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Demoniac - Satanas 666 reh. 11-93 (audio only)

Demoniac - Satanas 666 rehearsal tape November 1993
1) Intro: Satanas 666
2) Intro: Sleepwalker
3) Brain, Entrails, Cannibal People
4) Cadaverous Mutilation
5) Carrie White
6) Cold Wind of Death
7) Drumsolo
8) Corpse Immunity
9) Dark Paradise
10) Rest in Peace
11) Skulls
12) Unability (to Live)
13) Guitarsolo
14) Return of the Satans Night
15) Sacrification
16) Symphonaire Et Servum

Yandex / Mega

More metal of death and about time I posted another of brother Baldemar's generous contributions, this is Germany's Demoniac which at this point was still really a death metal band with hints of black metal creeping into their sound. You might know Demoniac evolved later to Moonblood (not sure if a Moon Stone was involved), after turning to black/death metal from the more doom-speeded death metal their first form Purulent Obduction used to play. This recording was originally released as a VHS and was recorded live at their rehearsal room. This is (obviously) just the audio part of the experience, I'm afraid. It's also part a "live" album and part a compilation as they play a selection of old Purulent Obduction tunes as well as Demoniac songs. Quite a few of them, actually. At least tracks 3, 5, 8 and 11 as far as I know. No cover so I used the M.A. image of the video cassette there, even if it is a bit misleading.

There is a lot of stuff here, though "proper" tracks number 12. It's still almost an hour of music (!). I edited Baldemar's rip slightly to fix the tracklisting and separated the drum and guitar solos to their own tracks, like listed on the ever-reliable Metal Archives./sarcasm You don't see very many releases with two intros that follow each other, do you? The first one is pretty unnecessary piece but the second one is enjoyable, being the theme from the '92 movie "Sleepwalkers" (based on Stephen King's novel). I don't think I've actually ever watched that one... or have I? But to the point, the sound is pretty good whether you consider it a live recording or a rehearsal recording and the musicianship decent enough, the little occasional lapses just adding to the charm and "immediateness" of the recording. Not very impressed by the first proper song, but the next one's ponderous doomy pace is much more appealing. Nice how he introduces all the tracks, by the way. Very convenient. "Carrie White" has similar pace and since this is a Purulent Obduction song it makes me think I should try to find those demos, I dig this better than the faster numbers. Or fast parts, like on the next track lifted from the "Black Prophets" demo - the slow parts are heavier and much better than the messy fast bits. As a note, for some reason the title "Corpse Immunity" amuses me far more than it should. Does it imply the immune one is incorporeal, there for "immune" to corpse/having one? A more relevant note is that the sound fails a bit during this number, sort of fading out and back in, relatively briefly though. "Dark Paradise" has a fast part I actually do enjoy, with screaming vocals taking spotlight from the more growling main voice. But enough track-by-track nonsense, this release is way too long for such and you're downloading it no matter what I say if you're into Demoniac/Moonblood. Recommended also if you like (somewhat lo-fi) metal of death in general. Or just really love quantity?

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Rhûn kirjoitti...

Thanks to you and Baldemar for this. Moonblood being one of my favorite bands of any genre, I enjoy the chance to listen to their death metal origins.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, hope you enjoyed it, quite different from Moonblood material but not bad at all!

Ramón Mariño Warmaster kirjoitti...
Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.
Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome but this is certainly different from the Moonblood material.