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Baalberith (nor) - Whispering Shadows reh/demo 1995

Baalberith (nor) - Whispering Shadows rehersal demo 1995
In Iconium
2) Through the Golden Gate
3) Shadows of My Horn
4) Dream


Norwegian black metal from an obscure project whose members moved on to form or join several other less well-known bands like Infernal, Belfagor, Kharon, Excelsis, Con Anima and Drephjard, which is still active. Sounds promising? Well, maybe not but you might still want to give this curious rehearsal/demo tape a listen, at least if you're into unusual black metal. I got this from a trader friend and have no cover (if there was one in the first place) and the track listing I received differed a bit from M.A.'s version.

Featuring a raw sound, as expected from a rehearsal recording, this release features four songs that all combine black metal with atmospheric elements, ranging from ambient to gothic/darkwave. The black metal parts sound quite odd too, with whispery vocals. If you enjoy MoonLore (nor) and... uh similar bands (yeah I can't think of any right now) you should try this.

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Megaborea kirjoitti...

Hey man, great blog! I really lived the Norwegian BM scene back in the olden days (91-96), but all of my tapes and albums are long gone now. Too bad, because I think I had almost everything that came out of that era! It's nice that blogs like yours have enabled me to hear some of this forgotten stuff again for nostalgia's sake, at the least.

Anyway, I was wondering if you might have a few rare items I remember that don't seem to be around in the current blogosphere:

Dim Nagel - A few tapes from around '95. I think one demo and some unreleased recordings. I used to write to this guy. If I remember correctly he was tied into Kvist somehow, and I think he also did that "Nordic Arian Elite" zine, which was pretty hilarious to say the least. Wish I still had that one!

Darkness - Really obscure group from far northern Norway (Finnmark?). I was also in contact with one of these guys back then. A couple of demos, one of which was a crazy sounding live tape.

Trolltjern - Another obscure one-and-done demo band.

Svartsyn - Aandens Melankoli mini-LP. These guys were originally known as Incitatus, who released one pretty cool black/doom demo. I remember ordering this album from them, but it never arrived. Either it got lost somehow or the group ripped me off. Still pisses me off to this day! Certainly not the only time I was ripped off back in the "put your cash in an envelope" days, though!

Anyway, thanks again and sorry about the long comment!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hi comrade Megaborea, thanks for your comment! Don't worry about the lenght, it was interesting to read.

Well, I know Dim Nagel and I'm very interested in hearing the recordings myself and yes you're right, he played with Kvist... I think Kvist had the same address as the Nordic Arian Elite 'zine (which I'd love to see myself too! I think I still have a flyer somewhere). But unfortunately I don't have Dim Nagel material as of now.

Darkness is not familiar to me, but you got me interested. I'll keep an eye on them!

Trolltjern rings a bell, I need to check if I had this one.

Svartsyn I definitely have, need to look around a bit though!