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Waldschrat - Reh'I 1998

Waldschrat - Rehearsal I 1998
1) Werwolf
2) Pesttanz
3) The Gates of Heaven
4) Deathcrush

Sampo / Mediafire

This is an item I was actually planning to post before I came up with the Storm demo before Steelfest '17 (which I as usual attended and it was good times, majestic hails). Another German black metal curio contributed by comrade LKS last year, this is Waldschrat who later ('99) changed name to Irmingot and put out a bunch of mostly cassette releases through Vargulf Productions which was run by the vocalist Astanoth. The final release was a vinyl EP with an amazing cover and I guess they called it a day after that. Thanks to LKS for the rip, he sent also a cover scan but it was for the rehearsal 2 so I used another smallish M-A image. If he ever does send a proper scan I'll update the post.

One look at the tracklisting above should make it obvious this is a rehearsal of cover songs, three out of four being Absurd's best known, most covered tracks and last and least Mayhem's frustratingly overrated and -covered death/black era "hit". Yeah, yeah I admit it's a catchy, memorable song (they all were) but the stupid lyrics give me a severe headache! "De Mysteriis..." > everything else. Focus, you're not in the middle of another drunken debate. Being a rehearsal tape and consisting solely of covers this of course does not tell too much about the band itself. Well, you might suspect they dig Absurd and raw & primitive black metal in general. Which, by the way, is confirmed on the second tape, cover of choice there Burzum's War and their own material, carried over to Irmingot, being quite crude and simple sort. They manage the Absurd tracks somehow though the drummer struggles, but a bit of fumbling should be mandatory when covering these songs don't you think? They have some problems getting Deathcrush started, unsurprisingly, and it gets messy real soon. Perhaps another Absurd song might've been a better choice? Like on Grausamkeit's "Bischmisheiman Pagan Madness" tape which could be seen as some sort of companion piece for this, see sister Borderline's blog here if you need a rip of that one. The sound is kind of weak, with guitars being a bit in the background while drum and voice dominates. The vocalist actually sounds convincing on the Absurd tracks, moreso than B.S.o.D. on his interpretations, but the overall performance has that same fascination to it like observing drunken people trying to cross a frozen town square in winter time. Not for everyone certainly but the right people will be entertained.

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