tiistai 28. syyskuuta 2010

Funebre Inferi - Deathcult demo 1996

Funebre Inferi - Deathcult demo 1996
Marching in Graveyards (Intro)
2) Haunted Scull of a Profanated Grave
3) Lost Sorcerers in the Pyre


Remember Hieronym Inferiorum? Well, this is H.I. post-name change and it's still Luczebeus doing everything by himself... though this time the result is more slightly more refined. Fear not, it is still far from polished mainstreamish black metal and much of what I said about H.I. still applies here. The musicianship and sound have improved, though the sound is now a little on the thin side and due less murkiness loses a bit of the special aura the H.I. demo had. I got this tape just this year along with some other original tapes and it was in very good shape.

As I mentioned on the old post, this seems to be the only recording of Funebre Inferi and apparently last recording by Luczebeus himself as well. If you know better, let me know as I'm quite curious to hear if he ever made anything else. Recommened for the people who enjoyed the "Worship to Asmodeus" demo and this time people into Greek black metal in general due more accessible sound.

maanantai 27. syyskuuta 2010

Carnage (fin) - Dreaming In Crypt reh/demo 1993

Carnage (fin) - Dreaming in Crypt rehearsal/demo 1993
Undead Mind
2) Dreaming in Crypt
3) Affection to Damnation
4) Raped
5) Lunatic of God's Creation (Deicide cover)
6) Sacrificial Suicide (Deicide cover)


Ok, moving back closer to home, here's an obscure death metal rehearsal demo from 1993. As far as I know this is the only release (and possibly recording) of Finland's Carnage, not to be mixed with the famous Swedes... or the two dozen other bands of the same name. A friend of mine who knew the people in the band recorded me this demo in the early 90's, I don't know if it ever had a proper cover but being a rehearsal demo it seems unlikely. The band changed name to Desmodus later and continued for a while under that monicker.

The dub is ok but unfortunately the songs have been recorded with problems with the ancient equipment that carried over to the overall volume and sound of the following tracks, the first one being superior, and so differ in quality. The majority of the demo has a decent rehearsal sound still, don't worry. Music is in-your-face death metal, very enjoyable. Recommended for underground enthusiasts and fans of Nordic death metal. I might get a better version of this so stay tuned.

keskiviikko 15. syyskuuta 2010

Baalberith (nor) - Whispering Shadows reh/demo 1995

Baalberith (nor) - Whispering Shadows rehersal demo 1995
In Iconium
2) Through the Golden Gate
3) Shadows of My Horn
4) Dream


Norwegian black metal from an obscure project whose members moved on to form or join several other less well-known bands like Infernal, Belfagor, Kharon, Excelsis, Con Anima and Drephjard, which is still active. Sounds promising? Well, maybe not but you might still want to give this curious rehearsal/demo tape a listen, at least if you're into unusual black metal. I got this from a trader friend and have no cover (if there was one in the first place) and the track listing I received differed a bit from M.A.'s version.

Featuring a raw sound, as expected from a rehearsal recording, this release features four songs that all combine black metal with atmospheric elements, ranging from ambient to gothic/darkwave. The black metal parts sound quite odd too, with whispery vocals. If you enjoy MoonLore (nor) and... uh similar bands (yeah I can't think of any right now) you should try this.

torstai 9. syyskuuta 2010

Leviatan (fin) - Demo 1999

Leviatan (Finland) - Demo 1999
Perkeleen Poika (peto ja lohikäärme)
2) Rivers Flowing Blood
3) Cold Breath of Midnight Breeze
4) Angel Eyes Torn by Time


Double post to make up a little for the inactivity of late, here's a demo released by Dark Moon: Finland's Leviatan, not to be mixed up with the 1 000 000 other bands with the same/similar name. A short lived side-project with Ranta and Koponen from Faerghail (and separately from Forever Winter, Northcrown and Vordven) this tape seems to be their only release. I got myself a copy some months ago and I was at first a little dissappointed with the content as my expectations were different. Anyways, it's grown on me now that I've listened to it a few more times. I personally enjoy the last track most.

The music is melodic black/dark metal, if you are familiar with the guys' other projects you might have an idea what to expect (if you're not, the Faerghail page has their promo 2006 available for download). Mostly moving in a frisky midtempo, the music is atmospheric and quite simple and catchy. The songs are on the long side, with first two a little over 5 minutes each and the other two over 7, but they don't yet overstay their welcome. The first track is a little trying with it's silly "spoken" parts forced through some awful effect. There's also female backing vocals and plenty of keyboards so beware if you're allergic to these elements. Good, clear sound and you're even able to hear the bass guitar. Recommended to fans of the guys' other bands as well as those who enjoy bands like Thy Serpent, Draugnim, Moonsorrow and Battlelore. Necro black metal maniacs are probably not going to enjoy this.

Night In Gales - Razor Adv.Tape 1996

Night in Gales - Razor Advance Tape for 7"EP 1996
A Spark in the Crimson Eclipse
2) Razor
3) Raining Blood (Live) Slayer cover


About time to post something I guess, a little different item this time, here's an advance tape for the 1996 7" by Germany's Night in Gales who play/played (haven't heard anything from them since 90-something) NWoSDM, New Wave of Swedish Death Metal if you didn't know. Yeah, really, they sound more Swedish than In Flames did in late 90's. The Slayer live cover also sounds like Dark Tranquillity or some other Gothenburg bunch would be performing it in the early 90's.

I got this from a trading pal around 1996 and it has a pretty good dub. The sound is of course good or at least better than the average demo sound you're probably used to find here, the live track is very good quality as well. So if you can't get enough of early Dark Tranquillity, (very) early In Flames and comparable Gothenburg heroes you should give this a listen. And probably their other material too.