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Barathrum - Sanctus Satanas Studio & Stage '93 tape 1995

Barathrum - Sanctus Satanas (Studio & Stage 93) tape 1995
Studio Side
Wolf-Age Thunder (Intro)
2) Death Is Saviour
3) SaLuBeLe
4) Land Of Tears
5) The Force Of Evil
6) Black Goat
7) Devilish Sign
Stage Side
8) Death Is Saviour
9) SaLuBeLe
10) Lord Of South And Fire
11) Black Goat
12) Land Of Tears
13) The Force Of Evil
14) Devilish Sign


Here's some wicked jetblack metal from Barathrum; "Sanctus Satanas" studio session of 1993 was originally meant to be the third Barathrum demo but for some reason I've probably heard and forgotten, Demonos Sova just took the last three songs and intro and released them as "Sanctissime Colere Satanas" promo 1993. The whole session, with the notorious gig in Kuopio in 1993 on the B-side, was released on a cassette by Sova in 1995 as the first release of his cassette "label" Pit Rex (the second release was the "Devilry" promo and I think that's also the last release). I got the tape from him when it was released, around the same time Nazgul's Eyrie put out the debut album "Hailstorm" if I recall correctly.

This is a very raw sounding and extremely ritualistic black metal recording. All of the songs have been re-recorded on Barathrum albums, but here they are presented in their vilest form. The live recording sounds clear enough and certainly no less ritualistic, due to the unusual set up: Sova provides the percussion with a single drum beaten with bones while spewing out the vocals. Very recommended!

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hey warbrothers, add the new link of the blog, thanks for the support!! Cheers and Beers!!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Finally a good rip of this monster!!

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Happy to be of service, you're welcome! It's a pretty unique tape worth hearing, wouldn't mind a CD release.