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The Fallen - Rebirth of the Ancients demo 1993

The Fallen (uk) - Rebirth of the Ancients demo 1993
Intro / Disciple of Fire
2) Zahgurim
3) Blackmetal Holocaust
4) I Burn
5) Sombre Toll of Funeral Bells

UPDATE: At least temporarily unavailable, it appears the dub I have is running too fast?!? Hopefully I'll be able to provide another rip at correct speed. Oops.

Back to black metal and here's another quite rare release, the only demo of the UK black metal band The Fallen, listed as Rehearsal 1993 in the Metal Archives. I don't know if they happened to release a rehearsal tape with the same tracklisting (I doubt that) or is this an error on the database or my source (I'm more inclined to believe my source than the database). Anyways the sound is obviously quite raw (this is black metal not AOR) but not really like rehearsal tapes usually are. Received tape trading so no covers unfortunately. Get in touch right now if you have 'em!

Music within is kind of old-fashioned, raw and rocking black metal. Simple but pleasing songs, I like this very much. The bands' main influence seems to have been the great Bathory and that's not a bad thing in my book. Mostly ok sound and dub, except for the annoying bit in "Disciple of Fire" where it goes almost mono for a while before settling back to stereo, leaving the left channel weaker. A better dub/rip/original tape would be highly appreciated because of this. Does not make it unlistenable but pisses me off big time. Even with its flaws a recommended listen.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thx very much for this demo.
Are you still looking for Holocaust demos? i have them and many more (especially from Polish scene from 90'). maybe some trade?

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Thanx for sharing this, never heard of this band before; but it's indeed an entertaining demo to listen to. Quite a simple Bathory-worship, but better than 90 % of all those half-hearted Bathory-worships outthere, cause the feeling is right here. And cool as fuck!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for your comments, anonymous & comrade TD! Yup it's a very cool demo and I'd love a better quality dub of it and covers.

Yes I'm still looking for the Holocaust demos!

Arcturo765 kirjoitti...

Hi,thanks for uploading my old bands demo! I am a previous member of The Fallen known as Ryag having taken over vocals after Aggressor's downfall and removal..he has since deceased, sometime during the mid 90's(cause of death: suicide), i was also rythm guitarist playing rythm against Miguel(Prince of Darkness)on lead,the session drummer we had for this demo was only filling in for our permanent drummer Miguel's brother who had no bm name really just known as fanny magnet for his uncanny ability to fvck amazingly hot women, he was a great guy but sadly is also deceased (cause of death:car crash 1999) Nathan was replaced by Shelley on bass.
The demo was recorded in Bradford, UK at Revolver studios in September 1993.
Most notable gigs were the fear of a black metal planet tour alongside Emperor and Cradle of Filth in the summer of 1993.
We did very little throughout the rest of 93/94 encountering too much musical differences and varying in style and disbanded sometime mid 94, myself forming another band with bassist Shelley under the working name Enshrouded, later joined again by guitarist Miguel(Prince of Darkness) who felt his talents were far too great to limit them to death metal and BM and to be fair rightly so because he is one damn good guitarist, again this band was short lived only gigging locally and never releasing anything but maybe me being vain id say we were better than previously as The Fallen.
Since then none of us, those still alive! have done much musically,although i spoke with Andy from My Dying Bride who said he was sure he had heard Miguel was performing in various bands, maybe this is untrue since the last i heard of Miguel was that he was living comfortable in Portugal.
So there is a little extra info on The Fallen.

I am on YT Arcturo765 or Arcturo767

Arcturo765 kirjoitti...

Arcturo765 kirjoitti...

Holy shit...after hearing your put us on warp speed ha ha ha

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hello Arcturo and a thousand thanks for all the info, very much appreciated! Now that you mentioned it, I knew you played with COF & Emperor back then - I either read it on some zine or could one of my traders have had also your bit on video/tape?

Seems like you had a brief but colourful career, would have been interesting to hear the other band too!

Thanks also for the YouTube link... now that I listen to the stuff I also notice the fucking dub I ripped and posted is running too fast! Damn it! Sorry, that's how I got it, I wonder how he managed that! You do have the tape yourself, don't you? Could you perhaps dub it to me so I can make a proper rip (and also copy the cover of course)? Naturally I'll cover your expenses!

witchclan kirjoitti...

I have been looking for this demo for many many years. I am frontman for UK Black Metal band Witchclan and I used to write to Agressor back in around 1993. He sent me rehearsal recordings of this tape with the same track listing that I reviewed in my Crucifixion Zine - the sound quality was very good but sadly I no longer have the tape. Will you be re-uploading the demo because I am desperate to get it again and also a scan of the inlay card? The Fallen were a quality band, true UKBM...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hello comrade Withclan, thanks for your comment! Well, if you read the previous comments you probably noticed that the dub I got from my trader manages to run too fast so I don't think I'll be posting that. I was actually supposed to get a proper version from Arcturo but I haven't read from him for a while. I guess I'll try to harass him again as I'd want to have it on proper speed too.

I'm interested in your band too, by the way. Do you still have copies of the tape for sale? I'm very interested in the old tapes too if you still got 'em!

witchclan kirjoitti...

Yes there is a new demo available from the official Witchclan website at - there are still plenty left.
As far as the first two demos, sadly I do not have them myself and there were only about 20 of each made. They were traded with bands and zines back in 1993. The only ones that exist now would be hard to find - I wish I still had them! The sound quality was very bad but if anyone finds a copy let me know as it would be good to hear them again!
Yes I saw that the rip was at high speed so I will wait to see if you get a better one. Hails!