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Amon Hen - Skeleton-Dances adv.tape 1995

Amon Hen - Skeleton-Dances advance tape 1995
1) Landscape 2.
2) Landscape 1.
3) Dream?
4) Brainstorm


Ok, let's do something different again, here is Amon Hen from Hungary and an advance tape/promo they sent around in 1995. This might be a rough mix or something of the cassette EP/MLP of the same name, don't remember for sure and of course I don't have the other tape at hand to compare! Anyways, this tape was released some months before the rather professional looking real thing. Cover scan is included.

So what is the music like? Hard to put to a proper category, for sure. I saw the older tape G.L.A.S.S. being described as avantgarde cyber metal which I suppose wouldn't be too far off the mark as there are metal elements to this, especially the first track. But overall I suppose this is closer to industrial or gothic sound, perhaps EBM even. This is the field of music where I need to tread carefully so I don't think I can pull of very convincing name dropping or comparisons this time around. So we have synths, samples, distorted guitars, spoken voices, effected vocals (robot vocals on track 4!), beats, atmospheric parts and more going on here. It's quite weird, uneven and kind of interesting. I guess I could recommend it to both very open-minded readers and those who enjoyed stuff like Plastic Sampler, Neverwood (either, really) or maybe even Landfill among earlier posts. That is all, next time either metal, ambient or a 'zine... I guess I'll roll the dice to see.

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Congestion - The Third Dimension demo 1992

Congestion - The Third Dimension demo II 1992
1) Intro / Unblessed
2) When I Ride to Beyond
3) A Gift from Heaven

Yandex / Rusfolder

As promised in the comments section of the previous post, here is the second demo by Congestion, later known as Let Me Dream and notoriously playing gothic slightly doomy metal as opposed to the slightly doomy death metal of these early years. Like the previous tape, this was sent by brother Grev and ripped by his comrade. Thanks to both of you! Apparently this one didn't have a cover either so I made an extremely low effort placeholder for it.

Much of what I wrote concerning the previous effort holds true here so I'm not going to repeat myself overtly here, the sound is quite similar as is the overall sound and feel... the musicianship is a bit sharper this time around but worry not, they still don't sound like professional, seasoned musicians. Which is obviously a selling point to some and a turn off to others. Not certain if it just feels like that or actually true, but the synth presence seems a bit more constant yet less intrusive this time around and the vocals are more uniform in their delivery which I like. "Unblessed" from the first tape makes a reappearance while the other two tracks are new. Not much else to add, if you liked the previous one you'll probably enjoy this one too.

sunnuntai 27. lokakuuta 2013

Congestion - Promo/demo I 1992

Congestion - Promo/demo I 27.7.1992
1) Object of Palaentology
2) Unblessed
3) Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)

Mediafire / RGhost

Almost a year ago I posted here the 1996 demo of Let Me Dream and in the comments section we had a little discussion about the pre-LMD Congestion. So here is finally a follow up to that chat and their first recording, a three song promo/demo which had no proper cover as long as brother Grev, who sent this to me, knows and he should seeing that he's been familiar with the band since the early days. Thanks as usual to Grev for sending me this and his German (was it?) trading comrade for the rip we feature here! I don't know if they already used the logo at that time seen on the placeholder cover but that's all I had to work with.

Like the discussion, and the cover choice, hinted the early Congestion was still death metal, influenced by Celtic Frost and with death/doom touches. Especially on the second track the groove is very much present. There's a considerable synth presence which I honestly would think work better if cut down a bit to be just a spicing. Vocals are recited deathly barks and rasps with some deeper support grunts, fortunately none of the awkward clean singing is present. Sound is quite good though it's clear to anyone that this is an amateur rehearsal place recording and not a "pro studio demo". The musicianship and playing in general isn't very tight either but it's kind of charming and expected of a young band's first demo. Whatever little flaws and mars it may have, I still prefer it to the LMD's gothic material.

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Parade - Vieilles pierres demo 2009

Parade (fra) - Vieilles pierres demo 2009
1) Intro (dans sa demeure de R'lyeh la morte)
2) Ritual in Transfigured Times (Maya Deren)
3) L'acte écologiaque
4) Vieilles pierres
5) Outro


I think I said I would upload the other demo, and project by Clément when I posted the Astral Underground demo here. This is his one-man project Parade where his "main concern was to create black-metal-rooted ambient music, suggesting the strange feeling that you can feel when you're deeply afraid of something that you can't see or apprehend" - mainly inspired at the time by Maya Daren filmography, ghost stories and Lovecraft. He's been working on the next piece for some months and it should be much more ambient-oriented with a particular emphasis on synth and electronics. Conceptually it'd be inspired by UFO-sightings and Twin Peaks folklore, which sounds very interesting to me, definitely looking forward to that. The rip he sent has different bitrates going on again but it sounds much more uniform than the Astral Underground one, though he wasn't very pleased with the bad (in wrong way) sound quality. I'm not that bothered by it.

The demo lasts a bit over 20 minutes and like already mentioned is ambient sort of black metal, based on the dsbm-sort of sound but expanding to different spheres. It's an interesting listen and if you liked the A.U. demo you'll probably want to hear this one as well. I would've prefered the ambient to have already more room here so I'm looking forward to the upcoming release.

torstai 24. lokakuuta 2013

Gorbalrog - Das Zepter demo 1996

Gorbalrog - Das Zepter demo III 1996
1) Triumphator / Das Böse
2) Pestengel
3) Schwingen des Donners
4) In Genio
5) Schafott der Zeit
6) Das Zepter


For today I decided to post some German black metal after a long break from that stuff, here's the third demo by Gorbalrog who played melodic sort of black metal and released an album in 1999. I know there have been at least two different rips around before but my extra sloppy and very quick search didn't yield any active links so I decided to post my rip. Which is again made from a dubbed copy I'm afraid and cover image is another less-than-stellar one from M.A. - a proper scan would be nice.

This demo has a rather raw yet still listenable enough sound which makes the melodic nature less obvious and gives the recording needed edge to keep it just out of the too-mellow field of synth-driven blackish metal so common back then. Nothing really amazing, just a pretty solid 30 min+ demo. Though I admit they tend to trip over their feet during the fastest passages which the sound helps further to mess up and the drum machine might annoy people who are annoyed by drum machines. So yeah... recommended mostly for people into German 90's bm demos and others into older demo sound might enjoy it too. That is all for now.

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Astral Underground - Ratés demo 2011

Astral Underground - Ratés demo 2011
1) Bacchantes
2) Siècle d'angoisse
3) Violon
4) Ratés
5) Mes cris dans l'escalier
6) L'ère du valet
7) Nos rêves acharnés


As you have noticed, I usually post stuff from the 90's here, slowly branching into early 00's. But I do make some exceptions too and here's again one. Recorded in sessions between 2008 and 2010 this is the (so far only) 2011 demo "Ratés" by French project Astral Underground. "Why are you posting it?" someone might ask and that's certainly a justified question even though this is my blog and not that someone's, but to answer: the person behind this and another project, Clément, contacted me and sent these asking if I'd be interested in posting them here and I decided to humour his request. So there. The project went through a change in line-up and a new demo should be coming up pretty soon, with 2 additional musicians from a death metal band. Musical direction may "change from the classic "suicidal black metal" tones, but the concept beneath Astral Underground will remain the same: Description of emotional states, mental disorder, surrealistic poetry, antidepressant..."  Clément writes. We'll see soon as it's almost two months from this info (the delay is my fault, as usual) so the new release might be ready by now.

But let's return to this thing at hand for now, the demo runs over 34 minutes and seven tracks which, like mentioned in the start, were recorded during several rehearsal sessions over two years. You can hear this as the sound shifts from the raw and crispy coldness of the first two tracks (especially the second track, not so much the first instrumental one) to atmospheric, acoustic/ambient interlude with "Violon" to the slow and distant sounding desolate metal of the title track with a more voluminous sound. If you can ignore the "bedroom bm/dsbm"-associations this is actually interesting material. Next one is a shorter track and sort of minimal dark ambiance with piercing black metal shrieks, this is followed by slow paced black metal in the more suicidal vein that builds up nicely towards the end without a real release. I like the grating guitar there. Last track, which by the way is at 128kbps while the rest is 320, don't know why and unfortunately you can hear it... what was I going to write... yeah it starts a bit faster and has a bit more chaotic sound and more going on than the previous ones. It doesn't get messy, fortunately. But the lower bit rate is a little distracting. That's enough, pick this up if you got curious. If not, then wait for the next post which will be something old, dusty and possibly moldy again.

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Vampira - Demo 1995

Vampira - Demo 1995
1) Bleed for Us
2) Darkened Eternity
3) Under a Crescent Moon

RGhost / Yandex

Here's a black metal demo again and I've been meaning to post this earlier, but an unfortunately fruitless hunt through a ton of dusty old papers delayed me. You see there is preciously little information and no pictures of any sort available of the US vampiric bm project Vampira who, as far as I know, released only this quite short demo in 1995. I know I have (or had?) a bio or info sheet of some sort which I think would've had at least a logo somewhere, but it's very well hidden. Being managed by "Hardman Entertainment" (the contact in M.A.) and having an European promoter making a fuss was slightly suspicious, to say the least, not to mention the whole "Romanian vampires making black metal" or whatever else the bio sheet implied the band to be. Whether an attempt to cash in the bm (and vampire) trend, a fun side project by people in some other sort of band, or actually serious black metal vampires we'll never know. That is unless someone there has more information. Cover and any sort of images would also be appreciated!

As for the music, this demo has a bit less than ten minutes of material, divided into two longer and one short track. There's a brief intro between the first and second track, but the tracks proper are metal. The sound is quite good for a demo but it gives me really more death than black metallish feel. Though it is obvious they're going for black metal here. Brisk mid tempo most of the time speeding up to actually fast parts occasionally. Now that I listen to it while typing I'm actually reminded quite a lot of old Greek bm at certain points. I guess the machine drums contribute to that feel a lot. There is a little bit of tape imperfection, nothing really drastic again. This leaves me still kind of divided, it's dodgy for sure but still I don't feel like completely trashing them. I guess you need to have a listen as I don't make that much sense today.

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Genocide #3

Genocide magazine, volume III (winter 1996/97)
Darkwoods My Betrothed
Dead Souls Rising
Wampyre ShadowWolf
Laibach (excerpts from interviews between 1980-95)
"The Celts"
"Elite Music from Australia" by Shane Rout
Scholomance (bio)
"Tantric Masturbation" by master Xul Kharesh
"Invoking Diamanda" by Michael Flanagan
Devil Doll
+ reviews


What sorcery is this, another 'zine post?! Yes, since I was sent the other day this scan by brother Wehrwolf and it was quite eagerly expected by some people I decided to act quickly for once and upload this right away. This is in pdf-format so you obviously need the reader to read this, if you happen to be one of the three or four people who do not have it on their computer. The 'zine was compact A5 size, 58 pages and scanned in readable yet economical size. Thanks again, Wehrwolf! 

Genocide was a 'zine made by Karsten Hamre aka Beastus Rex of Penitent fame and as we can see at least three issues were released. I've read there was some sort of controversy with the first issue or something like that but I can't remember the details now and I'm hungry and food is almost done! So yeah read this one, I haven't actually had time to read it through myself but the layout seemed nice and clear, some interesting artists are featured and some not so much, review sections seemed a bit meh but the articles ought to be interesting. If you have the first two issues, I would be curious to see them too.

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Vampiria #3

Vampiria 'zine, issue 3 (late 1998/early 1999)
Opera IX
Negură Bunget
Paragon Of Beauty
...And Oceans
God Dethroned
Furthest Shore
Burning Inside
+ Cold Meat Industry special, reviews


Here's another 'zine post, issue 3 of Italian Vampiria 'zine. You won't find issues 1 & 2 if you search for them under this monicker however, as this used to be called Savage Garden. I've uploaded the 2nd issue here in case you've missed it and now suddenly got an urge to read it first. Much what I wrote about the second issue applies here, except that this time there are no articles (except the CMI special) and less non-musical stuff included. All the reviews, which are quite good and reasonably informative, are lumped in the end of the 'zine which is convenient as well as the very brief news/upcoming releases section - I find it best to keep these short as they inevitably were hopelessly outdated in just about every 'zine ever. Layout is simple and clean enough, though there are frames and such but happily no messing around with fonts and making pages unreadable with graphics under text. Has some interesting content and is easy enough to read so I'm not going to babble further, your download is probably finished by now.

torstai 10. lokakuuta 2013

Mysterium - Battlefield of the Ancients (1996)

Mysterium - Battlefield of the Ancients advance tape 1996
1) This Blackened Earth
2) Pantathian Dreams
3) This Blackened Earth part 2 (cuts out!)


Let's move back to black metal and here's another case where the Coven needs YOU! That's right, this here recording was sent by brother Wehrwolf and he was struggling to remember anything else besides this being an Australian unit, a mid-90's recording that was due to be released on Shane Rout's label Bloodless Creations as MCD but that didn't happen for some reason. And unfortunately the last track cuts. Don't know how much, if it were just an outro it might be cut a little but as I think it was a full track then probably a lot. So if you have any further info on the band and this release, please get in touch. Personally I have vague recollections seeing this release on some trading list or another and think the year would be 1995 or 96. A complete recording would be highly appreciated!
UPDATE: Wehrwolf sent the info the tape is from 1996 and it was Brad Johnston, session guitarist of Abyssic Hate, also in Blood Duster and Hecatomb behind this project.

What's it like? Black metal with dark ambient parts, separate bits and not all mixed up mind you, sounding quite oppressive and gloomy while having a touch of the warlike atmosphere the Aussies are well-known for. Speeds are more Bolt Thrower than Bestial Warlust though, slower midtempo for the metal and ambient is ...ambient. I like this and think it's a shame it wasn't released as intended. Again, if you have the full recording and/or additional info on the band, pictures whatever get in touch ASAP! I wouldn't advice reposting this elsewhere as it is an incomplete recording but I definitely recommend downloading and checking it out.

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Wejdas - Į Tamsą (1994)

Wejdas - Į Tamsą demo I 1994
1) Į Tamsą (Intro)
2) Kosminė Gelmė
3) Išnykusios Civilizacijos Veidas
4) Nežinomiems Dievams
5) Miške (Outro)

Mediafire / Depositfiles

Enough rehearsals but let's stick to contributions for a while longer, this is non-metal for change and the first demo of the Lithuanian Wejdas, at some point self-described as amber ambient. I became curious of them after hearing a song or more like part of it on some compilation or another but somehow never got around hearing to their tapes. Luckily one of my readers had a couple of rips and sent 'em to me. Thanks, you know who you are! Alas, he had no info on the original, heroic ripper of these tapes so that person will remain unknown. Thanks anyways, whoever you were! Scans of the covers are included.

This tape is a bit over half an hour long and is divided into five parts, funny enough the first piece which is labeled as intro is the longest. This is ambient, mostly keys but with some sparingly used voices and additional instrumentation as well. But based on keyboards, definitely. This demo is mostly ethereal, quite melancholic and at times dark (the title means "in darkness") pieces but can surprise listener like on the third track, which is also the shortest one at just over two minutes. Well, I don't really have that much more to say for now, have a listen if you like ambient, dungeon synth (I don't think this would qualify) and other such things.

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Cradle Of Filth - Rehearsal 11.01.1993

Cradle Of Filth - Rehearsal, 11.01.1993
1) Unbridled at Dusk
2) The Black Goddess Rises
3) The Raping of Faith
4) This Fetid Dank Oasis

Depositfiles / Yandex

Another rehearsal today, this is one of the items sent me by comrade Ruptured Souls a little while ago. I am sure you've heard of Cradle Of Filth and should not be very surprised to encounter them here, yet once again. Some of you also know that COF started out as a death metal band (stop to think about the band name for a while, won't you?) before becoming a black metal band and later extreme gothic metal or however you might wish to refer to their later style. This recording, like the third demo, is already in black metal field while still having quite a few death metal touches, as well as nuances from the members' past punk endeauvors, which would still be quite audible on their debut album as well. Quite good and clear enough rehearsal sound, with pleasant roughness around the edges as it should have. There is already a notable keyboard presence here, nothing overwhelming though. There was no real cover art for this, it was as far as I can guess just dubbed to people on ordinary tapes, I used the old logo as it seemed to fit better here.

As you notice, there are four songs, three of which would also appear on the "Total Fucking Darkness" demo III and the fourth one not elsewhere except for some live recordings, like on "A Pungent and Sexual Miasma". There was also a fifth track (also not appearing elsewhere) included with the folder RS sent and he was quite certain it would be part of this rehearsal and not an advance track for the cancelled original debut album "Goetia" but listening to it I find myself disagreeing as these four songs have a very similar sound, obviously from the same session and the fifth one "Spattered in Faeces" just sounds different. Not really like an album track, more like a demo recording yes, but it's supposed to be unmixed anyways. Please have a listen for yourselves:

Cradle Of Filth - Unmixed LP Track 1993
1) Spattered in Faeces

Yandex / Mediafire

As you note, there was an image included which lables it as an unmixed album track, but obviously that sort of picture is not much of a proof, is it? You see, back when I was young just about everyone knew how to write with a pen, instead of using keyboard/phone/whatever sci-fi device kids these days use. So yeah... but I think it sounds different enough to be an advance track and at least not being from the same recording as the rehearsal above. But if you disagree, feel free to tag it as part of the rehearsal and add it to that. Also if you actually know the truth, please share with us! But that's enough for now, have a listen if you enjoy old COF and thanks to RS for sending the items!

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Hermh - Rehearsal 1996

Hermh - Rehearsal 1996
1) Wolfish Flower
2) Years of Dying
3) The Silent Touch of Bloody Rain
4) Winged Emptiness

Mediafire / Rusfolder

Here's a rip I had (again) forgotten lying in another folder on my desktop. A 1996 rehearsal tape by the Polish band Hermh who were sort of almost black metal band. But not quite! In the early stages the music was somewhere between atmospheric black metal and gothic metal, but I don't think they ever referred to themselves as black metal. The second demo cover had "grim misanthropic metal" as the definition and that might've not been so much off. Started in 1994 Hermh could be seen a project of Bart, the owner of Witching Hour Productions , though always with a full line-up. Anyways, throughout the years he's remained as the sole constant member. I haven't really heard much of the later releases but I believe they're more in the "extreme gothic metal" vein. This rehearsal tape had, as usual, no cover or a tracklisting but it was pretty easy to identify them as tracks from the second album "Angeldemon" and I made yet another placeholder cover from a stock pic of an angel statue and the old logo.

I have somewhere also the 1996 promo tape which has two of these tracks and a Tiamat cover, those tracks were released as bonuses to new editions of the demo compilation "Echo" and the debut "Taran" so I don't think I'll be posting it. But if we would finally concentrate on this item here, the sound is the usual rough-and-tumble of a rehearsal recording, a bit messy, little uneven and all that but myself I like the rawness it gives to these tracks even if the mixture gets really muddled at places. The first two tracks, which were also on the aforementioned promo, are the catchiest and best in my opinion, both quite fast and melodic. There's quite a bit of synth used here but it works here with the rawness, what I don't like is the drums at fastest points as they mash everything into a thick porridge of sound which is troublesome to digest. Even the thankfully sparingly used cleaner vocals are ok. You want some name dropping? Ok, the first tracks remind me at places of old Arcturus, you know before they went all nuts and I stopped even looking at their albums, not "My Angel" old though, more like MCD/debut old. Pagan Records mentioned Monumentum, The 3rd And The Mortal, Ved Buens Ende and early Opeth when advertising the re-release of "Echo" but I wouldn't say this material would be really comparable to any of them. But I bet that made you curious, or completely turned you off, so it's about time you listen to it yourself and I make breakfast.