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Divine Lust - Promo 1994

Divine Lust (isr) - Promo 1994
1) The Sick Rose
2) Forest


I need some help with this curious little item - I have next to no info on it and would love to have what little I got verified!

Ok, so this is a short two song promo from (so I was told) Israeli Divine Lust and this is from the 90's, the longer track is based on William Blake's poem "The Sick Rose" and is moody gothic/electronic/darkwave piece which would fit right on the "Plastic Sampler" compilation I posted back whenever. The second, shorter track "Forest" has more prominent synth and a bit different, almost growly, throaty voice. It's probably based on a poem too. And would also fit on that compilation too. That's all I got, if you know anything and have links, images, whatever, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: Was informed this is a 1994 release, post updated to reflect that!

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vaalkoth kirjoitti...

It was released in 1994. I got a dub of it that same year from an Israeli tapetrader friend at the time - it's on a tape with Gallows 1994 demo, Substance For God 1994 demo and Betrayer 1993 demo, 3 other Israeli demo bands at the time. That same tapetrader turned me on to Salem (probably Israels most known 90's death metal band).

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Cool, thanks for the info! Israel had actually quite a few bands that seemed to find their way on various trader lists back then, probably many via that trader friend of yours and due the exotic nature of metal bands from the "holy" land. Orphaned Land, Enochian Key, Grimoire, Adversary, Mercenary and Bishop of Hexen come to mind beside the ones you mention (though I've never heard Substance or Betrayer, the names are familiar).

Taralezh kirjoitti...

How the hell you got this, just noticed now you post this
Re-up it when you got time please
Its a band from Petah-Tikva, active 94-95

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Tape trading, I recall it was from a Turkish trader but not 100% after all these years. And sure, no problem I'm reuploading as I type. Do you know if they had any other releases?

Taralezh kirjoitti...

As far as I know this was their one and only recorded material
thanks for both re-ups