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Wejdas - Saulei tekant demo 1994

Wejdas - Saulei tekant demo II 1994
1) Saulėtekis Žalčių Duobėje - intro
2) Nešventinta Kova
3) Dvasregis
4) Čia Nebus Saulės (Istic)
5) Nuogas Tarp Vilkų
6) Paukštei...
7) Žemės Širdy - outro

Rusfolder / Mediafire

Some non-metal music for today, this is the (I think) second demo of Lithuanian Wejdas which you might remember from before. Considering the length of the release, more than 45 minutes, it could easily be called a cassette album, but fortunately the cover helpfully says demo '94 ending that debate. Like the first demo this one was sent to me by a reader, thank you for the contribution! Includes scans of the covers as well.

Much of what I wrote concerning the first demo applies here, though there's more of dungeon synth vibe to certain parts of this recording, like for example the second track. The third track again taking a different approach and the fourth one yet another, it's quite hard again to categorize this to a single subcategory of music. The melancholic 5th track with the guitar strumming meshes neofolk vibes with ambient and again dungeon synth-esque moods. Some of the tracks feature spoken vocals which work ok (for change), partly probably due them being in Lithuanian which I don't understand. Anyways, I like this demo and recommend you to check it out if you liked the previous one or enjoy dark ambient, dungeon synth or just atmospheric stuff in general.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

A very different beast from the first Wejdas post, and just as cool. I like the tribal beats that crop up and field recording elements. Which coupled with the European classical touches one could classify as "primitive grandeur".

Sincerest thanks to the contributor and to Velkaarn. This kind of stuff is always appreciated in these quarters.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Good to read you enjoyed this one too, I seem to like this myself a bit more than the first tape. I've still got one more Wejdas tape to go and that's again a bit different if I recall right!

Andrew kirjoitti...

This is great, very primal and natural. Has that perfect feeling of "barely trying" minimalism and lo-fi production, while still being engaging and every "mistake" only adding to the atmosphere. And the cover and liner images fit the mood perfectly. Thanks a lot.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I agree, this is a very good demo and I too love the cover. Even with the rather clumsy insertion of the band name and release title in a bulky black text box. Also, wondered if you had listened to them and what you thought. Well, now I know, thanks for the comment!