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Godblood - Flowers demo 1994

Godblood - Flowers demo 1994
2) Witch
3) Godblood
4) Howling
5) Deceiver
6) Necrosynousia / σιωπή


Exotic cuisine for today, the 1994 demo by Godblood from Cyprus. First time I get to use the word "cypriot" - I'll want to do that again so I guess I better get to study the other bands from the island... anyways back to this item, I already got a dub of it from brother Grev, but alas! his tape was screwed at the start ruining the sound of the first two tracks. I naturally despaired greatly and lamented until I noticed a copy of this on a small distro's list whom I then immediately contacted and ordered the tape which quickly arrived. Rejoice! Here then is the rip of that tape and scan of the xeroxed cover. Quickest of you have probably already checked out their Metal Archives page which has a cool colour image instead of the rather drab xerox my (and Grev's) tape has. I assume the first bunch of tapes had a colour cover and then the rest had to make do with xeroxed copies of that. Oh well, content counts not the packaging and all that.

About time to get to the content, which is a bit over 25 minutes of black metal in the early Greek vein, except this time it's Cypriot not Greek. I had some trouble with figuring out how to match the tracklisting to the content and as a bonus I had to decipher what the hell was the last title, my knowlegde of Greek being extremely limited and the cover hand written. It'd appear to be "ςιωπη" which I manage to translate to "siopi" which I've no clue what it means... "σιωπή" would make more sense though, as it means "silence" and there is no seventh track, only silence which would make this a witty trick played on the listeners. Naturally, I did not bother to add extra silence after "Necrosynousla" as I'm not at all a fan of silent tracks. Someone fluent with the language could take a look at the cover scan enclosed and confirm my little theory for me, pretty please? - UPDATE: It is "σιωπή" and should be "-synousia" - updated and reuploaded the demo. Thanks for the info!

I seem to have hard time getting properly to the music itself here, ok so it sounds Greek, first track is intro and then the first proper song isn't really that special but the two following ones are, with cool rhythms, riffs and some unusual ideas. Especially the self-titled track manages to work for me even while being over six minutes long, quite simple and repetitive. "Deceiver" stumbles a bit but it's good parts overcome the less fluent bits still leaving it on my good side. Last real song is a lenghty instrumental. A charmingly rough, recommendable release for people into Mediterranean black metal.

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duif kirjoitti...

It is σιωπή, no doubt. And indeed, this means 'silence'. ςιωπη is impossible; ς is a different way of writing the letter σ (sigma, 's'), but can only be used as the last letter of a word.
Also it will probably be 'Necrosynousia', not '...-sla'. Synousia (συνουσία) in this context means 'sex'.
Great blog, keep it up!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks a lot for confirming that! I'll edit accodingly and reupload the demo. Thanks again!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I love their split with Macabre Omen, so I'm definitely grabbing this one. Thanks a bunch man!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hope you enjoy it, a bit rougher stuff but not that much really!