perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2009

Unclean - Ten, Který Se Vyhýbá Svetlu

Unclean - Ten, Který Se Vyhýbá Svetlu CD 1997
INTRO - Moudré oko jasnozrení
2) Ten, který se vyhýbá svetlu
3) CHORAL - Ó duse, bdís?
Hadí sfing
U bran apokalypsy
6) EPILOG - Princ temnot

Go and load from here!

This is the first and so far only real album by the Czech black metal band Unclean. A very promising outfit not embracing the norse sound, they were ignored in the 1990's despite this great album continuing in the Czech tradition set by Master's Hammer, Root and the like.

So far the only releases are the split/demo, this album and the recent split. Gloomy and ritualistic black metal art on this almost-forgotten recording.

tiistai 27. tammikuuta 2009

Sorath/Unclean - Matache Chavala/Tam Kdesi V Hlubinách (Split 1996)

Sorath (cze) / Unclean - Matache Chavala / Tam Kdesi V Hlubinách (Split 1996)
Matache Chavala
White Feebleness
Unholy Tohu
Black To Invisibility
Sitra Achra
Pope Die!
Son Of Darkness
Půlnoční Hlasy (Midnight Voices)
Kainův Chrám (Temple Of Khain)
Poslední Žalm (Last Psalm)
Křížová Česta (Stations Of The Cross)
Golgatha (Golgatha)


A CD release here, bet you didn't expect that? Here is an old split of Czech black metal, released on Barbarud's (Maniac Butcher) label Pussy God Records. Sorath's (not to be confused with the defunct US band of same name, best known for featuring Black Funeral's mr Ford) part was released also on cassette by the band and Unclean's part is their demo from 1995.

As far as I know, this release is sold out and hasn't been repressed. Both of the bands are still active, Sorath's homepage has info in English as well, Unclean's page seems to be just in Czech, unfortunately. Sorath is melodic black/death metal, though slightly rawer and more in-your-face here than the more recent material, and Unclean performs slower, murky black metal with an occult air and somehow very Czech feeling (Root, Master's Hammer, Amon etc). Definitely worth checking out!

tiistai 20. tammikuuta 2009

The Helheim Society Demo Tapes

The Helheim Society - Helheim demo I 1994
Pest (Intro)
2) Saga Døden
3) Saga Mørket


The Helheim Society - Walpurgisnatt Demo II 1994
Pest II
2) Fimbulvinter
3) Walpurgisnatt


I finally got off my ass and uploaded my rips of the two demo tapes by the "other" Norwegian Helheim, aka The Helheim Society. The music is cold and industrially tinged Norwegian black metal at it's finest, quite raw and unusual. I read the review for the first demo on some zine in 1994 and sent a tape for the demo. I was very pleased to recieve also the newly released second demo for my efforts as well, along with the stark black and red covers. Looking at the covers (and some of the flyers I received) it was easy to notice some NS tendency. Another unique feature was the neoclassical "Pest" intros.

The reason why it took me so long to upload & share the demos was my dissatisfaction with the initial rips I made. Unfortunately, the quality of both my equipment and the recordings prevent me from improving them much. However, I decided to include both the 1st and 2nd rips I made on each folder, it's still around 40mb/.rar. That gives you the chance to stick to whichever version you want. The second demo has much poorer sound quality than the first one and I'd love to get a better version, if one exists. It's very unfortunate that the band ceased to exist after releasing the "Fenris" MCD.

UPDATE: Fenris was re-released along with Vendetta Blitz material recently. The demos might also be released on CD, looking forward to that. Right now reuploaded them, only 2nd versions of the rips this time.

torstai 1. tammikuuta 2009

Barathrum - Sanctus Satanas Studio & Stage '93 tape 1995

Barathrum - Sanctus Satanas (Studio & Stage 93) tape 1995
Studio Side
Wolf-Age Thunder (Intro)
2) Death Is Saviour
3) SaLuBeLe
4) Land Of Tears
5) The Force Of Evil
6) Black Goat
7) Devilish Sign
Stage Side
8) Death Is Saviour
9) SaLuBeLe
10) Lord Of South And Fire
11) Black Goat
12) Land Of Tears
13) The Force Of Evil
14) Devilish Sign


Here's some wicked jetblack metal from Barathrum; "Sanctus Satanas" studio session of 1993 was originally meant to be the third Barathrum demo but for some reason I've probably heard and forgotten, Demonos Sova just took the last three songs and intro and released them as "Sanctissime Colere Satanas" promo 1993. The whole session, with the notorious gig in Kuopio in 1993 on the B-side, was released on a cassette by Sova in 1995 as the first release of his cassette "label" Pit Rex (the second release was the "Devilry" promo and I think that's also the last release). I got the tape from him when it was released, around the same time Nazgul's Eyrie put out the debut album "Hailstorm" if I recall correctly.

This is a very raw sounding and extremely ritualistic black metal recording. All of the songs have been re-recorded on Barathrum albums, but here they are presented in their vilest form. The live recording sounds clear enough and certainly no less ritualistic, due to the unusual set up: Sova provides the percussion with a single drum beaten with bones while spewing out the vocals. Very recommended!