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Poles Apart - Unreleased Ambient Tracks 1998-2001

Poles Apart - Unreleased Ambient Tracks 1998 - 2001
1) Alter Ego
2) Deathlike Silence
3) Nightblooming
4) Underwater
5) Gone in Tranquillity


A non-metal item today, here is the last stuff sent by Sascha, the unreleased tracks from his project Poles Apart, recorded between 1998 and 2001. Unlike the demo, which was instrumental symphonic/progressive black metal influenced by the likes of early Arcturus, Dimmu, Bal-Sagoth and "Nightside"-era Emperor, these tracks are dark ambient. It is just a collection of tracks, not a demo, promo or any other release like that and no, there certainly isn't a real cover for this, I just put that pic up there together for fun. I found the photo used by googling "skogen" and it's taken by someone called Josef Stuefer, hope he doesn't mind me editing and using it.

Ok, as I mentioned these are ambient tracks and recorded over a period of few years, though the sound is so similar they could pass as a single EP, MLP or something. Sascha himself referred to this material as dark ambient and it is atmospheric if not that sinister. More moody than menacing, gloomy rather than grim, otherworldly instead of oppressive - well, you get the picture. I'm not very good with the terminology for electronic music so I won't make more of a fool of myself by attempting a deeper analysis. Let's just say it's more Aphex Twin than MZ.412. "Nighblooming" is personally a highlight. Recommended if you enjoy ambient music, collect obscure releases or are just plain curious.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Very cool. Not to all Pink Floyd on anybody, but this is great headphone listening. The demo you refer to is titled Benevolence?

Kudos for giving props to the photographer and for taking the time to make the cover art. Nicely done.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, I was referring to "Benevolence" and decided to play safe with the pic since I knew who took it. I actually grabbed it from a Swedish blog which seemed to be using it on Creative Commons Attribution licence which I interpreted to mean it was sort of okay to use it for no profit as long as I credit him. Anyways, I just made the cover to amuse myself.

Glad you enjoyed the tracks!