sunnuntai 1. elokuuta 2010

Wisdom - The South, The Sun, The Sign demo 1995

Wisdom (pry) - The South, The Sun, The Sign... demo I 1995
Sons of Hell (Intro)
2) Ancient Rite
3) The South, The Sun, The Sign...
4) At the Gate
5) Night of Lilith


Exotic southern black metal coming up next, the debut demo of the Paraguayan Wisdom. This demo was copied to me by a tape trading contact and the dub sounds a little murky and muffled but that is likely to be expected from the demo recording itself. It's not clear and pleasant but the muddled sound adds to the occult, underground atmosphere of the tape. The last tracks, side B of the demo, sound a little bit cleaner so I'm assuming the source tape's A-side might have been a bit worn. If you have a better dub/rip, by all means leave me a note!

So what's the music like? Mostly necro and pounding, straight ahead black metal with a South American touch, sounds dirty and possessed! The wind sound effect used between and into the tracks is a nice touch in my opinion, adding to the atmosphere. Not for hi-fi black metal listeners who enjoy counting the clicks of the drum triggers, but recommended for underground maniacs. I'll need to check out their other releases.

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