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Naked Whipper - Sado Grind Metal (2000)

Naked Whipper - Sado Grind Metal compilation tape 2000
Naked Whipper 7"EP 1993
1) Pagan Pussy Gore Intruder
2) Hyperincest
3) Anal Queen
Moloch: Acid Orgy 12"MLP 1995
4) Enjoy the Act of Sodomy
5) Gorelash (Make the Women Whores)
6) Mass Excess (The Experience in Excrements)
7) Mushrooms
8) Enchristianization
9) Rape 'n Ride

Zippyshare / Yandex

Something different today, here's an unofficial tape compilation by Germany's Naked Whipper, considered a cult band by some and crap by others, released by... well, someone, around 2000. Ripped by yours truly from a dub I got the other year. I was supplied with a fancy colour print of the covers as well so scanned that too. They've a neat logo, always liked that. This tape compiles the '93 self-titled seven inch EP, all five minutes of it, and the mini-album released in '95 and limited to 300 copies, which was also the last Naked Whipper release. Now if you dig up a copy of the "Painstreaks" album you have the full discography for your pain/pleasure. Painsure? Pleain?

The name of the compilation pretty much sums N.W. up. I used to think of them as sort of poor man's (early) Impaled Nazarene back in the day, which depending on various factors may or may not do them justice. To be honest, old Beherit or Blasphemy is a closer comparison. I'm actually reminded of their country mates Lacerated Gods too, both by the black'n'grind sound and the vague misogyny presented by certain song titles. To the music: the first three tracks are all fast and short numbers that put more emphasis on the grind part of their formula, the second one being probably the best of the lot with most variation and cool Beheritic whispering voices tossed in. The 1995 part starts with a number borrowed from Peter Jackson's "Meet the Feebles" (1989) followed by the original content. Sound is slightly cleaner and pace not as frantic as on the EP tracks. This part also sounds more like I.N. (circa "Sadogoat"/"Ugra-Karma") than Blasphemy/Tireheb. Must say now as I listen to through it repeatedly that it's not as intense and the longest song Mass Excess sounds a bit dragged out. Now I want to give "Painstreaks" a go next, I'm off to do that and you may judge this for yourselves.

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