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Holocaust #7

Holocaust 'zine, issue 7 (1994)
Mass Psychosis
Ceremonial Oath
Funeral Winds
Nun Slaughter
Thou Art Lord
Dark Tranquillity
Pitch Shifter
As Serenity Fades
+ articles "Speak with the Tongue of Serpents" & "Magick" by Anubis Press, South African scene report and a ton (88 by a quick tally) of short article/bio/review hybrids as well as a separate Polish section and an album/EP review section


We return with what we departed with; another 'zine post. This one though is a request by our comrade Kurgan and in essence a repost as raf-sempai had already posted scans of almost all issues of Poland's classic Holocaust 'zine in his RAF666underground blog. I had somehow managed to miss the more recent ones and ended up requesting two of the issues (this one and the following) among the 'zines I borrowed from comrade passetiermes the other year, scanned 'em, noticed they were already up for grabs and there was much lamentation. Seeing how raf's blog seems to be dead and abandoned I thought it'd be fine to make the issues available to interested parties again. Not to mention scanning 'zines is a pain in the ass so I'd really not prefer my time and efforts to go waste.

Ok so in case you don't know yet, Holocaust was a famous Polish black/death metal 'zine - though the editor, Pagan Records mainman Tomasz Krajewski, did not exclude other styles those were clearly most dominant. 60 pages and over 110 bands covered within the 23 interviews and 88 article/review hybrids is a lot to read and while either the interviews or the articlettes might not be epic length they're generally well written, informative and entertaining enough to read even if you might not be too much into band in question. The unlisted 88 bands range from the well known (Gorgoroth, The 3rd and the Mortal, Grand Belial's Key) to very obscure (Naephragorious, The Cross, Mototronko). Clearly well above average 'zine, classic status fairly deserved in my opinion and mandatory reading recommended to all ages. Maybe not children. Most ages then.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hails Brother Velkaarn

And welcome back :)

Of course thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hails, the break became a bit longer than expected. Well, you know how it is: time passes faster and faster.

GREV kirjoitti...


Yeah, I know that very well...
I've been working my "metal-archives" and I hope that I'll finished archives asap... but time flies as you said

pawel wojtowicz kirjoitti...

thanx for the holocaust zine 7. you should however be burning in the pits for hell for not putting it into the pdf format. kidding! thanx.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh don't worry, I'll be down there. Probably not because of that though! I don't really get along with Adobe's thing and avoid it when possible.