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Near Dark #4 / Goetia #3

Near Dark, issue 4 / Goetia, issue 3 split-magazine (1996)
Interviews - Near Dark:
The Darksend
Headbangers Against Disco
A Mind Confused
Lake of Tears
+ reviews and "Bizarre" page of film reviews
Interviews - Goetia:
The Marble Icon
The Moaning
Misanthropy Records
Tomas Nyqvist (Putrefaction 'zine / No Fashion recs)
+ reviews


It is time to do some contributions again and also about time to post a 'zine. This one was sent to me by comrade Kurgan, thank you for your offer to the Coven and is quite a rare sight, a split 'zine! Featured are the fourth effort of Near Dark, also the only one I've seen and probably will and the third Goetia, you might remember that one from this post. The split totals 52 pages, if you count the covers, and features some waste of space on the ND side with full-page flyers and distrolist, Goetia side is similar to previous issue so efficient use of space and more content for the allocated page count. Overall, like with split albums both sides end up a bit short of a "full" fanzine.

Like already said, this is my first touch with Near Dark 'zine and I'm not very much into their side here. With the exception of German Ungod their pick of interviewees is all Swedish, which in itself is not necessarily very bad and I haven't actually seen these names that often in the 'zines I've been reading. Well, except for Bathory, whom I could never see enough even though the inties from the same era tend to be a little repetitive and Opeth whom I have seen often enough both in print and stage. Ironically the only foreigner featured here falls also into read 'em a hundred times category but at least the Ungod inties tend to be decent reads. The overall style of the ND editors is humorous, which doesn't really work for me in most 'zines, and embracing the hard-drinkin' hard-rockin' metalhead type which also is annoying, being sort of a semi-trend in Sverige back then. Makes us serious devil-worshipping monks frown in our dimly lit reading chambers. It isn't a black metal 'zine so I have to cut them slack I guess.

Goetia side pleases me more, especially since Niclas uses the same, cozy, familiar and safe lay-out. Better organized this time, I must mention, no more interviews continued at random parts of the 'zine. My only gripe is his growingly hostile approach to black metal and complete lack of such interviewees. Oh well, at least his picks, mostly in death, doom and death/doom genres are rather interesting. Misanthropy Records are also featured, probably the most often interviewed label in 'zines due having boobs and Burzum in my blunt opinion (the others most interviewed in my totally unscientific top 3 are Osmose and Avantgarde, because the latter being usually also MonumentuM interviews at the same time) and Tomas Nyqvist, infamous for his No Fashion Records and not nearly as often remembered as editor of Putrefaction 'zine, for which he is officially interviewed here for. I've never read an issue of that one either, would be curious to see a scan though so feel free to send me a link. Enought text from me, read what these people wrote instead.

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Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Putrefaction 'zine was one of the best in quality and presentation from the early 1990's, nearly on par with Hammer of Damnation. I would've scanned the copy that I had of both, but I've just sold them!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, I have read good feedback on the 'zine... I'm not sure since it's so long ago but I might've leafed through an issue back in the 90's at someone's place.

Perhaps someone with the issues turns up with scans eventually!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

the #3 of near dark is damn cool too. the guy behind near dark released sorhin and midvinter almost 15 years ago. he sent me a couple of good swedish bands like werewolf or opthalamia.....he was from sundsvall i think. good Times.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Would be cool to read that one then, who were featured on that issue? And yes you remember correctly, ND hailed from Sundsvall and at least one of the guys was also involved with Valnad Ur Rymd.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

it was kim and tobbe i think. near dark productions they released a mind confused and a coupe of eps and tapes. dont rememeber what this zine contained but ophthalamia for sure. i`ll send u scans as soon i m home...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

If you can send scans, that would be much appreciated! Looking forward to that.

Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

Can you please reupload this when you have time?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, doing that as I type this. Just got back from my nephew's 2 yrs birthday party. I'm exhausted.

Borderline1991 kirjoitti...


It's kind of weird to think he's 2 already, feels like few months ago you wrote to me saying you became an uncle. It's scary how time flies.

I wanted to ask you if you maybe have the first Megiddo (UK) demo '93? I remember reading an interview with them in some zine, can't remember which one and the first demo is nowhere to be found. I thought maybe you have it? Doesn't hurt to ask.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, tell me about it! And it seems time just passes quicker each year.

UK Megiddo... ugh, I recall I was after that demo years ago but now I just can't seem to remember if I found it or not! Anyways, I would not seem to have a rip of it. I fear it might've been among the files lost with the external drive a few years back. There is also a slight possibility I might have had a dub of it but if that's the case then it'd be among the unidentified tapes. I have vague impressions of not being too taken with it, but I'm not 100% sure if this is actual listening-based opinion or something I might've read about it.

I trust you have scoured the usual tombs, crypts, bogs, witches huts, black markets and slave pits in your search so apparently it is not be found easily. Damn it. Now it's really bothering me!