorcery influences. This is judging from the track titles and narration, lyrics are not included. I got a copy of this and the 2nd demo from eBay some time ago, so a scan of the fold-out cover is included.

The sound and rip quality are good, the tape was not badly worn despite being just dubbed onto a regular old cassette. Some wear is occasionally heard but this can't be avoided. Moods presented are mostly quite solemn and gloomy with the synths dominant for majority of the time and the spoken vocals usually remain in the background. Which I find preferable. The folk bits I mentioned earlier are restricted to the intro and outro, track 6 features some distorted guitars which brings a nice refreshing change and Proscriptor's flute gives character to the 7th track. At the end of the day a good effort, recommended if you enjoy these kinds of works.

sunnuntai 24. huhtikuuta 2011

Gallows - The Butterfly promo 1993

Gallows (isr) - The Butterfly promo 1993
Here the Flying... Flew... Already Gone
2) The Butterfly
3) Children
4) Testimony of a Sanguinary Generation
5) ...And No One Made a Sound
6) Optimistic End


Here's a bit different item, again, this time still metal though. The Israeli band Gallows isn't very well known, I think, and I don't have too much info on them either. Metal Archives lists another tape before this one, neglects this completely and then mentions the re-release in 1995 which also appears to be the last release. I have somewhere a flyer for this tape, I'll scan it add to the post if I find it. As you probably guessed by now, I got this from a trader and have no covers. Would appreciate a scan if you happen to have them.

The music is sort of progressive metal with death metal vocals and both death & thrash metal leanings. It sounds quite jazzy to me in many places, throwing in some semi-mandatory middle eastern folk influences in the mix as well. Lyrically it would appear to lean towards life metal, but I suppose that can be excused. Personally I have somewhat mixed feelings about this... I like some of the proge parts and especially the keyboards on 4 & 5 (which the tracklisting I got seemed to list as "Testimony of a Sanguinary Generation - And No One Made a Sound" but it has a clear break at 6:30, dividing it into two tracks) and the harsh vocals come out quite well. Musicianship, sound and tape quality are very good too. This just isn't my favourite sort of music in general. But as said, I like 4 & 5 and the rest is okay too so I suppose I can recommend this to open-minded readers.

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Kvist - Rehearsal 1994

Kvist - Rehearsal 1994
Mørk, Skjebnesvanger Og Erotisk Lokkende
2) Svartedal


Another request long due, I promised to get this done to a number of people. Sorry for being so late with it. Kvist is a cult band from Norway and if you don't know them yet, leave immediately, get a copy of "For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike" (no, buy it you cheap bastard, it's worth your money), listen to it at least ten times and if you don't enjoy it never return here. Others may proceed to download this two song rehearsal which features a song that would be on their 1994 demo and another which would appear both on demo & album.

I got this one from a trader on a CDr quite a while ago and ripped it, slightly upping the volume which was extremely low in the process. It is still quite low and a little hissy and muffled but other than that, it's very good for a rehearsal recording. If you are familiar with the demo 1994, this is a bit more muddled but the songs have all the instruments present, including vocals and keys. Obviously it's good, it's Kvist. I'd listen to them play beer cans and unplugged guitar. If there are any more Kvist recordings in existence and you got them, get in touch for I must have them. You can have my other kidney or whatever. Recommended.

Einaugd - Promo/demo 1995

Einaugd - Promo/demo 1995
Mythos Graven Sorg
2) Når Vi Går Den Siste Tid I Møte


This is an old request which I'm finally able to fulfill, sorry for taking so long but the dub I found from my tapes was incomplete and the full version stays hidden. Fortunately Grev had gotten a rip of this recording from a trader and sent it to me, thanks! So this is not my rip, it's... some guy's who traded with Grev. Decent quality rip and obviously no covers or images of any sort. What to call it is also a little debatable; colehawlins asked for it as "adv.demo 1995" (which I think I had the other dub called too), one of my traders had sent it to me as Promo 1995 and finally Grev had it as Promodemo 1995 - which is a word abomination I've always hated, so I've decided to title it as promo/demo 1995 until someone coughs up covers stating otherwise. Or used to play in this and gives proper info.

Speaking of info, there's little. I remember having some more somewhere, I'm pretty certain this was a project of someone who used to be in Gehenna & Nocturnal Breed. Or was it Dimmu & Nocturnal Breed??? Tjodalv? Svartalv? I'm sure it was not Sanrabb, Silenoz (who had a self-titled project) or any other of the better known names, can anyone refresh my memory? Megaborea? Whatever the case and whoever performs, this consists of two tracks for less than 10 minutes of music and the first one is an atmospheric, keyboard & vocals piece and second is Norwegian black metal, with a bit murky but listenable sound. Somewhere between Isvind, old Carpathian Forest, Manes demos and very old Gehenna. Good stuff. If I ever find my tape I'll see if I can manage a superior version off that, till then I'd recommend you to try this!

UPDATE: One of my readers verified my vague recollections of this being Kenneth Destroyer/Svartalv, formerly of Gehenna and Nocturnal Breed. Mystery solved! Thanks!

UPDATE II: The link had died so I took this chance to upload the version I ripped from my tape (which I finally came across) - being made from an unknown generation dub it's not really much of an improvement.

UPDATE III: Another commenter gives us Mōri (AKA Ben Hellion) as the second conspirator here. Thanks for letting me know!

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Winterschlacht - Vollstrecker demo 1998

Winterschlacht - Vollstrecker demo 1998
2) Heterotrophie
3) Urwälder der Entscheidungsschlacht
4) Tod durch Aufhangen
5) Überlegenheit
6) Dunkle Gestalt


This is another contribution I've received, thanks to the person who sent it! Polish black metal from a member of the great Galgenberg, this would seem to be the only demo he released. No cover artwork so I have used an image from Metal Archives. As always, cover scan is welcomed.

This demo contains 6 tracks of quite fast and straight-forward black metal with a raw underground sound, drum machine and a few dashes of synth thrown in the background occasionally. I can't say the final result would be anywhere near Galgenberg stuff. There are some good moments but the overall performance and finish is lacking, I dislike the drum machine (both sound and programming) and the whole thing sounds kind of unfinished. I'm positive this would've come out much better had he worked with someone else on it. Rip quality is very good. I'm certain the maniacs into radical Polish bm will not be disheartened by my dim view of the demo and others into underground black metal might want to check it out as well. Not essential but interesting.

maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2011

I Rise In Flames - Fall demo 1995

I Rise In Flames - Fall demo 1995
Reaching for a Gothic Sun
2) Desolate Tears
3) Her Eternal Dreams Foreshadow
4) Outro


Another tape traded item, here's a 1995 demo by I Rise In Flames who changed their name to Chant after signing a deal with the German label Solistitium (with whom a quarter of the Finnish 90's bands seemed to sign with). They recorded an album "Cynthia's Fire" in 1998 at the well-known Tico-Tico studio but apparently it was never released as Solistitium got into financial problems delaying the album's release and frustrated, half of the band decided to call it quits. The remaining people reincarnated as The Chant in 1999 with a new line-up and a bit different musical direction. They've recorded a bunch of demos and an EP in 2006, debut album "Ghostlines" in 2008 and another album "This is The World We Know" in 2010 which contains "nine tracks of atmospheric rock with gothic and progressive influences. At times there are metal elements contrasting the soothing melodies." I quoted that from their site as I haven't heard it. Or anything post-this demo really, to be honest. I just felt like whipping up a little bio here.

Ok how about getting to the point which naturally is this demo here. Like said right at the start, tape traded and no cover art and little info besides the tracklisting. Metal Archives lists this as just self-titled demo but the band entry there isn't really brimming with information is it now? So until proven otherwise I'm still calling this "Fall" as I've been since I got it titled so. Yeah. Cover scans would be greatly appreciated and I'd be keen on hearing the other demo(s) The Chant interview on Imperiumi mentioned. And the unreleased (?) album too, though I doubt anybody has it. Maybe I should finally get into the music here - three songs of gothic-tinged (think Paradise Lost-gothic not rubbersuit goth rock-gothic) death/doom metal and an instrumental outro track with a decent demo sound and good enough performance. Some bearable clean vocals employed but mostly a deathlier vocal style. The source dub was of unknown generation and left a bit desired but it could be worse. There's some audible tape wear scattered hither and thither but it should not bother a seasoned listener of cassette demos. Recommended if you like mid-90s gothic death doom, are a curious The Chant-fan or just blindly grab whatever I happen to post.

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Funerary Bell - Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks promo 2007

Funerary Bell - Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks promo 2007
Funerary Bell
2) Resurrection
3) XehXheX
- - -
Guardian of My Infernal Path (Bonus Track)


Here's a post that's highly unusual to this blog... not as per the content but the fact it's as recent as 2007! Well what can I say, I'm very much into the old schoolish black metal of Finland's Funerary Bell and as I'm in touch with the Invoker (aka Profundiis) who gave his ok to post this tape I decided to go ahead as I think the band deserves more attention. Now that's been covered I might as well mention this is a rip from the tape I got from the band, dubbed with a bonus track which obviously isn't officially part of the promo but recorded soon afterwards. Cover scans included.

This is a pretty short tape, especially the Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks proper which consists of an intro and two tracks at about 9½ minutes. A word of warning: excluding the intro, the tape is instrumental and unlike later FB material this is only Invoker of the Shadows (on this tape Profundiis) by himself and with a drum machine. Personally I've no problem with this as the songs work for me very well without vocals and the drum machine isn't that distracting. Some might disagree, of course. The bonus track is a band rehearsal, not one man only. The tracks were later included, re-worked and re-titled, on the split with Blood Red Fog. Check out that too and the debut album "The Coven" released on Undercover Rex. Recommended!

PS: I have some more unreleased Funerary Bell material which I might post as well later.

torstai 14. huhtikuuta 2011

Oberon - Through Time & Space demo 1994

Oberon (nor) - Through Time & Space demo 1994
2) Through Time & Space


One non-metallic post more, this one from Norge. Oberon is somewhat similar to the Swedish Landscape posted on this blog earlier, meaning atmospheric darkwave/gothic mix of synth music with vocals though I'd say Oberon sounds more like gothic rock than Landscape and features guitars as well. Like the compared act, this is a one-man effort as well though arguably more successful as Bård Titlestad released an EP and an album under this monicker. I have not heard the full-lenght but I have the self-titled CDEP or mini-album and it is quite soft stuff, not that this would be exactly harsh, sounding more darkwave and at times even neofolk. Not bad.

My copy and this rip is from a traded tape I got long ago but as the tape condition was decent it sounds ok. The demo itself was recorded at Soundsuite studio with Terje Refnes so it obviously has a better than average demo sound. Cover scans were picked up from Discogs since I did not have them. They're better than the average M.A. images I have to use every now & then but still far from perfect. What else is there to stay... well I suppose I could recommend this if you liked the Landscape demos. And yes I'll post some metal next.

tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2011

Infamis - Malum Necessarium demo 1996

Infamis (pol) - Malum Necessarium demo 1996
Intro (Spiritus Movens)
2) Signum Temporis
3) Ut Sequitur
4) Vis Maior
5) Cum Tacent Clamant
6) Ex Oriente Lux


To follow the previous post I decided to upload yet another Polish demo of dark synth stuff, also gotten from a tape trader but at least this time I was able to dig up an extremely poor and tiny thumbnail pic of the cover from some sort of Polish eBay-type site (I guess). Needless to say it's not helpful for providing info or anything and I'd like a proper cover scan. At least a little bigger image of the front would also do.

So I don't know much about this project either but I can tell right away the sound on this demo is better than on the Ars Poetica one and it's purely instrumental. Of similar lenght, this 32+ minutes passes away pleasantly enough in old school Mortiis atmospheres. Keyboards playing soundtrack-like quasimedieval dark ambiance, it's certainly nothing groundbreaking but I can say I'm enjoying this. If you liked the Depressive Silence demos you might want to check this out. Dungeon synth, as the young man running a blog of the same name terms it!

Ars Poetica - Theatre demo 1996

Ars Poetica (pol) - Theatre demo 1996
Theatre I: Scena I
2) Theatre I: Scena II
3) Theatre I: Scena III
4) Final...
5) Theatre II: Scena I
6) Theatre II: Scena II
7) Final


Some more non-metal material, this time I've dug up an obscure Polish dark atmospheric/ambient/whatever-you-call-this-stuff keyboard music project(? - not sure at all but I think this was someone's side project) Ars Poetica and their demo 1996. I don't know if they/him made more than one tape. I got this from one of my traders along with some other synth projects and got very little info on it besides the tracklisting. Which I edited as he had written it like this:
1) Theatre: - Scena I, - Scena II, - Scena III
2) Final...
3) Theatre: - Scena I, Scena II
4) Final

However, both of the "Theatre" bits were clearly separated in to their different parts so I decided to make them separate tracks and for clarity further named them Theare I & II etc. as you can read up there at the very beginning. So there, that's all about that. If someone happens to have a copy of the covers or really anything on this, drop me a line ok?

The music is dark synth stuff, somewhere between dark ambient and darkwave with some vocals thrown in which vary from dark almost black metallish ones to theatric quasi-operatic to warped by effects and silly. Sound is ok but most of the music tends to be on the left speaker with the voices and some effects on the right one which is not exactly the best idea ever. Music itself is pretty good, some bits like start of Theatre II: Scena I remind me of old Ultima soundtracks and the like, but the vocals aren't what I'd call success and the sound annoys me. I might rip this again as mono and see if it's better. Meanwhile, feel free to try it out.

lauantai 9. huhtikuuta 2011

Fogland - Enumaelish CassEP 2004

Fogland - Enumaelish Cassette EP 2004
2) Ismeju, King of the Plains
3) De Imortalitate Animae
4) In Fosnet De Frunze, In Vant De Seara, In Liniste Adanca...
5) Nebelluth/Nehil


Time for a little bit different post. And a release from 2004! Blasphemy, outrage! Gather torches and pitchforks! Well, I've never really said I'd upload only 90's stuff, did I? Anyways you might still want to gather that mob since this isn't metal either, no matter how "openly" you approach the matter. If you're familiar with the "Znaman" album by this Romanian band you'll know they used to play folk/metal based (quite remotely in most songs!) on black metal, with the emphasis strongly on atmospheric and folky bits. On this tape EP they've gone further into the experimental post-whatever direction and sound more like an electronic act much of the time. Pretty odd stuff, I guess I could compare it to the Moon Lore album "Spheres Beneath the Heavens" so if you like that one you might enjoy this. It is quite atmospheric. Some parts even bring MonumentuM and Canaan to my mind (that is considered good 'round here). The beginning of the last song reminded me of Von Thronstahl for a fleeting moment.

Ripped from an original tape I got used last year it has good quality and almost no wear nor tear. Sound quality of the recording is very good too. Cover scans included. I'm not really the best possible person to discuss this, I was quite dissappointed at first when I heard this but it has become more toleratable over time and I've started to kind of like parts of it. I expect to have a total change of heart and like this to an unreasonable extent with enough time. Try it if you became curious.

torstai 7. huhtikuuta 2011

Wolfkhan - Wolfkhan demo 1994

Wolfkhan - Wolfkhan demo 1994
Wolf's Hosts of War
2) The Eternal Might of Pagan Warriors
3) Wisdom of Old Trees
4) Ancient Mystery of Dark Forest
5) Ritual of Heathen Blood


Another item I was contributed, thanks for this, you know who you are! And again an obscure piece of Polish underground black metal, this was a one-off project by Thy Worshiper's Marcin Gosiorowski who got a little help from Rob Darken whom you probably know. This comes ripped from a dub so no cover scans - as always those would be appreciated if someone has them!

Polish pagan black metal with a typical cold sound and atmosphere but a bit more unusual end result. The first, lenghty track is competent pagan black metal but the second one sounds more unusual with a jangly, folky guitar and very heathen atmosphere topped with raw vocals. Repetitive but works, the synths add majesty to it. Third song is slower piece with just synths and percussion, atmospheric certainly but a bit dull to be honest. Fourth track continues basically the same but adds vocals which sound a bit distant and add up to the proceedings. Last song is an outro by Darken which might be familiar to you from elsewhere. Decent sound for an old underground demo and an ok quality rip with minor audible wear. Even though the 3rd and 4th tracks are less interesting this is definitely recommended for people into the old Polish scene!

It appears this was not the actual demo and it will be soon re-released on a Polish label so please look forward to that.

Midvinter - Midvinternatt demo 1994

Midvinter - Midvinternatt demo 1994
2) De vises hymn
3) Midtro
4) Mitt blod...
5) Outro


Some more Swedish black metal, this one can be found in the inter nets but since I had ripped my dub I decided to upload it. This is the debut and only demo of Midvinter who released an album in 1997, split up and apparently resumed activities in 2006.

I got this demo originally as advance tape for 7"EP which was probably some sort of misunderstanding. Or a change of plans, don't know. Anyways, dubbed for me by one of my pen pals I had no covers for this so I've taken the image from M.A. once again. The quality of the dub & rip is ok and the sound quality of the recording satisfying enough. It's clear enough but obviously demo-ish, all instruments are audible but the guitar sound could use a little extra kick. Competent black metal vocals spitting out lyrics written in Swedish on two compact songs and three intros/interludes spice up the recording. Quite typical stuff for its time but a nice listen anyways. Check out their full-lenght album too, and hopefully they'll release something new soon, the instrumental track from 2009 on their MySpace sounds promising.

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Moonspell - Live in München 21.09.1995

Moonspell - Live in München, Germany 21st September 1995
Intro / Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
2) Love Crimes
3) ...Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride)
4) Vampiria
5) Alma Mater


Since Mandrake asked me, I'm happily posting yet another Moonspell live from the 1995 fall tour. This time they're playing in München, at an unknown venue. If you happen to know where this was, feel free to share your info! Like you probably guessed, I got this from one of my traders again.

The setlist is the exact same slightly under half an hour affair they've done for most of these September/October 1995 gigs, but the quality of this particular recording is well above average and it's full set, no hassles or cock ups and with a decent enough performance to boot so if you want to pick just one of these shows, this would be a very strong candidate. Obviously recommended to Moonspell fans & bootleg collectors. Good one.

tiistai 5. huhtikuuta 2011

The Ancient's Rebirth - Below the Nocturnal Skies promo 1994

The Ancient's Rebirth - Below the Nocturnal Skies promo 1994
Mörker och hat
As He Rides the Nocturnal Skies


Here is a 2 song promo by the Swedish black metallers The Ancient's Rebirth which I found from the pile of tapes I was given a while ago. Both would be recorded again on their debut album but these versions are obviously quite different sounding. No cover, unfortunately. Not sure if one exists but if it does I'd be interested to get it.

The sound is ok demo level, tape is a little bit worn at places and I've no idea what generation dub this might be but obviously it has passed through a few pairs of hands before ending up on the tape I worked with. Very listenable, don't worry. Music is melodic black metal the Swedish way and sounds good to my ears, it's not too light and fluffy if not filled with malignancy either. Raw black metal voice and some clean bits added for spice. Nothing to write home about I guess but works for me, original or not! Pretty long tracks both, total time is about 12 minutes. Recommended if you like bands like Midvinter, Dissection, Sacramentum, Naglfar, Vinterland... well Swedish 90's black metal to say it shortly.

sunnuntai 3. huhtikuuta 2011

Black Spirit Compilation (1994)

Various Artists - Black Spirit compilation (1994)
Blashemous Side:
Desulphurize - Intro / Darkness in the Deep of the Burning Light
2) Sorath (us) - Black Holocaust
3) Thou Art Lord - The Era of Satan Rising
4) Belphegor (us) - Blessed By the Lord of Goat Excrement / Annoint in Jehovah Blood
5) Catacomb (ita) - In The Shade of the Cypresses
6) Katatonia - Intro / Without God
Sacrilegious Side:
Twilight (gre) - Intro / In Wisdom of Darkness
8) Gorgoroth - Sexual Bloodgargling
9) Impaled Nazarene - Sadogoat
10) Grand Belial's Key - Shemhamforash
11) Funeral Urn - Prophecy of the Dead
12) Estuary Of Calamity - My Castle
13) Archgoat - Rise of the Black Moon


Time for another compilation, this is the one I mentioned at the Belphegor post. And does feature the "whole" Belphegor demo as one track. Made in Greece by a guy called Kostas who apparently made a 'zine too (the cover - which is included - mentions it) this is a black metal compilation even though it features stuff that's not really black metal like the death doomy bands Italian Catacomb and Greek Desulphurize. Ok, the rest are various forms of bm, ranging from the classic Greek style of Thou Art Lord to the raw usbm of Sorath and the Norwegian 2nd wave defining Gorgoroth. Not to mention Katatonia's essential classic "Without God". Too bad they quit.

Unfortunately this 60 min compilation suffers from its sound. I don't know if its due the tape or the equipment the guy used while making and dubbing these but somewhere along the line it got a little screwy and the volumes fucked. And no, it's not due my rip thank you. I know a bit better what I'm doing by now. Anyways, I cut out most of the extra clicks, snaps, crackles and pops. Didn't do much else with it though, so it still hisses and crackles some. And now that I listen I left quite a few in after all. Fear not, it is still listenable quality and hey, this is authentic feeling! Except you don't have to turn the tape around and all that.

Technical details aside, this is a pretty cool tape. The mixture of bands is interesting enough, with some very well known (I.N., Katatonia, T.A.L.) and some obscure (Funeral Urn, Estuary of Calamity, I guess Twilight too) names included and styles ranging from the atmospheric and doomy (Katatonia, Catacomb) to the raw black (Twilight, Sorath) and still onto grindy punishment (Belphegor, Archgoat). It must be mentioned almost all of the "proper" black metal here is on the raw side, which is of course fine by me! Many very good, even excellent tracks, included like my old faves 3, 6, 8 & 10. Actually the only ones I don't like are the Belphegor and Estuary Of Calamity contributions. First is shit and second doesn't seem to connect with me... though I like the slow part. Maybe it'll grow on me, I need to try their demo out. But you check out this compilation already, I don't think you came here to read.

lauantai 2. huhtikuuta 2011

Impaled Nazarene - Live in Paltamo 1992

Impaled Nazarene - Live in Paltamo, Finland 14th November 1992
Goat Perversion
2) Sadogoat / After the Perversion
3) Conned Thru Life
4) In the Name of Satan / I Al Purg Vonpo
5) The Crucified
6) Hoath - Darbs Lucifero
7) Mortification Blood Red Razor Blade


Here is another Impaled Nazarene gig from 1992 and a little different set as you notice. Sadogoat 7" was the upcoming item back then and coincidentally the B-side of the (much) later Satanic Masowhore 7", Extreme Noise Terror's "Conned Thru Life" is also played, though this is just a cover version (with some Finnish thrown in) instead of "Diabolic Penis Mix". That was one crappy B-side of a way too short EP. Anyways, very short gig again and entertaining as ever, Luttinen really despised the location/-ls and doesn't hesitate to show it. Amusingly the feeling seems to be mutual, probably due the high quality speeches he gives. Personally I was delighted with "Hoath - Darbs Lucifero" being in the set as well as "Mortification..." which here is a "special" version. Just wait till the later part. Though it's in Finnish which might diminish the value.

This time the show seems to be right from the beginning with the starting screams of "Goat Perversion" hitting the ears. The sound quality is as good as you dare to expect from an old recording like this, slightly less clear than the previous I.N. live I posted little while ago. The leads vocals are rather dominant but you can definitely make out everything the band plays, as well as the support vocals. I'm pretty certain this is also originally a video recording. Recommended, like the other one was! Continue listening with the "Live in the Name of Satan" bootleg which features two gigs from 1993 or early 1994, found for example here.