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Mord Umysłu - Promo '98

Mord Umysłu - Promo tape 1998
1) I
2) II

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Ok, more slightly unusual stuff and again we are in Poland. Looks like a pattern has emerged, I should probably break it as soon as possible before it binds me. But let's not discuss that, let's rather talk about this sending I got already months ago, thanks to the sender, but hesitated to post due lack of information. This is an obscure 1998 recording by Mord Umysłu which roughly translates as murder of mind, or maybe mental murder? Something along those lines anyways. It was a project, most likely an one-shot, by Aro who is best known from Perunwit though he did have a host of other projects as well. Many of them with very limited discography when compared to Perunwit I should mention. There's not really much info about this two song tape on the internets, just passing mentions of the band on Metal Archives and this entry, in Polish, on a blog written by Zuchu666 who used to contribute on the venerated Raf666underground blog. RIP, it strongly seems.

Where was I? Yeah, that entry, it had a download link too but that's expired so I've been unable to compare. It seems extremely unlikely these would not be same recording though different rips certainly. The recording itself consists of two untitled (probably, no-one at least seems to know the titles!) tracks and runs for a bit over ten minutes. Music is... pretty hard to describe with a simple neat term, let's try dark ambient metal, how's that? Way more ambient than metal, mind you. While Perunwit is very folky stuff this isn't that sort of thing at all. The sound is good, quite mellow and floaty, better than on older Perunwit tapes so it might be a studio recording. Most likely just a result of better equipment and experience. Vocals are in Polish and gravelly sort of half-singing half-snarling with slight variation thrown in. Keys and effects are omnipresent and it has a slightly dreamlike quality to it, whatever-wave touches. To toss a very misleading comparison, let's say My Angel-era Arcturus meets late-90s Christ Agony. No, it's not really like that, I had a better one in mind but it got away. Still, an interesting tape, I should ask Zuchu to reupload that other rip so I could compare quality. Oh yeah, no cover as this probably didn't have one, Z speculated it was never "properly" released, just dubbed to people.

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zargonath kirjoitti...

Zuchu666 should reupload also :

Nawia - Kraina śmierci [promo 1998]

L & L - Stregesti [demo 1999]

It would be great.

pawel wojtowicz kirjoitti...

hi, i will translate this Polish info to English as soon as i get back from work.
take care. Pawel

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I'll have a look at those and ask him about it later.


Thanks, I've a rough idea what it says but proper translations are always better!

pawel wojtowicz kirjoitti...

Ok, today we`ll deal with something different, huh? This is a one-man project kind of band from Poznan, formed by Aro aka Wilczan (known too from such bands as: PERUNWIT, MINAS MORGUL or CARPE NOCTEM). Most likely, there is no other stuff than this very two track promo. It is a real gem, as this stuff has never been released officially. And what is more, there is not too much info about this band either, except for Metal Archives (yet, the entry was removed as this stuff aint metal. Click TUTAJ to check out the old entry). Neither me nor Wened know anything about this promo`s titles. This demo sounds really good so I deleted very little noise.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ok, thanks for translating the full entry! I don't think I've seen the (deleted) Metal Archives entry myself, they've done quite a bit of cleaning up there which is kind of a shame as the metal band side projects don't have a similar database.