torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2012

Lycanthropy - Promo 1995

Lycanthropy (us) - Promo 1995
1) Among the Wolves
2) Godless Night
3) Transcendence in Black
4) Book of the Fourth


More US material and this is the third and last demo by Lycanthropy, sent again by Seth "Baalberith" - thank you! Unfortunately he didn't find a copy of the covers for this one, the original was a rather primitive affair, logo and a Baphomet sigil on red paper so what you see above is a sort of likeness I made as I'm bored of posting just logos. Though I took the "artistic liberty" of having the colours the other way around (red on black rather than black on red as on the real deal) as it looks better on the blog. Both versions are included in the archive, as if you would have use for them. Let's see how many fools don't read these texts and go amok on the inter nets posting that as the real cover!

There is some confusion regarding the title of this recording, as it was originally planned to be released by the rather well-known Dead Christ Commune but this did not happen as Seth told on his email: 'We were in touch with Dead Christ Commune (a Polish label) back then, and this recording was originally going to be released by them with the title "Summoning Ancient Chaos."  Unfortunately, they didn't like the new direction of the recording, so we decided to spread the demo under the title "Promo 1995."' My dub of this tape was also under that title and actually it sounds a little different from Seth's rip as it is just a bit longer - I doubt it would be a different recording, I'm more inclined to think it was dubbed to me - or someone else along the trading chain - at wrong speed. After a bit of internal debate I decided not to upload my version of the rip, but if someone feels they absolutely have to hear it, drop me a note. About the content itself, I'm not really sure what the DCC guys expected as it is quite direct follow up from the previous tapes... well, the tracks are longer and not quite as raw as the preceeding material but not that different. If you enjoyed the raw shredding with programmed drums on the first two tapes I'm quite sure you'll want to give this one a try too.

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