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December Wolves - Wolftread 1994

December Wolves (us) - Wolftread Demo 1994 (aka Cassette EP)
Towers... (Intro)
The Towers Of My Cold Stone Dwelling Over The Mountains And Cliffside Landscapes
3. ´Neath Our War Hammer
4. Throughout The Midnight Mist

Updated links with covers courtesy of Matt! Hails!

The first release by the US black metallers December Wolves. I got a dub of this one from Scott in 1996(? ...or 1995?) and unfortunately he did not include a cover so we had to do with the Metal Archives image... until I was provided with cover images by Metal Matt, thanks bro!

Ripped by yours truly and I think the quality is quite listenable. As for the music goes, I think this tape (referred to as a Cassette EP back in the day, instead of a demo) is better than much of the other DW material.

Seems to be very hard to find on the Inter Nets, so I thought I might as well start with this one.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

My friend Joe signed the cover for me last year. We were hanging out at my house drinking Grimburgen and smoking pot. He lives in Portland, Maine now and still loves metal, though he plays in a prog jazz band:

The member pictures in the cover were taken in Harold Parker State Forest in Andover Massachusetts.

Demo cover:


Metal Matt

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Excellent!!! Thanks a ton Metal Matt, I'll be shortly reuploading this with your scans included. Very kind of you to share these!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Your welcome, and anyone who finds value in them is welcome. I like your blog, I found value in it so I wanted to return it.

Heh, I went to high school with both Joe and Devon. Joe used to tell me stories about them recording 'Til Ten Years in the studio.. He'd come in every Monday with a new story about how it went over the weekend. Oh, and he's a huge Iron Maiden fan. I hadn't seen him in a long time and then in 2006 I went to Montreal Canada (300+miles from Boston Ma, USA) to see Gamma Ray. I pull into the parking lot of the club, and it's like 2 in the afternoon, and there's this dude taking a piss behind the dumpster. Then I see his face. It's Joe!! lol Gamma Ray recorded their DVD that night..

Devon though.. Well he used to come into school with a giant upside down cross on and whatever black or death metal band shirt he could get his hands on and he kind of looked like a skinhead. People were afraid of him. He was a good dude though. He used to work at an italian restaurant in Wilmington Ma, where all three of us grew up. Sometimes he'd take off to Europe over the summer and hang out with bands in the early scene. We're talking '94-'95-ish. He was a huge GG Allin fan, we used to talk about our favorite GG videos. He'd seen ones I hadn't, I seen ones he hadn't. Last time I saw him was at a New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, probably 7-8 years ago. He was talking about how he was listening to Britney Spears and all. I couldn't tell if he was putting us on (I was there with a mutual friend) or not. Everyone changes though.

Hey man, enjoy the cover scans!

Metal Matt

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Ok, I've now uploaded the repacked thing with Matt's covers included... thanks again for helping me out!

Thanks also for your comments, both good words on the blog & sharing some memories with me and the readers. Much appreciated!