lauantai 21. elokuuta 2010

Witches' Sabbath - The Beginning of a New Age (demo 1998)

Witches' Sabbath - The Beginning of a New Age (demo 1998)
The Arrival
2) Evil Behind You
3) Nocturnal Beings
4) At the Gates of the End
5) An Empty Heart
6) Hail to the Ancestral Wars
7) Black Tales (The Tale of the Dark Fairy)
8) Witches' Sabbath (The Beginning of a New Age)
9) Wizard of Time
10) The Invocation


Another post of European metal, still southern lands as we travel to Spain to confront Witches' Sabbath and their debut demo. This is symphonic/melodic "black" metal with heavy Cradle of Filth influence. And of course other later 90s acts but COF was the first one to pop into my mind. This isn't really my sort kind of music. But don't let that discourage you, try for yourself.

Ripped from an original tape I got from some vague distro (why? I don't remember, was probably an alternative for something) so the rip and sound are ok. Kind of, in an authentic and listenable non-damaged sort of way. That's enough for now.

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