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Tzaphkial - Anahata Chakra, Kundalini, Luciferi... demo 1994

Tzaphkial - Anahata Chakra, Kundalini, Luciferi... demo 1994
1) Post-Life (Intro)
2) Arcane XII
3) Bacahi Laca... (Intro)
4) Ens Seminis Seed
5) Sadhaka
6) Zero Anno Satanas (Outro)
7) Catoptromancia (intro) "reh."
8) Ens Seminis Seed "reh."


One song obscure rehearsal tapes by unknown bands may be cool and interesting but I can't help feeling this weekend needs a bit meatier post too. So here's another contribution by a reader and an item I know one can find around the inter nets pretty easily but as the rip I was sent is pretty good (except for the low volume which I tampered with) I decided to go ahead and post it - I myself wanted to hear this for years until I finally got it back whenever, interest aroused by the mysterious title and sole member Abrahel's connection with other French black metal bands, namely Osculum Infame where he's better known as D.Deviant. He also participates in Bekhira and Archon Infaustus. Two versions of cover scans are enclosed and I don't know who ripped this originally but thanks to that person anyways and the guy who sent me this.

8 tracks might seem like a lot, but two of these are bonus rehearsal recordings and furthermore four are intros/outros so the whole demo runs for just below 20 minutes, leaving the tracks a bit below average length except for 5+min "Sadhaka". The sound is raw. Originally very muffled and generally low volume, except for acoustic parts which are really on top of everything else, I had to increase it a bit as my hearing is not improving with the years. The intros were a bit more balanced except for the effected voices which again are on top of everything. With the volume increased you can hear the overall sound is, not surprisingly, closer to Osculum Infame, Funeral/Kristallnacht and Blessed in Sin than Mütiilation or Vlad Tepes. Rehearsal-like, cold and again lacking in the low end but perfectly acceptable to my ears. I have beer to drink, so enough writing. Recommended if you like the other associated bands and early 90's raw black metal.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

I was kind of digging the obscure single track thing. Enjoying this for its attempts at concept--the little intro bits and such. I'm always up for anything that tries to add something extra.

That said, this a classic example of the hammering-a-roof-on-the-garden-shed drum technique. Seems to work here.

Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Don't worry, I've still plenty of one track wonder to spew out. Having a bunch in a row would however be silly.

I think I'll post a 'zine scan next and then probably some contributions.

Oh yeah, agreeing on the drums. Sometimes it works and at others it might sound terrible.

heinz88 kirjoitti...

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Velkaarn kirjoitti...


My email is on the right, after the list of requests, use that one!