perjantai 7. helmikuuta 2014

Black Wailing - Darklands demo 1995

Black Wailing - Darklands demo II 1995
1) Secret Woods
2) Realm of the Ancient Winds


Today I'm posting the second and as far as I know last demo by Greek project Black Wailing. See here for the first one. Like the previous one this was sent by a contributor, thank you! I would be interested in getting actual copies of these so if anyone has them and wants to get rid of theirs leave me a note.

Only two songs this time, both quite long (just a little shy of seven minutes each) and continue straight from where the first demo left off. Gloomy dungeon synth/black ambiance with delightfully lofi demo sound but not unlistenable drivel. Like before, whispery grim voices along with the keys and they do ok. If dungeon synth must have vocals I think this sort fits best. Typical spoken parts end up sounding just plain silly 80% of the time, heavy effects fail more often than work and samples get really tedious soon especially if used in abundance. But back to this item, recommended like the first one and closest things to compare would probably be the Erevos demo I posted almost two years ago and to some degree also Wintergods and Lamentation which also happen to be Greek projects.

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