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Orchestra Infernale - Unreleased Promo 1995

Orchestra Infernale - Unreleased Promo 1995
1) The Gates
2) Funeral
3) Desolation
4) A Hymn Before Dying

Mediafire / Yandex

Today's post is another obscure non-metal item contributed by brother Wehrwolf, thank you! Orchestra Infernale was a project by Joe Skullfucker of Corpse Molestation/Bestial Warlust - fame and his girlfriend. This cassette was sent around in limited quantities to labels and such people but wasn't really sold or distributed, which is why it says "unreleased" up there... though it's not really unreleased if it was sent around, is it? Well, let's not go there. No proper cover exists, but the tapes had stickers on them and W provided us with a picture seen above.

Wehrwolf tells me more than ten tracks were actually recorded but only the four here were spread and the third one was also featured on a compilation CD which was released by a Melbourne indie label/record store. The music is, like W described me, Cold Meat Industry type music so it's somewhere between dark ambient and industrial. Some bits are more "active" while others are droning and brooding. Sound is good and the rather short (a bit below 14 minutes) tape leaves me curious to hear more. Shame they never got around to release that album. But I'm going to keep this short, give it a listen if you're into the kinds of music mentioned or an unusually open-minded Bestial Warlust fan.

UPDATE: Just noticed the id tags were wrong, the artist was misspelled as Orchestra Infernal instead of ...Infernale. Oops! If you've already downloaded, either fix by hand or download again as I've reupped it corrected. Sorry about the inconvenience!

UPDATE II: Was contacted by Vanth who informed me that the album release is actually on its way still after all the years! Stay tuned for further info.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hey... thanks Brothers Velkaarn & Wehrwolf for this treasure! I'll always love to heard something Ambient/Industrial/Noise, etc. stuff!

Salutem, GREV

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome like always brother! Hey, not that I didn't remember to fix the id tags - it has Orchestra Infernal as the artist while it should be ...Infernale! Oops. Better update the entry too.

Vanthe kirjoitti...

Hi..Vanthe (and Skullfu**er) from Orchestra Infernale giving you an update. We have finally tweaked remixed and are mastered the album for release now. We received record deals when we sent out the promo and album tracks but took too long choosing and lost momentum. We think the album still stands the test of time and deserves release.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hailz & thanks for the update! Always good to have a follow up to a post and it'll be interesting to hear how you've further developed the sound. Please keep me posted about the release and I'll update the post with relevant links!

BabyHugZ kirjoitti...

This is beyond belief. THANK YOU!

BabyHugZ kirjoitti...

Any word on the reissue?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Glad you enjoyed it and nope, haven't heard anything further yet on the upcoming album release. Hopefully soonish, but considering how long it's been sitting on a shelf so to say a little wait longer isn't much.