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Nightside - Demo 1997

Nightside - Demo 1997
Frostmaiden's Dance
2) Under a Thousand Stars
3) Where Darkness Shines
4) The Almighty Andras
5) Battlestorms


Another contribution by Grev, here is the first demo of Finland's Nightside who released later a 7"EP and an album before dissappearing. Some people might know this as the band where Serpent did vocals, well, one of the bands as he did that also for Annihilatus. Diabolus Sylvarum from Arsonist Lodge was also a member. Enough vague name dropping, check out the rest from their Metal Archives page, from which is the dreadfully tiny cover image borrowed. I could really use a cover scan for this one!

Almost all of these songs would later reappear on their album but obviously these demo recordings sound different. What exactly do they sound like? Well, like raw-ish, better-than-average demo sound Finnish black metal with more melodic and atmospheric parts thrown in. Generally the impression is more of a ferocious character than melancholic and contemplative, but the slightly folksy melodic bits dull the edge. The sound would be quite good if the drums were a bit more subdued. The dub is not 100% flawless but easily listenable. Final verdict: if you enjoy mid/later 90's Finnish bands like Thyrane, Alghazanth or Flauros give this demo a try, it's not really for the hifi-melodic-metaller nor the necro-catacomb-people but someone in between.

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neblodzin kirjoitti...

Excellent, refreshing stuff. No one really does black metal the way it was done in late 90's in Finland: melodic, yet fierce and with more or less synths thrown in to build up the atmosphere. And perhaps that's not entirely a bad thing.

PS. What I'd really like to hear from the same era are Dysangelium and Pervogoat demos, both side-projects of Vornat I think. Perhaps the Coven could conjure these aural spells of darkness from the past for followers to hear!?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the comment! Yes, you are right, it's not done in the same way much elsewhere.

I have something from Pervogoat, I'll need some luck finding that one though. I will check my allies for Dysangelium! I like Vornat so that interests me.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Ah yes, Vornat, I love their demos, such a shame they never went further. But then they probably would have polished there sound with too good a studio and sound like Behexen.