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Dies Irae - The Day of Wrath - Half an Hour Attack!!! demo 1987

Dies Irae (fin) - The Day of Wrath - Half an Hour Attack!!! demo 1987
1) Liberation from the False Power
2) Dwarf of the Court
3) The Road Goes Ever on
4) (You Are) the Victim of D.I.'s Force
5) Farewell
6) Carried by the Wind

Reuploaded (and corrected)

Today's post is a bit unusual one and a step away from the Coven's usual timeline of operations, this time however a little further into past. Dies Irae was a name used by more than enough bands (over a dozen in Metal Archives only) and back in the 80's a Finnish band had picked the monicker too. Contributed by brother Suuret Muinaiset, thank you, this is their apparently only release from 1987 and like the title tells, roughly half an hour of power/heavy metal. A cover scan is included and apparently there are no titles anywhere on the release, the M.A. pic of the tape shows it only having the title written on it and the cover has extremely minimal information. So if someone, somehow happens to know the tracklisting please get in touch!
UPDATE: I was provided a tracklisting! Oh joy! I've fixed, titled and reuploaded the demo so you might want to download it again if you have the old version.

The music here is power metal or simply heavy metal for my uneducated self as I've never been able to make much distinctions on the subgenres in the more traditional heavy metal front. I don't really listen much to this sort of metal except for the nostalgic oldies but this is ok. Sound is quite typical but good and clear demo quality and song writing and musicianship are decent enough. I suppose I'll recommend this if you're a retro enthusiast hit by the power/heavy metal boom of recent years or just in general interested in old Finnish demo tapes.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hail to thee Brother Velkaarn!

Thanks for this "never heard diamond"!

Perhaps, I wouldn't call this diamond... but I'll this anyway :)

Hails to SuuretMuinaiset for source tapes and you for the sharing this!

GREV kirjoitti...

Fuck.. I'll try to say "but I'll like this anyway"... too fast fingers ;)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Heh, that happens sometimes. Yeah, you're welcome, I got this actually quite a while ago already but I've been trying to dig up the tracklisting. Decided to give up and just post it!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Track list:

A1 Liberation from the false power 4:50
A2 Dwarf of the court 3:52
A3 The road goes ever on 3:59
A4 (You are) the victim of D.I.'s force 1:40
B1 Farewell 5:05
B2 Carried by the wind 9:24

The cassette does not mention the players.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Many thanks for the tracklisting! Will re-upload with the correct info soon.