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Storm - Wintermoon demo '93

Storm - Wintermoon demo I 1993
1) Underworld
2) Desecrator
3) Encomium

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I was going to post something utterly different but then a comment left yesterday caught my attention; it simply said "Happy Syttende Mai!" and I thought to myself: "Damn it you old fool, had you noticed this before it would've been a great time to post Norwegian... something". That kept nagging in the back of my skull which is really exasperating so I gave in and decided to upload this. Yeah, it's pretty old hat and most of you have probably encountered this debut and only demo by Stavanger's Storm while looking for the better-known but equally short-lived Oslo Storm (Fenriz, Kari & Satyr if you manage not to know). Done from a dubbed tape, no surprise there, so it's also rather poor quality soundwise but at least I got it to slightly more listenable levels than the extremely muffled rips I've encountered online before. Can't help but wonder how all copies, both dub and rip I've encountered managed to have such a terrible sound seeing how it was recorded in Soundsuite studio with Terje Refnes. Did they lose the master and dubbed everything from a copy accidentally made to a cheap, worn old tape?

Alright, in the rare case you might not actually be familiar with this demo I'll start by saying it's short. Slightly less than eight minutes and last, short instrumental song probably qualifies as outro. For such a brief demonstation, however, it manages to be remarkably all over the place. First track, which is also the longest, plods away at slow midtempo at first before sweeping synths speed it up to a temporary flight. Some of the riffs sound like they were borrowed directly from (old) Thorns and the vocals remind me of old Ancient and Gehenna, hoarse, growly sort instead of screams, shrieks or screeches. It's later, but the Kvist album actually comes to mind as well. Nice and atmospheric, curious piece. Then the second track kics in and what the hell, it's full HD old school black metal worship, first album Bathord meets Venom sort of thing that every other band would start to do a few years later when the mid-90's retro boom hit. So I guess they were really ahead of their peers and time. And last song is an instrumental, calling back the first proper track. Would have been interesting to hear another recording by these fellows but they split up and went to various other bands. So, happy, late syttende mai I suppose!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Your blog fucking rules, so many jewels found here it feels like I owe you at least a half dozer beers! Also super fucking grateful for all the BARATHRUM demo stuff you've posted before, FUCK!!!

If you don't mind me asking, do you have by any chance either of the first 2 Lunar Aurora (ger) demos in your archives?


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the nice comments, good to read you've enjoyed the stuff.

I have pretty poor rips of both Lunar Aurora demos. I should actually look for better or try to locate my dub and rip that, I have at least one of them on some cassette.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Anon & Velkaarn:

I have first & second Lunar Aurora demo rips. I could send those to you Velkaarn and decide are those better rips than yours?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Alright, it can't hurt to check! ;) Do you remember the bitrate on your rips - were they made by that one fellow?

Curwen kirjoitti...

Found this blog today. Top notch stuff, thanks for sharing! Specially your rip of Dies Irae's Circle of Leth, it now is the cleanest version I have.

I've got some not-so-old but no longer on print argie black metal, will try to upload it this week to share it with you.

GREV kirjoitti...


Rips what I have are scene rips and the bitrate is 192, if I remember right?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the compliments! That Dies Irae is made from sort of original copy (he dubbed it on my cassette & sent covers) so I like to believe it's almost as good as it can be. ;)

Any contributions are warmly welcome so send an email.


Hmm, that sounds a lot like the rips I already have. I should hunt down my cassette dub, I'm pretty confident it would come out better if the tape is okay.

GREV kirjoitti...


OK. Check your tapes out. I have two different rips (scene and no-scene) of those demos.