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Nefandus #2

Nefandus 'zine, issue 2 (1996)
Liar of Golgotha
Infinite Black
Armageddon Holocaust
Lord Kaos
Oracle of the Void
Gothi-Gydja A'A'I
Uncle Underground Distro
+reviews, illustrations and all sorts of weirdness


Time for another 'zine post. Remember the first Nefandus issue I posted in January '14? Of course you do, I even gave you a link to it. Anyways, I wrote there about how I'd wanted to read that second issue for years and years, not really expecting to run into it. Imagine my surprise then when The Unnamed contacted me and offered to send a copy! I took up his generous offer (extremely so, he sent it for free and included some music too), scanned the 'zine when it arrived and then kind of sat on it for a little while. Must let the contributions stew a while for maximum flavour, y'know?

Anyways, here it finally is and Jesse also informed me this was indeed the last issue; some stuff was ready for a third strike but it was not finished. The second issue was printed in very limited quantity, 40 copies, and the specimen he donated to the Coven once belonged to his comrade The Abhorred, former vocalist of Infinte Black and Chaotic Impurity, also known as ADY hence the name on the cover. Once again thanks for the contribution, very much appreciated!

If you enjoyed the first issue like I did, you will dig this one too. Similar feeling, slightly more refined and cleaner lay-out (which actually reminds me a bit of older Key of Alocer issues) but still not commercial glossy fancy pansy magazine bullshit! One of the things that makes this especially interesting is the strong domestic focus, it's good to see Australian bands who appear seldom in the 'zines we've featured so far get some spotlight. The other bands are less common names as well so what can I say but heartily recommend this. No Mortiis or Behemoth here! Please note that some of the content may be considered offensive (another selling point). I will post some of the music he sent in near future so stay tuned for more Aussie madness.

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