perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2009

Unclean - Ten, Který Se Vyhýbá Svetlu

Unclean - Ten, Který Se Vyhýbá Svetlu CD 1997
INTRO - Moudré oko jasnozrení
2) Ten, který se vyhýbá svetlu
3) CHORAL - Ó duse, bdís?
Hadí sfing
U bran apokalypsy
6) EPILOG - Princ temnot

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This is the first and so far only real album by the Czech black metal band Unclean. A very promising outfit not embracing the norse sound, they were ignored in the 1990's despite this great album continuing in the Czech tradition set by Master's Hammer, Root and the like.

So far the only releases are the split/demo, this album and the recent split. Gloomy and ritualistic black metal art on this almost-forgotten recording.

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