torstai 9. syyskuuta 2010

Night In Gales - Razor Adv.Tape 1996

Night in Gales - Razor Advance Tape for 7"EP 1996
A Spark in the Crimson Eclipse
2) Razor
3) Raining Blood (Live) Slayer cover


About time to post something I guess, a little different item this time, here's an advance tape for the 1996 7" by Germany's Night in Gales who play/played (haven't heard anything from them since 90-something) NWoSDM, New Wave of Swedish Death Metal if you didn't know. Yeah, really, they sound more Swedish than In Flames did in late 90's. The Slayer live cover also sounds like Dark Tranquillity or some other Gothenburg bunch would be performing it in the early 90's.

I got this from a trading pal around 1996 and it has a pretty good dub. The sound is of course good or at least better than the average demo sound you're probably used to find here, the live track is very good quality as well. So if you can't get enough of early Dark Tranquillity, (very) early In Flames and comparable Gothenburg heroes you should give this a listen. And probably their other material too.

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Bangstah kirjoitti...

I have stopped keeping track of them a while ago, but they were still around in 2002/2003, they were playing at some festival, but I didn't go to see them. Their singer ran a graphic design thing called "Killustrations" back then, maybe he still does. The music was far less intersting than their early stuff though. They were a pretty good live band in the early days, too.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're right, I too remember seeing them in some German festival's ad. Like the Swedes I compared them to, they too got crappier as time progressed.

willy kirjoitti...

kiitos upload

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Olkaa hyvä!