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Holocaust #8

Holocaust 'zine, issue 8 (1995)
Ancient Rites
Absu / Equimanthorn
Mortiis / Vond
Bård Faust
Grand Belial's Key
Chris Moyen
Isengard ('89)
Sadistic Intent
The Whores of Babylon
Black Funeral
Mortuary Drape
Vlad Tepes
Different State
+ reviews, articles on Balder, Mastiphal and B.R.S.A., art pages with illustrations by Dark Arts, "poems" by Nethor and... things by Wicca Graphics


Here is the 8th Holocaust issue, as hinted at in the post of the seventh coming and much if not most of what was written there applies here as well. Though I must say first thing that came to my mind when I saw the cover for this was "why is Blackie Lawless hiding under a trio of sixes?" which might not be the original intent. Let's not that distract us from the fact that this is a very good 'zine. A great selection of interviewees, even with slight repeat from previous issue and a couple of "usual suspects" inevitably pop up (Behemoth fitting both categories, arguably Graveland too and then there's Mortiis). Tomasz has a bit more contributors this time around (which explains certain repeats) and the characteristic article/reviews hybrids are this time replaced by more typical reviews.

Highlights include the Gorgoroth interview by Nethor with an enthusiastic if not outright gushing introduction that is longer than the interview itself, Rob Darken & Capricornus writing about topics Tomasz gave them and Trelldom interview with Gaahl, again by Nethor. Does not feel fair to pick out just a few though, as this is full of great reading and interesting statements.

I should also mention that I botched up the scan a bit and as a result there's an extra single page of the aforementione Trelldom interview which I was supposed to remove before packing up and uploading. Oops. Well, you can delete it yourselves. Definitely recommended.

maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2016

Blackthorn - Instrumental Rehearsal 95

Blackthorn - Empire of the Ancient Time instrumental rehearsal tape 1995

Rusfolder / Mediafire

Another lengthy one for today, let's return to Poland with the last of the Blackthorn releases sent to me by LKS. Thanks for the contributions! This is a 40+ minutes instrumental rehearsal tape from 1995, most likely post-"Ancient" material and lacking a tracklisting. It might be the same as the one featured on the 2010 compilation tape listen on Metal Archives as "Empire of the Ancient Time" though that one lists only seven songs. But just how many instrumental rehearsal tapes did they record and dub people in '95? Well, it's actually quite possible the answer may be "a lot" as we've certainly seen examples of that. Unless I come across a rip, or a physical copy, of the "Empire of the Ancient Time" compilation we remain uncertain.
A reader verified it's the same recording, the version on the compilation is a bit cleaned up and tracks  I & II (the aborted takes) were left off it.

Alright, like a proper scholar I started to write and upload once again before taking a refresher listen to the item in question and now I must say I'm almost certain this is the "Empire..." rehearsal as tracks I & II are merely "false starts" for III and I must assume the compilation's tracklisting lumps them all together. Not going to meddle with this anymore so we go with it as it is!

The sound is quite easy on the ears even for a novice, drums get buried to a muffled rumble leaving guitar dominant. It's a slightly messy yet pleasant sort of buzz which is nice seeing this is a rather stripped down effort as fully instrumental recording. I was going to write a bit longer entry for this but a brief yet annoying episode with my inter nets browser made me want to get done with this quickly. If you like old Polish black metal, especially the other Blackthron releases, you'll want to check this out.

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Demogorgon - Henen-A Em Amsu demo II '95

Demogorgon - Henen-A Em Amsu demo II 1995
1) Threshold of Hell
2) Crucify
3) Ridiculed Beliefs
4) I Fell for All
5) Hopeful Victory
6) Black Clouds of Death
7) Putrifying Thoughts
8) My Black Innerself
9) Hordes of the Black Circle
10) Buried Soul
11) Eternal Hate to the False

Sendspace / Yandex

...or "Henen-Å Em Åmsu" if you want to stick to the odd spelling on the side panel! So it is time for music (finally) and this is another, somewhat overdue, sending by our brother Wehrwolf and again it is Australian material. Thank you for the rip & scans! Here we have what appears to be the second demo by Demogorgon from Victoria, not to be mixed with the scores of others who use and/or have used the name, best known (well at least in my opinion) being the Greek one, mostly due to connections to other Hellenic cults.

But let's concentrate on this effort. It's a long tape, full album length even if some of the songs are quite brief. And to be honest, it's a bit longer than necessary too. Seeing this is Australian and black metal I suppose folks may expect some form of wild, relentless burst of violence and warfare noise. Not this time. Sure, it does combine some death metal traits with black metal and is of certainly active nature but it'd put it closer to Anatomy than SadEx. Or perhaps more Baltak than Bestial Warlust? The sound comes off initially as messy but either one gets used to it or it actually improves as the recording proceeds. Quick field test indicates that the groovy (strangely almost Spear Of Longinus-ish) "Hordes of the Black Circle" not only sounds better but actually does have a superior sonic quality to the opener "Threshold of Hell". My opinions seem to fluctuate quite a bit while this plays so I suppose you should pay it attention even if the first tracks might seem discouraging. Or put it on shuffle? Anyways, with a bit of pruning this would be a very good demo. Maybe. Recommended to those who enthuse for things down under and those who endlessly seek more mid-90's relics.

One more thing, the third song "Ridiculed Beliefs" sounds extremely familiar, what in the Abyss does it resemble?

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Holocaust #7

Holocaust 'zine, issue 7 (1994)
Mass Psychosis
Ceremonial Oath
Funeral Winds
Nun Slaughter
Thou Art Lord
Dark Tranquillity
Pitch Shifter
As Serenity Fades
+ articles "Speak with the Tongue of Serpents" & "Magick" by Anubis Press, South African scene report and a ton (88 by a quick tally) of short article/bio/review hybrids as well as a separate Polish section and an album/EP review section


We return with what we departed with; another 'zine post. This one though is a request by our comrade Kurgan and in essence a repost as raf-sempai had already posted scans of almost all issues of Poland's classic Holocaust 'zine in his RAF666underground blog. I had somehow managed to miss the more recent ones and ended up requesting two of the issues (this one and the following) among the 'zines I borrowed from comrade passetiermes the other year, scanned 'em, noticed they were already up for grabs and there was much lamentation. Seeing how raf's blog seems to be dead and abandoned I thought it'd be fine to make the issues available to interested parties again. Not to mention scanning 'zines is a pain in the ass so I'd really not prefer my time and efforts to go waste.

Ok so in case you don't know yet, Holocaust was a famous Polish black/death metal 'zine - though the editor, Pagan Records mainman Tomasz Krajewski, did not exclude other styles those were clearly most dominant. 60 pages and over 110 bands covered within the 23 interviews and 88 article/review hybrids is a lot to read and while either the interviews or the articlettes might not be epic length they're generally well written, informative and entertaining enough to read even if you might not be too much into band in question. The unlisted 88 bands range from the well known (Gorgoroth, The 3rd and the Mortal, Grand Belial's Key) to very obscure (Naephragorious, The Cross, Mototronko). Clearly well above average 'zine, classic status fairly deserved in my opinion and mandatory reading recommended to all ages. Maybe not children. Most ages then.