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Azazel - Crucify The Jesus Christ Again demo 1993

Azazel (fin) - Crucify The Jesus Christ Again demo 1993 (with the 1994 bonus track)
2. In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas
3. Lord of Demons
4. Azazel
5. Invocation of the Four Gates
6. Ancient Ones Rules As All Again
(7. Sacrifice Virgins to Satan - Bonus track 1994)

Download discontinued, buy the CD release from:
Werewolf Records
Northern Heritage

Well, this is the debut demo of the Finnish Azazel, led by Satanachia, a quite interesting character no doubt. I used to be in touch with him in my tender youth, I sent a tape with postage to get this demo (that was common in the day, we was poor) and got it, with the cover and the bonus track "Sacrifice Virgins to Satan" recorded in 1994 from him and this is the very tape I ripped here, except that he had recorded the bonus track as last on side A so I had to re-dub it to organize it "correctly." So the start of the last song got botched up. I hate myself for that.

Alas, due this being originally a dub, me redoing it and the natural wear tapes take, the quality could be better. Mind you, it sounds pretty necro already even if you had a master tape. I personally enjoy this demo and the rehearsal tape he recorded me later more than the MCD "The Night of Satanachia" released by Maggot rex. The material is certainly Norwegian 2nd wave worship (Satanachia admitted heavily borrowing from Darkthrone's "To Walk the Infernal Fields" on "The Ancient Ones..."), but there's also an early Impaled Nazarene influence - notable from the low additional vocals used ("Tol Cormpt..."). Anyways, I'm afraid this seems to be the best you can get for now as I've searched for a good rip of this tape for many years and came up with nothing. So I gave up and did it myself. Enjoy a piece of Finnish black metal history and share it if you like it.


Ok it's a bit late but whatever you do, don't buy the tape re-release that was put out in 2012 (I think) as it is not a real re-release, it's this shitty rip dubbed on a tape!

UPDATE: Last Rites (Werewolf rex+NH co-op) have released Azazel - Crucify the Jesus Christ Again on CD and it includes the rehearsal as bonus. So this will be no longer available for download, get the CD!!! It should be made from a proper master so no more missing bits!

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hulkavulilä kirjoitti...

Thought my tape-rip was better but I was wrong. Sorry

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

If you have a link to your rip, I'd be happy to check it out - even if you don't think it's better.

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Thanx for this upload!!! I also have that one (got it traded about 10 years ago), and over the years I also searched a better sounding rip - thank you!!! (and my rip is of really awful quality, hehehe! Much lower and one track is cut in the middle - thanx again!!)