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Hieronym Inferiorum - Worship To Asmodeus - VIVIVI - 666 - FFF

Hieronym Inferiorum - Worship to Asmodeus - VIVIVI - 666 - FFF demo 1995
Cursed Flutes of Witchcraft (From the Souls of the Heretics)
2) Worship to Demononymous Asmodeus
3) My Soul Returns to the Demonocult Cemetaries of Middle Age
4) Hymn for Asmodeus, Exorcism for the Profanated Christian Souls
5) Hermetical Pilgrim of the Ancient Fire (Upon the Forgotten Hills)
6) Knowledge from the Grand Lemegethon
7) Diabolical Revenge of the Black Gods (Unworld Sounds)


Hieronym Inferiorum is very likely not a familiar name to you. A Greek one man band, started apparently while Nowead Luczebeus Sutagel was in prison in the early 90s having "many black thoughts," as an old bio I have states, he released two demos and a rehearsal video tape under this monicker before changing the band name to Funebre Inferni, which then released one demo. I've no further information on his later endeavours, unfortunately. Hieronym Inferiorum might be among the first "religious" black metal bands as that is exactly what he refers his band as. Well, "true hermetical and religious" but anyways.

So what is on the tape? Devil-worshipping, demonology drenched, ritualistic black metal with often struggling musicianship and occult feeling. Serpent King of Zephyrous features on track IV. What Nowead L.S. lacks in skill, he makes up on dedication and honesty. I find myself strangely fascinated by this demo and its genuine feeling of darkness and uncommercial, non-trendy approach, but I'm certain majority of the listeners will dismiss it as crap. Decide for yourself, give it a chance.

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THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Indeed, this is an interesting piece of music - lots of flaws (playingwise), but the atmosphere is great! Especially the left & right guitar, they play the same riffs - but in a different tuning, that makes it sound very dissonant and 'insane', if I may say so...
Hm, what is kinda strange: it was stated that this demo was recorded in '96; was it also released in '96?! Just wondering, cause there's a picture on the cover titled "The eclipse of sun in 1999"! Or was it released '99/'00? Confusing. Anyways, never heard of that before - so thanx for sharing! And also for the great Morningstar-livetape!!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I'm quite sure it was late 1995 when I got the demo but I'll need to check if I've some old notes confirming it. I'm not sure why he included the picture titled "The eclipse of sun in 1999," maybe he was expecting something to happen then.

But anyways the project's name was changed in early 1996 after the release of the rehearsal video (and the bio sheet I scanned) to Funebre Inferi. Thanks for your comments and you're welcome!